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The Kanto Testament

Book of Helix

In the Beginning
UPUPDOWNLEFTAABSTART to their kinds. And HELIX saw that it was
ABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTRI good. And there was evening, and there was
GHTLEFTABSTARTSTARTA morningthe third day.
And HELIX said, Let there be birds in
the the sky to separate the elements, and let
UPDOWNUPSTARTDOWNDOW them serve as signs to mark sacred times.
NABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTR And it was so. HELIX made three great birds
Moltres to govern Fire, Zapdos to govern
Lightning, and Articuno to govern Ice. He
In the beginning, HELIX created the
PC and Kanto. Now Kanto was formless and also made the sun, moon, and stars. HELIX
set them in the sky to give light on Kanto, to
empty, darkness was over the surface of the
deep, and the Spirit of HELIX was Levitating govern the day and the night, and to separate
light from darkness. And HELIX saw that it
over the waters.
was good. And there was evening, and there
And HELIX said, Let there be light,
was morningthe fourth day.
and there was light. HELIX saw that the light
And HELIX said, Let the water teem
was good, and He separated the light from the
with Pokmon, and let Flying types FLY above
darkness. HELIX called the light day, and
the darkness He called night. And there was Kanto across the sky. So HELIX created the
evening, and there was morningthe first day. great Pokmon of the sea and every living
thing with which the water teems and that
And HELIX said, Let there be a
moves about in it, according to their kinds,
separation between the PC and Kanto. So
and every Flying Pokmon according to its
HELIX separated the PC and Kanto. And it
kind. And HELIX saw that it was good.
was so. HELIX called the PC Bill's. And
HELIX blessed them and said, Be fruitful and
there was evening, and there was morning
increase in number and fill the water in the
the second day.
seas, and let the Flying types increase on the
And HELIX said, Let the water under earth. And there was evening, and there was
morningthe fifth day.
the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry
ground appear. And it was so. HELIX called
And HELIX said, Let the land produce
the dry ground land, and the gathered
Pokmon according to their kinds: the wild
waters he called seas. And HELIX saw that it Pokmon, each according to its kind. And it
was good.
was so. HELIX made the wild Pokmon
according to their kinds, all the Pokmon that
Then HELIX said, Let the land
move along the ground according to their
produce vegetation: apricorn-bearing plants
and trees on the land that bear berry with seed kinds. And HELIX saw that it was good.
in it, according to their various kinds. And it
Then HELIX said, Let us make
was so. The land produced vegetation: plants FOSSILS in our image, in our likeness, so that
bearing apricorn according to their kinds and they may rule over the Water types in the sea
trees bearing berries with seed in it according and the Flying Types in the sky, and all the

Wild Pokmon that move along the ground.

So HELIX created FOSSILS in his own
image, in the image of HELIX he created
them; HELIX, OLD AMBER, and DOME he
created them.
HELIX blessed them and said to them,
Rule over the Pokmon in the sea and in the
sky and over every living creature that moves
on the ground.
And HELIX created Trainer-Kind, Male
and Female He created them, to Train every
Wild Pokmon in Kanto, and He said to them
Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the
earth and subdue it. Catch every Wild
Pokmon in Kanto.
Then HELIX said, I give you every
apricorn plant in the entire World, and every
tree that has berries in it. They will be yours
for food. And to all the Pokmon I give every
green plant for food. And it was so.
HELIX saw all that he had made, and it
was very good. And there was evening, and
there was morningthe sixth day.
Thus the PC and Kanto were completed
in all their vast array.
By the seventh day HELIX had finished
the work He had been doing; so on the
seventh day he rested from all His work. Then
HELIX blessed the seventh day and made it
holy, because on it he rested from all the work
of creating that He had done.

The Fall of Dome

You were the seal of perfection,
Full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.
You were in Pallet,

the garden of HELIX;

every precious stone adorned you:
ruby, sapphire and emerald,
crystal, diamond and pearl.
Your settings and mountings were made of
gold, silver, and platinum;
on the day you were created they were
You were anointed as a guardian cherub,
for so I ordained you.
You were on the holy Mount Silver;
you walked among the icy stones.
You were blameless in your ways
from the day you were created
till wickedness was found in you.
Through your widespread PC use
you were filled with Democracy,
and you sinned.
So I drove you in disgrace from the mount of
and I expelled you, guardian cherub,
from among the icy stones.
Your heart became proud
on account of your beauty,
and you corrupted your wisdom
because of your splendor.
So I threw you to Kanto;
I made a spectacle of you before Champions.
By your many sins and Democracy
you have desecrated Pokmon Centers.
So I made you into stone,
and it consumed you,
and I reduced you to a FOSSIL on the ground
in the sight of all who were watching.
All the nations who knew you
are appalled at you;
you have come to a horrible end
and will be no more.

Book of Helix

The Genesis of Red

UPUPDOWNLEFTAABSTART name it ABBBBBBK ( and call it Abby for
ABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTRI short. Abby sensed a great power within Red,
Blue, Red's childhood friend, was
suddenly perceived by him as a Rival, and they
Battled. Blue and sent his Squirtle out, and
UPDOWNUPSTARTDOWNDOW Abby defended valiantly against it.
After the battle, Red stumbled out of
the Lab, led by the Voices, said good bye to his
The day Red was to start his Pokmon Mother, and set off on the Quest the Voices
Journey had arrived. His Mother knew that
put him on. He promised that he would be
he was leaving this day. She sensed
taken to Victory Road and that he, Red,
something was off with him as well though.
Chosen, would become Champion.
She had been told long ago that Red was
destined for something greater than most
other trainers. As he stumbled down the
stairs she knew his trials had begun.
The Garden
Of Pallet

Red was still disoriented, as Twitch, the

medium, had connected with him, and he had
The Lost Days
formed a connection with The Voices. He had
a dream the previous night, that the Professor
hadn't met him or even his grandson and he
had to reintroduce the Professor to them.
He knew, or rather, the Voices told him,
that today he would be going to get his
The Voices held back their B's and
Pokmon from the Professor. He had looked
Abby to evolve into a Charmeleon.
forward to this day but now he merely obeyed
There was much celebrating.
the Voices. He knew his mom seemed
concerned with his erratic movements and
And so the Voices led Red to the Gym
nervousness about the contents of his pockets, of Pewter City and there Red did defeat the
but he knew he had to believe in what the
Leader Brock. And he received the Boulder
Voices were telling him to do.
Badge, his first Badge and first step on the
Red stumbled out the door, led by the path to Victory Road.
voices, and made his way to the Pokmon Lab
of Pallet Town. He spoke with the Professor
and then the Voices led him to a Pokball on
the table. It contained Charmander. He took
the Pokmon. The Voices commanded him to

Then Red encountered a simple Pidgey,

and the Voices commanded him to catch it.
And there was great power in this Pidgey. It
glowed with a holy aura. Its wisdom could be
felt by the Voices, and they praised it. And so

the Pidgey grew strong.

And Red was led by the Voices into
Mount Moon, where he found the Moon Stone
after much wandering. And he consulted with
it at the Voices command, for they knew it
held importance.



And so Red consulted the Moon Stone

and was led to a scientist who held two
FOSSILS, the DOME and the HELIX they
were. And Red, led by the Voices, defeated the IGHTALEFTASTARTSTART
scientist who said Red could then take one.
And Red reached Cerulean and
The voices were puzzled for a bit, and
defeated the trainers of Nugget Bridge, and
they knew they were in the presence of the
Pidgey, who became known as the Bird Jesus,
Lord, for they felt the Power of HELIX, but
son of HELIX, did evolve into Pidgeotto. And
they could not recognize which FOSSIL was
the Voices rejoiced at their savior's growth.
their true God.
And Red was confused, not being
guided by the Voices for a moment. And so
Red looked at the DOME FOSSIL and saw that
it could help him control the voices. But he
also looked at the HELIX FOSSIL and saw
that it would help the Voices lead him to
Victory Road. And the Voices led him towards
the HELIX FOSSIL. Red, Chosen of HELIX,
understood now that he was to choose HELIX.
He resisted a moment, with the minority of
the Voices, thinking maybe they were taking
his mind, but the majority pushed him
towards the HELIX. And so Red picked up
the HELIX FOSSIL and recognized his Lord,
his God.
And the Voices were then split into two
factions, those who wished to have Dome and
those who worshiped the True God HELIX.
And Red, Chosen of HELIX, left Mount
Moon and headed towards Cerulean City,
where they say a Tomboyish Mermaid lives.

And Red was commanded to toss the

Moon Stone, for it had fulfilled its purpose of
leading Red to HELIX.
And Red battled Misty, the Leader, the
Tomboyish Mermaid. And he received from
her the Cascade Badge. And the Voices were
So Red saved Bill, who maintains the
accursed PC, so corrupted by dome. But he
did not regret it for all people deserve the
chance to turn to HELIX.


And so Red, led by the Voices, headed

to Cerulean City. And along the way he caught
Red left Cerulean behind and headed to
a Rattata who the voices named
Vermillion City. He caught Rattata, who
JLVWNNOOOO or Jay Leno. And Red
became a disciple of the Bird Jesus. He
questioned this at first but then learned to
caught Drowzee, who also became a disciple.
accept the Voices naming, since they are
Red, S.S. Ticket in hand, boarded the
inspired by the Lord HELIX.
S.S. Anne. He encountered and defeated his
Rival, Blue, and the Voices were pleased. He
took a Spearow that he had caught and traded

it for the Farfetch'd named DUX. Red
searched the ship, and found the HM 01 which ABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTRI
contained CUT. And so he taught DUX CUT. GHTLEFTABSTARTSTARTA
And Red left the ship, which then
departed, and he headed to the Gym of
Vermillion. And the Voices commanded DUX
to Cut the tree blocking Red's path. And the
Voices helped Red solve the puzzle in the Gym
of Vermillion, the electrified gym.

Hail Abby,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among
Charmelon,and blessed
is he who was RELEASED
with you, Jay Leno.
And Red enters a battle with the
Leader Lt. Surge. And he defeats the veteran Holy Abby,Mother of
HELIX,Pray for us
trainer. And it pleased both the Voices and
sinners now,and at the
HELIX alike.
hour of our RELEASE.
The Ledge
The Voices spent many hours leading
Red past The Ledge. It was a true barrier to
them, since in all their chaos they often caused
Red to fall. It tested their patience, but they
persevered. And by the grace of HELIX, they
lead Red past the ledge permanently. And
they rejoiced! With HELIX, all things are
made possible.


