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A small beginning was made in this direction by launching the quarterly journa’ ‘CLIO’ in 1975 by M, Pattabhirama Reddy and his colleagues, despite insurmountable financial difficulties. Our endeavours in the sphere of imbibing new trends in_ historio: graphy, received encouragoment from Sri Kambhamzati Satyanarayana, Sri Digavall Venkateswararao, Sri P, Gopalakrishna, Sri K.V. Gopala Swamy, and several other colle: agues in Andhra Pradesh. The organizers are grateful to Srl D. Ramachandra Reddy, Rector, Jawahar Bharati who has evinced sustained interested in our efforts and provided the initial financial assistance for making preliminary arrangements. The grant-in aid of three thousand tuees from the University Grants Commission has stood us in good stead in meeting the barest minimum needs of the foundation sossion of the Andhra Pradesh History Congress. We are thankful to friends and patrons who have willingly given us compli- mentary advertisements and donations as a token of their appreciation of our humble endeavours to serve the muse of historiography in Andhra Pradesh, Our colleagues in Kavali, Kurnool, Hindupur, Tirupati. Chittoor, Vijayawada, Waltalr, Nellore and Hyderabad have spared no pains to support the cause of the Andhra Pradesh History Congress by contributing their mite and suppiying the where- withal for the organization of this Congress. Last but not least, we thank the U. G.C., Registrar and Vice-Chancellor, S. V. University, and the Executive Committee of Jawahar Bharati for their timely assistance and encouragement. Let the Andhra Pradesh History Congress grow from strength to strength, and brighten many a dark corner in the annals of our history and culture. Date: 20-4—1976 STEERING COMMITTEE A, PLH. CC,