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May Misty

"Ash Ketchum! Last time I checked, you still owed me a BIKE!"

And that was that, really. So it was that Misty was back in tow with the party. No
reasoning could dissuade her from sticking to the stubborn redhead from her
course, not by Ash nor Brock, even the surprisingly (to Ash, anyway) outspoken
objections of May. The girls were prone to shar brief, nasty looks behind the boys'
backs, but not much came of it for the first few days.
It was nearly a week gone by when the girls finally discussed it. The boys had
crashed early after they had drawn the short straws (as usual, it seemed) and were
beat from gathering firewood. Misty and May sat around the low campfire, May
poking it idly with a stick. Her belt full of pokeballs was laid out by her side, eyes
darting from the fire to the fiery redhead across it. She seemed to be sneaking
meager looks at her too.
"So... are they asleep?" May chanced at her quietly.
Misty leaned over towards Brock, his snores low and steady. She leaned a bit closer
to Ash, cocking an earto him before prodding him in the ribs. He just rolled over
and mumbled.
"Mrumrrrr... Pikablu..." Pikachu's ear's pricked up, curled up in Ash's hat turned
upside down. He tilted his head curiously at the silent girls, but they simultaneously
made shushing motions. Misty looked up at May and jerked her head towards the
woods, in the direction of the nearby creek. When May went for her belt, Misty took
her by the wrist, not aggressive but firm. She shook her head, urging May on again.
This time she nodded, both girls sneaking off together.
Pikachu gave them a queer look, then turned and poked Ash again itself.
"Ungh.... Missingno..."

The girls stood by the moonlit waters, something some might deem romantic in a
better mood. May was tense, while Misty seemed downright upset. Misty wore her
usual yellow sleeveless top, jean shorts with suspenders, and sneakers. May still
had on her traditional garb, red bandana and top over he tight black shorts and
slip-on shoes.

"We need to talk," Misty insisted clearly, getting May to nod with a firm look set on
her face.
"Exactly. What ARE your plans for Ash?" May demanded.
Misty smiled widely back, folding her arms in front of her modest breasts. "I've
come back for him, of course," she said matter of factly. "We... split up a long time
ago, and I've come back for him. We'll finally be a real couple and that'll be that."
May's curious and stern face turned a bit colder. "No way!" she objected, glad they
had put their distance between them and the boys now. "Ash and I have been
growing closer all the time we've been together, and no random hussy is going to
swoop in and steal him away from me!"
Misty gave a good strong "Ha!" in reply. "Come on! I've known Ash years longer
than you have! We have way more of a history together."
"He doesn't care about you! He still thinks it's just your stupid bike you're after!"
May snapped.
"He does not! We run deeper than that!"
"Then how come he never mentions you when I was around!? Ash is MINE, you
washed up water bitch, and I'm gonna MAKE him mine!"
Misty raised her eyebrows suspiciously at her. "Oh really? And do you even know
how to make a man yours, little girl?" she goaded.
"I... wait! What are you talking about!?" May said with a bit of a blush.
"Ha! I knew it! You so don't!"
"I do so! I... I'm not THAT naive..." she said some blush spreading over her cheeks.
"Then what's your big plan, tiny?" Misty smirked, putting a hand on her smooth hip.
May looked downright steamed, redness spreading over her face in its entirety now.
She let the frustration out with a loud, cracking slap across Misty's face, staggering
the slightly taller redhead a pace to the right. "First off!" she said boldly. "I take
care of the competition."
Misty was more surprised than hurt by the strike, clenching her teeth and stomping
her foot down on May's toes. She squeaked in brief pain, then grabbed hold of
Misty's hair as the water trainer locked her legs around May's pushing on her face
with her palm to try and drive her back. The two wound up crashing down in the
dirt, flailing at each other frantically while hair was pulled, faces slapped and
clawed, shins kicked... generally a wild, frantic fight. Finally May grabbed both of
Misty's wrists, releasing her sidetail long enough to stop both their grips and shout
a quick "Stop it!!"
Misty did, catching her breath as both of the girls' breasts heaved in time with each
others', hearts racing. A bit of dirt and grass and "We can NOT let Ash find out
about this," she said, hushing her voice a bit just in case.
"What do you mean?" Misty replied, their faces intimately close in their tangled
mess. May's hair hung around her face above her, something Misty had to admit

