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Sexual Deviance

The Obama Administration
By Paula Matthews

In 2010, I released a book entitled, The War Journal (1999-2010)Volume I. In that book it was disclosed that an independent investigation that was
made into the FBIs use of surveillance equipment for
pornographic purposes. Photographs surfaced dating back to the late 1980s. Members of the FBI were
targeting private citizens with surveillance, and were
distributing the photographs via the Internet. At least
one state law enforcement group verified that this was
a porno ring, and that it was the most dangerous attack against American in our day.
In 2012-2013, it was reported that the DEA and
the Secret Service were involved in the procurement
of prostitute for entertainment. Then in October 2013,
a Black woman named Miriam Carey was gunned
down in Washington D.C.. According to the news
headline, Preacher Accuses Obama of Assassinating
Woman Killed In Capitol Shootout To Hide Love Child.
President Bill Clinton may have abused women. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump may have bragged
about scoring with a woman, but no where is anyone talking about President Obama having had an affair and then allegedly having the woman assassinated
in front of her one year-old child.
As a Black woman this is particularly disturbing.
How could a young Black mother be gunned down
in cold blood and no one even mention it? This is especially disturbing after hearing Michelle Obama talk
about how she and Hillary Clinton were mothers who
want to protect the children. Where were they when
that young child watched as Secret Service agents shot
her mother to death? There is something very twisted
about the relationship between the Obamas and the
Clintons. The relationship between Barack Obama
and Mrs. Clinton has been odd since the 2008 Election. There is an eerie twistedness that is reminiscent
of Norman Bates and his mother. They all seem to be
disconnected from the real world when it comes to
the lives of the American people. It is all so macabre.
Donald Trump may not be the most tactful person

to have run for president, but if you hear his heart, he

wants what every American is asking for, the TRUTH!
We are all frustrated with the cloak and dagger, the
lies and the muddled speech from those who are conspiring against the American public. Even as I write
this piece, my family is terrified that Obama will hurt
me as well. When the book was released in 2010, they
were terrified that I would end up dead for exposing
the governments crime against the people.
This was not anything I had planned to do, it began as my attempt to leave a dangerous marriage from
a former FBI agent, turned Black Ops organizer (according to the FBI spokesperson). Then it surfaced
that he was possibly connected with organized crime
out of Chicago. Was it organized crime or the Federal
Government? Some suggested that it was both. Shortly thereafter, a contract was put on my life.
Then Barack Obama leaves the corruption of Illinois politics and enters onto the national stage. In
the back of my mind, I am wondering how this Black
man got on the national stage without the backing of
organized crime . . . or did he? Mind you, that anyone who has been involved in either politics or had
any government contact in Chicago, knows firsthand
about the citys legacy of corruption (See Operation
Greylord), and yet I had hoped that Obama would be
different. As President of the United States, he had the
power to combat the corruption and rise above it. The
only question that remained was, does Obama have
the guts to stand up and fight the corruption? We had
hope in Obama.
This was not unfounded hope. God spoke directly
from heaven. It was prophesied around the world that
Obama was being sent on a mission to clean things
up. His presidency was to mark a distinct CHANGE
in how America operated. Part of that change was to
reverse injustices against women, children and the
poor. Instead, it seems that more injustice has come
against those whom Mr. Obama had vowed to help.
Something went terribly awry. Racial violence aside,

