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Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/NonCon
John Egbert/Dave Strider
John Egbert, Dave Strider
hyper, cumflation, Guro, Gore, Blood, Death, Breathplay, Cock
Worship, Large Cock, Rape, Rape Fantasy, Size Kink, Size
Difference, Macro/Micro
Published: 2014-04-14 Words: 6157

by Riu1122

WARNINGS: This story is super messed-up. It features rape/noncon, mild macro, hard
guro, death, hyper/extremely large genitalia, crushing, cumflation, growth, and probably
more things I can't think of. If you have any sort of squeamishness, don't read this.
Otherwise, this is a story about John and Dave and their good friendship with one another.


One last note: this takes place in some kind of aspectswap, post-Sburb AU I guess. Mostly
I just needed Dave to be a hero of Space so that he can grow things at will.
Also. I really wanted to finish this for 4/13 so it may not be totally edited right now. I may
do that later. Or maybe not. Feel free to let me know of any big mistakes (I mean, aside
from the existence of the story itself).
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See the end of the work for more notes

When the doorbell rang, The Knight of Space opened the door almost immediately. The
short, wiry Heir of Light still had his finger on the button. His eyes widened at the celerity of the
response, then smiled and waltz right in.

Hey Dave! Whats up? he greeted merrily as he walked through the door and into Daves
Dave shut the door and said nothing. John turned and looked back at the blond boy, and
asked, Hey, anyone up there?
Dave chuckled, and finally responded, Sorry, John. Just thinking, is all.
Uh-huh. So, why did you want me over?
Dave didnt answer. He smiled enigmatically, and walked up to John. The size difference
between the two was astounding. The Heir was not a hair above 5 and slim, while The Knight
towered over him at 65 and broad. The short brunet was forced to crane his neck nearly straight
up in order to continue looking him in the eyes, or well, face at least (no one could look Dave in
the eyes with his omnipresent shades). Dave gestured vaguely up at the ceiling, Hey, how tall do
you think it is?
John screwed up his face in confusion, I dunno? 12 feet, maybe?
Dave looked up pensively, You think so, huh? He paused. Well, lets test that theory out.
John was about to ask what the fuck he was getting on about, when something strange
happened. Dave appeared to be growing. His head was inching upwards, so that he towered
over John even more, and his shoulders and body expanding out, decreasing the already small
amount of space between the two boys. His tee-shirt, formerly loose fitting, now was becoming
more and more tight, highlighting Daves not-negligible musculature. His pants too became tight
and tighter, drawing up several inches above his ankles, and revealing a bulge in his crotch that
told John he was a whole lot bigger than the tiny brunet in a lot of ways. John took a step back as
Dave passed 7 feet tall. The rate of the blonde boys growth increased, and he passed 71 and
72 twice as fast as before. His shirt was drawn taut across his meaty pecs, and had been pulled
up enough to reveal the first two rows of his defined abs. John had always known Dave was
pretty well in shape, but he had never realized that he was ripped til this moment. Daves pants,
likewise, were now incredibly tight, revealing every contour of Daves package, which easily
appeared to be twice the size of Johns junk. John took another step back, and then another,
backing away in fear and awe from the giant in front of him. His eyes were now even with the
massive boys abs, as he shot past 76 and then 78, growing even faster all the while.
Dave began chuckling loudly as he grew, then with his two huge hands he gripped the front
of his now-tiny shirt and pulled. There was the sound of several loud pops, and the entire shirt
ripped away along the seams, revealing Daves well-developed muscles. Dave let go of the
tattered remains of his shirt, letting them flutter to the floor. His chuckle grew into a full-blown
laugh as his growth accelerated even more, his now-ultra-deep voice booming from his diaphragm
causing Johns very bones to vibrate with the frequency. Dave shot past eight feet, and showed no
signs of slowing down. On the contrary, his growth was still just getting faster.
The button on his jeans popped, shooting past Johns face at a deadly velocity. It was
amazing it had held even that long, really. Dave reached with his massive paws and hooked his
fingers in the waistband of the pants, and just as with his shirt before, ripped them right off. If
anything, it seemed to take even less effort this time; the pants tore clean off and Dave looked as if
he were ripping a piece of tissue paper. The blonde, shaded boy was left in nothing but a pair of
straining boxer-briefs; it was almost comical seeing the red undergarments struggling (and failing
massively) to contain Daves monstrous genitals. His family jewels were simply massive even in
comparison to his 89 frame; there was no way those things were growing proportionally to the
rest of his body. Every detail of his enormous junk was discernable through the fabric, and in

