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Activity Report: AMR Fighter

IPSF APRO Public Health Street Campaign

General information

Name of association:
Head of campaign:
Contact email:
Date of event:
Number of staff:
Number of participants:

Materials and activities included

Poster 1: Fact about AMR

Poster 2: AMR with cough and flu
Flu kits
Photo booth
Oath Certificates
AMR quiz
Board game
Others (please identify) _________________
Photos of Campaign (5-10 photos)

Please add your event photos here to represent the activities you included in
your campaign

Students Impact

How did this campaign impact your team-mates and students within your

Community Impact

What impact did this campaign have on your community?

Problems Encountered

Did any problems occur during the preparation and implementation processes
and how did you solve it?

Future Plans

Are there any future plans in regards to this campaign within your association?
Any future plans for the upcoming public health campaign?

Comments to APRO RWG

Do you have any comments to the APRO RWG about this public health

Please send this report to within 2 weeks after your

event has finished.