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Counter the Loneliness Yourself.

Seniorgiri Series: Hobbies

Holistic Healing Systems

By Shobha Mathur

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When was the last time you did Something for the First Time?
Do it now.
This is the age to enjoy whatever you wanted to do before but had no
time to do till now.
You are your own best friend.
You do not need any ones permission to learn new crafts or pursue
new hobbies.

You are not competing with anyone.
You do not have to prove anything to anyone.
You have to suit only your pace of doing thing,
Last but not least
Be proud of yourself for all and any achievement.
Enjoy and Enhance your life and abilities.

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I am compiling a series of things to do - what to do to counter

loneliness, in addition, how to go about it.
This is about Alternate Holistic Energy therapies.
These are no pill variety . All the healing is done by natural energy
that surrounds us. There are several themes on it, and I have covered
the most known ones.
I have given the links that are the most visited. As on August 2009,
all links are correct and working.
You should look for more as you surf. You may find many that will
suit to your needs. This is just a first step.

Please feel free to share this with anyone you like.

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Health and healing

One major downside of being a senior is that there is Mutiny of the
Body ! Your mind may be agile and young, but the body seems to
have a different agenda !
By the time you reach the venerated seniorhood, you
probably are already an established pill popper .
Hypertension and diabetes are two modern lifestyle
disorders that are almost universal ! With daily doses,
they are quite manageable if not curable.
The miracles of modern medicines are various pills that make you live
long reasonably well. Still ongoing assorted Health troubles
keeping the body in line and serviceable becomes a serious issue with
advancing age.
There are aches and pains in the places you did not know
existed in the body. And there are enough Prophets of
Doom who keep warning you of all little twitches you
may have!
Diagnosis is nothing short of miracles, now even the smallest vein can
be traversed and photographed as a matter of routine. There are many
invasive as well as non invasive ways to look inside the body and
pinpoint the errant part. Scans, MRIs, Ultra sounds, angiography
many scopies are very common.

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One downside of all this is that doctors are losing individual

diagnostic skill, depending instead on all these wonderful techniques.
For the most common ailment the scans and many
pathological tests are routinely prescribed. It helps the
Doctor, the Pathologist, the Lab Assistant, the
Radiographer, the Chemist, The Pharmacist, and indeed
a host of people at the expense of the patient.
Sickness is big business. Look at all the five star hospitals blooming.
India is now a serious hub for medical tourism!
Which is good for Dear Old India, the Economy and the Sensex, but is
definitely not so satisfactory for the health of seniors wallets!
The price of keeping healthy is in inverse proportion of your age and
limited earning/ pension.
A quest for alternatives is in order.

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Holistic healing
The economy of the issue as well as some adverse side effects of
some medicines is making people look for alternate therapies and
healing systems.
Almost all civilization have their own ethnic healing
system which works despite all odds. Even WHO has
now accepted more than 100 traditional and ethnic
healing systems.
All these come under one general umbrella of holistic Healing.
Holistic comes from Whole, and it means treating the whole human
system anatomical, physical, psychological and spiritual, as it is
firmly believed that they are all interconnected and have an effect on
each other.
It treats in three dimensions of body, Mind and Soul.
Jesus, Buddha and many saints are known to have healing powers
Some of the people also have natural empathy and ability to heal.
They can easily learn and help humanity by healing

Alternate healing systems is a vast subject. There are various

techniques, and theories. Some systems are very advanced , and
have their own diagnostic methods, treatments and medicines.
Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Homeopathy ,
Naturopathy are some such systems. They need precise study and
have their own system of awarding Degrees to practicing healers.
This is not a study about them.

For this hobby article I have documented only some of those beliefs
and systems which can be learned and practiced easily .
Though they also require a teacher, the disciplines are not very
vigorous and can be mastered relatively faster and easily.

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Kinds of alternate healing

According to methods used, I have divided the therapies in three
broad groups.
1.Only Energy work
Little or no touch therapies , working with energy in and around us.
Control of breath. These are mostly spiritual. These can work from
distance too.
This e book covers some of these.
2.Energy work with body manipulation
Light touch, massages, light body work simple exercises. Believe in
energy system too, and have a map of body with points to stimulate.
These will be covered in another e-book.
Both of these do not require any special precaution, diet, or
Most of these systems are secular. They are spiritual, but not religious.
I have found that these work best for anatomical, physiological and
psychological disorders rather than for Virus and bacterial infections.

3.Established Schools of healing

There is another stream of natural herbs, foods, and medicines. I will
not cover that as those need a long and dedicated study.

Even when you feel fine, do not stop your regular medication
without your Doctors instruction. All these systems supplement
and complement, but have not yet been proved to be able to
replace the regular doses.

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Where you can use these therapies

I have known people to successfully use one or more of these systems
1. Aches and Pain

5. Migraines

2. Asthma
3. Depression

7. Improvement in Diabetic
and cardiac problems

4. Weight loss

8. Any kind of addiction

6. Improved eyesight

In last few decades Korean, Chinese and Japanese grandmasters have

developed spruces up version of old Indian and Chinese exercises, and
names transmuted into new systems. Alternative traditional
therapies are unearthed, added and adorned to with new scientific
definitions and pronounced the new magic potions of new Age.
Prana, Chakras, Kundalini, Yoga, and such like concepts
are presented in new garb and find instant following. All
of us who do not believe in old Indian knowledge swear
by Prana, Chakras aura etc., because it has come from
I can personally vouch for some of them. Distance healing by mantras
and Christian healing, and Sujok for pains, and Pranayam and Yog for
complete cure of chronic Asthma and Chronic cardiac problems I
have witnessed.

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There are some central beliefs

There is universal energy
There is a presence of something beyond physical body soul
Universal energy can be used by healers to heal.
Healthcare should be preventive and nurturing and not only for
healing- balanced lifestyle
Nutrition and exercise should be important parts for any health
Breath is an important part for keeping fit. It is just not regular
breathing, but controlling the rate, duration and capacity of air
taken. Almost all healing systems have some sort of breathing
These can also be used on animals and inanimate things.
Common sense Cautions
TV, Books, CDs should be used with Prudence and not
Take expert advice regarding nutrition what is suitable to
your age and physical condition. Of course follow with
common sense.
Apart from walking, any kind of exercises yogic or otherwise
should be taken under a masters guidance. As bones can
become brittle and not all postures or exercises are suitable for
Though all of these systems have recorded benefits for some,
they may not all be suitable for all.
Pranayam also should be done slowly as it can also trigger
vertigo if not done properly.

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How they work

Energy and Breath
It is now accepted by modern physics that all matter living or dead
and indeed the whole universe is made of electromagnetic waves.
Any illness results when this energy flow of these waves is blocked.
Hence they can be repaired by rerouting the universal energy.
This energy can be controlled by breathing exercises, and other
Almost all civilizations have understood it and have ethnic names for

Name of Energy




Qi, Chi



Ancient Egypt


Ancient Greeks


Native Americans

Great Spirit


Holy Spirit

Hawaiian Huna




The general procedure is that the healer channelizes the natural

universal energy and directs it to the trouble spots to energize and
remove any blockages. There is a spiritual aspect to these which
speeds the process.

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Anyone can learn these methods and use them to heal themselves
or others according to the proficiency achieved. Like any other
subject you not only need to learn the method , but also to practice
it to perfect.
Some of them need some sort of light touch and some can be done
from a distance. Prayers and mantras can actually work from
I have described the different procedures, what they entail, and where
you can get training.

In the research I came across several interesting pieces. One is

Islam Yoga - I have covered it in Islamic healing.
One thing that came out loud and clear for both Islamic and
Christian healing is that only a faith in Allah and Quoran, or
God and Bible can or will heal.
But in all eastern faiths this kind of precognition is absent. They
actually insist that the energy has no religion and will heal a
believer or non believer equally.
All these therapies can also be used on animals

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The Systems Covered here

Energy Healing - Chakra and
Aura Healing
Pranic Healing
Islamic Healing
Christian healing

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Holistic Web
Stress solutions by Judith
Energy Healing
Your energy flows more freely when you are centered and grounded.
Here are some balancing and grounding healing systems to help pump
up your chi energies. Aura Awareness @ Grounding (11) Breathwork
(27) Pranic Healing (6) Chakra Balancing (134) Reiki @ Chi - Ki - Qi
@ Vaastu (4) Distant Healing (3) Yuen Method (3)
It is a FREE site with just one purpose: Promote healing with the
power of positive energy.
There is a great variety of Energy/Aura Healers who will provide an
even greater number of Meta-physical explanations.
The Enchanted World
A free e-book online on Energy Healing, Energy Psychology and
Energy Magic by Silvia Hartmann
The best how-to resource for Energy Healers.
We're an online holistic healing guide with over 200 pages of
instructions all about alternative therapies.

