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YL TK Usage And Formation Of That Molecular Structtrre Known As: The Nickelodeon Logo = MEET DR. LOGO: -WORLD-RENOWNED EXPERT — IN LOGOTOLOGY: ee ee ee es eg c=} Mn g é e 2 is The Nickelodeon Logo Typeface Pg.4 irreverence, the Nickelodeon logo embodies ee Through its flexibility, creativity and that brand promise. So when kids see « movie, a TY show, a Web site or a consumer product with our logo, they trust that it will live up Shape inst. Pg. 6 to the Nickelodeon promise — Kids In order to preserve the power of the brand, the Nickelodeon logo must he carrectly impl: ted. Therefe I how t io88 implemented. Therefore, rules on how to use Gradton the logo must be fully explained. Pp.8 An esteemed group of logo scientists known as the “Loge council” have created this guide after years of research, thinking, rethinking, Broadcast pondering, reflecting, deliberating, obsessing Pg. 10 and, of course, using the Nickelodeon logo. It is our sincerest hope thot this guide informs and inspires you, We are confident that by following “iogotogic” we can all look forward to a very bright and orange future!