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6 Selecting & Evaluating Digital Tools & Resources

Candidates collaborate with teachers and administrators to select and evaluate digital tools and
resources for accuracy, suitability, and compatibility with the school technology infrastructure.
(PSC 3.6/ISTE 3f)
Artifact: ITEC 7445 Evaluating Emerging Technology Project
The Evaluating Emerging Technology Project artifact on virtual reality focused on
selecting and evaluating emerging technology tools and resources for education. The online
presentation was developed as a part of my ITEC 7445 course during the Spring of 2016. I
utilized the latest developments in virtual reality to construct a persuasive presentation on the
benefits of the emerging technology and the applications for learning. The presentation allowed
me to present my funding appeal for the emerging technology and respond to questions from
stakeholders about the proposal.
This artifact demonstrates ability to collaborate with teachers and administrators to select
and evaluate digital tools and resources for education. The selection of emerging technology and
resources demands accuracy, suitability, and compatibility with the current school environment. I
selected VR technology that was affordable and suitable for a private school with limited funding
options. I collaborated with educators and administrators to select devices and resources that fit
the expected budget and allowed for flexibility in funding and application. It was important that I
develop an emerging technology proposal that was accessible and based on the unique context of
a private school in Egypt that was still contending with post-revolution economic turmoil. We
chose to focus on the Google Cardboard type of virtual reality viewer that was compatible with
large smartphones. This fit the budgetary constraints and allowed for the appropriate level of

flexibility in the proposed roll-out plan. Technology facilitators must consider many options
when collaborating with faculty and administration in the selection of emerging technology tools
and resources. This field experience on emerging technology provided an excellent opportunity
for me to demonstrate my understanding of the selection process and allowed me to develop and
facilitate the collaboration involved in using virtual reality technology for student learning.
The completion of this artifact taught me the importance of accuracy and context in the
recommendation of technology tools and resources----especially those that are newly emerging.
Working in a developing country at a private school with limited funding emphasized the need
for contextual understanding because what may work in one location would certainly fail in
another. In the future I would ensure that I had multiple options for the pilot implementation of
the emerging technology so that various price points could be met in the event of cutbacks. I
would also like to involve the educators and students in the development of the proposal for
emerging technology because I think that has a larger impact on the possibility of getting funded.
This artifact had a positive impact on school improvement, student learning, and
professional development opportunities because it opened a whole new world of learning
activities that are rooted in authentic learning through the use of VR in the classroom. The
proposal inspired stakeholders to provide funding for a pilot project that increased overall
interest in the emerging technology and resources so that future plans for technology integration
were adjusted to include virtual technology devices and applications in the curriculum.