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20 September 2016 / MLMR / VII - 1
--------------------------MR. AGUIRRE. (Continuing) unfortunate that convicted felons who are
supposed to be punished and reformed have thrived by drug entrepreneurs and drug
businessmen. Why this happened, how it happened, is the reason why we are here.
We have to get to the bottom of this. We all want the truth. Drugs have caused
deaths, it has destroyed families, it has shattered dreams and it will continue to
menace our people if we do not stop it. It has to stop. We have to stop it. The
proliferation of the drug trade in Bilibid will not have happened if the persons in
charge and those in authority did their jobs and properly discharged their sworn
duties. Apparently, the drug trade in Bilibid had the consent and was condoned by
these people.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have prepared a list of 30 resource persons who
will help us all to establish why, the how, the where, the when and, most importantly,
the who and how much on the proliferation of these prohibited drugs in our prisons.
The Filipino people deserves the truth. We are confident that the truth will come out.
The purpose of todays hearing, I will present to the Committee the video,
interview of JB Sebastian, the video showing the kubol of Peter Co, and other
videos. Further, I will show the Committee the ingenious ways our inmates in hiding
their communication devices. Further, the resource persons will shed light on the
participation of the highest official of the Department of Justice at that time in the
proliferation of illegal drugs inside the New Bilibid Prison.
The nature and tenor of the testimonies of the resource persons are as
follows: We will present Rafael Z. Ragos who was once a... the OIC Bureau Director
and who is still an employee... an officer of the NBI. He will testify that some time in
2012 he found a black bag containing money on his bed at the BuCor Directors
quarters. He received a call instructing him to deliver the black handbag containing
limang manok or, in the Bilibid language, or 5 million to Mr. Ronnie Dayan. He and
June Ablen delivered the money to Mr. Dayan and DOJ Secretary De Lima at the
house... at her house in South Bay Village, Paraaque.
Mr. Ragos will also testify that on December 12, 2012, he found money on his
bed at the BuCor Directors quarter. He then received a call to deliver the money to
Mr. Dayan just like the first time and he delivered the money to the house of
Secretary De Lima. This is another 5 million pesos.

20 September 2016 / MLMR / VII - 2
--------------------------Herbert Colangco, he will testify, among others, that he was ordered by JB
Sebastian to sell drugs. Also, Mr. Colangco will testify that Joenel Sanchez asked
him to sell drugs for the plan of then DOJ Secretary De Lima. Mr. Colangco paid
payola to DOJ Secretary and Director of BuCor amounting to 3 million pesos per
month and to the Director of BuCor 1.2 million pesos per month.
Rodolfo Magleo, a former Major of the PNP, will testify that JB Sebastian told
him that several drug lords and non-conforming inmates will be removed from the
Maximum Security Compound so he could monopolize the drug trade inside the
compound. He will testify that JB Sebastian paid millions to DOJ Secretary De Lima
and Director Bucayu and that JB Sebastian is one of the financers of DOJ Secretary
De Lima for the latters senatorial campaign. He will also testify that JB Sebastian
told him that he paid DOJ Secretary De Lima 10 million pesos for the transfer of
Bilibid 19 and an additional 1 million pesos per month.
We will present Noel Martinez. He will testify that some time in January 2013
and the other leaders of gangs were introduced by DOJ Secretary De Lima by JB
Sebastian. He will also testify that some time, February 2013, JB Sebastian informed
him that DOJ Secretary De Lima needed funds for her plan to run in the 2016
Senatorial Elections. JB Sebastian ordered the centralization of the drug sale in the
Bilibid and required him and other gang leaders for help. In exchange, they will
receive protection and special treatment.
Jovencio Ablen, Jr., whos still with the NBI, will testify that he and Mr. Ragos
were long-time friends and some time in November and December, together with Mr.
Ragos, they delivered the 10 million, 5 million each, 10 million pesos to the house of
Secretary De Lima.
Jaime Patcho, he will testify that JB Sebastian approached him for help for the
Senatorial campaign of DOJ Secretary De Lima. He then referred the person to JB
Sebastian who received drugs and paid for it through bank deposit.
The other, we were instructed... we were told by the Committee Secretary that
the others will... should not be brought here for order and security purposes because I
believe that with these six witnesses, we will have our hands full until the end of the
hearing today.

20 September 2016 / MLMR / VII - 3
--------------------------That is the opening statement, Your Honors, and may we request that we be
allowed to present the video interview of JB Sebastian by the Discovery Channel and
this will show how powerful this person is and why his words are law in the New
Bilibid Prison. Lets watch, please.
REP. FARIAS. Mr. Chairman...
THE CHAIRPERSON. Majority Floor.
REP. FARIAS. ...just some clarificatory questions. Are these witnesses
willing to testify here today? Are they testifying here today?
MR. AGUIRRE. Yes, Your Honor. Theyre here and they will testify.
REP. FARIAS. Okay. Without asking for any immunity or what?
MR. AGUIRRE. They... They have not... They were not asking for anything,
for any favor and we did not give them or we did not promised them anything. But
their lawyers approached this representation that if its possible that their clients be
offered immunity in their testifying here before this hearing. I agree that its very
reasonable. That they will... They have stated before me that they want to cooperate
with the drug war against... drug... against illegal drugs of President Duterte and that
they believe that these anomalies, this illegal drug trade in the Bilibid should stop.
And they wanted to cooperate. So, at the very least, I believe that whatever they tell
here, I believe that they should be given immunity.
So, what I did, Your Honors, is that we prepared papers for their immunity only
for the... for what they are going to testify before this hearing.

In other words,

whatever they will testify, we led them to believe that whatever they testify here, that
could not be used against them. So, I appeal to the Honorable Members of the
Committee that these witnesses be given immunity and with the endorsement and
recommendation of the Chairman of the Committee on Justice and the approval of
the... by the Speaker, I believe, that the same should first be issued...
REP. FARIAS. Precisely, Mr. Chairman...
MR. AGUIRRE. ...approved by this Committee.
REP. FARIAS. ...I asked the question because, as the Chairman of the
Committee on Rules, we have the law, Republic Act 6981, which provides the
mechanism as to how these people will avail of the Witness Protection Act or the
benefits of that Act. Now, if that is the case and their testimony will be based in the

20 September 2016 / MLMR / VII - 4
--------------------------grant of such immunity, we have to dispose that matter first because it has to be
approved by the Speaker. We saw what happened in the Senate where a hearing
there, they presented a witness and after the hearing, the Chairman or the former
Chairman of that Committee then asked the Senate President for acceptance into
the... or inclusion into the Witness Protection Program of the government, but the
Senate President denied the request. So, I suggest, Mr. Chairman, that we do it
properly. If there is such a formal manifestation that they need such immunity then
this body should now vote...