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Jina ‘STEEL & POWER October, 2016 ‘The BSE ‘The National Stock Exchange of india Lid. Phirzejeleebhoy Towers, Exchange Plaza, § Floor, G1, lock Dalal Street Bandra ~ Kurla Complex, Bandra (E), Mural 400001 ‘Mumba ~ 400051 Phones:022-22723121,2087,2041 Phones: 022-2659 8237, 6238, 6347, 8348 Fax 91-22-22721919 Fax Ne (022) 26598120 sorprelations@bseindiacom smlist@nsecoin ‘Security Cae No. 532200 ‘Security Cade No. ,INDALSTEL ‘SUBJECT: DIVESTMENT OF 24MW WIND POWER BUSINESS UNDERTAKING SITUATED AT 'SATARA, MAHARASHTRA Dear ir Madam, We wish to inform you tht subject to the customary regulatory approvals and other fondtions precedsnts, the Company has executed an agreement with 3 wholly owned Subsidary of India Infrastructure Pund Il (which Is represented by is investment manager IDRC Alternatives Limite) forsale of 24MW Wind power generation business undertalng, situated at Satara, Makarshta Details ofthe sale as required tobe provided as por the provisions of Secures Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 and the SHB clrula inthis regia, are provided herewith inthe Annexure to ths ltr. Kindly host the same on jour website and acknowledge the receipt ofthe same. ‘Thanking You Sincerely, "Ye Ravi Up ‘Managing Director & Gro Encl: asabove ‘Sport te dl Co, 2 2M Cama ae, ew Del 20066 OSI Tatsiatesn 936127 W mnie boon Jinn STEEL & POWER 8) The amount an¢ percentage of the mover oF revenue oF income and net worth contributed by such unitor division ofthe listed entity during the ast nancial year ‘The turnover of Basins undertaking lst nancial year (FY16) was approx. Re 2096 Crore Which implies ayprximataly 0.14% of the standalone turnover ofthe Company (Rs 1493672 Cro). Net Worth ofthe Business underaking lst nancial year (FY16) was approx Rs 112 Crore wich implies proximately 0.96% ofthe ofthe standalone net worth the Company (Rs T1AELA7 Crom). 1) Date on which the agreement fr sale hasbeen entered into: October 3, 2026. 6) Theexpected dat of completion of sale disposal “2months rom signin subec to fallment of certain conltions precedent. 4) Considera reeled from such sle/ disposal Not ixod a this stag, asthe transaction consideration i subject adjustmonts atthe tne ofcosing ©) Brief detail of tyer and whether any of the buyers belong to promoter/ promoter roup/ group companies. yes details thereoE M/s Pajanya Wind Power Private ted engaged in the business of power/electicty having ts rostered office at 9 Shree Managal Co-operative Housing Society Nancpada oad Mulund (Eas) Mumbal- 400 O81, Maharashira, Ina a wholly owned subsidiary of Tia Infactructare Fund Il (which ie Teproented hy ir Investment manager 1DFC Alternatives Limite), yer does notbaang to promoter promote group companies, 1) Whether transacion would fll within relate part transactions? I'yes, whether the same fs done ators length? no al within related party tanec. f) Additionally, incase of slump sile, indicative diselosures provided for Amalgamation/ merger, shall be disclosed by Usted entity with respect for such sump sale -atonale forthe Sump Sale: To generate cash ws part of montization pan {pra oe nal cos, [2c Pe, ew Oa NOO6E cas ‘eat ete 000 atta W ynuecoyson hefopIndel com