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We've got information about balancing your chakras, working with

crystals, taking Reiki to the next level, how to meditate, and how
sound vibrations can balance your life.
The science of energy healing
My name is Bill Austin and I am a spiritual healer, teacher and artist
living in St. Petersburg, Florida in the United States. I have created a
lot of free audio healing sessions based on what I have observed in
working with clients for over six years.
Ministry of Universal Energy Healing
This Ministry offers free healing for all who suffer from physical or
emotional pain, chronic medical conditions, terminal illnesses,
incurable diseases, addictions, or any other ailments which have
limited access for treatment.
Energy Magazine
Energy Magazine offers a free subscription to its on-line publication.
Each monthly edition arrives in subscribers e-mail inbox on the first
Tuesday of each month.
Institute of Alternative Medicines and Research ( India)
The Indus Valley Ayurveda Center ( Mysore , India)

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Energy Healing
Energy healing (aura and chakra healing) is one of the most powerful
and basic alternative therapies.
It employs spiritual healing using energy, color and light healing
techniques to heal the patients energy field, which is made up of aura
and chakra system.
It helps the patient break free from afflictions and limitations of
body, mind and spirit.
It enhances quality of life for the patient. In addition it facilitates
spiritual growth for both the patient and the healer.
Pranic Healing and Reiki both are based on Energy healing, and
they both use common terminology of Aura and Chakras,
though the methods vary.

What is Energy ?
Energy is the cause of all universe and all matter. All civilizations
recognize it and have a name for it. Prana, Qi, Chi are some commonly
known names.
This energy is not staticit is dynamic. Modern Physics also now
confirms that all matter is finally made up of energy waves. The
energy field acts as a bridge, a connection, between the field of pure
spirit and the visible world.
This energy can be both positive and negative - just as electricity,
batteries, atoms all have this dual feature of positive and negative.
If this energy field is clear, healthy and free from defects, the
living person will also show good health, in all its physical,
emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

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Many times, however, dysfunctional energetic patterns block the flow

of energy. This results in mental, emotional, physical or spiritual
Another crucial cause for problems can be traumatic experiences in
the past (including past lives) which have fragmented the
consciousness. This allows invasion of impure energies, and
establishes faulty energy patterns.
These three effectspersonality fragmentation, invasion by
unhealthy psychic energies and fundamental energetic defects
in the aura and chakra systemusually occur together. They
lead to problems in the worldly life. Diseases or afflictions of a
physical, emotional or mental nature become obvious.

Where is this energy in our bodies ?

This energy resides in energy centers called CHAKRAS in all living
beings human or Animals. It is seen as Auras.
There are seven Chakras which correspond to seven physiological
Endocrine glands in our body.
The physical body needs circulation of healthy blood to stay healthy.
The ethereal or astral body which resides in the physical body needs
flow of clear and positive energy between chakras to stay healthy.
Each chakra and the gland are responsible for some specific
area. To have perfect health, all of them should be healthy and
able to pass energy freely. Any problem or blockage anywhere
can derail the whole system.
Energy healing is identifying the problem and blockage to
restore this free flow.
An aura is a field of subtle, glowing rays surrounding a person or
object . It is of different shapes and colors which indicate the state of

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Is Intuitive Energy Healing for You?

by Brent Atwater
Do you feel heat in your hands? Do you inherently know where a
person is ill? Can you smell illness? Do you have unexpected panic and
anxiety attacks, have heart palpitations or depressive symptoms for no
apparent reasons that clear up and go away just as quickly as they
Do you hear voices or tones, or have ringing ears? Do you see flashes
of light, see colors, "movies", or moving objects out the side of your
If so, an energy healing workshop o course might be for you.
If any of these responses are descriptive of your unexplained reactions
you may be an emerging energy healer or an intuitive. You may be
experiencing heightened senses of awareness beyond the usual 5
The extra senses creating your sensations are called: Clairvoyance
Clairvoyance "is the art of 'seeing' with senses beyond the five.

Clairvoyance is often called the 'sixth sense' or ESP. It is the psychic

ability or power to see objects, and visions, or to gain information
regardless of its distance. The visions may also be in the future, and
some times in the past. Clairvoyance is an umbrella term which often
refers to telepathy, spiritualism, psychic research, second sight,
prophetic visions, and dreams."
Clairaudience "is receiving messages in thought form from another

frequency or realm in a normal state of consciousness. It is considered a

form of channeling. It is the ability to hear things not audible within
normal hearing ranges.

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Clairsentience is the ability to feel and capture information through

intuition, gut feelings, and hunches and messages through their heart
and emotions.
Claircognizance means clear knowing. A Clair cognizant knows,

without knowing how he knows.

A single trait or a combination of all of the above extra sensory talents,
are usually part of a healer's repertoire of gifts
There are many courses for energy healers. Reiki, Pranic Healing, and
a multitude of other methods are available to kindle the healing abilities
in you.
In the workshops that I teach and in most intuitive and energy healing
classes you learn the basics:
How to protect yourself from energy drains
How to protect yourself from being overly sensitive to your
client's conditions
How to direct your energy as a clear conduit
Learn to connect to and trust your inner knowing for diagnosis
and working with clients
Learn to heighten your intuitive abilities
So before you write off those empathetic feelings, and strange sensory
sensations as being "crazy," I suggest that you take an intuitive or
intuitive energy healing class.
Contact Information:
Brent Atwater, Alternative Medical Specialist
Medical Intuitive, Distance Energy Healing
ATL, GA Phone: 404.242.9022 USA
NC Phone: 910.692.5206 USA

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All About Chakras

These are typical maps of seven Chakras ( Wheels of light) in human
and animal bodies.

The graphic of the man is from

The graphic of the dog is from

All of Chakras have definite geometrical shape, color and a sound

associated with them. They can be opened or closed and expanded or
All kinds of Yogas, ( Raj Yog, Hath Yog, Kundalini) , Tantras,
and Eastern healing systems believe in them.
Chakras influence, both emotionally and physically, every part and
function of the body.
It is through the chakra network that the mind, body, and spirit interact
as one holistic system.

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The symbols are usually depicted as wheels or lotus flowers. The colors
correspond to the seven colors of the rainbow. Thus emphasizing the
relationship of man and nature and underlying unity in the universe.
Each chakra governs a gland in the physical body, controls specific
physical organs as well as all aspects of consciousness.
Here is a comparative graphic of chakras and endocrine glands.

The graphic is from

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and Name
of Chakra

Location Shape
in body &


Crown of


Third Eye,












Spinal cord, Eyes,

ears, Knowledge of
Higher Self

Center of



Neck, mouth. Voice,

Awareness of own


Lungs, Breath,
Ability to give or


Liver, stomach,
pancreas, kidneys,
Digestion. Personal


Bladder, Intestines.
Sexual Expression,
Energy of SelfAffirmation.



Center of






Domain and




Nerves, Brain. Soul

Divine Energy

Coccyx, Sacrum,
Level of earthiness,
Survival Instinct.

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Chakra meditations
Meditation on Chakras helps to control them
Use mudras and sounds to open chakras so the energy flows freely.
Mudras, are special hand positions. They have the power to send more
energy to particular chakras.
To enhance the effect, sounds associated with that chakra are chanted.
These sounds are from Sanskrit letters. When chanted, they cause a
resonation in your body that you can feel at the chakra they are meant
For pronunciation, keep in mind that:
the "A" is pronounced as in "ah,"
the "M" is pronounced as "mng."
Do a meditation for 7 - 10 breaths. Chant the sound several times each
breath (for example three times).
To have a look at all the mudras for meditation, please check :
Opening the Chakras
Raj yog, Tantrik Sadhanas, Vipassana and Zen meditation are in
particular recommended for controlling the Chakras.

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All About Auras

An aura is a field of subtle, glowing rays surrounding a person or
object . It is of different shapes and colors which indicate the state of
All things animate or inanimate have their Aura.
It can be photographed by Kirilian Methods and cameras.
Following is detailed information about Chakras and Auras.

Here is a photo of flowers and their aura from

Properties of AURA
We all have an electromagnetic field around us, caused by the
electricity in our body. This is a physical field produced by electrically
charged objects.
This is the aura.
The aura is what helps us to feel when there is a person in a
dark room with us, or to know when someone is sad without
him saying so.

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The aura is actually created by the chakras. Chakra in Sanskrit means a

wheel. We have seven main chakras in our body, their spin creates the
Our aura has properties like
Color, Location, and Shape
The colors of the Aura give us information about the quality of
consciousness, as well as one's emotions, thoughts, abilities and the
vital energies of a person.
The following graphic shows the relationship between Chakras and

Graphic from :

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Aura Properties details

Even if you have a general type of aura, It can change according to
what is happening in your life at a given moment. Color, Size,
Position, Type are all related to your personality and time.
Color : Auras contain many different colors, change colors constantly,
and each shade affects the aura colors meaning. Your mood, what
youre doing and what youre experiencing in life all determine the
colors of your aura at any given time.
Shape : How you respond to life's experiences affects the shape of your
aura. Aura shapes include the fuzzy aura, the aura wall, the spiky aura,
and the neutral aura. But your aura stance can change depending on
what's happening in life, e.g., someone who with fuzzy aura could
change to a spiky aura if they were feeling threatened
Positions : Show how you interact with life.
Size : General indication of your tendencies.
Information and graphics in the next 4 Charts is from

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Interpreting Aura Colors Meaning

Here is a rough guide :

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Aura Shapes

The Fuzzy

Lack of clear personal

boundaries. caught up in
other people's problems.
Issues with defining
personal boundaries and
unable saying 'no'

The Aura

A defensive attempt to
define personal
boundaries. Putting up
psychic walls and blocking
out others to feel safe.


Feeling threatened and

ready for conflict. Deeply
wounded. Usually a history
of some kind of abuse.
When a person has this
kind of aura stance, they
will often hurt other
people--even those who
may be trying to help.


