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Educ 210a (Alternative Learning System)
Sir Jay Oliquino
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Maricson Bas Teope


The Alternative Learning System (ALS) is a free education program
implemented by the Department of Education (DepEd) under the
Bureau of Alternative Learning System (BALS) which benefits those
who cannot afford formal schooling and follows whatever is their
available schedule. The program provides a viable alternative to the
existing formal education instruction, encompassing both the nonformal and informal sources of knowledge and skills. ALS aims to open
more educational opportunities for Filipino citizens of different
interests, capabilities of demographic characteristics, socioeconomic
origins and status as well as addressing the needs of marginalized
The program cuts the time needed to finish elementary and high
school, hence, significantly cuts the expenses as well. Aside from
giving hope to the less fortunate, it also provides opportunities to Outof-School Youths (OSY) and Adults elementary and secondary school
drop-outs; industry-based workers; housewives; maids; factory
workers; drivers; members of cultural minorities; indigenous people
and disabled/physically challenged.
ALS caters not only ordinary youth but it opens on opportunity to
help well-known personalities in showbiz to pursue their studies. In
this case study, lets see how the Alternative Learning System helps a
In this case study, let us see how Alternative Learning System
(ALS), which is free education system given by the government which
provides option for this dedicated student to finish her studies through
non formal and informal sources of knowledge and skills.



Ang karunungan ay pinakamahalagang kayamanan sa bawat tao

upang magkaroon ng magandang kinabukasan. Ang edukasyon ay isang
kayamanan na kaylanman ay hindi maaagaw o mananakaw sinuman. Ito
ang tanging susi tungo sa isang magandang kinabukasan upang matamo
ang ating minimithing mga pangarap sa buhay upang maging
matagumpay. - ALS Passer

The ALS passer that I chose for this case study was a fourth year
education student at Oas Community College, Oas, Albay. This person was
suggested to me by Mr. Peter Greg V. Toca, the BUV from Oas North
District. It was really a hard time for me finding and searching this person
in facebook or any social websites which I thought can help me to find her
by just searching her name. But, in Gods perfect timing, I found her
through her schoolmate, Ms. Katrina R. Rape.
MANELYN RED BELGA was the full name of this Als passer. She
was born on March 4, 1995 at Barangay Colliat, Oas, Albay. She was
twenty one years old. He was the fifth child among the eight children
of Mr. Romeo Cervantes Belga Sr. , who is a construction worker and
Mrs. Julie Buemia Red, who is a plain housewife. She was a graduating
student taking up Bachelor of Elementary Education. She was working
student and working as a housemaid at Teresita Rayalas residence at
Ilaor Norte, Oas, Albay

When I was given the chance to met her I was hooked, cant
refrain from being curious well, who could do that upon seeing an a
enthusiastic twenty one year old lady who looks like thirteen, with
such longing on her eyes to achieve her dreams, as though she will
never tire on learning more and more, with so much hunger for
knowledge. What was the reason behind she take the Alternative
Learning System Accreditation and Equivalency Exam (ALS A & E)?
Why is she so ardent to jump to a higher educational level? What
pushed her to?
As I had the chance to unravel the mystery that made her this
way, I was privileged to listen in her stories during our interview with
her, from there, I found out that Manelyn was able to finish her Grade
VI at Colliat Elementary School. Due to financial problem and her
parents may not be able to support her educational needs she decided
to stop and find ways to earn money. Manelyn was really determined to
pursue her studies thats why she decided to work in Cabuyao, Laguna
as a maid in her aunts house. After a year she decided to transfer to
Antipolo City and spend another year as a maid again due to her
educational attainment. She also worked as a housemaid at Iriga City
for six years. In year 2012, she decided to go home to Oas and pursue
her studies.
She continued her studies, as Grade VII under the advisory class
of Mrs. Beverly Gregorio Salting at Balogo National Highschool and
become a working student in year 2012. During the interview I asked
her, What does it feel to be a working student? Ay naku maam ang
hirap hirap. Kailangan mong balansehin lahat, yung pag aaral at
pagtatatrabaho ko. Kailangan bago ako pumasok nagawa ko na lahat
ng dapat gawin. Nakakahiya naman kasi po kung aalis ako ng di pa
tapos yung mga gawaing bahay. - Manelyn answered. I asked her how
did you know about the ALS program. According to her she got the
knowledge about through the Mr. Capistrano, the Als Coordinator on
Oas South District. She said that Mr. Capistrano went to Balogo
National Highschool and asked for those students who were overage
for their grade level and want to be an Als learner. Knowing the fact
that through this program she uttered, Bilang isang mag aaral na
gustong makatapos, nagbakasakali po ako na maipasa yung exam para

