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Grand Highblood/Gamzee Makara
Grand Highblood, Gamzee Makara
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Blood Sacrifice
by princehadri, whytekatt

It's the same thing every year: an (un)lucky wriggler is chosen to be given to the Grand
Highblood to keep his favor. You never thought you'd be the poor bastard chosen. The
rumors you've heard about him would fill a book...but what you've heard and what's true
are two completely different things. Not that you care. You just don't want to be eaten.

Chapter 1
Chapter by princehadri

Every year its the same thing. Someone around your age is sent to the Grand Highblood as
tribute. The adult trolls claim its to keep him calm and thank him for his protection, but everyone even you - knows that isnt the truth.
Its just plain old sacrifice.
The unlucky winner is always picked randomly out of your hemospectrum (they dare not to send
him a lower blood, nor risk the wrath of the higher bloods by trying to take one of their wrigglers),
but with how many of you there are within the age range, its never been an issue.
Until you find yourself being dragged out of your hive. The same trolls who you had always sort
of looked up to have you by the arms so hard that your grey flesh is purpling with impending
"Lemme the motherfuck go!" You dig your heels into the sand to try and slow them down but all
that manages to do is strip your bare feet raw. "I wanna go back home!"
None of them bother talking to you as you struggle every step of the way towards the caves. The
cool stone is sweet mercy on your bleeding feet, but you dont notice it. Youve spent every day
of your short life avoiding this place, like all the other trolls do.
It strikes dread into your heart.
The other trolls let you go and push you forwards into the mouth of the cave. Youve seen the
tributes before. You know that theres no point in trying to run. Theres guards stationed in case
you try to make a break for it and you know that they arent going to leave just because you step
Theres a sharp prod to your back and you reluctantly move towards certain doom. You dont
know what the Highblood does with his sacrifices, but youve heard the stories. Clothing made
from skin, decorations of bone, meals of flesh and muscle.
With every step you take into the twisting labyrinth, the light of outside grows dimmer and your
eyes shift to adjust to the flickering torchlight. All you can hear is the echo of your own footsteps
sounding off the walls.
"What have they sent me now?"
The unfamiliar voice sends chills of terror down your spine. You can hear him but you
cant see him and it makes your senses strain all the more.
"Keep on walking, little mother fucker."
You do as youre told - not out of desire to obey, but because theres nothing else for you to do.
A few dozen more steps down the narrow tunnel and it opens up into a small chamber. Theres

food - normal food - set out on a table in front of you, but beyond that the room is completely
empty. The sight of it makes your stomach twist painfully with hunger. You had been dragged out
of your cocoon before you had been able to eat anything and your body has finally realized that.
"Go ahead." The voice addresses you like it can see you. A hoarse whisper pressed against your
ear. "Youre no mother fucking good to me if youre half starved. Im not heartless~
You arent about to argue with the Highblood and your stomach.
You throw yourself into eating with all the energy and enthusiasm that only a wriggler of your age
can possess.
"Dont choke," He laughs, oily slick and darker than the deep nighttime waters of the sea,
"Youre not any use to me if youre dead.
Wiping your mouth on the bare skin of your arm, you finish eating and glance about the cave
"Onwards, little mother fucking wriggler."
This time, you are obeying. Your limbs feel pleasantly light as you walk. Your feet dont hurt
anymore and theres a vague fogginess in the back of your mind.
You head towards the source of the voice and down the winding tunnels until you step into what
is unmistakably a throne room. Theres a low stone table taking up the center of the large cavern
and torches on either side of the throne itself. But you dont even notice. All you can see is the
hulking behemoth upon the throne. His hair is wild and tangled and down to his waist from what
you can see. His horns are like your own, should yours be nearly twice their current length.
You can feel yourself rubbing your fingers against the edge of your own horn, imagining how
much the others must weigh.
What really catches your eye is two things - the size of his hands (triple those of any adult troll
youve ever seen) and his face itself. Dark purple eyes are set deep in his skull, smeared makeup
covering his grey skin - much like your own does. Elongated canines rest over his lower lips and
twist his smile into something youve never seen before.
When he stands, it feels like the very floor shakes and you shrink down against yourself with
growing fear.
"Whatre youwhatre you gonna motherfucking do?" You manage to ask, voice far squeakier
than you want. "I a-aint gonna be no good as a meal."
He grins widely and claps a massive hand against your small shoulder, nearly bowling you over.
"Do I look mother fucking hungry?"
"Ishit, I dunno. Areyou?" You have to look straight up towards the ceiling just to see his
face. "You dont look hungry, but
One of the Highbloods hands is stroking the inner side of one of your horns and its making it
hard to think. Claws run along the base teasingly, forming nonsensical patterns against the deep
"Not really hungry at all. Got somethin a little better on my think pan right now."