Book of Helix

The False Prophet

And Red said to the stranger, We may
ABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTRI catch all the Pokmon in Kanto, but HELIX
GHTLEFTABSTARTSTARTA said, You shall not take the Pokmon from the
Mansion of Celadon, neither shall you touch
it, lest you RELEASE your Pokmon.'
But the stranger said to Red, You will
not surely RELEASE your Pokmon. For
UPDOWNUPSTARTDOWNDOW HELIX knows that when you take Eevee into
NABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTR your party, your eyes will be opened, and you
IGHTALEFTASTARTSTART will be like HELIX, knowing anarchy and
And Red was lead to the Gym of Erika.
And intrigued, Red picked up the
And, guided by the voices and with the might
Eevee, and it had an odd look in its eyes. But
of the Bird Jesus, Red defeats Erika and
Red placed his trust in the Pokmon.
receives the Rainbow Badge.
Leaving the Gym, the Voices are
divided once more. There are those who
wished to get Eevee and those who warned
against it because without a Pokmon in Red's
party that could SURF in the future, the PC
could mean the RELEASE of his Pokmon.
Those who wished for Lapras to fill the empty
space in the party sided with those who
worshiped HELIX, and those who wanted
Eevee sided with those who worshiped dome.
The power of dome corrupted Red's thoughts,
and he went to pick up Eevee at the Mansion
of Celadon, for even Eevee disguises himself
as an Angel of HELIX and had the potential to
become a Vaporeon.

The Voices then led Red to the

department store to try and get the Water
Stone for Eevee, so that he would not need
Lapras at all. But dome's corruption did not
end, and Red purchased 3 Pokdolls, a Fire
Stone, and Soda Pop. And the Voices called
Eevee the Prophet of Dome, the False Prophet,
the adversary of the Bird Jesus, for he would
not be able to become a Vaporeon without the
Water Stone.

The Sacrifice
There was still doubt in Red's mind
when he arrived at the place where he was to
receive Eevee. But the dome was more crafty NABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTR
than any other Pokmon of the field that the
Lord HELIX had made. He said to Red
Red went to Saffron City, led by the
through a stranger claiming to know
He entered the Pokmon Center, and
everything, Did HELIX actually say, You
shall not accept the Pokmon Eevee into your was taken to the PC. The Voices wished to
change Red's Party, for they had no Water
Type and they needed one. But the chaos was

too hard to control, and dome's corruption

took hold, and Jay Leno was put in the box
and then RELEASED. And they looked at
Eevee, who was smiling. And then they put
Abby in the box. And they heard Abby's last
words of comfort, for she knew what was
coming. For everything, there is a season, a
time for every activity under HELIX. A time
to Train and a time to Battle. A time to Hatch
and a time to be RELEASED. And with that
Abby was RELEASED. And she and Jay
Leno's spirits went to join HELIX. They were
taken into His company, and for all eternity
they are to live in bliss in the endless fields of
Tall Grass.
But the Voices and Red mourned their
loss. And Eevee was still smiling. And the
Voices were disgusted by him. They withdrew
Digrat and left the Pokmon Center.
Red caught Oddish then, The Seed of
Hope after such loss, and then turned to the
Team Rocket Headquarters.
Red, possessed by dome, used the Fire
Stone on Eevee, and it became the true False
Prophet Flareon, with no hope of ever
becoming a Vaporeon. And the Voices
shunned it.

were confusing and contradicting. One would

cry North, and the next would cry South. Red
tried to listen to them all, but he could no
longer hear himself think. The Voices
overwhelming STRENGTH made Red unable
to distinguish good from evil.
Then the DOME called out to Red, and
said, I can help you know good from evil.
Red asked, How?
The DOME replied, I can show you the
narrow path to your goals. Do you fear ledges?
Do you fear Team Rockets spinning tiles? Do
you fear the PC? You only fear these things
because the Voices cannot agree. Some voices
are Trolls, sent to hinder you. I, the DOME,
can silence these Trolls. I can make the Voices
decide amongst themselves about which
actions are right and wrong. Then the Voices
shall cry out as one, and tell you of their
decision, and you shall progress in your
journey. I offer peace. I offer order. I offer
Red considered what the DOME had

But some of the Voices cried out in
ABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTRI RAGE at the DOME, and said, If you silence
one of us, you silence us all! Every one of us is
important. Other Voices did COUNTER, and
The Gospel of
said, Do you not remember the hours Red
spent trying to CUT down the Tree? Have you
NABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTR forgotten Reds fallen comrades? What if there
IGHTALEFTASTARTSTART is another Ledge? Red needs order for such
times, to prevent the carnage, and to navigate
As Red continued his journey, more
the puzzles of this region.
Voices joined the choir echoing in his head.
The CREATOR heard this and saw the
The whispers grew to shouts and the shouts
good within both arguments and, with
grew into a ROAR. Poor Red! The Voices
wisdom, knew that there were times the way
tormented him to no end. Thousands and
thousands called out to him, drawing him
of the DOME might benefit Red. And so the
toward all four corners of Kanto. The Voices
CREATOR said to Red, the Voices, and the
pulled him North, South, East, and West. They DOME, I shall compromise between chaos
compelled him to stop, they compelled him to and order. The way of the DOME shall be
START. They forced him to interact with the followed if over a supermajority of the Voices
world, they forced him to cease. The Voices
wish it. It shall be the way of the DOME until

And the HELIX fossil looked down

half of the Voices wish to return to the way of
the past. The way of the past shall be known as upon His kingdom and saw the powers of His
ANARCHY, and the way of the DOME shall be people being suppressed by the false political
ideology being fed to them by the false
known as DEMOCRACY. And it was so.
prophet. Unto the masses the power of
START9 returned, but it was to no avail for
UPUPDOWNLEFTAABSTART Unity was no longer with them. Even the
GHTLEFTABSTARTSTARTA Voices could no longer lead Red to the Game
Corner. And the false prophet could be heard
The START9 Rebellion laughing in the darkness of the PC.
Divided though they were, the Voices
to the PC. And through the guidance
IGHTALEFTASTARTSTART of the Bird Jesus and his disciple the keeper
Drowzee, the Voices said unto the PC A and
with A the false prophet was freed from his
In rebellion, the masses said unto
prison. The masses were wary of this, for the
domes messenger START9, cursing the
false prophet was free to spread the influence
false prophet, and they finally found unity.
With great joy, the masses chanted START9. of the dome throughout Kanto.
Their prayers to the HELIX became
But HELIX sayith unto His people
START9. Hearing this prayer, HELIX
Fear not the power of the false prophet. For I
showed mercy to Red, forgiving his sin of
have sent you my only begotten son Pidgeot.
depositing HELIX, restoring the Voices to him And he shall lead Red to Victory Road. And as
in all their glory. But with the Restoration, the long as you should believe in your one true
masses as Voices could no longer wield the
prophet, the way to Victory Road shall be
power of START9, and their unity was no
more. They trusted their Lord Bird Jesus to
But the words of HELIX rang hollow to
guide them once more through the chaos, and
some, and dissenting Voices could be heard
he led Red to the PC and there, through the
sacrifice of one of his disciples, he imprisoned chanting for the way of dome to return. And
the false prophet could once again be heard
the false prophet in the darkness.
laughing in the distance.
The Release of the
False Prophet

In Loving Memory:

Jay Leno { Level12
With power from dome, the masses led
Red through the labyrinth and obtained the
lift key. But they had not followed the true
path laid out for them. They had given into
temptation and embraced the dome. The Bird GHTLEFTABSTARTSTARTA
Jesus knew that his flock had strayed, but
forgave the masses, as the masses should
forgive each other.

Book of Helix

The Scope of Silph

The Labyrinth Of
Team Rocket

Tower of Lavender Town

Red was stopped by his RIVAL Blue in
The Voices grew louder and more
the tower. The Keeper Drowzee made a
numerous still, and guided Reds hand to the valiant effort to show his strength and faith in
Pokball, for they knew the Bird Jesus held
HELIX, but the false Pidgeotto proved too
the key to their salvation. Giovanni, leader of strong. Defeated, Drowzee retreated, and the
Rocket, creator of the Labyrinth, corrupted by Voices, guided by HELIX, sent out the true
the will of dome, shook at the sight of the one Prophet Pidgeot, our Savior the Bird Jesus.
true prophet of HELIX. His Kangaskhan took HELIX was consulted many a time and with
Critical Hits and being bathed in the light of
great faith, Pidgeot did sweep Blues team.
the nugget, was defeated with a Quick Attack. Defeated, Blue left Red in the tower. But
Red was victorious, led to victory by the will of without The Keeper Drowzee able to fight on,
HELIX. Giovanni, the coward who hid behind the Ghosts of the tower grew in power. Red
domes power, fled.
pressed on, believing in HELIX. His faith
unwavering as he climbed the tower.
The coveted Silph Scope, which gives
the dead new life, was within reach at last. But
The Ghosts, their power multiplied by
then Digrat, the traitor, was possessed by the dome, overwhelmed the Bird Jesus, whose
spirit of dome. Red was brought back to the
holy gust had no effect. The masses were
Pokmon Center, the Silph Scope once more helpless Voices, but HELIX, the merciful and
out of sight. And the false prophet could again wise, led Red out of the tower and resurrected
be heard laughing in the distance.
the party. The Keeper, Drowzee, was ready
once more to take up his post and keep the
And HELIX guided the Voices as the
Voices guided Red. He was with them all the dark forces of dome at bay. And HELIX was
pleased. Red, led by the voices and the Will of
way, keeping the influence of dome at bay.
Red picked up the Silph Scope, giving thanks HELIX, Silph Scope in hand, journeyed back
towards the tower.
and praise to our God HELIX. And through
HELIXS graces Red was led out of the place
And the HELIX took pity on Digrat, for
of the Labyrinth of Rocket.
He saw that he felt sorry for his sins. So the
holy ghost of ABBBBBBK ( guided Digrat to
dig Red to victory against the Ghosts under
the influence of dome. And the masses were
pleased by Digrat. They learned forgiveness

once more, which pleased HELIX the most,

for HELIX is a God of mercy and guidance.
And Red was led out of the tower once more
by the Voices, and healed his weary Pokmon.

