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Spector Lumenex

Data Sheet



The A1 and A2 SILs are plug in / out printed circuit board (P.C.B)
designed to operate in conjunction with the AMPIID power

A1 and A2 are low profile SIL modules, which fit to an

AMPIID power amplifier PCB by means of a 50 way indirect
female edge connector.
A1 is fitted to allow ACE 16-node control.
A2 is fitted to allow ACE 100-node control.
There is no routine service for either A1 or A2. Repair is by

A1 SIL (ACE 16)

The A1 S.I.L converts parallel zone data into an amplifier
selected / deselected control bit. Up to 8 zones may be
decoded by A1 and any or all zones may be pre selected on
the A1 S.I.L by means of D.I.L switch selection i.e. switch 1
on means that the amplifier is enabled when ever zone 1
on the management node is asserted. The A1 can be
configured to enable the amplifier for other management
node zone outputs as desired. Note that the A1 also carries
optical isolation thereby ensuring galvanic separation
between host and amplifier target. For use with Ace 16 and
SALS management systems.
A1 enables zoning/muting of the amplifier host.
A1 relies on the presence of a 10-way zone control ribbon
extended from ACE 16 to PLA on the AMPIID frame
motherboard. This connector carries parallel zone data Z1-8
and 0V. Zones are normally asserted at logic 1 (+5V) and
sink to logic 0 (0V) when called to service. A1 carries an 8
way DIL switch SW1-8. With all switches in the 'off' position
the amplifier is permanently disabled.

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When a switch is made the respective input on A1 becomes

dependent on a host node zone status. It is therefore
feasible to have several zone switch selections on A1, and in
this instance the amplifier will be called to service upon
receipt of any corresponding zone requests.

Electrical Specification (A1)

Supply Voltage

+5DC Derived from AMPIID


Supply Current


Control Inputs

8 x Active logic 1 to hold respective

zone off

Control Outputs

Optically coupled switch

A2 SIL (ACE100)
A2 enables control of the host amplifier, collection of amplifier
status and provides data communications backbone to SALS
addressable loudspeakers where fitted.
Each amplifier has a unique number corresponding to its
position in the frames. The amplifier number is set using an
8-*way DIL switch on the A2 card. The address is in Binary
Coded Decimal (BCD).
A2 is energised from the amplifier +5V rail and comprises of
an RS485 transceiver, which operates in half duplex mode
with transceivers sited on the ACE 100 supervisory card.
Data communications are controlled by an 8051 processor
fitted with embedded software. The 8051 extends an I2C
bus for local data transfer from/ to PIO chips PCF8574 which
each provide 8 input or output capability. These parallel
input/output ports allow connection of B1C, B1V surveillance

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