wasn't so unappealing.
"I mean what if we go back to camp with chunks of hair missing and claw marks
over our faces?" May insisted. "They'd ask! And we'd have to admit to... to THIS!"
"So what?" Misty panted. "You willing to just... give up on him then?"
"In your dreams, bitch."
"Ha! Knew it. It's not like you'd know what to do with a boy like Ash anyway..."
"Ash is a MAN! And I know just what to do with him!"
"Oh, please. Little girl like you?" Misty gave a light grope of May's chest, feeling her
nipple hard in the cool summer air beneath her top. No bra, she reasoned. Just like
herself. "You haven't got a clue what he'd want."
Misty's eyes went wide as May leaned into her, her tender breasts pushing into hers
as she locked lips with Misty. She was overwhelmed, in a mental state and in her
lower position as May's tongue probed into her mouth, parting her lips and firmly
but gently feeling inside, massaging her tongue and rubbing down her mouth's
inner walls. Misty was inarguably wet from it. From the thrill of the competition or
the thoughts of Ash or the kiss itself, she wasn't sure, but it was there.
May parted her lips, smiling confidently down at her with her hands planted in the
grass. "You mean something like that?" she taunted.
Misty was breathless for a moment, but then lashed her arms around May's back,
pulling her close and matching lips with her as well. May got her hands up to Misty's
chest, grabbing at her bigger tits to push and try to pry herself free, but it did little
to help her. Even when more aware, Misty's nimble little tongue outmaneuvered her
every block, filling and rubbing down her mouth until it nearly went down her
throat. She rolled with her oral assault, trapping May on her side as she made out
with her rival. May began to moan softly into the kiss, both girls closing their eyes
before pushing back suddenly, both at once as though guiltily realizing how much
they were enjoying it.
"Bitch," Misty spat. "Should have known you were a dirty little lezzie."
"Me!? You started it with your talk!"
"Who kissed first, tramp!?"
"That is IT!" May pounced at her suddenly, throwing a straight kick into Misty's bare
midriff. She let out a breathless "WOOF!" of surprise, holding her belly and
stumbling back while May followed through, tackling her around the waist to splash
down into the mud by the creek. It splashed at May's arms, but Misty got the worst
of it by far, coating her shoulders and some of her hair in dark splashes. May
slapped at her face with both hands, alternating to leave brown smears over her
cheeks wherever she struck.
"How's THAT, little Miss Misty!? How you like THAT?!" she snapped. "Does it get you
all wet knowing a better woman will be pleasing 'your' man? Ash is MY man! MINE!"

Misty let out a low, frustrated growl, thrashing enough to bring May higher up of
her body. It let her swing her legs upward, snagging her around the neck and
pulling, whipping May backward and off of her with a surprised yelp. She tumbled
through the mud, which splashed over her shirt and legs as she rolled and landed
on all fours. She scowled back at the water trainer, yanking her shirt off over her
head and tossing it aside, too heavy with the mud from rolling around already. It
would only get worse.
Misty seemed not to have that problem, or at least
lighter tee shirt didn't weigh her down so much, as
for May, surprising her with a clothesline that flung
her back. She grunted as she hit, holding her head

not so concerned with it. Her

she showed when she ran right
her back down into the muck on
when Misty got her by the hair.

