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Fuad, Corporate Relationship Department, | Is Floor, New Trading Ring, tL No.C/1,6 Glo | Rotunda Building, P | Tower andra ~ Kutla Complex, Banc (2) | Dalal Street, Fort, Mumbai ~ 400001 | stumbai - 400051 | # 022-2272 3121, 2037, 2041 #022 - 2659 8237, 8238, 8347, 8348 Security Code No.: 532286 __| Security JINDALSTEL, ‘Sub: Submission of Statement on Impact of Audit Qualifications for the Financial ended on March 31, 2016, Dear Sirs, {in terms of Regulation 33 and Regulation $2 of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, and SERI Circular No. CIR/CFD/CMD/56/2016 dated May 27, 2016, please find enclosed herewith the Statement on Impact of Audit Qualifications both on Standalone and Consolidated basis for the Financial Year ended on March 31, 2016. Kindly acknowledge the receipt of the same, ‘Thanking You. Yours faithfully, For Jindal Sted] & Power Limited bo | 4 K Rajagopali! Group Chief financial Officer Jindal steel & Power Limited LarosHRis79pLca08913 Jindal Centra, 12, BhikaljiCama Place, New Delhi 110 066 +311126161271, (0 inal arg, tr, 125005, Haryana son ataias STATEMENT OW IMPACT OF AUDIT QUALIF|CATIONS (FOR AUDIT REPORT WITH MODIFIED. ‘OP(MION) SUBMITTED ALONGWITH ANNUAL AUDITED FINANCIAL RESULTS - STANDALONE mass ri aL Feacandea Wane 332 ee Regulon 13/2 of he SEB (LODE) (Amendment) Reguleons 2016) < = fin crores exceptfor $5) | iT Ste, [Panes T Andie Fgeres | Adlsted Peron | . es, vopoved|(auied figures fer Sele atl ating ma ferquaifestions) | quallestions] Ef Forever] Foal come acedng | 1208248, “Tasz46 othe tngne adirgerange | | 1 oe = | ota Bape ser eepdonel | “SHEA irae __| em eng toes) | | Sed eludes Serenity ED asa [arn Persie Ge eso Foal oe TSS 6 Tol abs dng OTH weer peers > Tati [75 hn sername a a {© | febresis ye angen) a audicualaton | i [7 Baa | Detaus of nit Guniestioas ~~] Rte | afew sede Fora wnd ao | : : | Quseaton ef the Autos repo ware, Sisson lea niin the avian has ‘ered fs 80777 car ae prensa |e exceponal len repeeaig Ihe Sey | [on ose caracton head of tal ey a RLzeeeS cores ascolngy the at foo. 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Batliboi & Co, LLP? Charfered Accountants * FEA Firm's Registration No 20f009E/E300008 OR AEP Gag oi Gupta Partner’ Membership No. 8782 18. 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