Clear sense of Self. Able to

define healthy boundaries
with others. Takes self
responsibility. Owns
personal space without
needing to fight or defend.
Empowered to respond

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Aura Size and Patterns

Auras can be large, small, absent, or healthy and balanced...

A large aura might

demonstrate an intent to
control or dominate others.
But can also indicate
taking too much
responsibility for others


A small, withdrawn aura

often indicates fear on
some level. You might be
trying to hide, hoping you
won't attract attention.

out of body

If you are unhappy with

your life, or have been
deeply wounded you may
have a tendency to
unconsciously "check-out"
and be out of your body,
you can temporarily avoid
facing any pain or


Extends about an arm's

length around the body.
allows for a healthy,
balanced flow of energy

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Aura Positions
They indicate how are you Interacting with Life?
Here are four most common patterns though many more are possible. .


If you are moving your

energy into the future, often
your aura will move out in
front of your body. This can
create stress and anxiety


If you are dwelling on the

past, the energy of your
aura will move out behind
your body. Often this is the
result of unhealed issues
from the past and also fear
of the future.


If you are trying to escape

life and avoid facing reality,
the energy of your aura will
float up above your body.
Often people who do this
are living in a fantasy world.


If you are centering in the

now, the energy of your
aura will generally be
balanced in and around
your body. This supports
health, personal
empowerment, and having
an aligned posture.

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Anatomy of an aura
The human aura is made up of our bodies' emanations, neural thought
patterns, and the spiritual energies . Its anatomy is a lot more complex
than our body. The aura has spin from chakras and other forces, and it
has pulsating, luminescent, and sound qualities.
> Auras that expand out: indicate spiritual expansion,
expressiveness, extroversion, social activity, desire for connection,
gregariousness, positive outlook, and a sense of adventure.
> Auras closer in: indicate inward focus, sensitivity, a desire
for solitude, meditation, peace, tranquility, or rest. This could mean a
need to express or move out.
This is a photo of a persons aura:

1. Right side of person: This is the person's masculine energy. It is

their expressive and active side, It is more straightforward and physical,
less emotional. Colors on this side may have to do with physical

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changes, memories or goals. It is the energy that is moving out, or, the
recent or far past.
2. Center, (above the head): This is the energy of the moment, usually
in the colors that the person traditionally reflects. The closer the colors
are, the more intensely they are thinking about or experiencing them. If
there is a band of color stretching like an arc over the top of the photo,
this is indicative of an important goal.
3. Left side of the person : This is the person's feminine side. This is
their passive and receptive side. This is the emotional and imaginative
side. This side is indicative of what a person is projecting into the
future. It is the energy that is moving in. The person may not be aware
of it yet consciously.

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How To Clean Your Aura
Our auras are like magnets picking up vibrational energies that are
floating around everywhere we go. It is important to cleanse our auras
freeing them of foreign vibrations and negative energies. Here are a
few simple ways to do it.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 10 - 15 minutes

Here's How:
Using your fingers as a comb, comb through the space
surrounding your body from head to toe. Clean your
hands with running water before and after doing this.
Stand under a waterfall or shower.
Walking in the rainfall.
Run freely and playfully in the wind.
Using a single feather or feather whisk make sweeping
motions through the space surrounding your body.
Smudge the area surrounding your body with the smoke
from sage, lavender, and/or sweet grass.
Immerse and soak your body in an Epsom salt bath.
Turkey or owl feathers are especially good feathers to use for sweeping
the aura.
Take care to do some deep breathing exercises while cleansing your
aura to aid in flushing your inner body.
Caution: Do not walk in the rain during an electrical storm.

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See the Aura

During healing treatments, you will often first sense the condition of
the patient's aura and chakras through reception of psychic information
and guidance.
After doing so, however, it is good to also practice seeing the aura for
yourself. To view the human aura is difficult at first, but do not worry if
you have not seen an aura before.
Virtually everyone who persists in practicing viewing the aura
can succeed at it, although it may take a little time.
Actually, the aura is visible to all, although we do not teach ourselves
to recognize it, cultivate our ability to see it, or consciously
acknowledge its presence.
It is very possible that you have had experiences in which some
portion of the aura has been visible to you, on some level of
your awareness, but your conscious mind did not recognize
them as such. There have often been times when you have been
aware of the emotional or mental state of other persons, for
example, and have "known" so on a deep level from your
unconscious awareness of their aura.
Auras can be seen physically, or sensed psychically, or both.

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I have had fun changing my aura while taking an Aura or Kirlian


Meditation or working with anything that can enhance your

electromagnetic energy fields will raise your frequency and move you
to a higher frequency color of light.
In other words - you hold a few clear quartz crystals and meditate-->take your picture----> it will have a clear white tone unless you have a
serious medical problem.
So as you see all things are connected by the flow of the
electromagnetic energy fields that create our reality.
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Aura Imaging Photography
The Auras Expert
This site offers unique resources on auras, from cleansing and
meditation techniques, to past life readings and spiritual retreats.
How to See, Read & Feel Auras
This is a simple instruction of viewing the three elliptical auric fields
surrounding the body and learning to read the auric energy within your
surrounding environment, objects, people and animals.
How to See Auras
If you are unable to see auras before practicing the tips outlined in this
hub, do not fret -- try instead to sense the aura.
Auras Are us
A guide to see the aura, seven layers of a person's aura
Aura Chakra
Chakra Cleansing is a simple way to replenish, heal and center our
being getting rid of unwanted energy that no longer serves us.

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Shahpar meditation
The effect of energy on the aura and the chakras
The series of images below, which all belong to one person, show the
persons aura and chakras before receiving energy, during receiving
energy, and after receiving energy.
By Islamic healer Mrs. Rahmani
Chakra meditation Try it yourself
A guide to Do it yourself Aura Maintenance & Astral Body Repair
from Peggy Jentoft
Foods That Fuel Your Chakras
Introducing the Seven Major Chakras
By Phylameana lila Desy,
Chakra Meditations
by Robin Allenson
This text reproduced courtesy of The Onion Institute

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Guided Meditation: Breakthrough

Breaking through the physical to reclaim our personal power
Chakra Test
Are Your Chakras Open and Functioning? Here is an interactive quiz
that involves answering 56 questions about yourself and your
relationships with others. Your responses are calculated mathematically
to evaluate how your chakras are functioning.
MB Chakras Software 1.90
From MysticBoard :
MB Free Chakras software is a great tool for examining your inner self
and understanding the state of activity of all 7 chakras.Chakras are the
7 nerve centers along the spine. This software analyzes the level of
activeness in all 7 chakras. It is very much important that all chakras
are active in a balanced manner (the ideal state). Chakras can be underactive or over active. This software enables an individual to come to
terms with himself.;rbxcrdl1

If you'd like to visit some fellow investigators, please join our MSN
COMMUNITY KUNDALINITANTRA for a great resource for

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Self-Help On-Line Healing

In this section of our website, you can tune in to the energy of the
flowers, and the gems and stones, for a self-healing experience.It is
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The word "Reiki" is derived from two Japanese words: rei, or
universal, and ki, or life energy.
Reiki originates from spiritual teachings of Mikao Usui in Japan
during the early 20th century.
Usui's teachings included meditative techniques and healing practices.
One of his students, Chujiro Hayashi, developed the healing practices
further, neglecting the meditative techniques. An American named
Hawayo Takata learned Reiki from Hayashi in Japan and introduced it
to Western cultures in the late 1930s.
The type of Reiki practiced and taught by Hayashi and Takata may be
considered traditional Reiki. Numerous variations (or schools) of
Reiki have since been developed and are currently practiced.

Reiki is based on the idea that there is a universal (or source) energy
that supports the body's innate healing abilities. Practitioners access
this energy, allowing it to flow to the body and facilitate healing.
It is channeled through placing of hands and uses of mystic symbols.
Although generally used for self-care, Reiki can be received from
others. It can be practiced on its own or along with other CAM
therapies or conventional medical treatments.

In a Reiki session, the client lies down or sits comfortably, fully


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The practitioner's hands are placed lightly on or just above the client's
body, palms down, using a series of 12 to 15 different hand positions.
Originally there were only 12 positions, but now masters are adding
their own and there are as many as 30 positions.
Each position is held for about 2 to 5 minutes, till the practitioner feels
that the flow of energyexperienced as sensations such as heat or
tingling in the handshas slowed or stopped.
The number of sessions depends on the health needs of the client.
Typically, the practitioner delivers at least four sessions of 30 to 90
minutes each. The duration of Reiki sessions may be shorter in certain
health care settings (for example, during surgery).

Trained Practitioners may perform Reiki from a distance, by


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Key Points
In the United States, Reiki is part of complementary and alternative
medicine CAM People use Reiki to promote overall health and wellbeing. Reiki is also used by people who are seeking relief from
disease-related symptoms and the side effects of conventional medical
Reiki has historically been practiced as a form of self-care.
Increasingly, it is also provided by health care professionals in a
variety of clinical settings.
People do not need a special background to learn how to perform
Reiki. Currently, training and certification for Reiki practitioners are
not formally regulated.
Scientific research is under way to learn more about how Reiki may
work, its possible effects on health, and diseases and conditions for
which it may be helpful.
Tell your health care providers about any complementary and
alternative practices you use. Give them a full picture of what you do
to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and safe

People use Reiki for relaxation, stress reduction, and symptom relief,
in efforts to improve overall health and well-being. Reiki has been
used by people with anxiety, chronic pain, HIV/AIDS, and other
health conditions, as well as by people recovering from surgery or
experiencing side effects from cancer treatments. Reiki has also been
given to people who are dying (and to their families and caregivers) to
help impart a sense of peace.

