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News Release WORLD OCEAN COUNCIL The International Cross-Sectoral Industry Leadership Alliance for Ocean Sustainability SUSTAINABLE OCEAN

News Release


The International Cross-Sectoral Industry Leadership Alliance for Ocean Sustainability


The first international ocean business community meeting on sustainability will define priorities and programs for cross-sectoral industry action on protecting the ocean

1 June 2010 –

It is more important than ever for ocean industries to address the challenges of operating in the marine environment and develop the collaboration and leadership needed to advance responsible ocean use.

Sustainability leaders from a diverse range of ocean industries will meet at the inaugural World Ocean Council (WOC) conference - the Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS) - in Belfast, UK, 15-17 June 2010. The SOS is an unprecedented multi-industry forum on oc ean issues that cut across sectoral and national boundaries and cannot be resolved by the best efforts of a single company or even an entire industry.

SOS panelists include over 100 senior industry representatives from an array of ocean industries. Speakers and participants include representatives from fisheries, seafood, aquaculture, shipping (container, tanker, bulk), shipbuilding, seafarer education and training, ports, dredging, mining, oil and gas, wind energy, ocean energy, carbon capture, desalination, tourism, insurance, maritime law, ocean engineering and technology, salvage, submarine cable, seabed mining, decommissioning, and habitat restoration.

The WOC is catalyzing private sector action on ocean sustainability. The unique international cross- sectoral nature of the WOC complements industry-specific approaches by addressing shared environmental issues such as marine invasive species, marine debris, ocean noise, vessel impacts on marine mammals, climate change, use of the Arctic, marine spatial planning, ocean policy and governance, etc. Industry collaboration in improving ocean science to better address these challenges will be a major cross-cutting theme of the conference and WOC programs.

At the SOS, participating companies and associations will chart the future of ocean stewardship. SOS outputs will directly drive the development of WOC programs.

Corporate Ocean Responsibility leaders who join the WOC as Founding Members will meet immediately following the SOS to begin developing the programs needed to tackle the priorities identified at the conference.

SOS registration has nearly reached capacity and limited space remains for additional participants. The conference is organized by the WOC and Golder Associates and is open to the ocean business community and other ocean stakeholders interested in working with the private sector.








The World Ocean Council is the international, cross-sectoral industry alliance for private sector leadership and collaboration in ocean stewardship. Companies and associations worldwide are distinguishing themselves as sustainability leaders by joining the WOC as Founding Members in 2009/2010.

Web: Email: Phone: +1 808 277‐9008

WOC Members to date include: ExxonMobil; Rio Tinto; the International Chamber of Shipping; RightShip; the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA); Twin Dolphins; Transocean; the Ocean Education, Technology and Sciences Partnership; Golder Associates; TORM AS; Nautilus Minerals; Det Norske Veritas (DNV); Holman Fenwick Willan; Beveridge & Diamond, P.C.; Blank Rome; Heidmar Inc.; Center for Energy, Marine Transportation and Public Policy; Professional Marine Explorers Society; Sustainable Oceans International.

Contact: Paul Holthus +1 (808) 277-9008