some places it had already begun to tear, revealing patches of cock and ball flesh. His testes were
the size of Johns head no, maybe a bit smaller, it was hard to tell and John didnt care to
approach the expanding behemoth to find out the exact dimensions and overtop of them, coiled
up in what looked to John to be an uncomfortably tight position, was Daves massive trouser
snake. Between the still-yet-to-be-bursted underwear and its coiled up position, it was impossible
to tell the exact length of the cock, but John was willing to bet it was somewhere in the vicinity of
two feet, still totally soft.
As John admired (though perhaps thats not the right word for the fearful gaping he was really
doing) Daves package, the boy was still growing, up and up more. Past 9 feet now, John was
sure, but it was becoming difficult to get an exact read on the exact height of a giant who towered
over you by a good four feet. John had backed a good distance away from Dave, but as the boy
continued growing he was forced to keep stepping back as he took up more and more space in the
large foyer.
There was the ominous sound of threads popping as Dave reached 10 feet; the very sound
John had been dreading. Daves bright red boxer-briefs had held all they could, but the fight was
fruitless from the start. The strained pair of underwear was rent by the enormous pressure, and was
burst open right along the seam. Daves package flopped out, swinging ponderously between his
legs. His balls were now easily larger than Johns head, and were so massive that they reached
practically to his knees. His cock was now so long that it hung even farther than his balls, swaying
just below his knees, still flaccid. The massive genitalia was so out-of-proportion to the rest of
Dave that John knew that it had to be growing faster than the rest of him.
Dave looked down at his tiny best friend, Whoops, sorry John. Didnt mean to give you a
free show. Usually I make guys buy me dinner first, but hey were bros, so its cool. He laughed
again, his voice now a powerful, floor-shaking baritone. By now he was passing 11 feet in height,
and finally his growth seemed to be slowing.
And not a moment too soon, as his head was now dangerously close to the ceiling. He inched
up, slower and slower, John still staring speechless, eyes darting from the giants head to his
genitals and then back again. Finally, Daves expansion stopped, just as his hair was beginning to
brush the ceiling, 12 feet above.
He laughed again, the floor now very noticeably quaking, Ha! You were right on the
money, dude. 12 feet even.
John was trembling visibly now. He gulped heavily under the gaze of his naked friend. D-Dave!
What the hell is going on!?
Dave lifted one of his massive arms, and scratched the back of his head in a casual motion
intentionally meant to show off his guns. Gee, Egbert, I dont know what the hell youre talking
about. I just was testing to see if your guess was right. The giant boy tilted his head upwards, his
hair making a soft shushing sound as it brushed lightly against the ceiling. His bespectacled
(beshaded?) eyes were mere inches from the white stucco ceiling. The blond pursed his lips and
whistled, Wow Egbert, really didnt think you had such a propensity for estimating height.
John took a step back as Dave lowered his gaze from the ceiling and focused it back on his tiny
friend. Dave laughed, Whats wrong Egbert? Not scared of your best pal, are ya? John took
another step backwards, and Daves face darkened somewhat and he too took a step, but towards
his much smaller friend. Daves legs were orders of magnitude longer than Johns and his single
step brought his massive foot only a few inches from John. Instinctively John shuffled backwards
some more, away from the frightening appendage, only to trip over his own feet like a moron and
fall sprawled out on his ass.