Youre trying to think so that you can answer, but with the way hes fondling your horn its
difficult to even remember your own name. Hes sending warm chills down into the pit of your
stomach, a deep purple flush working its way onto your cheeks.
The Highbloods grin is more of a leer as he ushers you back towards the throne he only just got
off of.
Your limbs are starting to feel numb and you cant even fight as he grabs the back of your shirt
and pulls you into his lap. You can feel the lump in your throat grow, becoming hard to swallow
down. Youre shaking and you can feel him laugh at your nervousness. Its like an earthquake and
all you can do is hold on.
"Why are you so mother fuckin nervous, grub?"
Theres a million reasons youre nervous. Or are there? Really, you cant remember.
"Why dont you lay down and get comfortable."
You stare up at him for a second but his eyes are completely unreadable. Or maybe you just arent
so good at reading that sort of thing. Hes just watching you without any further command so you
do what he said. Youre slumped back against the arm of the throne, head resting against the rock
as you blearily look back up at him.
"Thats goodreal good." One of his long fingered hands is crawling up your leg and over the
waistband of your pajama pants and before you know it, hes got your pants tugged down around
your knees. "Now just keep on layin there like you are like a good mirthful little fucker."
You want to argue with him about it and youre about toonly, the second his clawed fingers
brush against the folds of your nook, every thought in your mind dissipates. Youd be lying if you
said youd never put your hand down your pants before but this is different. Youve never
done quite what hes doing. One of the tips of his fingers push into you and you cant help the cry
of objection that springs to your lips.
"That wont do you no mother fucking good." He grins against your neck and you can feel
pointed fangs brushing over your exposed throat. Youre reminded of your impending fate, but his
fingers rubbing against your crotch are distracting you.
"D-Dont eat me," You whine as he practically flips you around with one hand so that youre
sitting in his lap and facing him. Youre forced to stare up into his gleaming eyes for that second
and you can feel the growing terror coursing through you.
"Why not?" The Highbloods grin widens and he pushes you down so that your head is against
his knees, shoulders supporting your weight as he lifts you up by your hips. Your shirt has fallen
over your face and you cant see whats going on.
"Hold still."
Your legs are moved by a single large hand, pulling them around either side of his neck. Youre
utterly exposed to him and youre glad you cant see him - and that he cant see your darkly
blushing face. His breath is warm against your sensitive flesh, teasing kisses trailing down your
inner thighs and making you quiver. Youre hot with arousal and you can feel your bulge
squirming, desperate, in the cold air.
"You like that?" He chuckles. A low rumble against your leg, tongue sliding upwards with
devastating slowness. Your hips twitch just once and thats invitation enough for him.

His too long tongue pushes inside of your nook and you gasp harshly for air. Youve never gone
beyond simple teasing with your own fingers, always too nervous to push them inside yourself.
Your attention has always focused more on your bulge, slick and sensitive enough to bring you to
a climax in no time. The tongue within you is like nothing else youve ever felt. He can tell, by the
smirk that you can see when you peek up from around the edge of your shirt.
"What a cooperative little mother fucker they sent me this time The Highbloods tongue licks
over your bulge and he pulls back with a wild grin. So how bout I see just how good you are.
He gets up too quickly and you fall onto the unforgiving stone of the chair in a heap, your hips
still rocking needily.
"Bend over. Knees on the ground."
Its all you can do to obey, chest and cheek alike pressed against the throne.
Something like a coo rumbles forth from his broad chest while he looks you over. His impossibly
large hand rubs over your ass leisurely, spreading you and grazing his thumb over your entrance.
You tense up and he laughs, hands dropping lower to tug at the lips of your nook.
"Dont worryI aint interested in that right this second." You can hear the soft shuffle of fabric
and then the sound of his pants hitting the ground. You fuckin move and Ill rip your throat out.
Immediately, you freeze and he laughs at you while something prods at your nook. Both his hands
are on your ass so it has to be
"Motherfuck!" You yelp in surprise and anger as the tip of his bulge presses into you, twisting
within your very insides. It coils and pushes and withdraws slowly and you can feel it trying to
spread you open.
"How bout some miracles, boy?" Hes leaning over you, broad chest pressed against your back
and he slowly moves his hips to work his bulge further into you. "Youre mirthful tightyou
done this before, or did they sent me a little mother fucker whos new to this?
You dont answer. Youre too distracted by the way that his bulge is pushing you open and
pressing against your inner walls.
"Think you can take the rest of it?"
The rest?
You lift your head and twist sharply to look back at him - or more specifically, his hips.
His bulge is bigger than you had imagined. Its long and thick; about as big around as your
forearm at its average width. But that isnt what youre stricken speechless by.
At the base of the coiling appendage is a knot that rivals your clenched fist.
The Highbloods gaze follows yours and when he sees what youre staring at, he barks out a
laugh. You gonna be a good little bulge licker and take that for me? Thumbs press against your
nook, pulling your wet folds further apart so that he can wiggle another inch into you.
You aint gonna fit, forget about that motherfucker!
"Not yet, sure" You can hear him grinning as he grinds slowly against you. The length of his
bulge that isnt pushing inside your nook is rubbing against the cleft of your ass, seeking out any