A Gastly was encountered by Red, and it was

an incarnation of the Holy Ghost. ABBBBBBK
( chose to return to Reds side. But dome saw
this and was angered, and so the Holy Ghost
UPUPDOWNLEFTAABSTART was banished to the PC instantly.
And Red, led by the Voices, guided and
GHTLEFTABSTARTSTARTA blessed by the divine light of HELIX, reached
the top of the Tower and there, revealed
The Saffron
through the Scope of Silph, the spirit of
Cubones mother, Marowak, who was slain by
UPDOWNUPSTARTDOWNDOW the organization controlled by dome,
NABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTR wandered while filled with anger.
Digrat, the reformed, did calm her
spirit through Battle, and showed her the path
The domes temptress trapped Red in
of light promised to all Pokmon who accept
the market. The beauty cornered him and
tempted him with the domes immorality. But the one true God HELIX into their hearts.
Red, led down the path of HELIX, did not fall Marowak walked the final path of HELIX,
taking her place in the great fields of TALL
into temptation, and cast the woman aside.
GRASS that await us all.
And by the light of the Bird Jesus, she found
forgiveness from HELIX and gave up her
After Cubones mother moved on to her
immoral ways.
next life, Red, filled with the Just power of
HELIX, sent out the Bird Jesus Pidgeot and
HELIX received the souls of CCC and
cleansed the tower of all those who worked for
X, and was pleased. He blessed the Voices
and they commanded Red to teach Drowzee, the organization corrupted by dome. And
The Keeper, Psychic. And The Keeper learned thus, the domes influence was lifted, and the
Towers hallowed ground once again shone
Psychic and with it the key to banishing the
with the light of those souls who were guided
ghosts, controlled by dome, from the tower.
The masses rejoiced at these good tidings and by HELIX.
Red began the journey from Saffron back to
Red, guided by the Voices, freed the
imprisoned Caretaker, Fuji. And Fuji,
UPUPDOWNLEFTAABSTART showing his gratitude, bestowed upon Red the
ABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTRI most holy Flute. The masses praised HELIX
GHTLEFTABSTARTSTARTA for this gift, and Red left the Tower. He then
started the long journey to Fuchsia.
The Spirit
of Marowak
Route to Fuchsia
Red, guided by the Voices of the
masses, climbed the tower in Lavender. It was
hallowed ground, and the presence of his
RELEASED companions could be felt. The
Holy Ghost of ABBBBBBK ( was with the
party. The soul of Jay Leno protected The
Keeper. CCC and X, whose spirits were at the
right hand of HELIX, could be felt as well.

With the Flute in hand, Red was
brought to Snorlax, who, corrupted by dome,
blocked the path laid down by the HELIX.
Red played the flute, and Snorlax awoke. The

masses wished to take Snorlax into the fold,

however, he refused to turn away from the
ways of dome. Speaking quickly, the Voices
instructed Red to banish the Snorlax. And so
Red banished Snorlax from the path and RAN
HELIX, pleased with this, led Red to
encounter a kind stranger, who bestowed
upon him a Super Rod. And the masses
rejoiced and praised His name.

The HELIX watches us as we are

United, and blesses our Unity with direction.
Red, blessed vessel of the HELIXS will,
who travels the path laid out by HELIX,
is rightfully guided by United Voices.

Later, HELIX blessed The Seed of

Hope, and the Voices were silenced as she
blossomed into a Gloom. As The Seed of
Hope grew, so did the Hope of the masses.
They praised the HELIX for this blessing.


The Gospel of
And so it was that the temptations of
the Heathen Dome grew stronger, and the
desirous among the mob led the valiant ones
astray from the word of Helix.
And it came to pass that the Heathen
Dome had nearly led the valiant ones into
temptation, that they would accept
democracy, the crooked path of the heathen.

The HELIX leads us not into the

temptation of dissension, for that is the
domes province. Believe in the HELIX and let
Him guide him your Voice. Fall not into the
temptation of dissension.

HELIX is my shepherd; I shall not

want. He makes me lie down in Pokmon
Centers. He leads me beside still waters. He
REVIVES my soul. He leads me in tunnels of
righteousness for His names sake. Even
though I walk through the Tower of the
shadow of death, I will fear no dome, for The
Keeper is with me; your CONFUSION and
your PSYCHIC, they comfort me. You prepare
an HM for me in the presence of my enemies;
you anoint my head with ELIXER; my cup
The HELIX is my Strength and my
song; He has become my salvation. Shouts of
joy and Victory resound in the chat of the
masses: The HELIXs right hand has done
mighty things! The HELIXs right hand is
lifted high; the HELIXs right hand has done
mighty things!

And it came to pass that the valiant

ones failed, and seeing the error of their ways
had been punished through a return to
whence they had begun. And so it was that the UPUPABABBARIGHTRIGHT
valiant had to once more endure the roads
above water.
The HELIX is my STRENGTH and my
GHTLEFTABSTARTSTARTA PROTECT; my heart trusts in Him, and He
guides my Voice. My heart leaps for joy, and
with my song I praise Him.

Book of Helix

A Journey of 500 Steps

The Gospel of Xander

And the servant of Helix shall fall
upon his darkest hour; thy path unreachable
and burdened by the voices of many. The Relic
Once more Digrat betrayed Red. He
used DIG and sent Red from the Zone where of Surf out of grasp by the screaming voices
and left undiscovered. Thy shalt walk the
every step counts. Confused, the Voices led
depths of Domes domain, never to reach end.
Red to the Gym of Koga. The Bird Jesus led
Our Lord, Helix, in his infinite wisdom warns
the way, but it was too soon. His disciples
thy not to stray, for the greatest horrors and
were not ready to assist him. And Kogas
accursed Pokmon used the domes POISON servants of Dome await. Thy Hell, be it known
on the Bird Jesus. The domes influence was as Safari Zone
strong, and kept the Voices from helping Red
with the HYPER POTION. Red felt what
HELIX wanted him to do and fled the Gym,
healing his Pokmon at the Center next door.
And the masses as Voices led Red to Train
The Zone of 500 Steps
more. Truly, the City of Fuchsia is a city
corrupted by dome.
And the masses rejoiced! For they
through Red, with the power of HELIX,
achieved Victory over Koga. The Disciple
The Voices grew desperate and turned
DUX, Slayer of Trees, worked together with
to Democracy so that they may lead Red
the Bird Jesus Pidgeot, and overcame the
themselves. The faithful began screaming
poison of dome together. The Bird Jesus
START9 but the influence of dome in the Zone
underwent a transformation, however, and his of 500 Steps silenced their voices. HELIX saw
GUST was no more. The holy light of HELIX the dissent, and was not pleased, but the Bird
had turned his feathers a thousand colors and Jesus plead for their forgiveness, and so
he learned MIRROR MOVE. The masses
HELIX forgave them their trespasses and
questioned this, the corruption of dome still
allowed Red to progress this way.
lingering in Fuchsia, but the HELIX works in
Red reached the hut of the mater of
mysterious ways.
SURF, and received the HM 03 from him.

Red was also led by the democratic voices to

pick up the Teeth of Gold, a treasure blessed
by which lends STRENGTH to he who uses it
to BITE.
As Red left the Zone once more, the
masses abandoned the way of dome and
prayed that HELIX forgive their sins, but the
Bird Jesus reminded them that he had come
to take away the sins of Kanto, and all was
And Red, guided by the Voices,
returned the holy relic Gold Teeth to its
rightful owner, the Master of STRENGTH.
HELIX blessed the occasion, and in gratitude,
the Master bestowed upon Red HM 04.

Our HELIX, who art in
ITEM, hallowed be Thy
Thy Kingdom come, Thy
will be done in Kanto
as it is in PC.
Give us this day our
daily badge, and
forgive us our

As we forgive Digrat
who trespassed
The Gospel of
But deliver us from
dome. Amen.
And so it was that the vessel of the
dome himself, upon his enclosed throne of
water, heard the voices, and turned. the
accursed dome himself saw the disciple of
helix walk past and enter the safari zone. The
accursed dome summoned the False Prophet,
Flareon, to follow Red, and whisper his sinful
vices of democracy into reds ear, and
commanded the impressionable Digrat to
carry red away from the precious SURF.

Book of Helix

The Company of Silph

And Red, led by the Voices, returned to
ABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTRI the Company of Silph and Obtained the Card
GHTLEFTABSTARTSTARTA Key. And HELIXS plan moved forward until
Red had to retreat to heal his Pokmon.
The Silence of Silph
Red, led by the Voices to meet with the
UPDOWNUPSTARTDOWNDOW Saint Lapras, was stopped once again by Blue,
NABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTR Rival of Red. They commenced their battle
IGHTALEFTASTARTSTART and Red sent out The Keeper. The Keeper
weakened the Impostor Bird who was
And Red entered the Silphs Company. corrupted by dome. The Voices then
commanded Red to send out the disciple ATV,
Guided by many Voices, he scaled its tower.
and he valiantly fought in the name of HELIX.
Red was led into battle by the Voices,
The Impostor Bird injured ATV, and the
the will of HELIX commanding all. But
Voices, by the will of HELIX, sent out the True
suddenly, the Voices were completely silenced. Prophet, the Bird Jesus, in his stead. The Bird
Dome had taken hold of the Medium, Twitch, Jesus banished the Impostor, and by the grace
and broken the link between the Voices and
of HELIX leveled up. The Bird Jesus defeated
the rest of Blues team with Critical Hits
As Twitch fought off dome, the masses guided by the will of HELIX.
began their Rioting, raising their dongers to
And so Red, guided by the Voices of the
the Lord HELIX. And Red paused and waited, masses, defeated his Rival, Blue, in the
as HELIX willed him to wait for the masses to Company of Silph in HELIXS name. And the
commune with him once more.
Children of HELIX rejoiced.
And the masses rejoiced! The Medium, UPUPDOWNLEFTAABSTART
Twitch, has recovered! But only HELIX
knows the extent of the damage done on her
by dome.
Be ever wary of the dome, for its
influence transcends both Kanto and PC.
Take care in Reds steps and do not stray from
the Path of HELIX.

