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It is our duty to protect the environment.
Mitsubishi Motors designs and produces high quality
vehicles and components aiming to provide its customers
with durable motor vehicles, and excellent services to
maintain your vehicle in an optimum running condition.
We have the highest respect for the environment and use
materials which may be recycled and re-used after your
Mitsubishi Motors vehicle has come to the end of its
economical life. After a long working life we will take
your vehicle back and recycle it in an environmentally
friendly manner in accordance with the EU Directive
on End-of-Life Vehicles and any applicable national
statutory provisions.
All Mitsubishi Motors vehicles (up to 3.5t GVW) sold after
1st July 2002, will be taken back free of charge from the
last owner, at one of the designated take back points,
provided the vehicle contains all major components and is
free of waste. From 1st January 2007, this applies to all
Mitsubishi Motors vehicles irrespective of the sold
date. A network of collection points is available to receive

Mitsubishi Motors End-of-Life Vehicles, to ensure your vehicle

will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. At the
same time, the possibilities for the recycling of vehicles
and vehicle components are continually being evaluated and
improved, aiming to the achievement of even higher recycling
percentages in the future.
The European End-of-Life Vehicles Directive and the free take
back of End-of-Life Vehicles are applicable in all European
Union member states. The transposition of the End-of-Life
Vehicles Directive into national law in each member state
might not have been completed at the time of putting this
publication to print.
Please refer to and select
the web site of the Mitsubishi Motors service network in your
country of residence, or call the National Mitsubishi Motors
Customer Assistance Centre for further details.


More than 2,500 Mitsubishi Motors Authorised Service Points in
Europe are committed to helping you wherever you are.
Even new cars require regular maintenance and servicing. Not just
to guarantee your mobility, but also for the safety of you and your
passengers. Trained professionals using specialist diagnostic
equipment and original parts at your Mitsubishi Authorised
Service Point are ready to oblige. Youll be advised about the cost
beforehand, so there will be no unpleasant surprises when you
return to pick up your vehicle.
Even the smallest technical faults can lead to accidents. Therefore,
all Mitsubishi Motors Genuine Parts have been developed and
tested to stringent quality standards. It is recommended to use
Mitsubishi Motors Genuine Parts in order to maintain the safety
and integrity of your vehicle and that of your passengers. Mitsubishi
Motors Genuine Parts are available at all Mitsubishi Authorised
Service Points. We are proud to regularly score top in After Sales
quality surveys.
All new Mitsubishi vehicles come standard with a comprehensive
3-year warranty or up to a maximum of 100,000 km (61,000 miles),
whichever comes first. The anti-corrosion perforation warranty
covers rusting through for the first 12 years, depending on the
model you purchase. The reliability statistics for Mitsubishi
vehicles are impeccable, but in the unlikely event that you do need
help, we offer MAP.


In order to demonstrate our commitment to
your mobility and the faith we have in the
reliability of our vehicles, you will receive a
free MAP card valid for three years with your
new Mitsubishi. MAP stands for Mitsubishi
Motors Assistance Package, and with the MAP
card in your pocket, your mobility is guaranteed in more than 30
countries throughout Europe. Should you ever need assistance in
the event of breakdown, accident, theft or vandalism wherever
you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week just call the number on
your card and the problem will be fixed on the spot. If its more
serious, your car will be taken to the nearest Mitsubishi dealer and
youll be offered services such as a hotel, continuation of journey,
a replacement car and vehicle repatriation. And if you continue
to have your vehicle serviced at a Mitsubishi Authorised Service
Point after the first three years, your mobility will be guaranteed
for an additional year or up to the next service interval (whichever
comes first) until your vehicle is 10 years old.
Accessories by Mitsubishi Motors everythings got Drivestyle.
They are the perfect products for your cars individuality. Its the
style that goes with the sensation. Drivestyle is the individual
enhancement of your Mitsubishi. It covers all your car care needs:
from Wax Shampoo and Polish to Wheel Rim Gel, from Cockpit Lotion to
Leather Treatment and from Insect Remover to Screen Wash all have
been produced using new ingredients designed specifically for your
new Mitsubishi. Theyll ensure it looks, feels and smells brand new
for years to come.
Please ask your Mitsubishi Authorised Sales/Service Point for the
Drivestyle Car Care brochure containing more detailed information.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

Mitsubishi Motors Europe BV
Some equipment may vary according to country.
Please consult your local Mitsubishi Motors dealer/distributor for details. All rights reserved.
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By constantly examining market needs and swiftly responding to

expectations, we strive to create harmony between individuals, society, the
Earth and the cars we build. Our commitment is to providing the world with
driving pleasure, reassuring safety and environmental responsibility.