friction that it can get. "You just need a little practice."

The ache of your nook isnt enough to distract you from the sudden pain in the back of your neck
and when you feel warmth trickling down over your throat and his tongue over your skin, you
tense. He really is going to fucking eat you. The thought of your blood over his lips is enough to
make you lightheaded. Youve only ever heard of cannibals. Youve never met one.
His bulge twists within you, the tip of it flicking against your insides and pushing insistently
against you. Youre confused by the change in pace until a moan warbles forth from your lips,
high pitched and sharp. Youre (nearly) seeing stars between the pain and the bizarre pleasure that
youre getting from the pressure inside you.
One of his hands strokes over your bulge, squeezing it and rubbing his thumb over the length of it
while it eagerly curls between his fingers with a mind of its own. It only takes a few tugs from him
coupled with the penetration before youre yowling out wordlessly again, not sure if youre
cursing or worshiping your elder.
He grunts and kisses the back of your neck, lips sticky with your purple blood. Every thrust is an
overload to your sensitive nerves that summons a ragged moan from your raw throat.
Youre actually thankful when he finishes, teeth fastening too hard against your ear and biting
down to the cartilage as he ruts into you. Your bruised hips ache from where hes held you down
to use you. But hes moved past that now. Hes pinned you down against the throne so that you
cant do anything but buck your hips and whimper as he reaches his climax, hips grinding against
your ass.
"Not bad for a wrigglermight not eat you just yet."

Chapter 2
The Grand Highblood has left you alive longer than you expected.
But then again, you didn't expect to survive the first night, let alone days that are beginning to
border on weeks. He feeds you better than your lusus ever did. During the day he leaves you
alone and to your own devices. You idle around the labyrinth, exploring when curiosity strikes
It's practically just like being back at your own hive.
Except, unlike your lusus, the Highblood shows up every evening.
And every evening you know better than to not heed the crooning summons in the back of your
mind. It's hypnotizing. You only want to obey when you hear him.
You've figured out that the food has to be drugged, because the second his claws graze over your
bare skin, you're always reduced to mewling and begging for more. Even when he's nowhere to
be found, your nook aches and your bulge is desperate for attention. You know better than to
touch. He caught you - once - and the backs of your thighs still sting from just the thought.
But this time he doesn't call you to his respite block like he usually does. Your feet follow his call
blindly. There's an invisible chain tugging you into his throne room. Just like the first time.
"There's my good little bitch..." A hand that's easily big enough to snap your limbs and crush your
skull caresses your cheek with surprising gentleness. The affection is shallow at best. "You feelin'
nice and mother fucking hot for me?"
"You been good today, right? Upped the dosage...should be pretty wicked unbearable by now."
"You did do somethin' to me!"
The Highblood just grins at you and gets up from his throne. He advances on you like one of the
undead creatures of the night that wrigglers are warned about. You back up two steps for every
one of his. The backs of your legs hit the low stone table and you go sprawling onto your back,
head cracking hard against the unforgiving slab.
"I think you like what I did to you."
Your head is spinning; you can't tell if it's from the drugs or from the split on the back of your
head. You don't have much time to think about this before the larger troll has descended upon
you, forcing your legs open and pinning you down by your arms. You start to fight against him,
but quickly give up. It's no use. He's huge and could kill you with a simple move.
You lay back as his head lowers.
"See? There you go." His lips brush over your neck and you shudder. Today must be the day.
He's grown tired of you and you're done for.
His hands move for a quick moment, ripping your shirt from your body and you tense up as you
feel his lips against your skin. You whine, trying to lay still, but that hot tongue against your
stomach just makes you tense up and try to wriggle away. "P-please! I d-don't ... I won't taste g-