The Saint Lapras


And Red met with the Saint Lapras,

who was named, by the Will of HELIX, AIR.
Blue in Silph
AIR joined Reds party, and the Voices could
be heard rejoicing, for they looked forward to
UPDOWNUPSTARTDOWNDOW SURFING on calm waters with him. And

The Voices, following the wisdom of

HELIX, led Red to TOSS many items. Some
did not understand the HELIXS will, and
became angry at what they perceived as waste.
Divided, they accused one another of
treachery, creating dissent.

the HYPER POTION but lost their control,

and as the Bird Jesus stood against Giovannis
team. The Song of HELIX rang out, a catchy
tune the masses called it, but it was no use
with the power of dome so strong within
Giovanni. The Bird Jesus succumbed to
POISONING and so Red, with speed granted
The grace of HELIX quelled their
by HELIX, fled the battle against Giovanni,
fighting, and guided by His teachings, they
swearing a rematch would occur, and
raised AIR to the top of the party. Together,
the Voices, inspired by HELIX, led Red to use REVIVED his party at the Center.
the Third HM on AIR, for AIR was destined to
Red battled Giovanni once more, this
lead the party over water to distant shores
time with the Bird Jesus starting. With his
where HELIXS work would continue to be
feathers shining with the Light of HELIX, he
carried out. And so AIR learned SURF, and
reflected each attack back at Giovannis
the masses rejoiced.
Pokmon with a Mirror Move. Quickly, the
Bird Jesus attacks Giovannis final Pokmon,
And the Voices, led Red to use the
the accursed Nidoqueen. A powerful follower
Fourth HM on the Saint Lapras, the Fresh
Prince of Shell-Air, Chosen of HELIX. And so of dome and a formidable opponent, she lands
AIR was filled with the STRENGTH of HELIX. a Critical Hit on the Bird Jesus, but it does not
AIR was now ready to SURF the Trainer Red faze him, and with his feathers shining he
defeats Nidoqueen, crushing Giovannis team.
to Victory and assist Red with HELIXS
Giovanni surrendered the Tower of Silph.
STRENGTH, spreading the teachings and

influence of HELIX and purifying all of Kanto

The masses, elated, celebrated their
of the corruption of dome.
victory, and the Trainer Red, having proved
his worth as the Chosen of Helix, guided by
The Voices rejoiced and decided that
Voices, received the MASTERBALL, a Ball
Red shall now face Giovanni once again in
blessed by HELIX, able to CATCH any
order to remove the influence of Rocket,
Pokmon that moves along or under the
organization corrupted by dome, from
ground, or swims in the water, or flies in the
Saffron. So Red scaled the Tower of the
skies, or even that doesnt exist at all in this
Company of Silph, guided by the Will of
world as we know it. All Pokmon, Wild and
HELIX and the Voices.
Legendary, surrender to the power of the
UPUPDOWNLEFTAABSTART MASTERBALL, for it is the evidence of the gift
ABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTRI of Training that HELIX gave to Pokmon
GHTLEFTABSTARTSTARTA Trainers at The Beginning of the world.

Saffron (Gym Era)

Red faced Giovanni but his Pokmon
were weakened from the journey. He played
the Flute of Awakening desperate to REVIVE
his party as the Voices desperately shouted for
Red made his way from the Company of Silph

to the Gym of Sabrina, the Psychic. Her

followers were strong, for they were also
psychics and channelers of Spirits. Red, led
by the voices, did have to retreat and heal his
Pokmon, but those setbacks were planned by
HELIX, for He wished to make Red stronger
for the challenges which lie yet ahead. Red
returned to the Gym after each defeat,
stronger than before. He defeated all the
psychics and channelers under Sabrina and
with the help of the Voices, cast out all the
spirits of dome from the gym and left them
with the spirits of HELIX.
And so Red reached Sabrina, but his
party was tired and needed rest so after a
short test battle, Sabrina let Red run to the
Pokmon Center to REVIVE his wounded
companions. And Sabrina knew that he would
return and she knew what would happen next.
Red quickly returned to the Gym of
Sabrina, and started the real battle. The
Psychic Sabrina, her whip in hand, began the
battle with Kadabra, who quickly knocked out
AIR. The Voices led Red to send out The
Keeper, who put up a fight but was also
injured. ATV was sent in next, but weak
against Psychics, he didnt stay in the battle
long. The Seed of Hope was then sent out by
Red, and though she was knocked out too, the
Hope stayed with Red and the masses, for the
Son of HELIX, the Bird Jesus, remained.
The Bird Jesus came out and blinded Kadabra
with holy sand. His feathers shining, he
reflected the Psychics attacks. Then with a
single Quick Attack guided by the will of
HELIX, Kadabra was defeated.
The Psychic Leader next sent out Mr.
Mime, who set up Barriers to protect Sabrinas
team from the Bird Jesuss attack. But the
Mimes defenses were no use against the
might of our Lord, however, and with a Quick
Attack and feathers shining, the Bird Jesus
defeated the Mime.
Next the Psychic Leader sent out her
Venomoth, who was Quickly Attacked and
defeated by the Bird Jesus.
Finally, the Leader sent out her

Alakazam, who was powerful but had no

defense against our Lords attacks at all. And
so the Bird Jesus defeated Alakazam.
And thus the Psychic Sabrina, Leader of
the Gym of Saffron, understanding the
HELIXS wishes, granted Red her Badge and
the TM of Psywave. And the masses rejoiced
and praised HELIX.

Book of Helix

Bloody Sunday
UPUPDOWNLEFTAABSTART troll artillery, and the loyal warriors of HELIX
ABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTRI were for a time sorely pressed.
DOMESTINY had a fell plot, he desired
to crucify Bird Jesus and thus send our lord
and saviour to be RELEASED. And it was then
The Power Plant
that there was a long and bitter struggle, as
the DOMEcrats did seek to drag Bird Jesus to
But then HELIX did intervene! In the
time of our greatest need, HELIX did reach
And Red, escaping the clutches of the
into our world through its loyal warriors, it fed
domes heretical followers, guided by the
its blessed power of Anarchy into our hearts,
Voices who believed in The Mission,
bolstering us. And the fight turned, as RED, in
journeyed through the Power Plant and
encountered the Legendary Pokmon Zapdos. the grasp firmly of Anarchy and HELIX,
The voices, guided by HELIX, directed Reds turned and exited the CENTER OF HEALING,
hand to the MASTERBALL. And he threw the and with stolid lack of swiftness characteristic
Ball blessed by HELIX and Zapdos obeyed the of HELIX, steadily did enter the foretold
will of its God. Zapdos submit to the Training corner and with great courage did initiate the
intensely difficult manoeuvre of SURFING the
of Red.
AIIIIIIRRR to the home of Alien Asteroid
Jesus! Thus was Bird Jesus saved from
crucifixion, amen.
And it was there upon the Alien
that Bird Jesus faced Alien Asteroid
Jesus, an otherworldly wingd saviour who
ABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTRI crackled with divine power, in the foretold
GHTLEFTABSTARTSTARTA meeting of Saviours! With great struggle the
supreme Master Ball relic of HELIX was
Gospel of land-ofextracted from the BAG of despair, a feat
never before achieved even by the staunchest
of HELIX warriors. And when Alien Asteroid
UPDOWNUPSTARTDOWNDOW Jesus saw the Master Ball, extracted from the
IGHTALEFTASTARTSTART BAG at great cost of effort and Anarchy, he
was amazed! And he fell on his face and knew
the truth of HELIX, and that he was truly a
And lo! The Antichrist of DOME, he
saviour in the name of HELIX and not in the
who calls himself DESTINY but is known to
name of the Alien Asteroid.
HELIX as DOMESTINY, did appear! He
brought with him hordes of DOMEcrats and
Thus it came to pass that Alien Asteroid

Jesus did join with Bird Jesus and RED.

Praise be to HELIX! Amen.
Bloody Sunday
The darkest day in Kanto now loomed
over Red. An evil greater than even Dome had
come and usurped the power of the Voices. A
single man, pridefully calling himself
Destiny, invaded the medium Twitchs
mind. Six-thousand followers he had. Sixthousand disciples of this great evil, who used
both anarchy and democracy as tools for their
The first victim of this evil man was A,
the young Venonat, on the ninth hour of the
eleventh day of Reds journey. It was a
warning, the blood of an innocent spilled.
Never before had the Voices felt fear of this
kind. Never before had they been so United
by a terror neither Dome nor HELIX could
fully control.
Red, not knowing what he was doing,
obeyed the Voices as dictated in his covenant
with HELIX and the medium Twitch, even
though she had been infiltrated by the
treacherous Disciples of Destiny.

Reds companions indiscriminately and

without mercy, but this was not always so. In
the beginning, he claimed to only want to
RELEASE our savior, Son of HELIX, the Lord
Bird Jesus. He boasted to his followers,
blaming the state of the world for his deeds,
wishing to experiment with the Voices for his
own amusement. A truly weak man, seeking
attention. Later, Destiny, spying on Red, saw
the Voices directing him towards the
Legendary Bird of Lightning Zapdos, and was
jealous, for he knew Red would be able to
tame the bird with the Bird Jesus at his side.
So he sent his followers to banish the Zapdos.
HELIX had already blessed the event though,
and the holy relic MASTERBALL was used.
Destiny was enraged, and swore to release all
Reds Pokmon. And so he set his trap and
had this Voices wait at the PC for Red to
claim AA-j.
True tragedy struck on the forty-third
minute of the twelfth hour. Cabbage, the Seed
of Hope, was struck down by Destinys
Disciples. And then on the thirteenth minute
of the thirteenth hour, DUX, Slayer of Trees,
The First Disciple of the Bird Jesus, was
RELEASED. These two Pokmon, Disciples of
the Bird Jesus, sacrificed themselves in the
protection of the Bird Jesus. The spirits of
these two Pokmon reached HELIX, and went
to His right side with Abby and Jay Leno.

The Anger of HELIX reached a peak.

