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Basic - Sharpedo-EX - Water - 170hp

(W)(W) Jet Strike 30+

Flip a coin. If heads this attack does 30 + 30 more damage.
(W)(C)(C) Rage 40+
Does 40 damage plus 10 more damage for each damage counter on this Pokemon.
Pokemon EX rule
When a Pokemon EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.
Weakness Resistance Retreat
--Mega - M Sharpedo-EX - Water/Dark - 210hp
Mega Evolution rule
When 1 of your Pokemon becomes a Mega Evolution Pokemon, your turn ends.
Ability: Crushing Jaws
When this Pokemon deals damage to your opponent's Active Pokmon with an attack yo
u may flip a coin, if heads discard an Energy attached to your opponent's Active
(W)(C) Aqua Fang 70
Pokemon EX rule
When a Pokemon EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.
Weakness Resistance Retreat
--Trainer - Item - Sharpedo Spirit Link
Tool - Attach a Pokmon Tool to 1 of your Pokmon that doesn't already have a Pokmon
Tool attached to it.
Your turn does not end if the Pokmon this card is attached to becomes M SharpedoEX.
You may play as many Item cards as you like during your turn (before your attack

--I will start off the discussion with the M Sharpedo-EX as this is the main pokem
on that will be looked at from this collection. Its a Dual Type of Water and Dar
k, its has
210hp which is on the low side of Mega Pokemon, bringing it in line with M Alaka
zam EX and the psychic M Mewtwo EX. It has a 40hp increase over its previous evo
lution which
is pretty standard. It follows the normal EX and MEGA rules. It has the same wea
kness as its previous evolution of x2 weakness to Lightning. It has no retreat c
ost, this is
to reflect the increase in speed Sharpedo would get for Mega Evolving in the VG.
Its attack cost is low at a total of (W)(C). Its attack only does 70 damage tho
ugh. The
attack is not unreasonable at 70 damage for (W)(C) but it is comparatively low w
hen we look at other Mega Evolution pokemon and factor in the cost of Mega Evolu
tion itself
(Tool attachment or Turn end, two prizes on KO, general evolution cost of basic
required). I wanted to keep the attack at point of okay and not overwhelming as
I wanted to
shift power into the ability I am giving M Sharpedo-EX. For the ability I wanted
to reflect Mega Sharpedo, its a Shark Pokemon its ability in the game is strong
Jaws and
its idenity lies in its bite. I didnt want to translate Strong Jaws directly int
o the game as I didnt feel it would create interest or give M Sharpedo-EX and un
ique spot in
the game. Looking at previous Sharpedos it abilities have been Rough Skin (same
as VG), Team Aqua related and Energy Shark. Energy Shark stood out to me and whe
n I looked at
the attack of the most recent Sharpedo EX Jagged fang both had the similar effec
t of discarding energy. I felt this could deffinitely work as suitable ability.
I named the
Ability Crushing Jaws as it refered to the VG ability Strong Jaw, the item card
with a similar effect Crushing Hammer and described the strength of Sharpedos Ja
ws. Now I knew
the effect would be discarding Energy I wanted to ensure it was balanced. First
I looked at how Sharpedo had discarded energy in the past and what other energy
cards were in format. Energy Shark ability required a coin flip, while Jagged Fa
ng and Darkness Blast had discarded an energy on Sharpedo to discard an energy o
n the opponent.
Other disruption cards in format for basic energy such as Crushing Hammer, Slowk
ing and Groudon EX all required a coin flip. In conclusion I decided that it wou
ld require
a coin flip before the energy was discarded. I also felt how and when should be
based on when Sharpedo attacks as that would reflect it being related to Sharped
o's Jaws.
This then leads onto the idea that M Sharpedo-EX's attack should be a Fang attac
k like in the VG and past Sharpedo cards. I choose Aqua Fang as it relates to it
being water
type and does not create any expectation that the attack should have any additio
nal effects. Overall I feel M Sharpedo-EX would be a positive reflection of Mega
Sharpedo in
the VG while be appealling and having its own identity in the TCG.
Having seen what the final step in the evolution will be I started to work on th
e Sharpedo-EX and the spirit link.

The spirit link is an essential tool for Mega Evolutions and is currently being
released with all Mega Evolutions. As such I have included a Sharpedo Spirit Lin
k and
used the same wording format for other Spirit Links. This is the easiest card to
balance as it is consistant with other Spirit Links and consistant with Mega Po
kemon released
since Phantom Forces.
I made Sharpedo-EX is this set is a Water Type, this was done because there is a
lready a
The only part left for the balancing is to look it how these cards will interact
with other cards and to ensure there are counters available so that it wont dom
inate the format.
A card that M Sharpedo-EX can obviously interact with is Sharpedo-EX from Roarin
g Skies. As a direct interaction with only the Sharpedo Spirit Link,
this Sharpedo only becomes a Basic from which to evolve from. As a Basic its not
the best match as it is harder to search for than the Water Sharpedo-EX (cant b
e found with
Dive Ball), it has different energy requirements (dark not water energy). In thi
s regard it is not ideal canidate unless the player is already running Dark ener
gy and then
it may be considered more relevant depending on the players preference for attac
ks. However it becomes alot more relevant when the Roaring Skies Sharpedo-EX is
used with
M Sharpedo-EX with the Stadium Shrine of Forgotten Memories available. This then
would allow the player to use Jagged Fang with M Sharpedo-EX. This would allow
the player
to potentially discard 2 energy attached to the defending pokemon with a single
attack. However if we look at other Mega evolutions in the TCG we can see that M
Mawile can do
something similar for 3 energy, its attack flips 2 coins with heads discarding e
nergy attached to the active. The main difference between the two would be that
Sharpedo would
get a guaranteed discard but discards an energy itself and requires a stadium in
play. I feel this ofset would help differentiate between the two as well as the
supporting cards available to each type. Other cards that Sharpedo-EX and M Shar
pedo-EX will benefit directly from are Dive Ball and Mega Turbo. Dive ball will
allow easy
search ability for both cards and Mega Turbo would allow M Sharpedo-EX to charge
up in one turn potentially making it a quick and effective attacker. Looking