When theories become reality

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is more sophisticated, involving
and technologically advanced than ever before. It incorporates
every bit of knowledge gained through the creation of the previous

nine generations of Lancer Evolution and from decades of

competing successfully at the highest standards of international
rallying. Most importantly, Lancer Evolution connects and

interacts completely with the driver in all conditions, providing

the very highest levels of driving pleasure to match its mighty

And in addition, the Evolution now meets the Euro-5 emission

standards without any power loss. The needle point spark plug
improves consumption and helps to reduce emissions.

2 3

Form follows function

Based on a completely new platform, the Lancer Evolution looks fantastic from every angle.
And each part is there for a reason: to provide the most thrilling drive ever offered. The
purposeful stance is produced by 30mm wider tracks and a wheelbase that is 25mm longer,
making the Lancer Evolution more composed than ever before. The use of lightweight
materials makes the car more agile than you could imagine.

Breathe deeply

Sticks to the road

The impressive air intake and outlets of

the Lancer Evolution provide all the air
the engine and the brakes need to produce
amazing power.

As well as looking breathtaking, the

advanced aerodynamics of the new Lancer
Evolution keep you glued firmly to the
road, raising cornering ability and high
speed stability to new heights.

4 5

Comfort that performs at every speed

The contemporary interior of the Lancer Evolution provides maximum
support and reassurance with the perfect blend of style, functionality
and comfort. The driver-focused dashboard with its ideal ergonomics and
sporting appearance features a large, 3.5-inch colour LCD MultiInformation Display (MID) to keep the driver informed. The front Recaro

seats have been tuned to hold occupants securely, yet in complete

comfort. High-contrast instruments keep you fully informed at all times.
And the Lancer Evolution is packed with equipment to entertain and keep
you up-to-date on any journey. The Rockford Fosgate premium audio
system has been specifically developed for the unique acoustic

environment of Lancer Evolution and features a 710-watt 8-channel

power amplifier with nine speakers. The HDD navigation and music
server uses a super-quick 40GB hard disk that also makes it possible to
store hours and hours of your favourite music. Bluetooth functionality
allows you to make calls while keeping your hands on the steering

wheel, while the USB port in the glove box lets you connect your iPod or
MP3 player and enjoy your full music library in premium quality.
Note: i Pod is a trademark of Apple Computers, Inc. registered in the US and other

6 7

The power within

Take control of every single wheel

At the heart of the Lancer Evolution is the aluminium engine that

pumps out a mighty 295PS and 366Nm of torque; all the power you
need and more. Yet with Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) working
in complete harmony with the precise steering and the Twin-

Clutch Sport Shift Transmission (TC-SST) with shift paddles on

the steering wheel, you can put every ounce of muscle to the
tarmac with maximum control, confidence and enjoyment, all
while listening to the powerful sound of the sporty exhaust.

Stronger yet lighter MIVEC turbo

The engine features direct valve actuation and variable valve
timing to improve performance at all speeds. Despite its high
output, the engine is 13.5kg lighter than its predecessor, thanks
to a die-cast aluminium engine block. And now it is even
positioned 10mm lower, giving the car a lower centre of gravity.

Titanium turbocharger
The turbocharger of the Lancer Evolution uses strong titanium for
the turbine wheel and lightweight aluminium for the compressor
wheel, which is 18% more efficient than before.

The Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) system of the

Lancer Evolution incorporates and controls four advanced
electronic and mechanical devices that work together to adapt the
way the Lancer Evolution responds to the driver and conditions.
S-AWC works seamlessly to keep the power under control and can
be tailored to snow, gravel or tarmac surfaces at the flick of a
switch. It is no exaggeration to say that S-AWC is unrivalled by
any other driver assistance system in existence.