"You're mine, whore," she hissed hatefully, but May reached up to grab at the hem
of her shirt. She'd pull up sharply, yanking it up as if to rip it off but letting it stay
wrapped tightly around her head, blinding the readhead.
"HEY!" she yelped in protest, May grinning cockily and grabbing some handfuls of
Mistys breast meat, squeezing and twisting cruelly. Misty shrieked out in outrage
through her top, more humiliated and angry than hurt, though it wasnt without
pain. Aggggh! Let GO, you stupid little tramp!! she objected, but the younger
trainer wouldnt relent in her breast attack. Misty pulled back, landing on her butt
long enough to throw a kick out at Mays chest, making her grunt as the shoe
landed between her breasts and sent her tumbling back. She rubbed her bosom
while Misty threw off her muddy shirt, topless now and having lost a shoe in the
mud already. She kicked off the other for balance, May seeming to copy her out of
Youre blushing, May accused. You actually liked my hands all over your grubby
chest, didnt you!?
Who you calling grubby!? Misty snapped back. She rushed at May who readied a
grappling stance, but Misty surprised her with a spinning high kick to the cheek,
toppling May over onto her side in the mud. She lifted herself up by her hands and
knees when Misty mounted her bare back, gripping her chin with both hands and
pulling back in a camel clutch. May let out a choked little protest as she grabbed at
Mistys hands, planting her breasts right in the mud but by now the least of her
concerns. She winced as her head was pulled up, Mistys tight ass shoving into her
lower back to essentially bend her over backwards.
Say it! Whos your mommy!? Misty hissed confidently down at her, jerking on her
chin to give her quick shocks of pain through her back.
Nnnngh! May kicked and thrashed beneath her, back practically creaking under

the pressure until she swung her feet up high, banging her heels into Mistys back.
It rattled the water trainer little, but repeated blows to the back built up, and she
released her to fall off, both girls holding their naked backs, panting with their
chests heaving accordingly with their heavy breathing.
The girls stayed a few paces from each other, catching their breath and easing back
onto their knees. Both raised their hands like claws, they shifted through the mess.
May darted in quickly, smacking Misty across the face with her palm. Bitch! she
snapped quickly and sharply.
Mistys head whipped aside, but she responded with a left hand slap of her own.
Hers, however, cracked across Mays tits, letting them wobble as May shrieked and
tried to protect her chest. Misty rushed at her to take advantage, but the younger
trainer grabbed her arm and shifted aside, tossing Misty past her, landing on her
side but May immediately grabbing her around the neck from behind.
Misty flailed up over her shoulders, trying to grab at Mays face or hair but she
jerked her bodily one way or the other, her breasts rubbing against Mistys back as
she reached around to grab and squeeze Mistys breast. The redhead gasped loudly,
wriggling in her grip, biting back a moan but her nipples stiffening more in Mays
Ha! I knew you liked it! Youre such a slut! she accused, twisting her nipple and
finally forcing the wail she wanted from her lips.
May kneaded her tits mercilessly, shifting her legs around to squeeze Misty around
the waist. Such a dirty bitch! Ash deserves better than some weak little pussy like
that. She let her feet bend inward to find their way to Mistys crotch, teasing her
snatch with her heel.
Ohhhhh! Misty moaned highly, back arching best she could but held secure by the
loose chokehold. Her squirming did little but rattle Mays body against her, hands
and feet free to molest her body, her face turning red with frustration and
embarrassment. Mmm, youre feeling really misty, Misty, May teased into her ear,
kissing at her neck just beneath it. She couldnt help but get turned on by the
control she had over her, the taste of her dirty skin, and that Misty was enjoying it
on some level herself. You like it? You like it when the better woman touches you
like that?
Nooo, Misty moaned, though it came out more in protest than true denial. At least
how May heard it. She used her free hand and her feet to gradually start to yank off
Mistys shorts, the redhead squealing in half-hearted protest as she felt herself
growing wetter, the faint giggles and taunts of May just behind her ear.