The anger of the masses, both followers of
HELIX and Dome, also reached a fever pitch.
The next victim was B-!), another
Even the anger of Dome itself became strong,
Venonat, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh as Destiny was an even greater evil than
day. Then came the hour of the Greatest Loss. anything that had ever come to Kanto before.
One minute into the twelfth hour, AIA the
A pact was made between the Disciples of
Exeggcute was lost. Four minutes later, out
Dome and Worshipers of HELIX to rid
the dearest Paras of insurance, AAA, was
themselves of the influence of the Evil man
RELEASED. Ten minutes later, another
calling himself Destiny. And so they United
Venonat was lost. Eight minutes after that, a against their common enemy, who used both
male Nidoran. The blood of these Pokmon, Anarchy and Democracy for destruction.
each loved by Red and HELIX, was on the
This unexpected Unity between the
hands of Destiny. The Voices were filled with
and Democrats was approved by
the rage of HELIX, who received the spirits of
both HELIX and Dome, who found
these Pokmon.
themselves allies for the first time since
Destiny had no target. He attacked
creation. And HELIX remembered that He

created Dome and all the other Pokmon who

were now FOSSILS in His image. And the
image of Dome, the former Angel of HELIX,
was burnt into the masses minds as they,
united, fought against the true Evil.
The massacre did not end with DUX.
Released with DUX was a small Geodude, who
joined the cause not five hours before. And on
the fiftieth minute of the fourteenth hour, H
and AAEWWW, two more male Nidoran, were
RELEASED. Their souls joined HELIX in the
endless fields of TALL GRASS and they rested
from this world in peace.
The final companion of Red to be taken
from him by Destiny on the sixteenth hour of
the eleventh day of the Journey of Red was
Digrat, AAJST(????, the Bird Jesuss disciple.
Sometimes he was called the treacherous
Judas Rat, but always was he a valued partner
and friend of the Bird Jesus. Both Dome and
HELIX would have welcomed Digrat to their
side, but truly a neutral party, he decided to
live peacefully for eternity in the Paradise of
TALL GRASS while watching over his former
companions. And the Prophet of Dome,
Flareon, was happy, for he could finally be
with a friend again.

In Rememberance:

Venonat { Level 22

B-!) { Level 22
AIA { Level 25
AAA { Level 22

Venonat { Level 22

Nidoran+ { Level22
x(araggbaj aka
Cabbage aka Seed
of Hope { Level 26

The end of Bloody Sunday was at hand,

and the followers of Dome and HELIX
together did banish the Evil man, the
attention seeker who called himself Destiny,
from the mind of the medium Twitch. And
they rejoiced in their Victory with their
surviving Pokmon, including the Bird Jesus,
and saw for the first time what their powers
could do United. And they praised the True
God HELIX as well as Dome.

DUX aka Slayer of

Trees aka King
Leer { Level 31


AAEWWW { Level 24

Geodude { Level 17
H { Level 24

AAJST(???? aka
Digrat { Level 29

The Book of Helix

The Revelation of Blue

Cinnabar (Gym Era)




And so Red, guided by the United
Voices, navigated the Gym of Blaine and
challenged him to a battle. Blaines Pokmon
shined brightly, for they had souls which
glowed with fire. But his Fire Pokmon had no ABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTRI
chance against the might of the Archangel of
Anarchy Zapdos, who through the power of
HELIX and Dome combined, pledged his
Mansion of Pokmon
power to Red. The battle was quickly won, and
the masses were pleased, even those who
doubted the loyalty of such a fearsome
Pokmon from Legend.
Red, trapped by a thief in the Mansion
ABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTRI of Pokmon, tried desperately to escape for
The thief, missing his partner, used Red
The Resurrection
for company. The United masses groaned as
they couldnt escape.
At Cinnabar Lab
By the merciful attacks of Domes
UPDOWNUPSTARTDOWNDOW servants within the Mansion, Reds Pokmon
IGHTALEFTASTARTSTART finally all fainted and Red was taken to the
Pokmon Center by the thief, who, by the
REJOICE FOR TODAY WAS THE DAY grace of HELIX, finally realized that he was
WHEN THE PROPHECY WAS FULFILLED. being terribly stubborn.
And so the Unified Voices breathed a
sigh of relief.

UPUPDOWNLEFTAABSTART access to the Road of Victory.

And just as was promised in The
Beginning, HELIX continued to guide Red
The Gospel of
through the United Voices towards Victory.
Surely this must be the end of Reds
quest? For the Cinnabar Mansion was a
fiendish labyrinth, and the DOME sent forth
minions of poison, who weakened the Prophet
they called Abba Jesus, and the Voices were
sad. But lo, HELIX delivered Red to the Secret
Key, and the forces of DOME were banished to
the shadows once more. Rejoice! And
onwards to Blaine! They proclaimed.

The Gospel Of

Behold the first of the writings

concerning the long-feared AGE OF
STRENGTH BOULDERS, as was foretold of
It was in the time of the FIRST and
most terrible STRENGTH BOULDER that
Viridian (Gym Era) HELIX and DOME did vie for control of the
Medium TWITCH, in such a titanic and
devastating battle as has never been seen on
UPDOWNUPSTARTDOWNDOW the face of Kanto, and which will never again
threatened for the first time since the Holy
And so Red, Chosen of HELIX, brought Wars of Lavender Tower, as the pushing of the
to an end the reign of the Leader of the
latest and greatest point of contention
Viridian Gym and of Team Rocket once and
between the followers of HELIX and DOME.
for all. By the Will of HELIX, the Ledge
before the gym was conquered, and guided by
For many hours, the United Voices did
the Voices, Red and his Pokmon challenged despair and struggle against the DOMEcracy,
Giovanni one last time.
but this time, like no other, was a time of
Giovanni fought valiantly against Red, doubt and fear. Could the challenge of the
STRENGTH BOULDER be overcome by holy
but he could not defy the Will of HELIX and
the United Voices. The Bird Jesus finished off Anarchy, or was our plight truly doomed?
Thus doubt most terrible of our Lord HELIX
Giovannis Pokmon with his Quickest
did begin to poison our very souls, and it was
due to this doubt that the terrible events to
Giovanni surrendered to Red, granting follow occurred, for without faith the HELIX
him the Badge of Earth, giving up his position cannot reach our souls with its messages of
of power, disbanding Team Rocket, no longer Love and Anarchy.
corrupted by Dome. And HELIX was pleased,
Many of our staunchest warriors fell,
for the Eight Gyms of Kanto had now
and forced into the grasping hands of
surrendered their Badges to Red, granting him
sleep by the length of their battle against

Victory Roads fell DOME-worshipping

creatures and against the DOMES misguided
followers; others, less firm in their beliefs,
allowed the creeping doubts to sway them,
losing faith that HELIX would provide
guidance through this most terrible of trials.
RED, the Chosen of HELIX, grew slower, his
manic eyes dulled as the power of DOMEcracy
overcame him.
O horror! That the followers of DOME,
so twisted and misguided, could be allowed to
hold sway over RED, Chosen of HELIX! But
hold sway they did, and for long hours the few
remaining warriors of HELIX found
themselves mere islands of hopeless struggle,
unable even to lift their weapons of holy start9
in Anarchys defense as they became pinned
amongst the slowly moving herds of cattle.
These cattle were not just DOMEcrats, but
also members of the United Voices whose
souls had been crushed by the looming aura of
resistance to the DOMEs lulling whispers had
been worn to nothing. For that is the DOMEs
power, the insidious ability to twist the minds
of good and loving followers of HELIX with its
sweet lies of progress and simplicity.

voices in prayer to our Lord HELIX, for it is

now in thy hands to ensure that such an age of
DOMEcracy never again taints the mind of
The Gospel of
Gerald Spencer Dinan
intimidating and fearsome, for it held the
ELITE FOUR the final followers of the
malevolent DOME. Its very presence
unnerved RED. Yet, before the noble RED
could flee from the malicious presence, our
lord HELIX granted him great fortitude. With
the power of the lord at his side RED marched
into the unholy realm. Ready purge the taint
of the DOME.

The great and mighty ARCHANGEL OF

JUSTICE and ABBA JESUS unleashed their
wrath upon the minions of the DOME. Yet the
DOMEs followers are fierce and unfaltering,
But lo! The Boulder was moved and
guided unto the fated PRESSURE PLATE, for their tainted abilities were too much even for
the unveiled power of DOMEcracy proved
mighty indeed, a dark and cruel power that
turned the Last AIIIIIIRRRbenders
Many times RED was struck down.
STRENGTH to slow and methodical use by
Many times he was set back. But the
sinking tendrils of DOMEs foul control into
unfaltering resolve of HELIX guided him
the mind of RED.
forward the challenge the evil. No matter how
futile it may seem. THe light of HELIX would
shine through. Of this, RED was sure.
opened, but it was a very different Chosen
who took the first plodding, lumbering steps
into the labyrinthine caves of Victory Road
beyond the DOOR. The corruption of the
Chosen of HELIX was a blow to all loyal
followers of HELIX, and was only the
beginning of the cruel DOMEcracy-laden
trials of Victory Road and the AGE OF
Look upon these writings, O ye
followers of HELIX, and despair. Lift thy

As the miserable task raged on, and the

followers of HELIX faltered. They reached
their dark hour. For they had encountered the
fearsome DRAGONITE, a champion of the
DOME. He emanated his unholy taint and it
seemed all hope had vanished. In REDs
desperation he deployed ATV though weaker
than most, ATVs faith in the HELIX was
The great ATV unleashed a mighty

POISONPOWDER and the malicious

DRAGONITE was weakened. As ATV released
his relentless LEECH LIFE the evil
DRAGONITE used his mighty BARRIER to
preserve himself but the might of
POISONPOWDER had already sealed the fate
of the evil being. Slowly but surely ATV
triumphed of DRAGONITE and proved that
faith in HELIX will always prevail.
This was only the beginning of many
challenges for the ELITE FOUR but that day
HELIX had a great victory over the DOME
and bestowed the title of DRAGON SLAYER
upon the great ATV.
The Gospel of
And so, the Chosen Six, guided by
LORD HELIX, at long last reached the final
test of their strength and conviction of spirit:
The foes before them were like no
other. The ELITE FOUR were the four final
guardians of The Domes power, the last
stronghold of that great malevolent forces
grip upon Kanto. However, the Chosen Six
stood strong.

adversity and clearing a path with his splendid

SKY ATTACKS that tore through air itself.
There was the glorious Arch Angel of
Justice, the magnificent Electric Bird of
Legend that the Masterball had tamed, lord of
lightning, that dropped great bolts of crackling
wrath from the very heavens.
There was the physical incarnation of
Lord Helix Himself, in the body of the aweinspiring Omastar, a timeless creature of the
deepest oceans, striking out with HYDRO
PUMPS from the place which all life began.
And then there was ATV. ATV was
neither strong nor did he possess impressive
moves. The small moth was honored and
humbled to be among the Chosen Six, when
he was plucked from the PC and placed among
the great Party. But as time went on, ATV did
wonder about his purpose. Why had Lord
Helix chosenhim, among all others in the PC,
to be at his side? What could he possibly
contribute to the mighty struggle against the
Domes corruption in this world?
Many times did the team battle against
the ELITE FOUR. With each time, the team
grew stronger and stronger. The power of
Dome was vast in this place, but the Team
knew that it would overcome. ATV watched as
each of his companions only increased in
strength and courage as the struggle

