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Lesson plan on Public Relation

General Information:
Name of the teacher: Binal
Group of students
No. of students in group
Previous knowledge of the
Teaching method
Audio-Visual Aids

Management of nursing services and

Unit 4
Public Relation
Seven semester students


Lecture cum discussion

Chalk Board, Power Point, Hand out

Central Objective
After completion of the class students will be
able to gain knowledge and understanding about Public
Relation in detail
Specific objectives: After completion of the topic students will be able to


introduce and define the Public Relation

relate the need for public relations
enlist the functions of public relations
identify methods and techniques of public relation
Discuss role of nurse in maintaining public relation

1. To introduce



Lesson Plan on Public Relation

Page 1

Teacher verbally

and define
the Public

explain with use

chalk board

In democratic state public relations are very

significant, today the concept of police state has
been replaced by the welfare state, stte activites
have been expanded. The government undertakes
multifarious activites for the public welfare. But for
this successful accomplishment, public cooperation
is essential. the public only cooperates when it has
a confidence in the government
According Mc.Cany
Public relations in government is the composite of
all, the primary an secondary contacts between the
bureaucracy and all the interactions of influences
and attitudes established in these contacts
According to J.H.Brebner
The simplest way of describing the function of
public relations and publicity in modern
administration is to say that they are concerned
with the study of the
human factors in industry and, to an increasing
degree in government


To relate
the need for


There are the following factors which go to make
public relations for administration
1. Expansion of state activities
Modern state is a welfare state, public
administration caters to the need of the society, and
it undertakes activites which are meant to promote
public good
2. Safeguard against public criticism
The basic difference between private and public
administration is that even the smallest error of the
public administration soon comes to light; on the
other hand even the greatest scandals take place in
private sectors, and the public does not learn about

Lesson Plan on Public Relation

Page 2

Teacher verbally
explains the top
with use of chalk

3. Change in public policies
Today the public policies have undergone a
change .they do not have to confine themselves to
the execution of laws. Today the public servants
have to advertise the policies of the government,
and the public should be informed regarding the
nature and scope of the available services.
4. Role of a salesman
Today the public relations is like salesmanship.
as a salesman sells his commodities by
advertising them, in the same way modern
administrators have to sell government policies
and programmes. They in other words present
their programmes before the people in such an
attractive package.

To enlist the
functions of

Functions of Public Relations Department

The main functions of the public relations
officer may be summarized as follows
1. Release of departmental news
Press is very influential organ of public opinion
the government has ,therefore to maintain good
relations with it by providing it full information
regarding the departmental policy as well as
2. Explanations
Legislative statues as well as government rules
and regulations are made by legal law years;
thus through public relations the department
provides explanation and illustrations of these
rules and regulations
3. Background information

Lesson Plan on Public Relation

Page 3

Teacher verbally
explains the
functions of pub
relation with use
of powre rpoint

For all its social activites the department has

to depends upon the understanding and
cooperation of the people, the background
information of the administrative decisions is
provided to the people to gain their confidence
4. Persuasion
At the time of war and other crisis, the
government needs more public cooperation
.sometimes people needs more public
cooperation. Sometimes people are called upon
to come forward to help the government at the
cost of their personal interest .for instance the
people can be and property
5. Direct Sale


To identify
of public

Today the government has also become a

merchant. It has stepped in to business like
private individuals
Methods and techniques of public relations
Public administration has borrowed methods
and technique of public relations from business
organizations where they have been developed
in systematic and scientific way. They are
o Communication
o Press and publications
o Radio
o Films and other audiovisual aids
o Advertising
o Public speaking
o Researching
o Research and opinion surveys
1, Communication
According to prf.pfiffner
The process of transmitting cues, mainly written
and verbal, in order to modify human behaviors
2, Press and Publications

Lesson Plan on Public Relation

Page 4

Teacher verbally
explains the
methods and
techniques used
for public

Publicity is an important tool of public relations.

Government publishers book, booklets, pamphlets detailed information about the policies,
programmes and activities of its administrative
3, Radio
Radio and television have now become very
important and effective media of mass contact and
communication. They reach the people more
rapidly and have a far wider appeal
4. Films and other audiovisual aids
Films are another means of effective mass
communication .they are being widely made use of
by governments at national and local levels .for this
they maintain studies and prepare documentary
films and news streds for free display.
5. Advertising
No other means of publicity has provoked so much
public controversy as advertising. Most people
criticize the government advertisement as a cheap
sales propaganda, unworthy of a government to
indulge in.
6. Public Speaking
In spite of all written and visual means of mass
contact, public speaking has its own charm and
importance as a technique of public relations. What
the speech imparts enthusiasm and the human
feeling of attachment and closeness delivered in a
local tone and temper lacks totally in the written
7. Research and opinion surveys
Public relations are two way traffic. It, on the open
hand informs people of the public policies and
programmes, but also, on the other hand, tries to let
the government know the public relations to their
activities. Hence research into human behavior and
environmental factors is very essential for the
Lesson Plan on Public Relation

Page 5

programmes. There is an Indian programme

evaluation organization attached to the planning
commission for examining the result of various
operations, undertaken by administration and for
recommending the best possible method of work.


To Discuss
role of nurse

Role of nurse in developing public relations: Nurse develops a skilled communication of
ideas to the various public with the
objective of producing a desired result in
public health
Nurse find out what people like and doing
more of it and finding out what they dont
like and doing less of it
Nurse establish management function which
evaluates public attitudes and public health
Nurse identifies the policies and procedures
of an individual or organization with the
public interest and executes acceptance
Nurse recognize and cultivate with in an
organization of those virtues and values
which become visible externally in the
standing of a institute or hospital with its
Nurse develop all activities and attitudes
intended to judge, influence or control
opinion of any groups of person in the
interest of any individual ,group or
Nurse applies policies and acts for an
organization as they touch the public and
either build or destroy good will and good
understanding that as so vital to the life of
profession in this competitive age
Nurse carefully complied analysis of cause
and effect used as a guide to conduct
Nurse should be specialists in his field , an
should possess both theoretical and practical
knowledge of his subject

Lesson Plan on Public Relation

Page 6

Teacher verbally
discusses with
students with th
use of hand out.

Nurse should have purity of character and

conduct from this point of view the ideal
nurse is one who has the capacity to
deliberate impartially in all circumstances
Nurse should use of methods of public
relations corresponding to the standard of
living and likings of the people
Nurse should form the inspiration to the
people, corresponding to the people and in
confidence of the people
Nurse established the public relations not
only with one but all sections of society
The personal behavior of nurse should be
courteous ,he/she should be considerate to
the public complaints
Assignment to the students
Date of Submission

: Write Down The Assignment On:

Role Of Media In Maintaining The
Public Relation.

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Lesson Plan on Public Relation

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