Her sweat was rapidly cooled by the mud below, and her breathing grew more rapid

as she drew close. She bucked a bit more, though as a sexual reflex now. May
grinned, glad to be in control as Mistys breath quickened in a fashion familiar to
those dark nights when she had some time alone. Misty bit her lip, letting long
moans out before she gasped and bucked. Uhhhnnaaaa!! she wailed, May
smirking in confident victory as Misty squirted by her fingertips.
Theeere we go theres a good girl. Theres a good little whore She let Misty
buck wildly in her arms, letting go to let her roll over into the mud, panting on her
quivering hands and knees until not even they could work fully, leaning on her
elbows in the mud. May laughed and stood up, a bit shaky from sitting down under
her foe so long but smiling all the while.
Yea! You like that, slut! Such a little horn ball even your rival can get you off! she
crowed. She kicked a bit of mud at her, Misty just squeaking and raising an arm
weakly in defense of the splash. May sighed and rolled her shoulders proudly,
marching up after Misty.
Got to give you that, though. Your weak slutty ass got me off good. She stepped
out of her shorts as she approached, kicking them off and pushing her muddy foot
into Mistys face, shoving her with a weak grunt onto her back. May sat herself
down on Mistys upper chest, pressing down on Mistys arms with her thighs.
I made you cum, red. Youre MY bitch now, not his! So what do good bitches do?
Shed shove her snatch into Mistys face, urging her on as the whimpering redhead
was forced between her legs, lapping obediently after a few moments of confused
hesitation. May hummed and moaned, leaning back and cupping her breast with
her free hand. Misty ate her out faster, May humming and grinding harder. She
started gasping when Misty hit with her counter attack, legs lashing up behind her
unguarded back and wrapping around her neck, ankles pulling her down backward
into the mud. She bounced a bit, and Misty gripped her ass, keeping her hips in her
face as she delivered her cunnilingus with a vengeance, May still wailing and
writhing enough that it wasnt even clear she noticed her being dethroned.
Intent on making her pay, Misty squeezed her buttocks roughly, May squealing in
reluctant pleasure as she was held facedown in the messy mud, a few feet from the
creek as her foe ate her out with near ferocity, though her intent always to
pleasure. She poured her anger and vengeance into suckling at her clit, wrapping
her tongue around it to guide it deeper between her lips and slurping loudly before
letting it slide back into place. Her legs clamped tightly around Mays neck to keep
her stuck in her trap.
May gasped and wriggled, toes curling as May grew close to her climax. Misty

kissed at her pussy softly then, May panting rapidly and shivering in her grip. Misty
didnt go for the orgasm, letting her opponent draw out until she was whimpering
beneath her.
Ggo on May pleaded. Finish it
Beg me, Misty purred, nuzzling her clit with her nose.
Wh wha
You beg me or Ill see to it you dont ever cum again, Misty hissed more coldly,
letting her teeth squeeze gently. May screamed and felt herself on the edge, legs
tensing and shivering but Misty still forbidding her from release.
Beg me like a horny little mutt, Misty ordered firmly.
Nnnnggh! Fiiine! Please. Please let me cum!
Thats it! Misty insisted, giving sparing kisses and licks at her loins. Say my
name, pussy
Uhhhhuuuh! May wailed desperately, mad and eyes forced shut with the intense
feeling in her loins. Please please pleaaase! Eat my dripping pussy, Misty! I want
it! she belted out. Misty smiled and started to lap up more, working her over with
her lips and tongue to drive her mad but rewarding her lewd praise and begging.
May yelped like a horny animal as Misty suggested, grunting and bucking her hips
against Mistys lips. Im so bad so fucking bad! Gimee! Please fuck me like a slut
Im so damn baaaad!
Misty laughed just a moment before she planted a kiss under the base of Mays clit,
suddenly shivering and letting out a loud cry as she shot her warm, sticky cum into
Mistys lips. She slurped it up, eating up her ejaculate and chuckling softly. She held
tightly onto Mays thighs, something like a matchbook pin as her legs quivered in
the air. Ahh! Ahhhhnn! She yelped out, Misty holding her tight until she was
milked and drank dry, just damp with aftermath of her cumming.
Th thanks May panted. Now... lemee gaaaaahhHH! May shrieked out as Misty
took another large, wet lick of her cunny, squeezing her head tight with her legs.
Ah ah! You arent getting off that easy. So to speak, anyway.
You ohhhhh lemee go! You cant do thAAA! SMECK!
Mistys hand whipped across her raised ass suddenly. Tell me what I cant do
again, tramp! See what happens! She slapped her ass a few more times, leaving
red marks across her pale cheeks. She hooked her arms around Mays legs to hold
her steady, using her fingers to probe at her snatch and keep her clit hard.
AHH! Im sorry! Im oooooohh, pleaaase stoooop! Mistys fingers probed her
deeper as she grew wetter, May thrashing in her grip desperately but only serving
to shift her crotch even more rapidly against Mistys fingers, using up her precious
energy. Mays breathing grew rapid, even quicker then before, then squirting
through Mistys fingers within minutes. She sweat heavily, her feminine scent filling
Mistys nose. It was a sensation that made her drool, her saliva running over Mays

