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Lesson Plan

Subject: English
Form- 5th B
Teacher: Cevali Cristina
Time: 45 min
Date: 22.09.2016
Topic: Jobs
1.Phonetic competence:-reading fluently the new text;
1.Lexical competence:- decoding the new vocabulary;
2. Lexical competence:- using the new vocabulary to form sentences and in oral speech;
2.Civic competence:- teaching friendship in the groups;
3.Entrepreneurial competence:-cultivating the cooperation competence in group work.

Operational objectives- At the end of the lesson pupils will be able:

O1- to define the new words belonging to ''Jobs'' topic;
O2- to practise giving opinions about jobs;
O3- to review the use of the Simple Present tense;
O4- to practise reading for information;
O5- to practise pronouncing the ending -s.

Stages of
the lesson



Teachers speech

Pupils speech

Good morning pupils

How are you today?
Are you ready for the lesson?
What was your homework for today?

Good morning
We are fine, thank you.
Yes, we are.
Our homework for today is
ex. 3, page 10 and ex. 6 page

Teacher checks the homework.

Now tell me, please, what kind of jobs do
you know?
Very good!

The pupils answer: doctor,

teacher, singer etc.

of meaning


Now, look at the blackboard and let's

read and translate the new

Pupils look at the

blackboard and try to
translate the new words
with the help of the

1. treat
2. look after
3. programmer
4. programming
5. economist
6. actor
7. nurse
9. musician
10. teacher
11. baker
12. dressmaker
13. barber
14. shop assistant
15 driver

1. a trata, a se comporta
2. a avea grija de
3. programator
4. programare
5. economist
6. actor
7. infirmiera
8. jurnalist
9. muzicant
10. profesor
11. brutar
12. croitoreasa
13. frizer
14. vinzator
15. sofer, conducator

Now, open your books at the page

12 and look at the ex. 3. Here you
have to match a line A with a line in
B and make up sentences.

of meaning

2. Lexical

1. an actor
2. a nurse
3. an economist
4. a dressmaker
5. a journalist
6. a musician
7. a teacher
8. a baker
9. a barber
10. a shop assistant
11. a driver
12. a programmer

Pupils open the book and

begin working.

1. acts in films
2. looks after sick people in
hospital an expert in economics
4.makes women's clothes
5. writes for newspapers
6. plays a musical instrument
7. teaches students
8. makes bread
9. cuts hair
10. sells things
11. drives a car/ bus
12. writes programmes for

of meaning




Now, you will work in pairs. You have

to ask and answer questions about
the jobs of your parents. For ex:

Pupils ask each other about

the jobs of their parents.

- What is your mother?

- She is an economist.

- What is your mother?

- She is a dressmaker.
-What is yout mother?
-She is a teacher. etc.

Now, imagine that this winter vacation

you go to travel. Where do you want to
go? Describe your perfect place
completing this spidergram. Youll work
in pairs.

Pupils complete the


Very good!


My dear pupils, you are very nice today.

Im proud of you! Your homework for the
next lesson is to describe your ideal
Good bye! Thank you for the lesson! Have
a nice day!
Thank you! Good bye!