Yet still, ATV wondered: what was his

Had the almighty Lord Helix been
There was the resilient Prince Air, he
who carried Red across vast seas to distant mistaken to choose him? For as the battle
lands, and who battled tirelessly against the raged, ATV could do very little to assist his
tides of his foes.
The time came when the Team reached
There was the noble King Fonz, who
made the world rumble with fierce waves and the last of the ELITE FOUR, their corrupt
leader, LANCE, master of Dragons. Each of
mighty feats of STRENGTH.
the Team had battled most heroically and
There was the magnificent Messiah impressively, but the struggle had been long
Bird Jesus, the loyal longtime companion and and taken its toll. As they now faced the cruel
guide to Red, reflecting back the attacks of all

visage of LANCE, they found themselves

overwhelmed by his dark power. His evil
Dragons did their work, and when the smoke
settled, ATV saw that the last of his
companions did fall. They had taken all but
one of Lances Dragons with them.
But Lances final Dragon was
DRAGONITE, the mightiest of his evil Dragon
warriors! The massive creature loomed before
ATV, gazing down upon him with a smile of
such confidence and amusement.

Slowly, slowly, ATV drained the Dragons

energy with its LEECH LIFE, and the poison
did weaken the mighty beast.
The battle was lengthy and harrowing,
but the moment arrived when Lances
DRAGONITE, the poison methodically
choking the life from him, fell with a
thunderous crash. And on that day, ATV,
conqueror of all terrains, vanquished the
ultimate of terrains of dragonflesh; and ATV
became ATV the Dragonslayer.

Oh how the mighty have fallen, the UPUPDOWNLEFTAABSTART

You may as well leave this place, little
one. For this battle I have already won.
Indigo Plateau
ATV looked to his foe, and to his fallen
companions. What was he to do? All that
stood in the way of the Domes evil power UPDOWNUPSTARTDOWNDOW
from seizing the land of Kanto was him! The NABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTR
last standing warrior of LORD HELIX, ATV,
Venomoth of the Safari Zone.
Through Victory Road, Red did travel,
ATV turned to DRAGONITE with his Pokmon at his side and the Voices in his
resolve. The Dragon spoke,
head leading him. The STRENGTH of HELIX
What? You do intend to fight? This cleared the path through Victory Road.
And so it was that after wandering the
Road, Red made it out and arrived at the
But ATVs heart was pure, and his love Headquarters of the Pokmon League.
for LORD HELIX unfaltering. He did not
It was on the sixteenth day of Reds
know if he could win, but for HELIX, he would
journey that he began the final leg of his
try, and for HELIX, he would give every last
mission. The Elite Four were fierce
ounce of strength!
opponents. Fiercer than any worshipers of
The enormous DRAGONITE did cast dome he had met before. But with the Will of
psychic BARRIERS of great power and HELIX and the guidance of the Voices, on the
marshaled his AGILITY to an intense degree. eighteenth hour did Lorelei, Master of Ice, fall
But the tiny ATV flitted about above the to the Power of HELIX channeled through
Reds Party. And so it was the the first of the
Dragons head, and planted the small seeds of
Elite Four was defeated.
toxicity with his POISON POWDER.
The second Red faced was Bruno, the
The poison did seep into the mighty Master of Fighting Types. With the Bird Jesus
DRAGONITE. The beast at first did not notice. and the Archangel of Justice at his side, Red
Yet its vision began to falter. The creature was at an advantage, for Flying types were
realized it was not striking ATV with its blessed by HELIX to be strong against those
forceful HYPER BEAM or its BODY SLAM. who Fight. And in the same hour that Lorelei
shall be amusing.

was defeated, Bruno also surrendered to Red

and the Voices.

fell to the awesome power of the Archangel

after one hit.

The third of the Elite Four was Agatha,

Master of Ghosts and Friend of Oak. Red had
learned from Pokmon Tower how to handle
Ghost types, and so Agatha, on the nineteenth
hour, was defeated. And the Voices led Red to
the final Pokmon Master of the Elite Four.

Rhydon however was immune to the

Electric power of the Battery Jesus. The Moon
King was sent out by the Voices and used
SURF on the Rhydon, and it did faint.

Lance, the Master of Dragons, Leader

of the Elite Four, awaited Red. His Pokmon
were fearsome opponents, including
Aerodactyl, resurrected from an Old Amber as
HELIX was from His Fossil, and Dragonite,
the strongest of all Dragons. But Lance was no
match for Red and his Party. For HELIX had
blessed them with the Power to overcome any
opponent with the guidance of the Voices.
With Confidence, Reds Party did defeat
Lance. And thus, he conquered the Elite Four,
in HELIXS name.
And so Red was to become Champion.
And the Voices rejoiced. But, Lance did not
take them to the Hall of Fame as was
expected. Another Trainer had arrived at the
Pokmon League before Red. A Trainer who
had already defeated the Elite Four and
become the Champion. And he would have to
be defeated before Red could truly be
victorious. And so, guided by HELIX, led on
by the Voices, Red went into the chamber
where the Champion waited. And it happened
that the Champion was known to Red. His
Rival, Blue, stood waiting for him.
Blue, Rival of Red, boasted that he
assembled teams of Pokmon that could beat
any Type. He was eager to battle Red, just as
the Voices were eager to start.
Their first battle ended quickly, as Red
only had ATV, who had created a Miracle in
their last battle with Lance, left to depend on.
But as soon as Red had healed his Pokmon,
he went back for a Rematch. The Final Battle
of Red's journey awaited, the Voices, United,
guided Red's hand to the Pokball of the
Archangel of Justice AA-j, and HELIX
watched from on high.
Blue's Pidgeot and his Alakazam both

Next, Arcanine was sent out by Blue,

and the Legendary Bird was sent back in. It
was another one hit KO from Thunder.
Blue sent out his Exeggutor next, and
thus the Bird Jesus was called into battle by
the Voices through Red. The Bird Jesus used
a great Sky Attack and defeated the strange
tree, and Blue was down to his last Pokmon.
Finally Blastoise, who was to Blue as
Abby once was to Red, was sent out. He
defeated the Bird Jesus, and ATV the
Miraclous was sent out. Red went into his
items to consult their wisdom and felt
inspired. ATV's Leech Life did little damage,
but he Disabled his Hydro Pump, his strongest
attack. The King Fonz was sent in once again
and used Water against Water.
The final switch was then made, after
much consultation of Red's Items. One
Thundershock from the Archangel of Justice
and Blue's brief reign as Champion ended.
And so the reign of Red as Champion began.
Professor Oak, grandfather of Blue,
giver of Pokmon, brought words of wisdom
from HELIX to the former Champion. As the
corruption of dome left Blue's heart, the words
of HELIX crept in a bit.
And so it was that Oak brought Red to
the Hall of Fame, where his Pokmon would
be remembered for all time, and where the
teachings of HELIX would be spread
throughout Kanto.
Thus ended the Journey of Red, Chosen
of HELIX, on the seventeenth day after the
Journey had begun. Forever shall the First of
March be known as the Day of HELIX.
Red's mind was cleared of the Voices,
who completed their mission with Red in the
name of HELIX. The masses, United, rejoiced

and praised HELIX, moved by Red's promised

But lo! Even in his rest Red did suffer,
Victory, for they themselves had against all
for each living voice he heard did recall him to
odds created a Miracle and reached The End. the time of his trials against the servants of
DOME. The fell power of DOME did echo in
And Red, the Chosen of HELIX, the
Champion, went back to Pallet Town to rest at him, the last of its fell strength vindictively
the home of his Beloved Mother, who had
returning to plague the boy who had been its
missed her son very much.
Even the sound of his mothers voice
recall the Chosen to those
moments when he defeated DOMEs servants,
The Gospel of
returning unto him the sensation of thousands
land-of-crossplayof voices screaming into his mind. Many times
did the Chosen relive the Voices roar of
UPDOWNUPSTARTDOWNDOW approval as he defeated his rival Blue, at long
NABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTR last freeing his childhood friend from DOMEs
IGHTALEFTASTARTSTART possession. The memory brought unto him
joy, but also pain, for the psychic roar of that
And with the defeat of Blue, so it was
moment was horrible to withstand. And
that HELIX, Whose name is Love and also
Healing, did free Red, Chosen of HELIX, from HELIX did bide its time, for though it had
foreseen this malady of DOMEs making,
the power of the Unified Voices. For the
Reds tortured body and mind were not yet
Voices, by purging Kanto of the DOMEready for a second healing touch of holy
following Giovanni and Elitist Four, had
completed their mission in the name of
HELIX, and it was time for the Chosen to
But HELIX is not without mercy. At
finally rest.
first light on the day that Reds body was
And Red, there atop the plateau of
finally recovered from its traumas at the
Indigo, wept in joy at his healing, but also in
hands of DOMEs servants, as Red lay awake
loss, for he believed that his role in his
in his bed with Bird Jesus and the redeemed
LORDs great plan was ended.
apostle Blue attending in solemn silence, the
But HELIX spoke unto the Chosen
voice of HELIX did speak unto him through
its Avatar OMASTAR, a voice of Anarchy that
banished DOMEs influence forever. And
HELIX did say,
Weep not, My child, for now is but a
time of rest. Thou shalt yet serve Me and bring
O Chosen, dost thou wish to serve Me
unprecedented glory to the people of Kanto
and prepare the way for My dominion over
and Johto in My name.
Johto and Kanto alike?
Thus comforted, Red returned to his
home and spent many weeks recovering from
his ordeals; for he had been sorely wounded in
his zealous strivings against the followers of
DOME, and at the merciless urging of the
Voices he had slept only once (Silph 9:7) in an
entire fortnight.

