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By: Grace Louchel P. Silvio

A Reflection of the novel: Things Fall Apart

The world is such an unfair place. This is a customary thought for

most people. Many of us complain when things in life get a little rocky and a
little bit complicated and we start to blame it all to the world, and whine how
life is so unfair. Truly, we encounter a lot hardships and challenges or
problems as many call it in our life every day. We keep on nagging why,
instead of asking ourselves how. Let us learn to think and do things on how
well overcome these challenges before our life fully fall apart and the real
thing begins.
Okonkwo was nothing like most of the young men of their village who
inherited a farm or a house from his father Unoka who was known a debtor
and owned each of his neighbor some money. He despised his father and he
mortified him. He wasnt at all proud to be the son of his father. His father did
not have the whole capability of making his family eat three meals a day and
did not have a barn of his own. As a teen, Okonkwo may have not had the
life he deserved but it did not let him down but urged him to make his life
less miserable and became a prosperous man. He even became a fearful
warrior of their village and one of their leaders and looked upon by the
people. Though he did not have the greatest start in life, still, he became a
successful man with great honor and did not let anything fear him.
The whole point is, no matter how things did not start the way we want
to, things crumble in the halfway of its creation, even if things have the
absolute outcome anyone would wish for but still all fail, there will always be
other matters in our lives that will rise, make its way into, and start its way to
the significance and center of our lives. It is like, when the one you love the
most does not truly love you back, it breaks your heart and you feel rejected
and neglected of love. But for me, it only means that person is not meant for
you. Why love someone who will never love you back. Youll only hurt

yourself in the end. Go out there and experience many things and enjoy life.
Youll find your way to the person for you in no time.
All of us grow and mature. As our age augment each year of our life,
our knowledge of life develops and our wisdom with words, thoughts and
deeds broadens. Thats why the people of Umuofia considered consulting
with their elders and go to them for wisdom and advice. But as we become
older and older, our earthly bodies will start to break up and it will be
impossible to do physical-related actions and activities and soon well die.
That is a truth we must all accept for everything has its end, even our life.
Although our bodies start to collapse, our knowledge and wisdom will forever
be in our hearts and well continue to grow in spirit and emotionally.
A life will end but a new one shall begin. I just made this up but I
strongly agree with it. During our previous Sunday school sessions in our
church, death was discussed with us and I realized that when someone
leaves us, loses their life, we must not grieve, instead celebrate! Celebrate
the life of someone that has been part of our life, a great part if I may add.
We may not see it in the way other people witness this things, but as a
Christian Ive witnessed this. Christ died; God let His son Christ to sacrifice
His life for the redeeming of our souls and saving our lives from all our sins.
Through the sacrificing of Christs life, it gave us new lives, life in Christ, with
Christ, and for Christ.
Feeling lost and not knowing what to do next is a very depressing thing
just to think of. Even though Ive lived for merely fourteen years, Ive already
felt abandoned and helpless and very vulnerable, felt unable to continue in
life and considered taking ones own life. Being unable to see the next step
youll take towards where youre going, and when you took the wrong step,
youll fall down and start over again. Youll fall again and climb again and fall
and climb and the process doesnt stop until you give up and quit. But we all
know that giving up should be the last thing in our mind. We must stand our
ground and face the life given to us and the world in front of us. These

feelings of falling apart of our minds and breaking of our souls should not be
the reason to make us lose hope, but be the driving force for us to continue
and live life the way you should and the way you would, examine your
surroundings thoroughly, know people in your life from head-to-toe, take
each step carefully, and if you fall, dont be afraid to climb again, take the
risk, until you reach the top and rise.