Effects and Safety

Clients may experience a deep state of relaxation during a Reiki
session. They might also feel warm, tingly, sleepy, or refreshed.
Reiki appears to be generally safe, and no serious side effects have
been reported.
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Training, Licensing, and Certification

Who can Learn
No special background or credentials are needed to receive training.
However, Reiki must be learned from an experienced teacher or a
Master; it cannot be self-taught.
Training in traditional Reiki has three degrees (levels), each focusing
on a different aspect of practice.

Reiki is not taught in the way other healing techniques are taught. It is
traditionally transferred to the student by a Reiki practitioner with an
awakened energy system. Through the Transfer or "Attunement", the
principle of resonance causes the recipient to awaken his energetic
body. This process opens the crown, heart, and palm chakras and
creates a special link between the student and the Reiki source.
The Reiki attunement is a powerful spiritual experience. The
attunement energies are channeled into the student through the Reiki
There have been reports that attunement increases psychic sensitivity.
Students report experiences involving: opening of the third eye,
increased intuitive awareness, and other psychic abilities after
receiving a Reiki attunement.

It is forever
After obtaining a Reiki attunement, you will have Reiki for the
remainder of your life.
It does not wear off and you can never lose it. While one attunement
is all you need, two succeeding attunements are recommended to fully
engorge the energy systems with life giving chi.

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Benefits include refinement of the Reiki energy one is channeling,

increased strength of the energy, healing of personal problems,
increased psychic sensitivity, and a an awakened mind.
Attunements are usually given by someone who has taken Third
degree Reiki, which is often considered master level.

What Can be Done

The Reiki attunement kick starts a healing process that scrubs clean
stagnant energy, awakens the chakras, erases negative emotional
imprints and other detrimental patterns that holds one back.
A first level Reiki attunement allows one to heal himself and others of
minor discomforts.
A level two Reiki attunement allows one to heal graver maladies and
emotional ills.
A third level attunement gives one the power to attune others to the
energy and initiate masters similar to himself. This works through the
principle of resonance: imagine striking a tuning fork. The sound
waves from this fork propagates and makes forks nearby resonate with
the same energy.
Training for first- and second-degree practice is typically given in 8 to
12 class hours over about 2 days.
There are Charts available for all the hand positions.

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Types of Reiki
Today some teachers of Western Reiki have developed their own
systems from information and symbols, and have used hand positions
that are taught in Reiki or the form of work with use of the symbols.
The following are the most widespread and worldwide recognised;

Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho

It is the name given to the Western system of Reiki, meaning "Usui's
System of Natural Healing," and is a system that has tried to keep true
to the original practises of Hawayo Takata. This system uses the four
original symbols, which are Cho-Ku Rei, Sei-He-Ki, Hon-Sha-ZeSho-Nen and Dai-Koo-Myo Usui respectively.

Kundalini Reiki
Kundalini is the coiled base energy at the root of the spine. When this
energy is tapped, specific healing channels and chakras are been
opened, and you gain access to the unlimited healing energy from
within yourself and the environment.
The root chakra is the energy centre located near the coccyx and
serves as portal for the Kundalini energy. The stimulated energy
shoots all the way up through the body, through the main microcosmic
spinal channel, and out of the Crown chakra.
An open Kundalini system ultimately cleanses the chakras, the body
parts and the energy channels.

Karuna Reiki
Karuna is a Sanskrit word that is used in Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism
and Zen Buddhism, and translates as any kind of compassionate
Karuna Reiki is taught only to people who are already Reiki masters
and most of these students received their mastership from other
lineages besides my own. In fact those who take the classes represent

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a wide range of teachers in the Reiki community. The general

response of these students is that Karuna Reiki is stronger or heals
more deeply etc. than Usui Reiki. It has 21 new symbols of power,
which can be combined with the Usui System and the JapaneseTibetan Tantric practices.

Tibetan Reiki
It was developed by an American called William L. Rand. This
system is based on the teachings of Takata, though there are more
symbols and Rand introduced the notion of psychic surgery into this
system the first system to do so.
It has four levels, instead of three, called First Degree, Second
Degree, Third Degree, and Master, respectively. It comprises of 11
symbols of power. The use of these symbols, according to teaching,
makes it possible to cure diseases that began with karmic origin. Some
of these claims are to cure cancer and AIDS, and to restore harmony
among different bodies and levels of consciousness. Four of these
symbols are called "Tibetan symbols," and the other seven are called
"Tantric symbols."

Reiki for non-human recipients

Yes, you can Reiki your car. Many people use Reiki on their food
before eating. And much more.
It can be used on relationships between people. Like with remote
healings the healer should come up with a way to objectify the
relationship, then apply energy to the object as for a remote healing.
Recall that physicists are realizing that everything around us is made
of energy. Recall that Reiki is about channeling energy. Therefore it
stands to reason that Reiki can be applied to anything made of energy,
i.e. anything in existance.

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The Five Reiki Principles

I - Just for today, I will not be angry.
Anger at others or oneself or at the whole world, creates serious
blockages in one's energy. It is the most complex inner enemy.
Letting go of anger. brings Piece into the Mind.

II - Just for today, I will not worry.

While anger deals with past and present events, worry deals with
future ones. Although worry is not always a negative phenomena,
endless worries may fill one's head, and each one bores a small hole in
one's body and soul. While anger requires a focused Reiki treatment to
remove obstacles, worry requires the energy to be spread throughout
the entire body.
Letting go of worry, brings healing into the Body.

III - Just for today, I will be grateful.

Be grateful from your heart inward. Inner intention is the important
element in this principle. Simple things as thanks, forgiveness, smile,
good words, gratitude can improve others life and make them happy.
Being thankful brings Joy into the Spirit.

IV - Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

Support yourself and your family respectably, without harming others.
Earn a respectable living, live a life of honor.
Working Honestly brings Abundance into the Soul.

V- Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

Honor your parents, honor your teachers, honor your elders.
Being Kind brings Love into the Will.

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Symbols of Reiki
Many, but not all masters use some symbols for healing process.
There are four traditional symbols, but now many different systems
and masters use their own symbols, for example, the Tibetan School
has 11 power symbols.
As I understand it, they themselves have no power, unless the master
grants the power with the attunement at the second stage. It is like
power of Mantras- once a mantra is given by a realized guru, the
words it contains, become more powerful.
The symbols are in Japanese Kanji Script. Just like a handwritten
letter, they become different with different masters, but it does not
distort the meaning or power.
The Following symbols and their explanation is from
Cindy Oriente
World Healing Network

Cho Ku Rei
This is the Power Symbol. Reiki Energy will
flow without it, but when you use it, it is
believed that the energy increases significantly. It
would be as if you had changed the bulb in a
lamp from 50 watts to 500 watts. Use at the
beginning of the healing session, and at any other
time that additional power is needed. It is geared
specifically for healing within the physical body.

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Sei He Ki

This symbol is used for mental and emotional

healing, protection, purification, clearing and
It works with the root of the disease, in the
subconscious as well as the conscious mind. The
mental and emotional healing symbol balances the
right and left brain.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

This symbol transmits Reiki energy across
time and space.
Using this symbol you can send Reiki
anywhere in the world. Distance is no barrier.
This symbol is also used to bridge time. You
can send Reiki into the "future," where it will
store up like a battery, to access at the time you
or others will be needing it.
Similarly, Reiki can be sent into the "past," to
heal issues from earlier in this lifetime, or even
to former life issues that affect you or others

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Dai Ko Myo

Traditional Master Symbol

Contemporary Master Symbol

This is the Master Symbol. It's essence is the Light of the Buddha, the
Light of the Awakened Heart. It signifies expanded wisdom and
Some practitioners use these symbols etched on stones to put on the

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Links and Classes

About Reiki
Reiki FAQ
The International Center for Reiki Training
(This Reiki FAQ Section is a general information and reference tool
for persons interested in learning more about Reiki.)

Tibetan Reiki Information
Reiki Infocenter
Bills Reiki Page
Discussions about different forms of Reiki
Karuna Reiki
Welcome to
This site is imparting information about Reiki and the healing abilities
of this easy to learn system.

How to Understand Reiki

Reiki is an alternative healing therapy that is very effective for
helping people in all areas of life. As both a healer and a teacher of
Reiki, I've personally witnessed miracles and hope that someday
everyone will be attuned to this powerful universal energy!

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International Center for Reiki training
We offer over 350 web pages and 150 articles covering every area of
Reiki practice. The free download page contains additional articles
and free practice and teaching materials. The monthly free online
newsletter will bring you fresh insight about Reiki,
Tibetan Reiki Home Study
Usui Shiki Ryoho systems

I will email you the lessons and the manuals .

Please Use my manuals for the lessons that is how they are set up and
that is how I go over my manuals with you. Please do not use other
people's manuals for these lessons every question comes straight from
the manual, The lessons are easy and I hope fun.
Reiki Healing Touch

Free Reiki Lessons

Learn how to use Reiki for free.

