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Topic / Title
Acids and Bases
Grade Level
Grade 7
Time Allotment
90 minutes
Dahlia M. Maputol
Learning Competency
Investigate the properties of acidic and basic mixtures using natural indicators
By the end of class, students should be able to:
Investigate the properties of acidic and basic mixtures using natural indicators.
Give examples of acids and bases that they encounter in their everyday life.
ELICIT (Access prior knowledge).
Students are grouped into 4 with names element, compound,
homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures. The group will say
kami yun when the description given by the teacher refers to
them. The description are as follows:
has more than one type of atom
4 Group labels (written in
separate parts can be seen
has two or more substances
components are physically combined
Occupies space and has mass
Students will further answer the following questions briefly:
What are some classifications of matter?
How is matter classified?
In todays lesson, we will classify certain groups of matter in a
different way based on their distinctive properties.
ENGAGE (Get the students minds focused on the topic (short; question or picture).
Show pictures of different swimming pools. Let students focus on
the swimming pool crowded with a lot of people. Make them
Pictures of swimming pool
realize how contaminated that swimming pool is and its effect to
humans when not treated.
For health reasons, swimming pools are regularly treated with
chemicals that are usually called chlorine (Calcium hypochlorite
or sodium hypochlorite) as disinfectants. The effectiveness of
these disinfectants depends on how acidic or basic the water is.
Pool owners must therefore measure and, if necessary, adjust, the
acidity of their pool through a pH test kit.
What do the terms acidic, basic and pH test mean?
EXPLORE (Provide students with a common experience).
To give students the idea on how they will classify substances, the
teacher will mix the prepared substances to show color changes.
Key Question: Why does a substance give a distinctive color when
mixed with
other substance?

Students will perform the activity Acids and Bases in the Home.
The activity aims to investigate the properties of acidic and basic
mixtures using plant indicator and classify them as acid or base.
Key Questions:
1. What color is the indicator in acidic solution? In basic solution?
2. Are cleaning products more likely to be acidic or basic?
3. Are food products more likely to be acidic or basic?

Mixtures of turmeric and

rubbing alcohol, baking
soda and water, and

10 Different household
3 Plastic teaspoons
Plastic egg tray or
10 party cups made into
3 Plant indicators freshly

The teacher will assess students laboratory activity performance

by group. The teacher should see that the students follow the
procedure and safety precautions in activity.

Rubber gloves
Laboratory performance
rating sheet

EXPLAIN (Teach the concept. Should include interaction between teacher and students).
Each group will present their laboratory report. After the report,
Laboratory Performance
the teacher will give inputs on important concepts missed by the
rating sheet
students. He will also give feedback on their laboratory activity
group performance.
ELABORATE (Students apply the information learned in the Explain).
1 cup water in a party cup
Empty party cup
The students will perform the activity What does an antacid do?
Antacid tablet
Acids are said to neutralize bases, and vice versa. In this activity
the students will investigate the effect of these substances to each
Plant indicator
other and define the word neutralize. This will lead them to answer
the question:
Experiment Design Rating
How does an antacid work to counteract excess stomach acid?
Peer Assessment
EVALUATE (How will you know the students have learned the concept)?
Students are evaluated in each phase of the lesson.
EXTEND (Deepen conceptual understanding through use in new context).
Short-answer response
Part A (individual). Proper Handling of Acids and Bases
1. Read labels of acidic and basic household substances found
in your home.
2. Write briefly your practice of handling these products safely.
Part B (by group). The Acid Rain
1. Explain the acid rain phenomenon
2. Describe the impact of acid rain on humans and the environment.
3. Give ways of preventing the adverse effects of acid rain.
DepEd Grade 7 Science Learners Material
Chemistry the Physical Setting. Myers.