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1. A 330 pF capacitor and a 220 pF capacitor are each connected across a 6 V dc source.

voltage across the 330 pF capacitor is 6V
2. Which of the following capacitors is polarized? Electrolytic

A capacitor and a resistor are connected in series to a sine wave generator. The frequency is
set so that the capacitive reactance is equal to the resistance and, thus, an equal amount of
voltage appears across each component. If the frequency is increasedVR > VC

4. Of the following capacitors, which one has the highest dielectric constant? Glass
5. When the plate area of a capacitor increases, the capacitance increases
6. When the voltage across a capacitor is tripled, the stored chargetriples
7. A capacitors rate of charge is considered: exponential
8. After a capacitor has charged for 1 tc, what percentage of current remains in the resistor? 36.8
9. A capacitor is constructed of two parallel: conductors
10.What is the total opposition to current in a series RC circuit called? Impedance
11.A resistor and an output capacitor form a series circuit with a square wave applied. The circuit
is: an integrator
12.In a purely capacitive circuit, urrent leads voltage by 90
13.You could increase the time constant of an RC circuit byadding a capacitor in parallel with the
circuit capacitance
14.As a capacitor is being charged, current flowing into the capacitor will: decrease
15.A capacitor stores energy within a dielectric between the conducting plates in the form of: an
electric field
16.In a capacitive circuit, current flow is limited toboth charging periods and discharging periods
17.As a capacitor is being charged, the voltage across its terminals will: increase
18.In a 20 Vac series RC circuit, if 20 V is measured across the resistor and 40 V is measured across
the capacitor, the applied voltage is: 45 V
19.After which time constant can a capacitor be considered to be fully charged? Fifth
20.Which of the following determines the capacitance of a capacitor? Plate area, dielectric
constant, and plate separation
21.When is a capacitor fully charged? when the current through the capacitor is the same as when
the capacitor is discharged
22.In an ac circuit, an output capacitor and a resistor are connected in series with an ac signal.
What filter action will be the result? low-pass
23.Most older types of paper capacitors have been replaced by which type of construction? plastic

24.If an open capacitor is checked with an ohmmeter, the needle will: stay on infinity
25.What is the reactance value for a capacitor installed in a dc circuit? Infinite
26.A capacitors rate of charge is considered: exponential
27.How is ac current related to ac voltage in a purely capacitive circuit? AC current leads ac
28.If the dielectric constant of a capacitor is decreased, then its capacitance will: decrease
29.When a circuit consists of a capacitor and a resistor in series with a voltage source, and the
voltage across the resistor is zero, then the capacitor is: fully charged
30.What is the voltage across a capacitor after being charged from a 100 V source for a period of
one time constant? 63 V
31.In an ac circuit, a capacitor and an output resistor are connected in series with an ac signal.
What filter action will be the result? low-pass
32.What do variable capacitors use for dielectric? air, ceramic, mica, or plastic
33.What is the value of a capacitor labeled 102? 1000 pF
34.A practical capacitor looks like a capacitor in parallel with a resistor
35.The material used between the plates of a capacitor is called its: dielectric material
36.What is wrong with a leaky capacitor? The dielectric resistance has decreased.
37.Which of the following is the reference vector for parallel RC circuits? V
38.A source voltage across a capacitor will: lag the current by 90 degrees
39.Which material has the highest dielectric strength? Mica
40.Capacitor value markings are usually: alphanumeric
41.An 8 V power source is charging a capacitor. How many volts will be across the capacitor at the
second time constant? 7 volts
42.Power stored from the source and then returned to the source is called: reactive power
43.If a charged capacitor is disconnected from a circuit, it will: leak the charge
44.What is the dielectric constant for ceramic? between 6 and 8000
45.The strength of an electric field at a given point is proportional to the potential difference on
the plates and inversely proportional to the: plate separation
46.For a given charge difference, electrostatic field strength varies according to: plate area
47.A capacitor and an output resistor form a series circuit with a square wave applied. The circuit
is: a differentiator
48.The quantity that represents an ideal capacitor dissipating 0 W of power istrue power

49.Capacitive reactance values connected in series offeran increase in total XC

50.If a capacitor is placed across a 20 V source, what will be the amount of charge after 5 tc? 20 V
51.What is the impedance of an ac RC parallel circuit if the resistance is 12 ohms and the
capacitive reactance equals 5 ohms? 4.6 ohms
52.If the reactive power of a circuit is 50 mW while the apparent power is 64 mW, then what is the
true power of the circuit? 40 mW
53.What is the power factor if the apparent power of a circuit is 5 W, while the true power is 4 W?
0.8 W
54.If plates of capacitor are oppositely charged then total charge is equal to zero
55.Area under current-time graph represents magnitude of charge
56.If charge stored on plates of capacitor is large, then capacitance will be large
57.Insulator which is placed between 2 plates of capacitor is dielectric
58.Combined capacitance is equal to the sum of all capacitance of capacitors
59.Capacitance and charge on plates are directly related
60.If capacitors are connected in parallel, then potential difference across each capacitor is same
61.Total capacitance of 300mf capacitor and a 600mf in series is 200mf
62.Work done in charging a capacitor is given by( )QV
63.Device used to store energy in electrical circuits is capacitor
64.Capacitor is fully charged if potential difference is equal to emf
65.Energy stored in a 2000 mF capacitor charged to a potential difference of 10 V is 0.10j

A capacitor carries a charge of 0.1 C at 5 V. Its capacitance is 0.02f


To obtain a high value of capacitance, the permittivity of dielectric medium

should be high

Four capacitors each of 40 F are connected in parallel, the equivalent

capacitance of the system will be 160uf


Five capacitors each of 5 F are connected in series, the equivalent

capacitance of the system will be 1uf


1 F is theoretically equal to ratio of 1 C to 1 V

Absolute permittivity of dielectric medium is represented as r0


What is the dielectric material used in precision small value capacitor and

capacitor used in radio frequency circuits? Vacuum, air.


An electrolytic capacitor can be used for DC only.


There are two capacitors C1 and C2 in parallel , what will be their equivalent

capacitance? C1 + C2.
For making a capacitor it is better to select a dielectric having high
When AC flows through a pure capacitance then the current leads the emf by
A capacitor passes AC but blocks DC.
The energy stored by a capacitor is given by 1/2 CV2. Q2 / 2C. 1/2 QV.
The capacitance of a parallei plate capacitor can be varied by
changing the overlapping area of the plates only., changing the distance
between the plates only., changing the dielectric medium only.
A ceramic and a mica capacitor have the same physical dimension.which have
the higher value of capacitance Both have identical value of capacitor.