Introduction To Reiki
Types, levels and courses

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Basic Reiki Hand Placements For Self Treatment

There are twelve basic hand placements used when giving yourself a
Reiki treatment. First position: Palms of your hands are placed against
your face, cupping your hands over your eyes lightly and fingers upon
your forehead. No pressure needed - touch lightly!
All positions with photos.
Reiki India
We offer classes taught in the same style as those taught by William
Lee Rand.
Reiki House, 35-T,Sector-8, Jasola Vihar, N. Delhi-11OO25, India
Telephone: +91-11-40505803 Mobile: 9811740203

Reiki is love
This site has paid classes and healing sessions online.
Reiki Courses And Training

Angels Touch Reiki

Reiki is a pure form of healing and is not dependent on individual
talent. It is taught differently than other healing techniques. It is
actually transferred to the student by the Reiki Master / Teacher
during an attunement process. This process creates a special link
between the student and the Reiki source.

Natural Choice Healing Clinic

Reiki Healing & Tuition
Reiki practitioner training also offered
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General Information
Copies of these Ebooks - either as pdf files or in printed form - may
be distributed to anyone you wish,
provided this is done WITHOUT CHARGE (and the documents are
shared in their entirity, including endpages)

IARP, the International Association of Reiki Professionals

Is the professional association of the global Reiki community,
working to promote wide reaching healing effects throughout the
world and to provide members with extraordinary benefits and tools to
enhance and expand their practices. We are an organization for you
and work to create a supportive environment within Reiki. We
provide a forum for support and professional, personal and spiritual

Reiki Research Foundation CIC

Our aim is to help individuals to discover their own self guidance
system in order to self heal and to help people to access available
evidence about Reiki and how it can reduce symptoms of ill health.

Indian Reiki Practitioners list

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Modern Science Experiment to Prove Reiki Energy

Experiments have been conducted from time to time by eminent
scientists which have proved that the wounds of mice which were
given Reiki healed faster than of those that did not receive therapeutic
touch. Plants receiving therapeutic treatment grew faster and stronger
and had more of chlorophyl in them than those which did not receive
similar treatment. Similarly, human beings who received healing
treatment had larger hemoglobin-the oxygen carrying substance-in
their blood. .

Request Healing
Request a free healing
Not much is required from the person who wants to be healed by
spiritual healing, but below we mention about some important things
that you need to read and understand if you want to request a healing
and make it as successful as possible.
Before and during a healing session:
You may wonder if we can heal your particular illness (emotional or
physical). It's really not harder to heal a headache than a more
complicated illness if the circumstances are right. During the healing
session you may or may not feel anything. If you don't feel anything,
this doesn't mean that the healing was not successful. Instead it only
means that you don't have the ability to sense the healing energy some people do and others don't.
We have had people asking about if we perform distant animal
healings. Yes, we also accept healing requests for your animals in
which case we would need the name of your animal.

Free Reiki Distant Treatment

One Free Complimentary Reiki distant treatment offered, experience
Reiki energy with a free Distant Reiki Treatment.
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Most often more than one treatment will be required if you are dealing
with a chronic illness or a major emotional issue that has been in the
body for quite some time. If more than one Reiki distant treatment is
needed it will be payable.

Request a remote healing

I, David Herron, promise to send remote healing, at most once per
week, to all requestors to this free long distance healing project.
The healings given through this project are not meant to substitute for
more personalized treatment. If you desire individualized attention,
feel free to contact myself or any of the practitioners in the Reiki
Practitioners Directory for a private session. Private sessions generally
will be charged a fee.

Healing Rays
It is a list of free healing sites.
If you fill in the details on these sites, the person in need will be sent
healing, You can receive healing anywhere in the world.

Free Reiki International

Free Reiki Distant Healing Requests

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Dr. Mikao Usui

Dr. Usui , (15 August 1865 9 March 1926) was a Japanese Christian
minister in Japan. He was the head of a Christian Boys School. One
day some of the students asked him if he believed in the miracles
which Jesus did (healing, etc). He answered "Yes". They asked then if
he knew how Jesus had done this, "No" he said.
Now he resolved to find the way in which Jesus had healed. This was
a journey of many years. Studied first at Christian schools in the US,
but with no results. In the Christian schools the method was not
Then he studied Buddhist writings since the Buddha had also healed.
This again took more years studying at a monastery. Nowhere could
he find the answers.
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He visited many temples asking for knowledge of how the Buddha

had healed. At each one the priests said they were more concerned
with spiritual than physical well being. In one small monastery, he
found some ancient Sanskrit writings from India (or perhaps Tibet).
After a few more years of study, he felt he had come to an
understanding and that to go further required in depth meditation.
In 1920 he fasted and meditated for 21 days at a nearby mountain. It is
believed that he discovered Reiki during this period.
What Usui Mikao taught was called 'Usui do' - 'the way of Usui', and
what he practiced on people would most likely have been called 'Usui
teate'- meaning 'hands-on'. It was not known as Reiki Reiki was the
spiritual energy and not the system. Only once it came to the West
was the word 'Reiki' turned into the name for a system.
He died of a stroke in 1926.
He had over 2000 students and had trained 21 teachers by the time of
his death.

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Pranic Healing
Pranic Healing is a simple yet powerful and effective system of notouch energy healing originated and developed by Grandmaster Choa
Kok Sui.
According to the precepts of Pranic
healing, our body is actually
composed of two parts: the visible
physical body, and the invisible
energy body called the bioplasmic
body or aura.
The visible physical body is that part
of the human body that we see, touch,
and are most acquainted with.
Our aura is that invisible luminous energy body, which interpenetrates
the visible physical body and extends 2-6 inches beyond it. This
energy body is called the etheric or Astral body.
Pranic Healing is the way to clearly understand and experience the
world of auras, chakras, Prana, chi, of psychic phenomena. To
understand nature of thoughts, and emotions. To take charge of your
life, control stress, and also heal yourself and others.

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How it works
Pranic healing utilizes Prana (or chi/qi/ki) or life energy and the
chakras or energy centers to heal diseased energy levels.
The healing process involves the manipulation of the patient's chakras,
ki and aura. It has also been called psychic healing, therapeutic touch,
laying of the hand and magnetic healing.
Pranic healing is based on two laws: The law of self-recovery and the
law of Prana or life energy.
1. Law of Self-Recovery:
In general, the body is capable of healing itself at a certain rate. If a
person has a wound or burn, the body will heal itself and recover
within a few days to a week. In other words, even if you do not apply
antibiotic on the wound or burn, the body will repair or heal itself.
2. Law of Life Energy:
For life to exist, the body must have Prana, chi or life energy. The
healing process can be accelerated by increasing life energy on the
affected part(s) and on the entire body.
In chemistry, electrical energy is sometimes used as a catalyst to
increase the rate of chemical reaction. In Pranic healing, Prana or life
energy works as the catalyst to quicken the rate of biochemical
reactions involved in the natural healing process of the body. When
Pranic energy is applied to the affected part of the body, the rate of
recovery or healing increases tremendously.
What we call miraculous healing is nothing more than increasing the
rate of self-recovery of the body. There is nothing supernatural or
paranormal about pranic healing. It is simply based on natural laws
that most people are not aware of.

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Pranic healing can be used to Cure or reduce

Simple ailments
* Cold
* Fever
* Sprain
* Stomach ache
* Other physical disorders

Chronic physical
* Diabetes, Cancer
* Arthritis, Spondilitis
* Sexual disorder
* Respiratory disorders
* Digestive disorders

* Urinary disorders
* Kidney ailments etc

* Stress, Anxiety,
* Fear, Concentration,
* Emotional &
* Mental problems

* Addiction
* Hallucinations

This can also be used on animals.

"Pranic Healing is not intended to replace orthodox medicine, but
rather to complement it. If symptoms persist or the ailment is
severe, please consult immediately a Medical Doctor and a
Certified Pranic Healer."
Master Choa Kok Sui
In India Apollo Hospitals have a center for Pranic Healing also.

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Four Levels of learningPranic healers undergo training through techniques such as meditation
and yoga.
Students of Pranic healing pass through four levels of training.
1. Learn to absorb Prana, sensitize their hands to it.
2. Cleanse and energize the body's energy, and project that energy.
3. How to use color Pranas, and heal psychological ailments
4. Use crystals to focus Prana.

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The techniques
Pranic Healing Techniques
There are 3 main techniques used in Pranic Healing:

1. Scanning - A healer has to have the ability to see energy, to

identify the cause of an energy imbalance in the auric field?
Simply by using a technique called 'Scanning' it is done with the
Your hands have an energy of their own, so they can 'tune in' to any
other energy field and 'scan' it.
It enables a healer to identify areas of energy blockage as well as
sources of any disease in the body and aura.

2. Cleansing - Once the problem area has been identified through

'scanning', the old blocked energy that is causing disease needs to be
removed so that the body can begin healing itself.

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3. Energizing - Once an area is thoroughly cleansed it can be

energized with healthy Prana.

By cleansing the aura, chakra or organ before energizing it minimizes

the amount of energy needed to heal the disease and also minimizes
any exacerbation of symptoms commonly called a "healing crisis".
Many people consider a healing crisis to be part of every treatment,
however there is no need to go through these symptoms if cleansing is
done properly.
The techniques taught in Pranic Healing ensure that the healer does
not project their own energy to the patient as this will soon cause
fatigue and tiredness for the healer!
Healers are taught to draw in and use Prana from their surroundings to
prevent Pranic weakening of themselves.
These simple yet enormously powerful techniques can be applied to
any aspect of life. Since everything in the world is made up of energy,
anything can be scanned, cleansed and energized; be an organ, a
chakra or a business.