sexual violence has greatly increased. Its in our media. Its has taken over our entertainment. Vulgarity
looms over the pulpit. Its in the streets, in the board
room and in the Oval room. When did Americans
become so callous to the sexual violation of others?
Some would say that it was after the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky affair in 1995-6. Some would say it was
after Anita Hill confronted Justice Clarence Thomas
during his confirmation hearings in 1991. Regardless of when it started, the statistics indicate a definite
moral decay in America.
Reports of military rapes are astounding, with over
20,000 service members saying they had experienced
at least one incident of unwanted sexual contact between 2013-14.1 Most rape cases are not being reported. It is estimated that fewer than 35% of the rapes are
even reported. Getting to trial is a bigger issue because
of a 10 year back-log in the DNA collection process.
According to statistics, the majority of perpetrators
who are tried, will not go to jail or prison. It should be
expected that these statistics will increase due to the
sexting trend among teens, and the increase issue with
Internet porn among adults and children.
What is really disturbing are the government surveillance teams. These people are basically hired by
the government to stalk private citizens. They are not
just watching as these people come and go from their
homes. They are watching in peoples bathrooms and
bedrooms. It is simply not possible to watch a person
naked everyday and not be affected. Its not possible
to watch them have sex with their spouse or a significant other and not be affected. This is what the government does with taxpayer dollars. They hire able
bodied men, and turn them into perverts and stalkers,
unable to control their sexual passions. There is something powerful about technology that causes people to
escape reality. Unfortunately, many find it difficult to
handle real life after becoming addicted to pornography. They have a family, but the person they watch on
the screen becomes more real than those with whom
they live.
Now imagine what happens when they have the
opportunity to physically meet up with the person
they are watching. There is a clash of realities. This is

when the person being watched is most likely to be

killed, according to police investigators. Just because
you watch someone by camera does not mean you
know them, yet the stalker creates a fantasy involving
the person whom they are watching. That fantasy has
nothing to do with the truth of who the person is. This
is a common issue many of us face who have careers
in television or film. People think they know you just
because they have seen you on television. Violence
can erupt when you dont fit the image the perpetrator
created of you, and they press the issue beyond normal
constraints. I have had this experience on many occasions. Its a bit frightening when men tell you, that is
not who you are. I had a guy come on my job insisting
that I was his wife. His first day on the job, he got up in
my face, talking about what I had always done to him.
I had never seen the man before in my life, but he was
determined to make me pay for something he claimed
I did to him in a personal relationship. There was no
relationship, except what was in the mind of this man.
Things got ugly. Another employee had to get the guy
off of me. When I complained to my employer, they
promised to investigate. Instead they fired me. I was
told that I had violated the mans rights. How was that
possible if I was just refusing this mans advances?
According to the attorney, they felt that I had made
a false claim against this man. They claimed that because I was a Christian, I was out of touch with reality.
The attorney said that I simply didnt understand how
things were done in the real world.
After I left my job, this man comes to my apartment
with a gun. A local judge denied me a restraining order because the EEOC had taken jurisdiction over
my case. A month or so later, another man accosted
me on the streets of Los Angeles and explained that
there was a plot to kidnap me, to take my money, and
then have me killed. I filed a case in Federal Court
that started as sexual harassment and was upgraded
to criminal negligence.
Fast forward to September 2010. The War Journal (1999-2010) Volume I is released and all hell broke
loose. Details came out about government involvement
in pornography. It was also then that I got confirmation that this was not just about the FBI, this scandal
went all the way to the White House. Somehow, President Obama became involved and things quickly went
downhill from there. Instead of finding justice, I got
even more harassment. Surveillance increased around

Michael Biesecker, Chad Day and Jeff Horwitz, The Associated Press. Pentagon-rand-sexual-assault-reports. Military Times. The Associated
Press, n.d. Web. 10 Oct. 2016.

me and my family. Now I understand why so many

cases of rape and sexual harassment are not reported.
The status quo is to keep your mouth shut. Dont make
any waves, you might get killed. I know how the real
world operates, and it is disgusting. I watched as an
Illinois judge threw out evidence and witnesses who
saw my three-year old son being sexually assaulted.
Instead of compassion, the judge threated me. He said
that if I told anyone that my child had been abused,
he would personally make sure that I would never see
my son again. That judge made good on his threat.
It has been twenty-three years since I have seen my
son. The people who fired me never knew my story
of being stalked. They never investigated. In the real
world, I was fired because the man cried and said he
was innocent. They believed the crying man, but not
the woman being victimized. Again, I find myself enduring harsh criticism because people dont want me
to tarnish the image of Americas first Black president.
What about justice? How many people have to suffer
before we consider the rights of victims.
Someone recently heard my story and said it reminded them of Miriam Carey. I dont recall ever
hearing about this woman or her story, but when I began writing this piece, I did some research. We dont
know if this woman was having an affair with Obama
or not. We do know that she came to the White House.
We dont know why was she shot in cold blood? She
was obviously crying out for help and Obama silenced
her. My case is vastly different. I have never had any
personal interest in the President or the first family.
Mine is an assignment for Gods Kingdom. I have a
divine commission to seek justice in the cases I have
brought forth.
God has declared a season in which all captives
must be set free; from injustice, from persecution and
all oppression. The victims of crime in America sought
justice in our nation and found none. Consequently,
they have appealed for God to avenge them all. Both
Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton claim to be Christian,
which gives Almighty God jurisdiction over them,
whether or not they actually practice what the Bible
teaches. The world is about to see something that has
never happened in our lifetime. Gods justice is about
to be seen in real time. It will bring America and the
nations to their knees. We talk about the Golden Rule,
not realizing that it contains a warning. Do unto others
as you would have others do unto you, because it will

