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Judicial Accountability Protection for All in US

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Featured Judge
Edward V. Torack of Bergen County, N.J.

The following 12 items are alleged typical tactics of this spotlighted judge

1. Total denial to have attorney representation (1998 Transcript)

or will eliminate a litigant out of a present attorney (1999-2003) so
this contemptuous judge can abuse for the next months or years.
Unequal Protection Under the Law is alive in his courtroom.

2. This judge violates, manipulates and ignores laws, rules

(Appendix IX-A, 10b), statutes, case law (Potter v. Potter, App. Div.
1979), US Constitution and even his oath of office to abuse litigants
with criminal acts such as fraud, extortion, perjury, false arrest,
and even a "Double Dip" scam of raping/extorting extra child support.

3. This same judge has an easily proven umbilical tie to a high

priced Hackensack attorney. This attorney is the only attorney that is
linked to this judge through another attorney on the Internet (To find
evidence do a Internet search for Edward V. Torack to look for the
common attorney tie between this judge and a buddy attorney or contact
this site for copies of this fraud to society). How conveniently they
churn these cases and do monetary favors for each other.

4. It has been alleged by another HackensackNJ attorney (name

withheld but provided upon request) that a Bergen County attorney was
seen passing a brown paper bag to this judge during a "Bench/Bar
meeting at a Meadowlands restaurant in November 1998. How easily the
payoff are made for a one sided decision filled with fraud.

5. The F.A.C.E. organization did a survey (FACE Volume 7, Issue

2, 2nd Quarter 2000) on judges in the state of NJ. The survey yielded
that this judge was incompetent, biased and totally abused ProSe or
father litigants beyond recognition by using every fraudulent tactic
in his arsenal. He was defined to be the 3rd worst judge in this

6. This judge repeatedly is alleged to carryout fraud, extortion

and perjury tactics to make sure he churns his cases that become
criminalized by his own actions and tactics (See #2 above on the
"Double Dip" scam and tactics).

7. Torack will allow the creation of "false arrest" scams to

fully extort from litigants and further churn the case. Probation
records define being fully paid, Appendix IX-A, 10B defines specific
rule but judge fabricates any fraud he wants, even "False Arrest".

8. From church participants it is alleged that Torack flaunts his

live-in Wyckoff mistress in church while his present wife resides in
Franklin Lakes to be used for all judicial functions so he shows off a
proper appearance. How can an immoral judge make proper decisions on
the safety of children or the morality of family law cases?

9. This judge denies litigants "Discovery" (1998 transcript) then

makes sure it is fully covered up. How much of the never litigated
marital assets made it to his pocket?

10. This judge denies litigants "Motion Access" ( motions filed for
many years since 1999 and also includes a court order filed on 12/3/01
pg. 2 #6) to the courts and then manipulates all motions and hearings
to suit his and his buddy attorneys pocket.

11. This judge helps opposing buddy attorney hide and dissipate 100%
of the marital assets for select females (1998 court transcript &
evidence of cover-up of never litigated hidden assets by female
spouse) . All alleged to assure money for his pocket.

12. This judge makes sure "Prenuptial Agreements" to be fair, valid

and enforceable and then systematically rapes inherited assets based
on perjury and terrorism. Are we all suppose to applaud this very well
defined criminal?

This "Family Law" judge does not know or have the remotest idea what
"Best Interest of a Child" or "Justice" means. He has no idea what
"Equal Protection Under the Law" or an "Even Playing Field" means. Sad
that this man is in an office that allows him to violate his oath of
office and puts these criminal acts above Gods laws? (This is all
defined in a criminally litigated home foreclosure in 2001 w/attorney
fee extortion/fraud).

On a regular basis this judge insults litigants by violating his own

oath of office and the laws of this state. He fully insults his
position, the robe that he wears and the laws of this country.

Make sure you and/or your lawyer DO NOT allow this judge to get away
with his crimes to you and others in our society! It is alleged this
judge is at the level of those sent to jail for criminal acts and is
also at the bin Laden level of terrorism.

Anyone that has more about this Judge, please e-mail this site with
your information, complete our Judicial Questionnaire or complete a
Registration Form. This will certainly help this overall cause since
if we get enough factual complaints about one judge we will forward
them to the proper person. Your name will not be used without your