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ThrottleStop 8.

Papusan Edition
September 13, 2016


New Features
- integrated Limit Reasons into TS and added Skylake support.
- added Min / Max package power reporting.
- added Intel Speed Shift adjustment for any OS.
- improved BCLK and multiplier reporting for Skylake CPUs.
- improved Windows 10 icon compatibility.
- initial Kaby Lake support.
ThrottleStop 8.10 beta 2
March 16, 2016
New Features:
- redesigned the C State Interrupt Response Limit feature.
- changed microcode reporting in the FIVR window.
- fixed possible bug where log file could grow forever if log file does not exis
ThrottleStop 8.10 beta 1
March 4, 2016
New Features:
- added PowerCut feature.
- added 4th Gen and up microcode reporting.
- improved Skylake U compatibility.
- C State reporting and SLFM bug fix.
How to Enable PowerCut on 4th and 5th Generation Core i CPUs.
------------------------------------------------------------- with laptop plugged in and running on AC power, press the FIVR button to open
the Turbo FIVR Control window.
- change the VCCIN CPU input voltage from Default to a fixed value. (~1.75 V)
- check PowerCut and agree with the warning message.
- with CPU idle and power consumption low, push Apply. PowerCut should now be r
eported as Enabled.
- if PowerCut is Enabled, power consumption reporting will no longer be accurate
on some CPUs.
- this can help eliminate throttling based on power consumption. (PL1 & PL2)
- another big thank you for Dufus at NBR.
ThrottleStop 8.00 beta 7
January 21, 2016
New Features:
- added Power Limit 3 (PL3) Lock and Disable feature.
- disabled Limit Reasons in the log file for Skylake CPUs.
ThrottleStop 8.00 beta 6
December 29, 2015
New Features:

- enabled overclocking and voltage control for 6th Gen Skylake CPUs.
- added FIVR Faults and FIVR Efficiency adjustment for Haswell and Broadwell CPU
ThrottleStop 8.00 beta 5
November 1, 2015
New Features:
- added Limit Reasons reporting to the log file.
- fixed Atom Braswell power consumption reporting.
- another Skylake tweak.
Limit Reasons Definitions
------------------------XPRO - External PROCHOT
TEMP - Thermal Event
MAXP - Max Performance Limit
VR - Voltage Regulator
EDP - Electrical Design Point (current)
PP0 - Core Power Limit
PL1 - Long Term Power Limit
PL2 - Short Term Power Limit
ThrottleStop 8.00 beta 4
October 14, 2015
New Features:
- fixed Skylake C0% reporting
- reduced max VCCIN slider from 2.50 V to 2.30 V
- fixed VCCIN profiles not being saved correctly.
- fixed Haswell reporting C8 / C9
- added C7 Interrupt Response Limit adjustment.
ThrottleStop 8.00 beta 3
October 6, 2015
New Features:
- added 4th Gen VCCIN reporting and adjustment.
- added Non Turbo Ratio reporting and adjustment.
- added an option to delete the Notification Area icon.
- improved support for 6th Gen and low power Braswell / Cherry Trail Atom CPUs.
- started a work over of the Turbo Power Limits window.
ThrottleStop 8.00 beta 2
May 15, 2015
New Features:
- ability to change the Log folder and Limit Reasons location.
- TS Bench changed back to the original algorithm.
- minor changes to the TS Bench layout for improved high DPI support.
- added a Default Cache on Stand By option.
- more intuitive Offset Voltage Range adjustment.
- TDP Level multiplier reporting for the U CPUs.
- fixed Bay Trail power consumption and C State reporting.
ThrottleStop 8.00 beta 1
April 19, 2015
New Features:
- added FIVR voltage and 4th Gen overclocking control.

- real time reporting of FIVR voltages and cache ratio.

- added support for 6 or 8 core CPUs, Atom Bay Trail Silvermont and Xeon CPUs.
- added reporting of Overclocking Bins for Sandy Bridge and newer Core i CPUs.
- added adjustable primary plane power limits
- updated Nvidia GPU monitoring code for improved Optimus support.
- added adjustable Windows timer resolution feature.
- fixed ThrottleStop opening up from the taskbar when already running.
- blocked access to the Turbo Ratio Limit adjusters when they are locked by the
- fixed a bug when exiting the main window during a TS Bench test.
- included add on program, Limit Reasons by Dufus that shows why CPUs are thrott
Things to do:
- update the documentation.
Known Problems:
Windows Defender reports that ThrottleStop is a trojan virus.
If you are concerned by this, try using VirusTotal.
If you have any trouble with the system tray icons not appearing, go to this web
How to Clean the Notification Area Icon Cache in Windows 7 & Windows 8
Download and run the included program:
This deletes the Windows Icon Cache history from the Windows registry and forces
Windows to rebuild it.
The included .bat file from the above site has been fully tested and is safe to
Your feedback is always appreciated.
Kevin Glynn