makapg enroll na ng college para mkasave ng oras at pera at

mkatulong agad sa pamilya. So she decided to register on Als.
After she registered, Manelyn didnt stop Grade 7. Still she
continue studying in Balogo National Highschool. Since she was a
working student, she didnt attend session on Als every Saturday.
Hindi naman po ako talaga nagklase maam sa Als kasi po pag
Saturday madami pong gawain, kaya di ko po naexperience yung
pumasok sa Als Learning Center. Sumabay lang po talaga ako sa exam,
nagbabakasali lang po talaga ako nun. Hindi ko nga po alam na
nakapasa ako noon, nalaman ko na lang po after na matapos ko na
yung Grade VI. she added.
I was fascinated by that, as she continue sharing her
experiences, she was very thankful in this Alternative system because
she saved so much time. For being a Als passer in the year 2012, and
from being a Grade VII students in Balogo National Highschool, she
take an entrance examination for Education Students on Oas
Community College and she passed. And now, she was a graduating
education student of the said institution.
Being an Als recipient I asked her, in your own opinion, why is
there a need for Alternative Learning System in the Philippines? What
advice can you give to those who dont have or cannot access to
formal education? She smiled at me and answered Nakakatulong ng
marami ang als sa mga kabataang hindi kayang mag - aral ng formal
school dahil sa kdahilanang walang perang itutustos ang mga
magulang. Para po doon sa mag out of school youth, mag overage
student na katulad ko dati ang masasabi ko po mag enrol po sa als kas
malaki maitutulong ng als para sa mga kabataang maraming pangarap
kaso hndi kaya pag aralin ng mga magulang....tsaka huwag
susuko..wag bibitawan ang mga pangarap..sikaping abutin ito kahit
mahirap. Magtyaga ,magtiis,magpasalamat lagi kay Lord at sa mga
taong nakapaligid ..wag maging mapagmataas ,at laging iicipin na sa
bawat pagsapit ng dilim meron pading umaga kung saan may liwanag
na mkikita na nagsasabing mayrong pag asa.
In the end I see Manelyn Red Belga as an enthusiastic, optimistic
person no matter what, she was never be discouraged, hindrances will
just fire-up her enthusiasm, a dot of hope was enough for her to press
on toward the goal. She will never stopped until she reached her
If only our youth will possess this kind of desire as Manelyn has,
if only our youth will have this willingness to learn more each day just
like what Manelyn did, if only our youth will have the strength of that
determination seen on Manelyn, if only our youth will have that value
for education the way Namelyn doesindeed there is a bright future!
In a changing society like what we had this days, as youth of our
nation, we should learn to value life more than ourselves, make the
best out of us, we should never be discouraged by hindrances nor be
influenced by unknown forces, we should strive hard to shape our
future, takes every opportunity, treasure the legacy which cannot be
taken away from us our education.

1. What were the circumstances that led Manelyn to not finishing
formal school?
2. How did she know about the ALS program?
3. What made her decide to enroll in ALS?
4. How did the ALS program help her?

5. What were the reasons of most of your former ALS students on

why they did not finish their formal education?
6. In your own opinion, why is there a need for Alternative Learning
System in the Philippines?
7. What advice can you give to those who dont have or cannot
access to formal education?