But the monstrosity isn't listening.
And a hard bite to your side tells you exactly what he's thinking. Your stomach drops and you feel
your face pale. Yet, your body moves more into his touch and mouth and your lips let out a wailed
Another bite grazes against your ribs and you twitch in an attempt to arch away from his mouth.
His hand holds you firm and he uses his weight to keep you still. He hasn't drawn blood, but the
sting in your side is enough to keep you mindful of exactly how much damage he can do.
"You still think I'm gonna up and mother fucking take a chomp on you? Smart wriggler."
"I...I'm more useful if I ain't dead and ate!"
"Didn't say you were gonna end up 'dead and ate'. You should learn to listen a little better."
Your head has gone light and your vision is spinning. Each breath is shallow and coming too
quickly and before you know it, you're hyperventilating while he laughs and kisses you with lips
coated in your own blood.
"N-Nonono, you said!" You whimper with pain while trying to keep your mouth away
from his. Belatedly, you have enough sense to shut your eyes so tight that you're seeing spots.
"I haven't gone against anything I said..." The Highblood smirks and nibbles on your side of your
neck just long enough to make you tense. He moves on from there, leaving purple lip marks on
your chest and shoulder and upper arm.
He moves off of you, leaving you trembling, whimpering and on the verge of sobbing. "I said I
wouldn't kill you. But shit...are you mother fucking tasty~" His purr makes you shake even more,
trying to curl up and cover the wound his mouth left. Touching it makes you even more light
headed as a new rush of pain washes over you, making your vision even more blurry.
You roll onto your good side, and the overwhelming feeling of sickness takes you over. Your
body jerks as you force yourself onto your hands and knees, expelling the contents of your
stomach over the side of the table - nerves and pain finally getting the better of you.
The Grand Highblood just laughs at your weak display.
You want to get up. To try and get away and at least get back to your respite block. To run all the
way back home. But you can't even keep supporting yourself on all fours.
"Just motherfucking k-kill me already!" You keep your arm cupped around your injured side as
you slump back down onto the table. "Just...kill me and eat me, but get it over with!"
"Why would I want to kill you so quickly? You wouldn't taste nearly as good." He moves to
loom over you again, that large menacing smile staring you down. "I wonder if your fear makes
you taste any better." He pushes you down on to your stomach, holding you there with one hand
as his teeth rip in to your lovehandle area, pulling away another chunk and another scream.
Trying to squirm away just makes it all hurt worse. Each movement makes every fiber of your
nerves burn with pain, blood dripping with sickening speed onto the stone beneath you. It isn't
enough to make you bleed out - or even pass out - but the pain is worse than you had imagined.
But you had also imagined that you would be dead when he finally took that step.

He continues to hold you down, his free hand moving over your lower body to grasp your pants
and rip them away from you as well. You give another wail and try to twist away as you feel one
of his large fingers pressing into your nook. You'd momentarily forgotten just how hot you had
been, but that dirty notion put it back there - at least in the back of your head.
You try to kick him away, though it's quite impossible as you're on your stomach and he's keeping
you pinned. His finger works more at you, pushing deeply and curling to feel over your insides.
You whine, finally giving up and spreading your legs. He's not going to stop and it's better to let
him go on than to risk him taking another bite out of you.
To tell the truth, you're thankful for the distraction.
The strange feeling of pleasure that you get from his wide finger stretching your nook is almost
enough to help dull the pain. It's more than enough to get the rest of your body to comply, though.
Your bulge has begun to unsheathe and beg your captor for attention.
"You like a little pain. I knew it." His finger pushes into you up to the knuckle and twists within
you while you squirm and gasp against the table. "Makes me wonder what you'll mother fucking
do with a little more..."
You're not sure what he means by that, but you have an idea as a second finger presses in to you.
It feels almost as wide as his bulge - but not nearly as good. He splits his fingers, each feeling you
over in a different direction. It makes you squirm and mewl like it always has.
Your hand leaves your side and grasps at the table, trying to push more against him.
"Didn't take you long to get over being mother fucking eaten, did it?"
His fingers slide from your nook and rub over your whole sex - teasing your bulge before trailing
and pressing at your other hole. "Let's see just how hungry you are."
He grabs your legs, forcing you onto your back again and pulling you to the edge of the table.
You don't know when he pulled his own pants down, but they're around his thighs and his large
bulge is wiggling, inching for you. You try to squirm away, but it's no use as he grinds up against
you and he enters you. It's already thicker than his fingers and he's not being gentle.
Your back arches as he pushes in deep, already moaning heavily as it curls and writhes within
you, inching deeper than ever before. It makes your nook ache as it's forced to spread wide, but
god, does it feel good.
You whine and chance a glance down; his knot is inching closer to you.
He's been getting you more used to his bulge but the idea of him completely filling you is still
terrifying. He's never quite managed to get it all the way in and even just getting close to it is
enough to stretch you further than you could imagine.
You sit up just enough to curl your body and grasp onto his horns again, your purple blood
making the bright colors muddy.
"Gettin' a good grip? You're gonna need it." The Highblood laughs as he bows his head to let you
grab on tighter. His bulge squirms and wriggles inside your nook as it fights its way further into
you. "Be a good grub, mother fucker...might not take another bite outta you tonight if you
You whine at his threat, but only move down more on him. Better to be good and in one piece

