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King Saud University

College of Education
Department of educational technology
EDUC333 deigns online course
Instructor: Eman Aldhafiri
Office: RM 222
Office Hours: (Monday and Wednesdays 12:00-3:00PM).
Office Telephone: (858) 610-2222

Year/Quarter: 2010 winter Quarter

Blog: is a place that you should post your assignments. It can be found at:

The College of Education:

Department of educational technology:
“The department of Instructional Media and Technology supports the design,
development, utilization, management, and evaluation of instructional technology
effectively and efficiently at all levels of theory, practice and ethics by hiring qualified
faculty members, staff, and talented students to create enrich learning/instruction/training
environment. Moreover, the department promotes its faculty members, staff, and
students' professional development to keep up with the advances in the field of
instructional technology theory, research and practices and to contribute actively in
development of the field locally and globally.” (Link)

Course Overview and/or Rationale
EDUC 101 is one of the elective courses in the Department of educational
technology Program. This course helps students to develop their skills and know how to
create an online course.

Course Goal:
Develop student’s technology skills and teach them how they can design online classes.

Session 1 Student-Content:
11-17 January * Podcast from the instructor he present hem self and what is
expected from the class.
* The podcast present the syllabus and the syllabus will
Introduction to the class. describe in detail what exactly is expected from the first week.
Review of the syllabus.
*Students will email the instructor their email
* Students will create their own blog and email the instructor
the address for their blog.

• Students will create their own blog
• The students will describe themselves and tell why they are
taking this class and what they know about creating online
course and what they hope to learn from this class.

Session 2 Student-Content:
18-24 January *Podcast presentation of the Content, Student and
Instructor Characteristics
1-Students will learn about creating a *the textbook’s description of the Content, Student and
effective online course. Instructor Characteristics

1-1 Students will be able to Student-Instructor:

*Instructor will post some question about the topic,
discover the first thing that can
Student will answer the questions and post it in their
impact his course design, which blog and send email the instructor before deadline.
* If any students’ answer was not correct, the
is a content characteristic.
instructor will send email to student and he have to
correct the mistake before the deadline.
1-1-1 students will use good and
effective tools in his content design. Student-Student:
*Students will communicate with each other by
1.2 Students will be able to

discover the second thing post comments in other three students every week.
that can impact his course * Students can ask other students in the class for help
design, which is an through the blog .
instructor characteristic.
1-2-1 students will use good
and effective tools in his instructor
characteristics design.
1-3 Students will be able to
discover the third thing that can impact
his course design, which is a students
1-3-1 students will use good and
effective tools with his students
characteristics design.

Session 3 Student-Content Interaction:

25-31 January
* Students will found all the requirements in the
syllabus in the instructor website.
2- student will learn how to interact and
Student-Instructor Interaction:
• The instructor will post his email and skype id in
2-1 student will communicate with
his syllabus.
the instructor
2-1-1 students will use email and • The student will communicate with the instructor

skype to communicate with instructor. by using email and skype.

2-2 student will communicate with

other students. Student-Student Interaction:

2-2-1 student will communicate * Students will comunecat with each other by post

with other student by make comments comments in other three students every week.

in his\her blog.

Session 4
1-7 February
Student-Content Interaction:
3- students will learn how to use some

technology tools
3-1 students will use skype • Students will download the podcast from the
3-2 students will use blog syllabus.
3-2 students will use chat. • Students will view the links from the sylabulls.

Student-Instructor Interaction:
* The instructor will post some links about using
skype and chat board and some different tools.
Students will download the skype program from the
* The students will send email to the instructor has id
name in skype program.

Student-Student Interaction:
*Students will communicate with each other by post
comments in other three students every week.
* Students can ask other students in the class for help
through the blog .

Session 5 Student-Content:
8-14 February
* Final exam will post in the instructor website.
(Final exam)
*Instructor will send the exam link to each students email
4-in the end of this course Students will
*Once the student has completed the exam post it in their blog
design effective online classes. and send email to the instructor.

4-1 students will be able to discover Student-Student:

*Students can comments in other students blog and give them
all three things that can impact his some advices.
course design, content characteristic,
instructor characteristic, students
4-2 student will learn how to

interact and communicating with the
instructor and other students.
4-3 students will learn how to use
some technology tools in effective way.

Assignments Points

Create a blog 10

First post ,second, and third 30

Students comments 10

Total 50

Course Requirements

1- each student needs to create his/her own blogs.

2- each student needs to post his/her assignment before the due date.
3- each student needs to post comments to his/her classmates.
4- each student needs to create a online course in effective way.

Grade Points
A 50
B 35
C 20
F 10

Course Policies
Students should turn over their assignments before the due date.
Students should do their own assignments.
Students should communicate with each other every week.

Commitment to Diversity
To provide distinctive education, produce creative research, serve society and contribute
in building the knowledge economy and community through learning, creative thinking
environment, the optimal use of technology and effective international partnership (link)

Web information Links:

• Word press:
• Type pad:
• Blogger:
• How to Set Up a Blog Using Blogger:
• How to Start Blogging with Blogger
• Uploading a Video with Blogger

This quiz will be on university level . students whome are interesting in learning how to
create an online course.

Students should create a online course and use a good tools .

10 points is excellent quality of work (A)
8 points is very good quality of work (B)
6 points is good quality of work (C)
4 points is normal of quality of work (D)
2 points is unacceptable quality work (F)

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