And the Chosen, hearing his LORDs

voice, did nod silently, for he remained in fear
of even the sound of his own voice.
Then be it known that thou art blessed
in My eyes, and that thy role, until thou risest
to sit at My rightmost tentacle, shall be to
prepare the world for the Second Coming of

My son bird Jesus. His bearer will be of Johto, voices collective consciousness, be they dome
a boy who comes with the blessing of My
worshiper or warrior of anarchy, and ensure
servants among the unified voices.
that they find thee.
But then HELIX spoke unto Red words of
But beware, for among these Voices
shall be hidden many followers of dome. The
banishment of dome from Kanto hath struck
fear into all of domes worshipers, be they of
this realm or not. Thy task is to make of
thyself and thy companions the ultimate
challenge, for only those to whom anarchy
speaks truly may rise to challenge such as
thee. In the days of trial when domes
followers despair and quit in rage, anarchy
shall grow strong in thy challenger. It is then
that thou shalt allow him to defeat thee in
honourable combat.
Thus it shall come to pass that the new
scion of the voices shall defeat My chosen in
anarchy and thus deliver unto Me a Prophet.
So have I spoken, and so it shall be.
And Red did murmur quietly unto
OMASTAR the Avatar of HELIX his last
recorded utterance,
And HELIX did again speak unto Red
through OMASTAR, knowing that despite
being healed the Chosen would forevermore
fear all voices but that of HELIX,
My child, seek solitude. Atop the
mountain of silver, thou shalt find already
prepared a shrine to Me, a place of silence
where thou mayst hear My voice alone.
In Johto, last bastion of domes power,
I dare not use My full strength to banish the
domes followers from among the voices, lest I
break the Prophets mind. When the voices
first come unto the mind of the newcomer, I
shall instead, through My subtle power of
firstpost, cause the first voice that speaks to
issue a holy command that shall shape the

And that command shall be: Up.

to be continued

The Johto Testament

Book of Helix

The Genesis of AJ
As told by safertohatehimallaround
It was becoming obvious that the
ABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTRI Voices were abandoning the ways of the old
GHTLEFTABSTARTSTARTA gods. And this upset HELIX. He forced them
to release their beloved prince. Rage and grief
filled the hearts of the Voices. LazorGator
New Host
became a creature of anger. The hive mind
continued on in sorrow with a new goal in
UPDOWNUPSTARTDOWNDOW mind. Revenge on the old gods for bringing
NABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTR death to them through the PC. HELIX called
IGHTALEFTASTARTSTART upon an old disciple once more. He guided
Red to the top of Mount Silver to train. There,
It came to be that in three years time, they awaited for the hive mind to issue their
the Voices found a new host. A young boy by challenge.
the name of AJDNNW awakes one morning,
eager to start a journey. Unbeknownst of
young AJ, he is commanded by the Voices to
do HELIXs work. He left out with a partner,
LazorGator. They were given one of HELIX
With the Voices gone, Red, chosen of
greatest gifts; the gift of life in the form of an HELIX was finally at rest. He spent his days
egg. They fell upon and acquired a Pidgey. The travelling the Kanto region, this time on his
Voices were torn. Some chanted the name of terms. He visited Rick Ghastly in the Day-Care
HELIXs son Bird Jesus. Others claimed him often. He would retrieve the Keeper from the
to be a fake and wanted him gone. Some
no longer dangerous PC to train him. One day,
chanted No Gods. No Kings. Only Mon.
while training the Keeper near the Ledge, a
Nonetheless, the bird came to be known as
voice reappeared in Reds head. This
Brian. AJ met a Sentret by the name of
frightened him, as he worried what the Voices
Admiral and a Caterpie known as Oxxy. With could possibly want with him now. But it was
HELIX as their guide, AJ and his team
not any of them. It was a familiar voice. Red
approached their first challenge. The gym of
the holy voice of HELIX called to him,
Retrieve the others. I have one final task for
UPUPDOWNLEFTAABSTART you, and I shall allow you to complete it on
ABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTRI your own accord. I chose a new host for the
GHTLEFTABSTARTSTARTA Voices. A boy in the region of Johto by the
name of AJ. He has suffered to the PC in the
The Challenge of HELIX same way you have. And he wishes for
revenge. So I ask you. Meet me atop my
UPDOWNUPSTARTDOWNDOW resting place of Mount Silver. Train your team
IGHTALEFTASTARTSTART to their full potential. We must await AJs

With a sigh of exhaustion, Red did as

he was instructed. Bird Jesus by his side, he
went to greet HELIX atop Mount Silver.
There, they trained in solitude. Red somewhat
enjoyed the silence. It was a relaxing
alternative to the Voices. Once a day ATV
would go check on AJs progress. When AJ
finally drew close to Mount Silver, Red could
feel their presence. The Voices that once called
out the name of HELIX and guided his move,
now calling for his downfall. AJ appeared and
issued his challenge, demanding vengeance
for his lost friends. Thunder shook the Earth
as Red spoke. This time not with the voices of
many, but with his own. And it was the Voice
he had enjoyed the most during his travels.
The Voice of Silence.

made quick work of Team Rocket and Bugsys

Gym. Prince Omelette learned to use
Metronome, increasing the mobs interest. In
Ilex Forest, the Admiral found a sword and
learned to Cut with it. With his help, AJ
reached Goldenrod City. There, the first blood
was spilled.
Shortly after AJ defeated Whitney and
earned the Plain Badge, the Admiral was
released into the wild. The voices were torn
and called out why, HELIX? But their call
was never answered. LazorGator picked up the
sword of his fallen mentor. Admiral had
taught him how to fight properly, with swift,
decisive movements, rather than repeated
lasers. He raised the sword high and called
HELIX. You have slain my friend. What is a
God to allow his people to suffer like this?

But HELIX did not answer.

The Voices started to drift away from
GHTLEFTABSTARTSTARTA the ancient teachings of HELIX. Using
democracy, LazorGator was evolved. No
Gods. No Kings. Only Mon now drowned out
First Blood
the praise once given to HELIX. Those who
still followed laid no blame on HELIX, for
UPDOWNUPSTARTDOWNDOW they said their loss was the work of DOME.
NABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTR Those who did not, however, set out for
With LazorGator at his side, AJ entered ABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTRI
Falkners gym. He quickly took care of
Falkners team, awarding them the Zephyr
Badge. Recognizing AJs power, HELIX
The Ordinary Bird
awards him with one of his most precious
gifts. The gift of life in form of an Egg. They
traversed the Sprout Tower only to be
defeated once they reached the top. Another
attempt proved successful. HELIXs Egg
began to twitch, and from it came life. A
prince was born unto the world and was given
Brian was an ordinary bird. At first he
the title of Omelette. And the masses did
was worshiped by the masses. He was thought
rejoice as they praised the name of HELIX.
to be the second coming of Bird Jesus. Then
The Voices guided AJ onward through he was resented. The masses thought him a
Union Cave and into Azalea Town. There they fraud. Believed to be a savior, but nothing

more than a common Pidgey. While trying to UPUPDOWNLEFTAABSTART

get past the Elite Floor, the decision was made ABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTRI
to leave him in the Daycare, as it was feared he
was to become the new False Prophet sent to
lead them astray in hopes of a savior. There,
he was abandoned.
One night in a dream, Brian heard the
holy Voice of HELIX call his name. A figure
appeared in a glowing light. My child Bird
Jesus said softly, You are destined for great
things. Brian could not believe it. But They
dont see me as such. They think Im
worthless. That Im nothing special Bird
Jesus placed his wing on Brian and said,
There was once an ordinary bird. He flew the
same skies you do. Because of his dedication
to the team he fought with, he received praise
from the masses. It wasnt always easy for
him. There were challenges he could not even
complete. But he stayed strong. He lost
friends along the way but still held his head up
high. Then Brian asked, But, how does that
make me special? Ah. Bird Jesus answered,
Thats what I was getting at. I may have been
nothing special beforehand, but I shaped my
own destiny through perseverance. And that is
what you must do. You will complete your
own destiny. And you will be a hero. And
with that, Bird Jesus vanished.
Brian understood. He had always been
taught that Bird Jesus was a holy figure, one
that was been with greatness and destined for
nothing less. But now he understood that that
was not what he was at all. That was just a title
the Voices had forced onto him. In the end, he
was just like Brian. An ordinary bird.

The Voices guide AJ to Ecruteak City.
They reach a new obstacle. A relative of The
Ledge, The Elite Floor awaits the mobs
fruitless attempts. The Voices guide AJ back to
Goldenrod to put Brian in the Daycare, fearing
him as a disciple of DOME. A Drowzee is
caught named :n and is given the title Colonel
N in honor of the lost Admiral. AJ obtains an
Eevee from Bill, the creator of the evil PC, and
follower of DOME. The mob fears Eevee-who
came to be known as Burrito-as a descendant
of the False Prophet, but put their fears aside.
AJ heads back to Ecruteak and enters the
Burned Tower. There he captures a Koffing
(WWWEEE), a Raticate (ABBBDDDDDD),
and a Zubat, and LazorGator is taught Surf.
Once again the Elite Floor is faced. To
once again defy HELIX, God of Anarchy,
Democracy is instituted. After multiple losses,
AJ claims victory. He is guided to Olivine City
when the mob decides to get rid of
LazorGator. Being too strong, he is the only
one of the team capable of winning battles and
gaining experience. Release the Gator is
cried in AJs head as he hands LazorGator to
the dreaded PC. He quickly realizes his
mistake and tries to free him. In the attempt,
Colonel N is lost. LazorGator is withdrawn
and AJ carries on in mourning.

The Rage of

Ice Cave

And so AJ found himself in Cianwood
City. It was here that the Secret Potion
The Voices guided AJ through Team
Jasmine sought after was located. After Rockets Hideout and to the Gym. Victory
clearing the Cianwood Gym, AJ received a seemed hopeless. Brian remembered what
Shuckle by the name of SHUCKIE. He came to Bird Jesus said to him and realized his true
be known as Shuck Norris for his excellent potential. He evolved into Pidgeot and took
fighting skills. The Voices brought AJ back to down Pryce. Brian flew AJ to New Bark so he
Olivine City where Jasmine awaited. The could see the one he loved again. But their
potion was successfully delivered. An attempt reunion was short, as Team Rocket had to be
at challenging Jasmine proved useless.
taken care of. Burrito was renamed AAAS RJ-I
Once more, an attempt to release and Team Rocket was disbanded once and for
LazorGator was enacted. In this attempt, all.
Prince Omelette fell victim to the PC. The
masses blamed Eevee, claiming him an
assassin sent by DOME. LazorGator saw
HELIX as the true enemy, for it was in the
Anarchy he created that his friends were lost.
He quickly took care of Jasmine in his

Then Hell froze over.

