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B alaj i T elef ilm s Li mi ted

C -13, Balaji Ho use, Dalia Indu strial Estate, O pp. Laxmi Ind ustries, New Lin k Road, Andh eri (West), Mu mbai 400 053 T el: 40698000 Fax: 40698181 /82/83 Website: www .balajitelefilms .com

Fax: 40698181 /82/83 Website: www .balajitelefilms .com B alaji T elefilm s to la unch h

B alaji T elefilm s to la unch

histori cal dra ma

C handr a Nan dini on Star P lus

MUMBAI , India, O ctober 10,

Compan y, Balaji Te lefilms Limi ted (BTL) i s set to lau nch its gra ndest show yet Chand ra

productio n

2016–Ind ia’s

leadin g

televisio n and film

Nandini on Star Plu


Chandr a Nandini

is an epic


story on Ch andragupt a Maurya’s

love for th e

daughte r of his sw orn enemy.

The world

is aware o f Chandrag upta Maury a’s feats an d

accompl ishments, h owever ver y little is k nown abou t his love li fe. This ser ies offers a n

during his j ourney fro m

early be ginning wit h his traini ng and kno wledge imp arted by C hanakya to success an d fame he achieved in establishin g a legenda ary Empire.

insight o f his love

life amongs t the vario us feats he


The cast includes R ajat Tokas,

Arpit Ra nka to nam e a few. Th e show will be aired fr om October from 8.3 0 pm to 9. 00 pm from Monday to Friday.

Shweta Ba su Prasad,

Papiya Sen gupta, Man oj Kolkatka r,

10, 2016 on Star Plu s

Commen ting on th is new sh ow, Ms.Ekt a Kapoor –Joint Ma naging Di rector sai d,

“Post t he success ful airing epic sto ry of the l egendary

Chandragu pta Maury a. Throug h this ser ies we hav e

endeav oured to c apture sev eral nuan ces of life

Akbar, I a m delighte d to prod uce anothe r

of Jodha

of the Em peror, wh ich has n ot

been se en earlier . A lot of e ffort has and I h ope the au dience wil l like it.”

been inves ted to bri ng this exc iting serie s

- Group C EO adds,“ As part of our strat egy for th e televisio n

busines s we have continuou sly been a dding new er shows to our pip eline acros s

Mr. Sam eer Nair


Chandr a Nandini


3 on Star

and gen res. Rece ntly, we

on Star Pl us. With Network a nd one on


this, we n ow have

Doordarsh an Netwo rk”`

Naagin 2

no w

2 shows o n Zee, 3 o n

on Color s and

About B alaji Telef ilms Limit ed:

Balaji Te lefilms is I ndia’s leadi ng integrate d media co nglomerate

in the t elevision co ntent indu stry, amon g other en tertainment -led busine sses. It h as

with mark et leadersh ip

demonst rated succe ss in both films and t elevision. Pi oneering w idely differ ent genres of


reaching changes o f our time.

the Comp

ny has co mpletely ali gned its br and archite cture to re flect the fa r-

The Co mpany, un der the ste wardship operates various pr ominent br ands within house s ynonymous with groun d-breaking

produce r of large-s cale feature films with the topmos t industry t alent; Alt E ntertainme nt


of Mrs.Sho bha Kapoo r and Ms.E kta Kapoo r,

its fold na mely Balaji Telefilms –


content; Ba laji Motion

a productio n

Pictures –

– a deve loper of film – a cre ator of IP

content w ith alternat e sensibiliti es. Marinati ng Films Pr ivate Limite d and prod ucer of re ality show s and eve nts. Chhay abani Bala ji

Entertai nment Priva te Limited Media L L P – a prod u cer of

Entertai nment Priva te Limited

Media LL P – a produ cer of even t based sho ws.

– a creato r and prod ucer of Be ngali conte nt and Eve nt

In recen t years, the Company has strengt hened its le adership te am and is n ow poised


make a


foray into

the Digital

B2C enter tainment c ategory wi th Alt Bala ji


its wholly

owned sub sidiary


t o

build a

consumer f acing bran d that offe rs


premium a nd exclusiv e content f or a global digital audi ence in an

endeavour to

monetis e the incred ible potenti al of origina l on-deman d entertain ment.

ible potenti al of origin a l on-deman d entertain ment. For fur t her detail

For furt her details

a l on-deman d entertain ment. For fur t her detail s please c o ntact:

please co ntact:

d entertain ment. For fur t her detail s please c o ntact: Sanjay D wivedi

Sanjay D wivediGro up CFO Simmi Si ngh Bisht ( Group Head

- Secretari al)

Ga vin Desa Ra bindra Bas u

Balaji Te lefilms Lim ited

Ci tigate Dewe


(CDR India)

Tel: +91

22 4069800 0

Te l: +91 22 66 45 1237 / 1 248

Fax: +91

22 4069818 1

Fa x: +91 22 6 645 1200

Email: sa njay.dwivedi @balajitelefil



Em ail: gavin@

rabindra @cdr-india.c om

Safe Ha rbor:

Certain s t atements in this updat e concerning our future growth pro s pects are fo rward looki n g statemen ts, which inv olve a num ber of risks a nd uncertai nties that co uld cause ac tual results t o differ ma t erially from those in suc h forward lo o o king statem e nts. The ac h ievement of such results is subject t o risks, uncer tainties and e ven inaccur ate assumpti ons. Reader s may please take a note o f this.