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Dear (Name of the person)

We are pleased to confirm our acceptance of your employment to <company
name> in the position of <Government Liaison Officer> - <Department> with
effect from <Effective Date> on the following terms and conditions of employed.

You will be paid a base salary of RM<Salary> per month


Contribution shall be as per the statutory rates accorded by

the employer and employee. The company may, at its sole
discretion or without prior notice or consent from you, increase
above the statutory requirement the employers contribution
or decrease the employers contribution to the minimum
statutory requirement as provided by the Employees Provident
Fund Act (EPF) as and when it deems necessary.


Recognition is given by the Company to the length of service

with <Company Name>. As such your date of employment
shall be taken as <Service Date>


Except for official public holidays the company working hours

are as follows:
Monday to Thursday
5.00 pm

9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

(with lunch break of 1 hour)
9.00am to 12.30pm ; 2.30pm to
(with lunch break and Friday

Prayers of 2 hours)
You will be required when necessary to work beyond the
normal working hours
The company reserves the right to amend or alter the above
working hours from time to time in accordance with its
operational requirements

During your employment with the Company, you will be

responsible for the following:
1. Undertake all associated government liaisons that shall
be required before or during the execution of the
Company's operations in the territory of Malaysia
2. intensify and maintain trust-based relationship with the
Client as well to ensure that the Company's procedure is
prioritized as a benchmark to put the Company's

3. Use your best endeavors to promote the good name and

reputation of the Company and any companies within
the Group.
4. Day to day liaison with Government counterparts and
Government Link Companies to support effective
implementation of the various activities under the
project e.g. Petronas
5. Collect information, data and documents relevant to
specific activities, from various partners and under the
guidance of the project experts, undertake relevant
analysis of data
6. Provide support in organizing meetings and consultation
workshops under the project and support the project
team in undertaking documentation and capturing the
proceedings of the meetings
7. Maintain work calendar and activities scheduled of the
project and undertake necessary follow-up actions as
8. Identify opportunities for partnerships and financial
contributions toward programs and initiatives.
9. Identify and obtain relevant
Government assistance programs




10.Any other task assigned by the Project Team

11.Represent company at industry forums and events and
may be required to travel in order to fulfill this job duty.

You shall comply with all resolutions policies and directions

made or given by the Company and any companies within the
Group. This shall further include all other applicable laws,
regulations orders, directives, guidelines and practice notes
issued by relevant regulatory authorities in Malaysia


You will not during your employment without the prior written
consent of the Company directly or indirectly carry on be
engaged, concerned or interested in any other business trade
or occupation;
1. Which is similar to or in competition with the business of
the Company; and
2. Which may in the opinion of the Company prevents you

carrying out your duties efficiently or be detrimental to

the interest of the Company

You will be entitled to an annual leave as follows:

1st to 5th year of service:
complete year
6th year of service onwards:
complete year

20 working days for each

30 working days for each

Approval of annual leave will be on earned leave basis.


This shall be in accordance with the provisions of the

Companys prevailing Employee Medical Benefit Scheme under
which you and your immediate family (subject to meeting
eligibility criteria stipulated in the scheme) will be provided
with free medical attention by the Companys appointed
insurance company.


You are entitled to undergo a complete physical medical

examination including ECG, chest x-ray, urine analysis and
blood investigations as follows:
40 and above
two (2) years

Once every

The total cost for the Executive Screening, which includes

costs of normal medical and specialist treatments should not
exceed RM300.00 per eligibility period.

Your existing employees benefits will remain unchanged and

any new benefits shall be accorded as per your grade. All other
employee benefits will apply to you in accordance with the
provisions of the respective schemes in force from time to time

Your performance will be reviewed annually against key
AND performance index (KPIs) agreed upon and performance bonus
if any, will be determined based on the achievements of these
As stipulated in the Minimum Retirement Age Act 2012, the
normal retirement age shall be upon the employee attaining
the age 60 years

The notice of termination of employment is as follows:

During probationary period either party may terminate the
employment by giving 2 weeks notice or 2 weeks salary-in-lieu
of notice.

Upon confirmation of employment as a permanent member of

the staff termination of employment by either party shall
require 3 months notice or salary-in-lieu of notice.
Notwithstanding this condition above, the Company reserve
the rights at any time to terminate your service without notice
or compensation if the information or declaration given or
made in your Employment Application Form is incorrect,
incomplete or untrue or if you should have misrepresented
omitted a material factor withheld information of having been
charged or to be found guilty under the laws for
misdemeanors, misconduct, negligence fraud, dishonesty or a
breach of any of the existing terms and conditions of services
or rules and regulations, expressed or implied.
TERMS All other terms and conditions enforced by the company from
time to time shall apply to you in accordance to your category

We look forward to welcome you as a member of our staff

Yours faithfully,
<Companys Name>

<Name of Authorized Signatory>


I <Employee Name>, <Identification Card (IC) No.> have read and understood the
above terms and conditions and hereby accept the offer