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Differences with Other Healing systems

Based on a article from Master Stephen Co, USA
Here is a brief and general list of differences between Pranic Healing
and other systems.
The techniques and teachings are standardized and regulated globally.
 This ensures quality control of the teachings.
 The diagnosing technique scanning allows one to sense
the aura and chakras and evaluate problem areas that
need healing.
Cleansing techniques give the patient the greatest advantage of fresh
energy and avoid complications that may occur from energizing a
polluted aura.
 In many cases, just by applying cleansing techniques the
patient already feels relief from symptoms and causes of
the ailment.
Treatments are specific to and targeted to the ailment, producing
quick and effective results.
The treatments have been validated and produce consistent and
repeatable results.
By following the simple instructions and treatment protocols detailed
in the books, one can treat very complex ailments safely from the very
Energizing techniques do not use the healers own personal energy.
 We live in a ocean of prana or life force.
 In Pranic Healing one learns how to tap into this energy
and impel it to the patient.

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 So rather than the healer feeling drained after a treatment,

the healer is actually energized too.
 This is how Pranic Healers can treat dozens of patients in
a day without feeling drained or exhausted.
A practice called "energetic hygiene" that is rarely found in any
healing modality keeps your personal energy tank clean and full.
 This consists of a series of simple practices that will keep
the healer topped-up, strong and unlinked.
The use of color energies targeted to specific chakras and areas of the
body dramatically accelerate the body's innate healing abilities.
 The use of color prana produces dramatically fast and
effective results.
The techniques have been researched and systematized for over 20
years, and refined to such a fine degree that it can be easily learnt in a
weekend, and you can start healing safely and confidently after the
first day of tuition.
The techniques produce consistent and repeatable results. Anyone can
do it.

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More about Techniques

The majority of healing modalities taught, use a 7 chakra (energy
center) system.
Pranic Healing techniques recognize 11 chakras that work with the
Endocrine System, Skeletal System, and the Nervous System.
They are called the Tree of Life.

1.Energy Chakras

In the palm of your hands are energy centers called chakras. Through
a simple exercise, these chakras are activated to become sensitive to
feeling energy fields.

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You can scan that energy field to locate blockages and be able to
cleanse, energize and revitalize the area with new Prana.
You will also learn techniques to stop the drain of energy on your
body that many health practitioners experience while working on
others. You will actually energize yourself while your are healing
someone else!


Here the healer uses advanced energetic extraction techniques on the

affected chakras so phobias, compulsions and addictions can be cured
in a very short time.
3. Color Pranic Healings:

By using the will and special visualization skills taught in this course,
you can focus color energies to the receiver to produce accelerated
healing. Most severe aliments necessitate the use of qualified Color
Pranic Energies for better results. Using Color Prana is like going to a
specialist instead of a general practitioner.
4. Pranic Crystal Healing

Harness the power of Mother Earth's precious gifts. Use Crystal

Power to enhance your healing ability, spirituality and prosperity
5. Psychic Self Defense

Protect yourself and your loved ones from psychic attacks, negative
intentions, malicious entities and energetic pollution.
We are surrounded by a sea of negative thoughts and emotions which
can subtly harm us. This course will teach you scientific ways of
utilizing Pranic Energies in different dimensions to properly protect
yourself, your belongings, surroundings and love ones.

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6. Pranic Self-Healing

In this intensive "hands-on" 2 day workshop, you will learn step-bystep techniques to:
* Heal yourself of energy leakages & imbalances (sources of most
health problems)
* Manage your health by powerful Pranic Self-Healing methods
(you will be given step-by* step techniques to practice everyday to achieve your goal of good
* Cleanse yourself of diseased energies and energize with fresh
revitalizing prana (life force)
* Quickly recharge your body through simple, yet effective energybased physical exercises
* Restructure the energetic patterns of your bodies with specially
designed meditations...

This picture shows the aura

before and after Pranic
healing session.

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Practical Tip - Ward off Negative Energies

Here are simple techniques of Pranic Energetic Psychic Protection to
prevent negative energies from entering your energy field:
You can start by closing the aura. Cross your arms and legs
whenever you are in the presence of negative people. This
simple technique shrinks and compresses the aura and makes it
armor like in texture. You will feel very isolated and indifferent
to others emotional outbursts.
You can also concentrate on your heart and crown energy
centers. Visualize your hands projecting a combination of pink
and gold energies to the angry or negative person. These special
color pranas are the vibrations of personal love (pink) and
Divine Love (gold). They neutralize the negative astral energies
projected by an angry person. You may also simultaneously
chant "Om Shanti Om" to calm your own emotions as well as
shower them with the combination of Peace and Loving
Energies. Most angry people will calm down after about 5-10
minutes of being smothered by these high frequencies. This
technique also works well in calming down overactive children.

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Prana Energy
What is Pranic Healing

Global pranic healing.

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Pranic Healer Certification

The Pranic Healer Certification program is for Pranic Healers who
wish to enhance their Pranic Healing skills, and to become members
of a competency-based internationally standardized group of certified
Pranic Healers. All Pranic Healers are encouraged to become Certified
Healers in order to enhance the standardization and professionalism of
the practice of Pranic Healing globally.
If you would like to join the Pranic Healer Certification Program,
please request information from:
Global Pranic Healer Certification
Louisa Uy

Phone: +(63 2) 732-8258, 712-0213

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In the United States of America, please contact:
Dr. Mary Clark

Myo-Sei Center
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Dr. Glenn Mendoza

Pranic healing Center

The MCKS Karuna Wellness Center is a chapter of the Pranic Healing
Association of Delhi.
Pranic Healing "Helpline"

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Yulia Pal

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Pranic Healing .Net
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Official Site in India
Almost all states have local chapters.

Your Hands Can Heal You

Pranic Healing Foundation of Delhi


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Pranic Healing "Helpline"


UP Yog Vidya Pranic healers Association, Lucknow

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List of Pranic Healing Practitioners

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Master Choa Kok Sui

1953 - March 2007
Filipino-Chinese, New Age religious leader, he was the Founder
of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, and author of more than 21 books
published in many languages.

At a very young age GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui became interested in

yoga, psychic phenomena, mysticism, Chinese ki kung and other
esoteric studies.

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During his development as GrandMaster he received a degree in

engineering and became a successful businessman.
He spent more than eighteen years researching and studying esoteric
sciences that have resulted in the Pranic Healing System teachings.
Along with committed participants he spent several years
experimenting to determine the effectiveness and the mechanism of
the healing techniques commonly known and used by healers and
students of esoteric sciences.
He was not a clairvoyant nor was he born with any healing ability, but
he was very open minded and had read extensively the old masters'
Master Choa not only conceived the comprehensive techniques
designed to cleanse and energize the physical body, thereby
accelerating the rate at which the body can heal itself, he even
originated new, never before used terms, to thoroughly clarify the
concepts he devised. Master Choa successfully has demonstrated that
energy is an important factor in healing the physical body, and
through employing Pranic Psychotherapy, also in healing the psyche.

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Christian Healing
Prayer is a major weapon in healing arsenal of Christians.
Recently, science has confirmed the link between prayer and healing.
Physicians have performed actual studies on the affects of prayer on
the health of their patients. They found that the patients who pray
have a higher percentage chance of regaining their health than those
who do not. They have even found this to be true for people receiving
intercessory prayer, proving that the differences that doctors are
observing are not just psychological.
All healing comes from God. It does not matter if He leads you to
your restoration through adopting Bible nutrition, or even if He
chooses to use a physician - He is still your Source!
There is a difference between a miracle and a healing. A miracle is
instantaneous, where as a healing is something that happens over a
period of time. It requires two of the pillars of the Holy Spirit - Faith
and Patience. One has to pray and also learn to listen to God.
There is also laying of hands on the patient along with prayers and
sometimes use of anointed oils.
There are many healing as well as prayer ministries that work long
Lessons are needed in Bible and related works.

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Lessons and Classes in Christian Healing

Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry

Deeper roots go back to the prayer, the laying-on of hands and
anointing with oil modeled by Jesus as a major part of his ministry.
Healing actually fell out of Christianity over 500 years ago but is
beginning to be looked at anew as many people turn to
complementary forms of healthcare.

