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Enhanced Position Location Reporting System Extended Frequency

A software programmable, wireless

networking system, the EPLRS-XF provides
fast, reliable tactical data communication
with wideband frequency operation in a
Type-1 certified implementation.


Delivers crucial information to

the right place at the right time
with optimal security and

Designed for mobility;

ideal for mobile, dynamic,
infrastructureless environments

Supports a broad range of

missions by integrating
battlefield information systems

Provides position/navigation
throughout maneuver forces
even if GPS is unavailable

Ruggedized for ground and

airborne operations

Supports wideband frequency

for more agile operations in
tactical environments

Low cost, affordable for all

combat and combat support

Type-1 cryptographic security

Broad-Range Mission Support

Mobile ad-hoc networking

provides high-speed horizontal
and vertical communications,
effectively shortening command
and control cycle times. Because
EPLRS-XF networks do not rely
on pre-planned or fixed
infrastructures, task
(re)organization can occur
rapidly and the commanders
span of control can be greatly

EPLRS-XF provides a wireless

Internet Protocol (IP) network
for tactical forces on the move
using Type-1 security.
EPLRS-XF supports a diverse
range of applications, such as
low-latency voice, sensor
netting, blue force tracking and
e-mail. This allows EPLRS-XF
to support a wide variety of
missions from air defense to
maneuver control and beyond.
Quality of Service (QoS) is
maintained for each application
via Time Division Multiple
Access (TDMA).



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Technical Specifications
System Features

IP-based, mobile ad-hoc networking (MANET)

Robust, self-healing network architecture

Externally programmable firmware and software

Contention-free access and guaranteed speed of service

Automatic mesh networking

Highly accurate Time of Flight derived positioning

Laptop-based network monitoring and management

Type-1 security

EPLRS-XF supports all IP-based battle management applications.

Key Specifications


UHF 225-450 MHz


10.5 in x 11 in x 5.1 in (max)


Approx. 18 lbs

Output Power:

0.4, 3 or 20 W selectable


Type-1 Crypto

Radio Links:

Up to 32 simultaneous independent data paths

per radio. Automatic route establishment,
maintenance and reconfiguration.

Data Rates:

Variable up to 1 Mbps per terminal


Manpack, vehicular and airborne


ADDSI (X25), Ethernet, PPP

Media contact
MB Hodgkiss
Raytheon Company
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Integrated Communication Systems
1801 W. Hughes Drive
Fullerton, CA 92833 USA
714.446.4315 phone
714.446.4314 fax

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