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THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN RED RACKHAM'S TREASURE RED RACKHAM’S TREASURE a ship call uw tin avd Captain Haddock Rap Parchment Went day. Daily Reporter Daily Reporter Daily Reporter!... Read all b about as itt Billione of blue blis: Litering barnacks'... News wHIcl 78 YoU Journalists! they're always the Gane! We could have done with out all this publicity Red Rackham’s Treasure HE forthcoming departure of the trawler Siciusis arousing speculation in sea-faring circles, Despite the close secrecy which is being maintained, our correspondent under- siands that the object of the voyage is nothing less than a search for treasure, This treasure, once the hoard of the pirate Red Rackham, lies in the ship Unicorn, sunk at the end of the seventeenth century. Tintin, the famous reporter—whove sensational iater= vention in the Bird case made headline news— and his friend Captain Haddock, haye dis- covered the exact resting-place of the Unicorn, (o) sy They're all alike, valists! Tintin will