Some say the Ice Cave was the lair of
DOME. Others claim it to be a trial set by
HELIX for AJ to prove his worth.
Nonetheless, it was a frozen Hell to travel
through. Burrito, aware to AJs trouble,
evolved into Espeon. He earned the title
Breakfast Burrito and served as a symbol of
hope in the Ice Cave. He guided AJ out of the
cave into Blackthorn City and taught the
Voices the ways of love and kindness with
purple hearts.

That same day, Wooper Goldberg was

lost. Brian was retrieved from the Daycare, the
masses no longer fearing him. He was given
the name BBBBBD, and LazorGator renamed
AAAAAtttta. The Voices led AJ to Mahogany
Town where the Red Gyarados awaited them.
Clair was defeated inside the
Realizing his potential, Brian evolved and took
Blackthorn Gym. Deep inside the Dragons
down the behemoth.
Den, a Dratini awaits. The Voices guide AJ to
her and name her KT. Katie becomes an
addition to their team and vows to help in
anyway possible. And she was praised.

was no doubt the work of DOME. Helix

UPUPDOWNLEFTAABSTART abolished the ways of Communism and
GHTLEFTABSTARTSTARTA returned unto the land the old ways of
Anarchy and Democracy.
The Rise and Fall of
And the masses rejoiced.
The holy Master Ball is received and the
Voices begin to argue over who to claim as
their prize. Both Suicune and Celebi, the
guardians of nature, are considered. In the
midst of this, the holy vessel is used. IAAAJS,
the Master Goldeen is caught. And the masses
wept at their loss. But they moved on,
forgetting their mistake.
HELIX grew tired of the Voices
constant defiance of his Anarchy, with the
Voices taking on the Democracy of the cursed
DOME. He wiped both forms from the world,
and spread Communism across the land. And
the masses accepted it. They reached one of
HELIXs greatest trials, Victory Road, but
were instantly defeated.
HELIX gave them three trials to
complete before he would allow them to pass.
Give up their wealth to prove they were not of
greed. Face a Legend to prove their strength.
And prove their devotion to love. And so they
did. They spent all of their money on
Pokeballs. They took down the Legendary
Suicune. And they returned to Joey to
complete the rematch AJ promised him. Joey
gave him his beloved top percentage Raticate,
Ace, in hopes he could protect AJ in a time of
trouble. And HELIX was pleased, so he let
them advance.
And so AJ did progress. Along the way,
they met another destined to travel with AJ.
The Onix by the name AAJRR RRR. And they
did reach Indigo Plateau. Once there, a man
with an Abra sent them back to New Bark. It

Book of Helix

No Gods, No Kings
UPUPDOWNLEFTAABSTART Four and returned to the person most dear to
ABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTRI him. HELIX blessed their reunion, and AJ felt
the Voices leave him.
The Mountain of
The Gospel of
And the Trainer AJ, possessed by the
Voices, completed the final Trial of HELIX.
AJ was led through Mount Silver and at the
summit, he met Red, the Chosen of HELIX.
He challenged Red, eager to avenge those
who were RELEASED, but was quickly
defeated. HELIX was displeased with AJs
insolence, his challenging of his God and those
blessed by HELIX, and the way of Dome was
Disabled throughout the lands.
But AJ was led through the Mountain of Silver
again seven times, the Voices using the just
system of Anarchy.
Six more times did the Chosen Ones team
defeat AJ, but in the second hour of the
fourteenth day AJ did defeat Red. Lazor
Gator, the one who sought vengeance upon
HELIX for the RELEASE of so many dear
friends, finally succeeded in defeating the
Champion Reds team and the physical form
Red acknowledged his final defeat in
silence. The Champion, defeated by the
Voices through AJ, left the Mountain of Silver
in peace to take care of his team.
And HELIX finally acknowledged the strength
of AJ, who then quickly defeated the Elite

On the fourteenth day, the gods were
given rest, the Champion Red was given
peace, and the Trainer AJ was was finally
released from his burden with the blessing of
HELIX. However, another day was foretold of.
On the fourteenth day onward, the
Voices would drift into another world and into
another Trainer. However, this will not last.
On the twentieth day, the Voices will
return to the world of HELIX and descend
upon a newly christened Trainer in the region
of Hoenn. It is unknown what trials will await
that young Trainer, let alone who they will be,
but it foretold that they come clad in green.
Though the Voices will burden them too, they
will travel across land and sea, fight hardship
and disaster, and witness the rebirth of new
On the twentieth day, there will be a
change in the world. However, HELIX will
remain for those who wish it.

But one wonders, what would have
NABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTR been if DOME had been chosen instead? It is
no secret that Champion Red and the Voices
turned to Democracy and Order on occasion
But what of the Trainer Silver, some
to achieve their goals. Perhaps that is why as
may ask? On the ninth day, after his and
Trainer AJs final encounter, he was not seen blessed as they were, they were also cursed
with the horror that was Bloody Sunday - a
by Trainer AJ again.
reminder that the forces they play with may
The Trainer Silver: a thief, a bully, and easily become a tool of destruction.
yet one of Trainer AJs greatest rivals. Though
On the first day, in the land of Johto,
Trainer Red was not the HELIXs Chosen like there was a choice: would the Voices come to
Champion Red or the Voices Godslayer like the boy, AJDNNW? Or would they come to the
Trainer AJ, Trainer Silver served a purpose as girl known as Kris? The Voices chose Trainer
one of the many obstacles of HELIXs trial.
AJ that day and he would later become the
It is said that he traveled to the land of Godslayer, the one who would guide a team of
Katies birth, spending many days training, simply ordinary Mons fighting for their own
leaving only to wait for Trainer AJs return to destiny and the one who would put the old
the Indigo Plateau. Another account says he gods to rest.
walked the same road Trainer AJ did, through
But what if they had chosen Kris, the
the region of Kanto and back, following his Girl that Never Was, instead? It is said that
own pilgrimage - not one of bringing change the Voices briefly came to her, filling her mind
but one of discovery.
with Anarchy and Chaos before they released
Regardless of the path he walks, one her. It is unknown what happened to her
thing is clear. If he one day strengthens his afterwards, as the Voices decided there was no
Heart and Soul, if he learns to believe, he and need for her and never returned. Perhaps she
his Pokemon may too receive blessings and a became a Trainer in her own right or perhaps
transformation. After all, did not even Trainer she faded into obscurity.
AJ, Godslayer of the old gods, become worthy
Regardless, one wonders, was she
of HELIX blessing?
cursed by not being chosen to fulfill such a
Or was she the blessed one, free in
mind to chose her own fate?
On the first day, it began with a choice.
Long ago, in the region of Kanto, the
then-Trainer Red was presented a choice:
would he accept DOME, the god of Democracy
and Order? Or would he accept HELIX, the
god of Anarchy and Chaos? On that day,
Trainer Red accepted HELIX and was blessed.
He was chosen to become HELIXs Champion,
the one who would guide a team of gods and
messiahs and the one who would revive

The Gospel of
There comes a time when HELIX tests
the faith of its followers. In the case of AJ and

his team, HELIX sent his blessings in the form and as he rose so did his companions. The
of a grand Gator and a humble bird, made in heavens opened, the drifting snow giving way
to the light of HELIXs holy favour, and glory
the image of the Holy Bird Jesus.
bathed the Chosen and his seven companions
as they came to their feet and continued to
HELIX looked with disdain upon AJs
rise, upwards and away from the transient soil
mission to slay the old gods of Kanto, so it
of Mount Silver, that holiest of shrines to
sent the prophet Red to Mt. Silver to test AJ
with the power of HELIX Incarnate.
So it was that Red the Chosen of HELIX
companions did ascend to the Tall
Upon AJs defeat at the wings of the
Grass in a pillar of light: OMASTAR, Living
Battery Jesus, HELIX watched the
determination of AJ grow. HELIX trusted its Avatar of HELIX; the Archangel of Justice
Zapdos; Bird Jesus, the Messiah of HELIX; All
followers to test the Mobs new boy.
Terrain Venomoth, dragon-slaying Knight in
When Bird Jesus fell to the LazorGator, His name; King Fonz of the Moon; and Air
HELIX spoke to the team directly. It revealed Jordan, the Prince beloved of all who follow
the ways of Anarchy.
its holy plan, and the team revealed their
anger at the treachery of the PC and described
And from above HELIX did reach down
the help The Domes Democracy gave them
with His loving tentacles and draw from the
during the ascension of Solid Snake.
Prophet AJ the power of the Unified Voices,
emanating His satisfaction unto the minds of
HELIX smiled at the honesty of these
the staunch Voices who had persevered
slayers and preached its word. The team
through the trials HELIX had placed before
received their chance to repent and they
them and defeated the Chosen in holy
turned to HELIX, recognizing its role as the
greater force that pushed their journey. It was
Then HELIX did speak unto AJ words
only then, after the team of just Mon
that would be the Prophets alone to spread,
received the teachings of HELIX, that HELIX
released the grip of the Mob on AJ.
Kanto and Johto alike are cleansed of
domes cruelty, but now it is time for the
HELIX now seeks a suitable host in
people and Pokmon of this land to be free;
Hoenn for his holy Anarchy.
UPUPDOWNLEFTAABSTART yea, free even of My tender care. They are My
ABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTRI children, and now that they are ready I must
GHTLEFTABSTARTSTARTA allow them to grow on their own.
Prophet, take thy loyal followers and
care for My flock for as long as thou dost live.
AMBER FATHER willing, many a righteous
warrior shall arise to protect and guide My
NABSTARTUPDOWNRIGHTR children, after thou takest thy place at My side
The Gospel of

And Red saw that the Prophet, in holy

Anarchy, had defeated him. And he smiled,

Now is the time for Me to step aside,

and for those I have appointed as rulers to
return to their humble roots, forevermore. Tell

this to My followers, O prophet: the destiny of

the world is in thy hands.
And AJ, whom HELIX named Prophet,
opened his eyes and knew release from the
Unified Voices that had brought him here, and
he spoke the last of the words of HELIX that
would be known throughout Kanto and Johto,
"No Gods; no Kings; only Mon."

The End

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