cunny in a way that just made her writhe all the more, pussy all the wetter for it.
Please no more cant May gasped, breasts heaving desperately but Misty just
reaching down to pinch them, making her squeak loudly as Misty kissed at her
snatch again.
Silly bitch. How could a man like Ash want a girl weak enough to only cum once
and be all tired out? Bout time I showed you what it takes to be a REAL woman!
May screamed out pleadingly, threatening and fighting and cursing and praising all
in the time span of an hour, but Misty kept her head held tight.
You dirty tramp! You let me go or Ill wring yOOOOHHH!
Please please no more Ill stop! I swear! Hes yours, just let meeEEEEE!!
Fuck. Oh fuck, please! Yea! Yea, lower! Just a little OOOOOO youre so fucking
good, holy shit!

And so it went on. Misty eased her legs as May's fighting grew weaker and weaker
with each coming orgasm, soon hardly more than shuddering between gushing
spurts of cum. Mistys hands were sticky with it, and her lips and nose shone with a
thin coating of her opponents cream. Something that might have been humiliating
in other circumstances, she wore with pride. She evn went back for seconds or
fiftheenths, as it were. May shrieked and shivered, feeling like a living vibrator in
her arms.
Mmm, tasty for a little slut ready for another round, sweety? she cooed. May
just breathed heavily beneath her, twitching and not much else. She looked down to
see Mays eyes wide, fluttering oddly now and then before she flopped back in the
mud, sweaty hair hanging in the water and waving along the current. Misty smiled
down at her, letting her go so May flopped pathetically in the mud. Damn straight,
she said quietly, standing up and heading to the water. She took her time bathing
herself, taking the cum and mud and sweat off of her, enjoying the refreshing cool
over her hot body while May was passed out in the mud. It was petty and spiteful,
but dammit it made her feel like royalty. Shed have a clean body and a warm
sleeping bag, while the weaker girl and her lesser body and pussy would have a
messy and cold ground to sleep on.
She couldnt help but watch the unconscious May as she bathed, letting the current
was through her lap and touching herself, fingering to another orgasm before she
smiled and sighed, letting a smooth orgasm out in the water, like she had so many
times alone in her familys swimming pool. Goosebumps over her skin, she licked
her lips, gathering up her muddy clothes and toting them back to camp in quiet,
smug triumph.

Similarly sighing, content as a Buddhist monk free of his worldly bonds, Brock
folded up his binoculars. He finished up his handful of bacon quietly, waiting for
Misty to disapear before he thought of moving. Well, he grunted, sitting up and
handing another strip down to Pikachu. That officially makes this the best day of
my life. Thanks for the heads up, little guy. He passed off a paper bag of poke
chow and a bottle of ketchup, Pikachu hopping the few inches up to pluck up his
payment. They traded a little two-fingered mock salute and trotted off back to