than to end up on the dinner menu.

That's when you feel it - the head of his knot. It's spreading you even wider, threatening to split
you in half as it's trying to push into your dripping nook.
And you want it in you. You're not sure why - perhaps it's something in the troll's fluids,
pheromones - but you want him and you want your pain is gone.
He can sense your urgency and need and - for once - he does what you want. He pulls out just
enough so that he can push deeper into you, the lips of your nook spreading around his knot. It
doesn't hurt. Not compared to the first time he tried to force it into you. Not compared to the
sluggishly bleeding teeth marks in your side.
There's a thrill that runs through your spine as you feel the knot forced into you. You both stop
moving to take in the moment. A large grin spreads over his face as he stares down at you. "Well
done, my little wriggler bitch."
He pushes you back, laying you flat on the table once more. That's when you notice it. His hand
moves over your stomach and the bump that's risen there. As he presses on it slightly, you feel him
moving inside you and the moan that comes from your throat is quite lude. He grabs one of your
hands away from his horns and places it over the risen dome. Under your fingers and palm, you
can feel his length curling and moving inside you. You can feel his knot growing and keeping you
locked to him as his hips grind against you.
And these feelings make you moan even louder.
His free fingers are dancing with your own slick bulge, causing them to coat in a more translucent
purple than what covers his face.
It feels good and with your nerves overly sensitive from the pain he's put you through, it doesn't
take much more to get you on edge. You lift your hips and push against him breathlessly. It
isn't enough. You're so close but you're too damn far and you're so hot and ragged and you just
want relief.
"More," the word spills from your mouth in a high pitched whine of lust and need. You're
demanding things of him. You know better but you can't control yourself.
He laughs. His laugh rattles through your very being. Even with your demands, he's amused. And
he obliges. You feel him press deeper into you, causing the bump in your stomach to expand. His
large hands grab you, pulling you from the table and carefully turning you over to lay you on your
He continues to hold you with his right hand, but his left moves over your buttocks. He squeezes
and grabs at your cheeks before using his palm to spread them and prods a finger against your
empty hole. You feel something wet and cold against your backside. It causes you to shudder.
Despite the short prep and warning, you're not entirely prepared as he pushes one of those large
fingers passed the tight ring of your entrance. You let out another cry as you push back on him,
urging him deeper. He works the digit before starting up short thrusts of his hips. His hand
matches those thrusts, filling both your nook and your ass, giving you more - as you had
With your mangled side and hip, it's hard for you to do much more than rock back against him,
but you do so eagerly. The knot has stretched you tight around him and you can feel every pulse
and coil of his bulge as he grinds against you.

"Can feel ya, wriggler." He purrs and presses his finger the rest of the way into you, practically
rubbing against his own bulge.
He twists more inside you, his bulge feeling every inch it can as you're locked to him. These
motions distract you from his hand moving from your back. However, the sharp pain to your side
tells you exactly where those large fingers have run off to.
You press your forehead into the table as his finger fucks your wound, causing it to bleed freely
once again. The pain dulls and you feel his finger moving carefully over your back. You can only
guess what he's writing with his macabre purple ink and if you counted right, it's only three letters
You give another whimper as his hand moves over your bleeding side and wince away from his
hand as he wipes your blood as much over your face as possible.
"Your blood is the same as mine. This remember who you mother fucking belong to."
He grabs a fistful of your hair, pulling you back as his pace begins up again - slamming and
grinding mirthlessly against your raw privates.
And all you can do is moan. Louder than you ever had. Your fingers scratch against the table and
you can feel your mouth dripping with blood and saliva, enjoying the pounding the monster of a
troll is giving you. The pounding that sends your head swimming as you scream when the hot
sensation fills your nook.
You scream until your body goes limp and your vision goes black, your mind on only one
The action is dirty and wasteful - but then again, why would the Grand Highblood want to
actually share genetic material with nothing but a sacrifice?

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