School of Healing Prayer

The School of Healing Prayer is designed to teach individuals,
churches, prayer groups and other Christian organizations about
healing prayer. There are three levels - it is very important to take
each level in sequence, as each course builds upon the previous one.
Level I prayer training course includes a foundational, balanced and
practical approach to begin a prayer ministry. This course offers a
scriptural basis for Gods gift of healing and prayer for healing, and it
teaches the student how to effectively minister prayer for healing
within a Biblical framework.
Level II builds on the foundations established in Level I. It leads
prayer ministers through a progressive and more in-depth
understanding of the healing ministry and more specific issues that
arise. It focuses on the healing of relationships through more defined
areas such as healing of marriage, healing wounds of divorce, and
healing of abortion and miscarriage, among others.
Level III addresses issues that very experienced prayer ministers may
encounter, such as abuse, addictions, and deliverance.
Regular School

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$325.00 per person per level for 1-2 people

$295.00 per person per level for 3-9 people
$250.00 per person per level for 10+ people
Ellel Ministries
Jesus taught his own disciples to proclaim the Kingdom of God and to
heal the sick (Luke 9:1-2). So teaching about healing and making
disciples is foundational to living the Christian life and a primary
training element of the Christian Church.
The Ellel Ministries International Diploma recognises the need for
training in these vital areas and provides a number of different routes
through which students from all over the world may begin a 4-term
course of personal study and training which will eventually lead to
their reaching a Diploma.
Ellel Ministries Australia Gilbulla Sydney
Gilbulla, 710 Moreton Park Road, Menangle, NSW, 2568, Australia
Telephone : +61 (02)4633 8102
Fax : +61 (02)4633 8201
Email :
Ellel Ministries Australia Springhill Perth
Springhill, P.O.Box 609, Northam, WA, 6401, Australia
Telephone : +61 (08) 9622 5568
Fax : +61 (08) 9622 5123
Email :

Christian Healing Course

Christian Healing Course: Lesson 1
4 Keys To Receiving Healing From God

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If you are seeking God for a healing touch in your body, I want to
start off our course by sharing 4 things with you that I've discovered
are KEY to any faith healing journey:
You must believe that healing is a part of your Heavenly Father's true
nature. If you don't think that God is still willing to heal His people,
or are convinced that healing has passed away, developing the faith
needed to receive your healing is going to be near impossible.
You will need to receive the power of God's forgiveness before you
can receive His power to heal you. If you are still carrying around
feelings of condemnation and you feel separated from God, you will
never be able to receive anything from Him - Healing included.
You must understand in the depths of your heart that Jesus is not the
one who made you sick. Because of things I had been taught in the
past, this was something that was hard for me. But I found
biblical truth of this key fact in the book Healing From God is
Available. If even a small part of you still believes He made you sick,
it will be harder to have the faith that He is willing to make you well.
You will need to fill your heart and mind with God's promises
concerning your healing. God's Word has power. He calls it our
sword of the spirit realm. But, it can't just be in your mind; it needs to
be in your heart. Reading God's Word and Christian healing books
based on His Word will help make His promises more real to you.

List of Health & Healing Organisations in UK

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Training, education, certification and ministry

The organizations listed on this page conduct seminars or workshops,
publish literature, or oversee certification programs. Many of them
also minister, either privately or in groups, to people who need

Healing Schools Spiritual List of organizations
A Practical Course In Genuine Health Care
"A Course In Bible Healing"
It is a seven-week course that explores and documents the spiritual
healing that permeates both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.
The class examines both the teaching and the demonstration of
healing as it was practiced by patriarchs and prophets of the Old
Testament, and by Jesus Christ and his followers in the New
Testament. The class objective is for students to learn to emulate this
healing practice in their own lives.
Christian Science Healing
The elemental aspects of divine Science with a powerful and practical
potential to open the door to scientific and spiritual self-development
and Christian healing.
Healing Training Course

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Life transforming training

Made up of four 10-week terms, NETS is based on Luke 9:11 in
which Jesus welcomed, taught and healed the people. It's an indepth, life transforming international training school from Ellel
Ministries, providing a comprehensive life-discipleship course.
Christian Healing Course
Whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, your healing usually comes
in layers. It is as if God carefully removes each layer of pain as He
works inside of you until you are fully restored.
Healing Ministry Schools
As ordained healing ministers, Eric and LaVonne conduct healing
ministry schools. Specialist training in healing the sick is so vital in
God's Kingdom purposes:
Course in Christian Science Healing
This is a course of instruction in Christian Science spiritual healing
consisting of 12 x 4-hour lessons.
The purpose is to teach pupils to be spiritual healers for themselves
and others. The class size is small to allow for interactive questions
and answers.
In addition to lesson time, there is daily study, revision, written
assignments, and worksheets.

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The Ministry of Healing

This course deals with both physical healing, inner healing and
emotional trauma and is part of the Certificate of Prayer and Healing
at the AIBI. It does not certify anyone to be a professional counsellor.
It does help Christians to minister biblically in a local church setting.

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Links for online Healing

An On-Line Resource for Christian Healing
If you have questions about Christian healing, this site will help you
find resources for your journey. If you have a desire to bring
wholeness to broken and troubled people, situations, and places, the
information at this site will guide you toward ways of doing that.
The Healing Clinic
Welcome to the website of Christian John, the on-line Spiritual
Here you will find information on how to harness the power of
positive thought and divine energy to help heal yourself if you are
unwell. You can use the Healing Room at any time day or night but
twice a day Christian John will perform on-line healing sessions live
in the Healing Room. Visit the Healing Room foyer for more details.
Integrative Medicine Alliance
The Online Distant Healing Clinic is a public service for people who
wish to give or receive free distant healing or healing prayer, or who
wish to request that others in need receive distant healing or healing
Hospital Christian Fellowship
Links to Christian Healing Ministries and other organizations related
to it.

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Prayer Request Web

Please pray with us - read any of the Prayer Requests below.
Remember, when two or more of us agree about anything we ask for,
it will be done for us by our Father in heaven. (Matthew 18:19).

Channel of Healing - Online Ministry

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Islamic Healing System

This information is mostly taken from Arshifaa Official Website.
Islamic Spiritual Healing is based on the knowledge extracted from Quran
and Sunnah based on the concept of Seek, Send and Heal through Nur.
Ayat 57 (verse) of Chapter 10th Allah asserted that this Holy revelation of
Allah is direction , healing , guidance and Mercy for believers .
Let us first get to the basics of Islamic Spiritual Healing and their Divine
Medicines in the Light of Holy Book Quran,
Direction means how to use this Holy Divine Medicines and
Healing for diseases in our breasts which also can be translated as
diseases in our body. Whether they are physiological, psychological or
Guidance -- how to prevent, relief and cure.
Mercy- "Rhamat" means Nur of Allah. As Allah Almighty is Nur
(Divine Light) so as His Mercy. Which is the key and the fundamental
power, energy and essence for the existence of every being that exists within
all the heavens and earth.
Islamic way of Healing in west is renowned as Sufic Healing and Sufi
What The Treatment Hopes to Accomplish
Islamic Spiritual Healing has been practiced since the dawn of history. This
is positive energy form of healing by Nur or Noor ( Light of God). It is a
sure cure for all kinds of Physiological, Psychological and Sociological
problems, disorders or diseases if manipulated properly.
It is a complete natural holistic soul, mind, body healing. There are literally
over-the-counter divine medicines, and their alleged benefits cover just
about every disease imaginable.

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The Islamic Spiritual Healing is used in two ways:

As a supplement with/to a conventional medicines or as a substitute for
conventional or any alternative medicines. When used as complementary
medicine it do speed up healing process remarkably .
By this form of treatment we have successfully cured people suffering from
Voodoo, Black Magic, Sahar, Jinn's, Evil eye, Curses, Hexes, Jinxes,
Negative Magic Spells, Destructive Magic Spell, Harmful Magic Spells and
so on.
How the Treatments Are Done
The treatments vary widely, depending on the individual practitioner and the
style of Islamic Spiritual Healing. Most practitioners perform at least a
partial physical and metaphysical examination at the first visit. After
diagnosing a suitable healing or therapy is prescribed.
Treatment Time :
The length of each session varies from practitioner to practitioner and
depends upon the nature of disease, but usually ranges from 30 to 45
minutes. The first session may last longer.
Treatment Frequency :
This varies according to the problem. You may start out with several
treatments per week, then taper to weekly or less often. Duration may range
from a few treatments for acute, temporary problems to regularly scheduled
treatments over several months for chronic conditions.
Treatments vary according to the diagnosis, but include;
Islamic Prayers known as Salat ,
Islamic conversational medicine "Tibb an-Nabawi" - the all-natural
methods of healing described first by Beloved Prophet Muhammad
Rasool Allah (saws) 1400 years ago.
Zikr, the Divine remembrance,
These are the core of Divine Medicines.

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And other Islamic Healing methods.

The treatment many be single or mlange of different physical or spiritual
approaches. But all of them will be derived from Islamic way of Healing.

Side Effects?
It is all holistic and natural healing. As it is all extracted from the Holy
Divination and Sunnah. Islamic Spiritual Healing is notably free of side
Nevertheless, some complex method of treatments like Wazaif, Chil'lah or
Amals are not advised to be done without the permission or supervision of a
perfect practitioners.
Ruquah- Spiritual Healing
Ruqyah is commonly translated in English as "incantation" which carries a
negative meaning, since the word incantation is usually associated with
magic, spells, and witchcraft. However, Ruqyah in Islam is the recitation of
Qur'an, seeking of refuge, remembrance and supplications that are used as a
means of treating sicknesses and other problems.
Ruqyah are of two types:
1) Ruqyah Ash Shar'eeya
2) Ruqyah Ash Shirkiyah
Ar-Ruqyah Ash Shar'eeyah has three conditions.
1) It must be with the speech of Allah (Qur'aan) and his names and
2) It must be in the Arabic language, or what is known to be its meaning in
other languages
3) To believe that Ruqyah has no benefit by itself, but the benefits are from
This type of Ruqyah is permissible and is the main subject of this topic.
Ar Ruqyah Ash Shirkiyah : this contradicts the conditions of Ruqyah
Ash Shar'eeyah and has in it Shirk, associating partners with Allah. It leads a

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person to his destruction in this life and the next and increases calamities and
This type of Ruqyah is prohibited, from the statement of the Prophet .
This type includes: Magic (whether learning, practicing, or teaching it),
Fortune telling, Horoscopes, superstitious belief, and at-Tameemah ( charms
and amulets).
Conditions of a person who treats with Ruqyah:
1) He must have the right belief in Allah (Based on Qur'aan, Sunnah, and
keep away form Shirk, etc)
2) He must have sincerity in worshipping Allah and have a good intention in
treating people
3) He must be firm in his obedience to Allah, and keep away form all that is
4) He must keep far away from all unlawful places and situations that can
lead to what is forbidden, for example isolating himself with a female, etc.
5) He must guard the affairs of his patients and protect their secrets.
6) He must propagate the religion of Allah. Give the Patient advice and
admontitions on the rights of Allah with regards to His commandments and
7) He should have knowledge about the affairs of the patient and sicknesses
8) He should have knowledge about the reality of Jinns (so as not to have
them harm or threaten him while curing the patient)

Conditions for the person (patient) receiving Ruqyah:

1) He must have complete belief that harm and benefit are only from Allah.
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2) He must be patient.
Origins of Islamic Spiritual Healing
Spiritual healers inherited the methods that Gods messengers were using,
and from one generation to another have practiced these methods up to the
present time. In the Islamic tradition, healers utilize both medicinal remedies
and spiritual means. The spiritual techniques follow scientific principles,
which utilize the patients latent energy and the power contained in the
devotions and supplications and meditations of the prophets, messengers,
and "wise men" of God.