Working together in perfect harmony

ACD Active Centre Differential regulates the speed differential
between front and rear wheels to enhance steering response
and traction.
AYC Active Yaw Control regulates the torque differential
between the rear wheels to enhance cornering performance
and traction.
ASC Active Stability Control (ASC) brakes individual wheels and
regulates engine output when loss of traction is detected,
allowing the driver to accelerate effectively and utilise
fully the grip and traction of the Lancer Evolution.
ABS Anti-lock Braking System of Lancer Evolution prevents
wheels from locking up under emergency braking or when
braking in extreme situations like on slippery surfaces,
helping the driver to retain directional control of the car.

Change up a gear
TWIN-CLUTCH Sport Shift Transmission
The light and compact six-speed Twin-Clutch
Sport Shift Transmission (TC-SST) uses two
clutches, one to engage the gear in use, the other
to pre-select the next gear required, resulting in
lightning-quick changes.
Over the years, the TC-SST has gotten even
smoother, quicker and smarter, with the shift map
preventing unnecessary up-shifts when you back
off the accelerator before entering a turn,
keeping power and acceleration pouring on
throughout the corner.
When fuel economy is top priority, an ECO mode
indicator lamp will light up to inform the driver
that he is driving economically.

The magnesium shift paddles behind the sports
steering wheel of Lancer Evolution allow you to
make rapid gear changes without taking hands off
the wheel, giving you full control of the car in
maximum comfort.

2nd gear

2nd gear

Preventing shift-up
to 3rd gear
Preventing shift-up
to 3rd gear
2nd gear

2nd gear

The five-speed manual gearbox is perfect for the
driver who enjoys driving in its purest form. Now
stronger, the gearbox uses multi-synchromesh on
all gears for smoother changes. For efficiency, a
gear indicator in the MID recommends the best
gear for current driving conditions.

Extra-sensory perception
The S-AWC system uses many sensors to closely monitor the
behaviour of the Lancer Evolution and provide control quickly
and effectively, without disrupting driver involvement. Sensors
measure individual wheel speed, longitudinal and lateral
acceleration, steering angle, yaw rate, brake fluid pressure,
engine torque and engine speed, to ensure that you always
remain in control, even during on-the-limit driving.

Now even more advanced, the AYC system incorporates a brake

force control function that makes it even more effective at
controlling understeer, allowing you to always follow your
intended line.

8 9


The super-stiff body of the Lancer Evolution provides the perfect
platform for the suspension to do its job. An aluminium bonnet,
front fenders and roof reduce weight and lower the centre of
gravity, taking acceleration, handling and body control to new
To produce incredible handling, the Lancer Evolution has wider
tracks and utilises stiff struts at the front with a sophisticated
low-mounted multi-link arrangement at the rear. Playing their
part are components that drastically increase road contact,
allowing the Bilstein shock absorbers and Eibach springs to
control wheel movement with absolute precision.
Not only do the forged 18 BBS alloy wheels look sensational,
they weigh a massive 3.7kg less than similar alloy wheels,
improving suspension control and braking still further. The
245/40R18 tyres provide enormous amounts of grip.
The huge 350mm Brembo brakes incorporate 2-piece brake discs
to provide awesome stopping power. Fully integrated into the
S-AWC system, Sports ABS improves braking effect, while Brake
Assist allows controlled brake force, even while cornering, for
sharper braking performance.

Anatomy of the legend

The safest Lancer Evolution ever includes active safety features designed to keep
you out of trouble, plus standard front, side and full-length curtain airbags to
protect all occupants should a collision occur. The driver-side knee airbag
significantly reduces the risk of lower limb injury, and the front seatbelt
pretensioners and force-limiters increase restraint yet transfer fewer impact forces
to occupants.
The RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body of Lancer Evolution uses
bracing, cabin reinforcements and ultra high-tensile steel to increase strength and
to ensure that energy is directed away from occupants should a collision occur.
Together with excellent all-round visibility, Lancer Evolution is fitted with
high-intensity bi-xenon headlamps and cornering lamps that illuminate the inside
of corners, highlighting potential hazards and making driving at night much safer.
A premium security alarm system is equipped with sensors to detect inclination
and intrusions, and is further activated by a built-in back-up battery when the
battery wire is detached.