surely come back upon you. God will not be mocked,

you will certainly reap what you have sown.
God has been calling for pastors to lead President
Obama into deliverance for the sake of the nation.
According to God, Obama is a security nightmare for
Gods Kingdom. Those of us who have been praying
for his safety, can no longer keep him safe. As long as
Obama continues to hurt women and children in this
nation, he has no divine protection. Gods protection
only applies if we stay in that secret place. When we
continue to fight God, or we are determined to do our
own thing, we step out from under HIS protection, we
fall directly into the hands of the enemy. Many Black
pastors are to blame for patronizing Obama instead of
bringing him in line with what will protect our nation.
Youd be surprised at the number of Black pastors who
high five Obama as the biggest player to play America.
They applaud the man who has the most popularity
and the most women coming after them. That is what
officially what makes a Black man a playa. The problem with players is that they are all about their street
image. Everything revolves about how they look in the
eyes of the public. On that point alone, Mrs. Clinton
is more of a player than Obama. She is his mentor
for sure. Now contrast Gods Kingdom way of doing
things. We exalt the God who empowers us, and He
makes our names great. Christians are commanded to
live this way. Its called self-sacrifice. Living as Jesus
lived, by sacrificing our agenda for the benefit of others. Not only is this what it means to be Christian, this
is what is expected of all public servants.
In America, we have made Christianity a religion.
It is not a religion. Christianity is a way of living. Its a
way of loving and sharing with our fellow man. Religious people go to church for the sake of appearances,
but a Christian is transformed in their heart to love
God and to love people. It then becomes about our
personal relationship with God. It becomes about our
obedience to the commands of the Holy Spirit. Jesus
hated religious people. He came to teach us about loving God and loving one another the way God commands. America does not need another player in the
White House. We need a leader who fears God, more
than fearing what the polls are saying. The idea of
Obama sitting by as Black men and women are being
killed, is beyond understanding. His apparent apathy
is troubling. Black men are being shot in the streets
by police officers. Officers are being targeted by Black

men. We dont need a player, America needs a selfless grownup at the helm who will fight for truth and
justice. Many people are talking about not voting because they dont like either candidate. God said that
He has heard the prayers of His people, and for us to
expect some kind of fallout before Election day. God
has another plan for America. He says that He cannot be stopped in this season. Where does that leave
Obama and the other politicians? If they are not aligning themselves with Gods plan for America, they are
about to hit destruction. They dont have to believe it,
but the whole world will see it.
I keep praying that in this eleventh hour, Mr.
Obama will get back to Kingdom reality and be the
man we all prayed he would be. This is my prayer
to God every day, for the sake of all Americans. We
all had great hopes that America would be different
than she had been under previous administrations.
We dont need another four years of moral decay and
political corruption. The status quo is destroying our
nation. I want God to Bless America once again, but
it only comes when we stand up for what honors God.
America has deviated into so much perversion, that
the pertinent issues of our nation are not getting any
attention. We need a drastic change if America is going to survive.
I leave you with a quote directly from the FBI archives, Last words: Straight from Teddy Roosevelt:
unless a man is honest we have no right to keep him in
public life, it matters not how brilliant his capacity, it
hardly matters how great his power of doing good service on certain lines may be . . . no man who is corrupt,
no man who condones corruption in others, can possibly do his duty by the community.2

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