Six Verses Of Healing: "Ayat Al-Shifa"

"And [God] shall heal the breast of the believers."
{wayansurkum AAalayhim wayashfi sudoora qawmin mumineena} Tauba 9:14

"Mankind there has come to you a guidance from your Lord and a healing for (the
diseases) in your hearts, and for those who believe a guidance and a mercy."{Ya
ayyuha alnnasu qad jaatkum mawAAithatun min rabbikum washifaon lima fee alssudoori wahudan
warahmatun lilmumineena }
Yunus 10:57

"There issues from within the bodies of the bee a drink of varying colors wherein is
healing for mankind."{yakhruju min butooniha sharabun mukhtalifun alwanuhu feehi shifaon
Nahl 16:69

"And We sent down in the Quran such things that have healing and mercy for the
believers."{Wanunazzilu mina alqurani ma huwa shifaon warahmatun lilmumineena }
Bani Israel 17:82

"And when I am ill, it is [God] who cures me."{Waitha maridtu fahuwa yashfeeni }
A supplication of Prophet Abraham Shuara 26:80

"And declare (O Muhammad) that [the Quran] is a guidance and healing for the
believers."41:44{qul huwa lillatheena amanoo hudan washifaon waallatheena la yuminoona}

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About Energy And How Spiritual Healing Works
Spiritual healing is not at all a mysterious process but is in fact very straight
forward, albeit oftentimes quite complex.
The spiritual healing technique involves the energy field that exists around
each of us. Everyone has an energy field or an aura that surrounds and
interpenetrates the physical body. This field is intimately associated with the
health of the human being.
Energy is the life breath transmitted to us from the Existing, Everlasting
Superpower that overlooks human beings and all creation.
Energy regulates our thought patterns and emotions, is the source of our life
force and is the animating factor in all living beings. It circulates through our
bodies and can be harnessed for healing. It is the source of all movement in
the universe. When the human body loses its life breath the original energy
(or life force) leaves it, allowing the body to decompose. The body goes
back to its earthen origins and the spirit returns to its angelic origin of
spiritual energy.
Read more in detail

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Spiritual Healing in the Sufi Tradition

The Science Of Spiritual Healing

The Sufi Spiritual Healing process rejuvenates the bodys life force
and strengthens it through several focal points ( Chakras?) throughout
the body.

The spiritual technique produces a neuro-psychological effect which


The central nervous system to produce a carefully orchestrated

endocrine response which relieves pain, heals the disease of the
affected areas, and balances the entire body.

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Classes and lessons

Spiritual/Energy Healing Class
This class meets once per month to study energy/spiritual healing, practice
in groups of two, and recieve direct mentorship in the various healing skills.

Sufism and the Healing Arts

This course will explore the relationship of body, mind, and spirit as
refracted through the tradition of Islamic mysticism, generally known as
Sufism. Topics will include concepts of the body in Greek and Arabic
medicine, Islamic doctrines of resurrection, spiritual/physical practices such
as fasting and breath control, healing and miracles, and related issues,
including the practice of yoga in Sufi circles.
The Islamic Healing Course
Welcome to the most established online course in Islamic Healing on the
Avicenna, one of the leaders in the Islamic Healing Movement was heavily
influenced by Chinese, Greek and Ayurvedic healers and wrote The Cannon
of Medicine, which was the most widely studied work of medicine in Europe
from the 12th to the 17th century.
His methods, which draw from traditional texts, Chinese medicine,
Ayurvedic medicine and the medicine of Hippocrates has been refined and
expounded on for the past one thousand years by prominent Islamic healers
to produce a masterful and original system of healing which also serves as a
synthesis of all eastern healing traditions.
You can learn more about Islamic Healing for your own enrichment, to heal
yourself, to help your family or friends or to establish a client-based natural
healing service. To enroll in the Islamic Healing Course please visit:

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University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism

Free Teleclasses
Remembrance: Returning to Love
This teleclass accompanies the free e-class, "Spiritual Renewal & Infusion".
Check in monthly with USHS faculty and ask your questions about how to
deepen your experience of the heart centered prayer practice called
Remembrance. You'll learn how to use it for personal healing, establishing
peace in your life, and integrating spirituality into your life.

The Herbn Muslim

We offer many natural living and natural healing classes, forums, books,
articles, services & products for Muslims seeking to "live closer to nature
and its maker".

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Islam Yoga
I came across this very interesting concept from Egypt)
Islam yoga ( Islamga ) is an old kind of yoga rediscover by Guru Mata
Wafaa in 1985
Islam is an Arabic word means to surrender to God and be one with your self
& God with love By physical ,mental, spiritual practices leads to the
harmony and balance of the Innate quality to reach the inner peace and
Yoga is an Indian word means to be one unit with your self and the universe
and God
By moral, physical, mental, spiritual practice leads to the harmony and
balance to reach the inner peace and oneness .

What are the Principles of Islam Yoga

1- Moral health:
A- Islamic Moral Principles:
Faith in God -Mercy Forgiveness - Honesty Respect - Peace
Love Contentment Knowledge - wisdom - Helping Sharing
Development - Working hard - Cleanliness - Self observing - Self
control - Freedom.
B- Islamic Art of Living:
Communications and relationships
( The individuals - The Couples The Family The Society God)
by the Islamic principles .

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2- Physical Health
A- Body exercises
B- Breathing exercises
C- The five senses control exercises
The Islamic body health system from Ahadeeth & Quraan.
D- Islamic Healing:
By el Tebb El Nabawey from Ahadeeth & Quraan

3- Mental Health
A- Concentration exercises
B- Meditation
Practice Mental exercises using Nature & subjects or positive Ideas or
concepts According to the Islamic principles from Ahadeeth &
C- Islamic chanting:
By Islamic words, Names of God, Quraan as Islamic mental health
practice (Islamic Mantras)

4- Spiritual Practice:
Islamic Spiritual Practice:
The 5 essential principles:1- Believe in God & Prophet Mohamed And
All the prophets and holy books 2- The prayers 3- Fasting 4- El Zakat
5-Pilgrimage .
(Islamic Bhakti Yoga)

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5- Islamic symbols
Arts & sciences: El zakharif El Islameya ( Islamic Mandalas) Islamic
Architectures Islamic astrology in Quraan.

These symbols are from

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Healing LINKS

Islamic Healing : Online Services

At our Online Islamic Healing Center, we offer,
For Islamic Spiritual Healing request, please fill our Islamic Healing
Request form. Most of our services are for free!!! Register Your Self.
Healing by Gem stones is also offered under Islamic Healings. For details go
to Stones at your associates website at
People in seek of spiritual development and purification can access our
service Islah. Psychic Healing is also offered. visit Islah.

Yunus Tierney
I offer heart-based (rather than intellectually based) intuitive healing and
counseling to clients both in person and over the phone. I have been trained
extensively as a healer since 1996, and have earned multiple graduate
degrees in alternative and integrative medicine, including a Masters in
Acupuncture, a Doctorate in Physiatric Medicine, and a three-year graduate
certificate as a Spiritual Healing Ministry Practitioner.

List of prayers

Islamic Spiritual Healing

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Online Services offered by Islamic Healing,

At our Islamic Healing centers we offer absent distant treatment.
For Islamic Spiritual Healing requests, please do not hesitate to contact us by
filling our Absent Healing Request form. Most of our services are for free!!!
Healing by Gem stone is also offered by Islamic Healings. For details go to
Prospects having interest in Dream Interpretation can access our Dream
Interpretation page or send an query on
People in seek of spiritual development and purification can access our
service Islah. Psychic Healing is also offered.
NOTE: If healing help is requested, please understand that all those
associated with this page strongly believe and advocate that regular medical
help and advice from the subject's doctor (s) should continue to be sought
and followed. Further please read General Agreement.

Spiritual Healing in the Sufi Tradition

The Science Of Spiritual Healing

The Sufi Spiritual Healing process rejuvenates the bodys life force
and strengthens it through several focal points ( Chakras?) throughout
the body.

The spiritual technique produces a neuro-psychological effect which


The central nervous system to produce a carefully orchestrated

endocrine response which relieves pain, heals the disease of the
affected areas, and balances the entire body.

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