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Standing Orders for Wellsite Supervisors
In order to run a safe and efficient operation we need your cooperation in the implementation of these
standing orders. They are to be considered the minimum level of conformance for drilling and workover
operations. Repeated nonconformance to these standing orders by IPM Supervisors without suitable
exemption from the applicable level of IPM management may result in corrective action which could
include possible termination of employment.
1. The Wellsite Supervisor will ensure that Drillers are always instructed in writing on the operations to
be performed. A Standing Orders for All Drillers form or similar form must be used and signed by
the Wellsite Supervisor and Rig Superintendent. These daily instructions to be kept on file for a
period of 6 months.
2. The Wellsite Supervisor shall ensure that Well Control shut-in procedures are posted on or in sight of
the Drillers console.
3. The drilling mud must be checked on a regular basis and basic properties (MW & FV in and out)
reported to the Driller at least every 30 minutes or immediately upon any noted change. A detailed
drilling fluid or mud report book will be maintained.
4. The Wellsite Supervisor must personally witness critical operations such as landing, cementing, and
testing casing, and during BOP landing or installation and testing operations.
5. The Wellsite Supervisor or Rig Superintendent must be on the rig floor for the commencement of all
trips. He is to remain on the floor for a minimum of fifteen stands and ensure the well is taking correct
fill-up volume. If well is not taking proper fill-up volume at any time, pipe will be run back to bottom,
and the well circulated bottoms up.
6. A complete updated list of all tubulars on the rig will be maintained at all times. Inspection and
running hours records will be maintained in the rig well file for all tubulars. The Wellsite Supervisor will
ensure that rental tools must be accompanied by recent inspection certificates or bear markings
indicating recent inspection or they shall not be run in the hole.
7. Maximum overpull must be posted on rig floor and should be limited to allowable referenced in API
RP7G for Premium Class drillpipe or weakest point in string.
8. The Wellsite Supervisor will ensure that:
a) A slow circulation pump rate (SCR) is taken at the beginning of each drillers tour and noted in the
tour report;
b) The Driller checks the flow path from the BOP to the degasser to ensure all valves are properly
c) A well control data sheet is filled out at the beginning of each change of operation (drill trip, etc.)
or maximum of every 24 hours with the correct depths and volume factors.
9. Wellsite Supervisor shall ensure that a full opening safety valve and inside BOP (dart of appropriate
size if dart sub is in drill string) are readily available on the rig floor for all pipe connections in use.
10. Wellsite Supervisor shall ensure that a float valve is run in every BHA utilized for drilling operations.
11. When running casing, Wellsite Supervisor shall ensure that a crossover is available (on the rig floor)
for all casing connections to drillpipe connection and chicksan unions (Weco Figure 1502 preferred).
12. Pit/BOP drills and/or simulations shall be developed and executed as appropriate to the specific
drilling operations being carried out.
13. Daily briefings (informal) shall be held among supervisors to communicate operational/safety issues.
14. All drills, exercises, safety meetings, incidents, etc shall be recorded in the Daily Drilling Report.
15. The IADC Daily Drilling Report shall be checked for accuracy and signed daily.
16. The Wellsite Supervisor shall review the thickening times and cement slurry formulations prior to all
cement jobs.

Antonio Campo
President IPM

Larry Hibbard
Well Construction & Intervention Manager IPM