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Fellowship Status Report

Code for America

is partnering

with Salt Lake County to build technology solutions to improve services and strengthen the relationship between the county and its citizens,
with an aim to lower the rate at which citizens fail to appear in court, for supervision and treatment appointments in addition to lowering the recidivism rate. To
accomplish these objectives, we pursue three workstreams - build, measure, learn - to iterate quickly and ensure our decisions are data-driven and user-focused.

Phase VII - ClientComm Refinement - extended (09/19/2016 - 10/14/2016)


Goals during this phase

agile development

Finalize features to improve case manager use of ClientComm

Focus areas: direct client access, administrative improvements, refine ClientComm v.3


Implement metrics on usage, client journey, client success

Target use goals (by end of Fellowship):
35+% of clients per case manager communicating via ClientComm
80+% of onboarded case manager using ClientComm daily

user centered

Synthesis usage metrics

Catalogue client experiences with ClientComm

Week ending 10/14/2016

This week marks the end of Phase VII with the deployment of ClientComm 4.0.0 the final version of our communication tool.
We started the week pair designing final refinements to this latest version. Mid-week was spent doing rolling demos of the
new features weve added during this phase, which include: email, voice transcription, out of office messages, transferring
clients to between case managers, a more robust metrics dashboard, client profiles and organisation level tools to manage
and create individual departments. We also ramped up onboarding uses and onboarded more than 10 users in the last two
days for an increase of 15% of our user base. Another very important meeting took place at the County Mayors Office to start
concrete sustainability planning. Kuan gave a presentation of potential options of ownership for the tool and the
technological capacity needed by Salt Lake County to host and maintain an instance of ClientComm with their IS team.
Our next and last phase of work will include sustainability planning in earnest, packaging and telling the story of
ClientComm and wrapping up loose ends and Github issues. Telling the story of ClientComm also entails diving deep into
the data connection we have been building with CTracks. Through this method, we will be able to create statistics involving
the use of ClientComm that can demonstrate its value, both quantified monetarily as well as in terms of case manager hours
and clients impacted or brought back into compliance (and thus kept from recidivating during their tenure).
It has been such a pleasure to work with our partners at at the county and Criminal Justice Services, who have encouraged
us at every turn, removed bureaucratic barriers and have allowed us to conduct dozens and dozens of interview and user
testing sessions. The usage ClientComm has received to this point is a testament to the collaborative process weve
undertaken together.


This weeks accomplishments




Finalize version 4 application

Demo V4 and onboard new users

Understand how to make ClientComm

sustainable in Salt Lake County post

Thanks as always,
Ben and Kuan, Code for America, Team Salt Lake County

Next weeks objectives

Develop sustainability presentation

Create slide deck for

Measure impact
Identify clients for follow up survey