10 11

the complete package

The Lancer Evolution will not only appeal to your heart, but also
to your head. Packed with state of the art technology, it is more
refined and better equipped than ever before. Yet one thing hasnt

changed: Lancer Evolution still delivers the legendary

reliability and robustness you expect, as well as the huge
levels of performance you demand.

12 13





- Not available




5 M/T


Lancer Evolution




Total displacement

Emission level

Max. output (EEC net)

Max. torque (EEC net)

Fuel system

Fuel supply equipment

Fuel type (octane)

Fuel tank capacity



Gear ratio




kW (PS)/rpm

217 (295) / 6,500


366 (37.3) / 3,500

ECI-MULTI (Electronic Controlled Injection - Multi Point Injection)

Premium Unleaded / RON98



5-speed manual 6-speed Twin-Clutch SST













Eibach high performance springs (front & rear)




Bilstein high performance suspensions (front & rear)



S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control includes: ACD, AYC, ASC and ABS)




S-AWC switch on steering wheel




S-AWC switch in centre console


18 ENKEI alloy wheels with 245/40R18 tyres

18 BBS forged alloy wheels with 245/40R18 tyres

Black beltline moulding

Chrome beltline moulding

Front grille with black mesh and black frame

Front grille with black mesh and chrome frame

Black air inlet and outlets on bonnet and black air outlets on fenders

Colour-keyed air inlet and outlets on bonnet and colour-keyed air outlets on fenders

Colour-keyed electronically controlled door mirrors with defoggers

CO2, combined



Chrome plated large dual exhaust pipes


Black air diffuser in the rear



Aluminium rear spoiler (without rear spoiler is also available for MR)


Leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob


Leather wrapped hand brake



High-contrast back-lit meters with tachometer, large colour liquid crystal


Kerb weight


multi-information display and rheostat

Gross vehicle weight


Magnesium shift paddles for Twin-Clutch Sport Shift Transmission (TC-SST)

Seating capacity

Aluminium sport pedals (throttle, brake, clutch)

Front 350mm ventilated disc brakes, 4-pot (Brembo)

and Handling

Front 350mm ventilated disc brakes, 4-pot, 2-piece (Brembo)

Rear 330mm ventilated drum-in-disc brakes, 2-pot (Brembo)

Metallic pattern interior decoration panel


Cruise control (including steering wheel remote control switches)

Multi-mode keyless entry system with two transmitters

Keyless Operation System (KOS) with lock/unlock button on door handle

Fully automatic air-conditioning

Front and rear power windows (auto-up and down with anti-trapping function for drivers side)

Audio and

AM/FM radio, CD player and MP3 compatible, 6 speakers


Rockford Fosgate premium audio system with 9 speakers, 710W amplifier

HDD navigation with 7-inch monitor, CD, DVD, MP3 player, auxiliary audio jack

Audio remote control on steering wheel

Bluetooth hands-free cellular phone interface system with USB port and voice recognition /

Link system


Recaro full bucket Black Fabric seats and black leather door trim

Recaro full bucket Black Leather/Alcantara seats with front seat heating and

black leather door trim


2.0 litre 16-valve DOHC MIVEC with Intercooler and Turbocharger




Drive system

Full-time 4WD


Acceleration (0-100km/h)

Max. speed*

Minimum turning radius

Fuel consumption




Extra urban


















MacPherson strut - upside down

350 mm ventilated discs,

350 mm ventilated discs,

4-pot (Brembo)

4-pot, 2-piece (Brembo)

330 mm ventilated drum-in-discs, 2-pot (Brembo)

Rack-and-pinion, power assisted





* Measured by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation


Light and Visibility

Bi-xenon discharged headlamps with AFS (Adaptive Front-lighting System)

Safety and Security

Drivers and front passengers SRS dual stage front airbags (off switch for passenger)

Front seat side and curtain SRS airbags

Drivers knee SRS airbag

Sports ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)

and Brake Assist (BA)

Active Stability Control (ASC) with switch-off function

Premium Security Alarm System


Orient Red (M) P26

Cool Silver (M) A31
Lightning Blue (P) D06
Stone Grey (P) A39
Phantom Black (P) U02
Frost White (S) W37
(M) Metallic (P) Mica / Pearl

(S) Solid

Recaro Black Fabric

bucket seats for GSR version

Recaro Black Leather/Alcantara

bucket seats for MR version
14 15