That deep, booming laughter came back, sending vibrations up Johns spine from his contact with
the floor. Holy shit, Egbert, you really are hopeless. John began to scramble, trying to sit up and
regain his footing, but as he sat, the giant in front of him moved with lightning speed. His
monstrous foot shot forward and collided with Johns chest, flinging him back onto the ground
and pinning him down. His head slammed against the hardwood floor and stars shot before his
eyes. Daves foot remained on top of him, the toes inches above his head, the ball right on his
chest and the heel conveniently located on top of his pelvis.
Whoops, sorry dude. Hope your heads alright. Dave raised an arm again, flexing his
disproportionate musculature. Hard to judge my strength at this size. His face contorted into an
evil grin, smirking down at his best friend beneath his foot. Im just so much bigger and stronger
than anything else around me.
John struggled to think of something to say. Something that would make his friend stop. But he
could think of nothing; this was a situation he would have never even thought to foresee.
Suddenly, John grunted and gave out a small yelp as the foot on his chest grew a hundred times
heavier. Hey John, you did so well at guessing the ceilings height, lets play another game. The
force on Johns chest increased slightly as Dave leaned just a bit further forward, How many
pounds of my weight are crushing down onto your chest right now?
John said nothing; even if he had had a reasonable estimate (several million tons was the only
number coming to his head), he wouldnt have been able to voice it. The initial push had forced all
the air out of his lungs and now, despite his best efforts, his chest could not expand to accept more
air. His lips moved helplessly, and his eyes rolled back as he suffered the simultaneous pain of
crushing and asphyxiation. He had never experienced anything worse in his life; the panic of
being unable to breathe, the simple pain of being compressed, that nameless feeling like nails on a
chalkboard of something just being plain wrong, that his body wasnt meant to feel like this that
his organs and skin shouldnt be shifting the way that they were.
Dave frowned again, What, you dont wanna play? He increased the weight, and heard a crack.
Probably one of Johns ribs. Thats no fun. Im going to have to entertain myself then. He
leaned back lessening the weight on John. Well, what am I going to do then? The brunet on the
ground sucked in air with the suddenly negative pressure; oh thank god Dave was letting him go it
was all fine- And then suddenly the weight returned in full force, and then some. Oh, I know!
Dave said happily, mimicking the voice of an excited child, Ill play my own game: See how
long it takes to squash a bug!
John began struggling, beating his hands against the huge foot pinning him down. Dave ignored
it, and simply leaned forward, now balancing about half his weight on his friend. Johns arms
dropped, suddenly too tired to do anything. His brain couldnt form thoughts anymore, too
clouded with pain and panic. Deep, desperate grunting emitted from Johns throat; he lack the air
to turn them into actual screams.
Dave tsked, John, now, cant you be a little more graceful? Die with a bit of dignity? The
panicking boy gave no indication of hearing. Really? Fine, have it your way. Dave grinned
again, a twisted, broken smile. Been good knowing you, man. He shifted all of his weight to his
front foot.
There was a small crunch from beneath Daves foot. A shiver went through his whole body, and
his colossal dick jumped slightly. That sound was always so strange to the giant blond, the
anticlimactic sound that a life made when it was snuffed out. Dave loved it.
He lifted his foot. Macro stories he had spent his development years obsessing over had always
been so reticent on the details of the aftermath; more often than not, there was nothing but a red

stain on the carpet or the ground. It seemed stupid to the giant; humans had weight and substance
to them, where do you think that all went? He examined the wreckage before him.
In all honesty, it actually took a bit of work to make a human unrecognizable via crushing. Johns
corpse was clearly that; especially with the worst of the damage hidden beneath his clothes. His
torso was still very clearly human-shaped, though the quickly-spreading bloodstains along the
sides revealed where his skin had split to allow blood and even some organs to spill out from the
pressure. Similarly, blood dribbling from his open mouth, and likely there was more in his throat.
It was the pelvis that was the worst. Unlike the chest, which collapses flat so easily, the pelvis is
one huge bone, and given enough pressure its going to snap somewhere. Dave couldnt
appreciate the exact nature of the death this time, but even with Johns shorts on, he could tell it
was a bloody mess. Damn him, he should have made the brunet undress first.
Daves cock was chubbing after his examination of his dead friend. He gripped the base of it; far
too wide to get his hands around, and stroked a few times. He turned from the body, and began
thinking. How big, how big? 8 feet should probably do it.
The blonde shrunk rapidly, much faster than he had grown, stopping at eight feet even, still huge,
but at least a bit more normal. His muscles were still vastly out of proportion to his body, and his
still-half-erect dick was the same. He was a bit vain, after all.
He turned and looked the still-unmoving body. He felt butterflies in his stomach, but he silenced
them, continuing to watch the corpse intently. The several seconds that passed felt like years to
Dave, until finally he saw it happen.
It started with a glow. White light appeared to emanate off of Johns body, and for a second Dave
could swear he heard a ticking clock. Johns body rose up into the air, shining brighter and the
light began to shift in hue. It was blue one moment, then red, and green, the colors mixing and
changing more and more rapidly as they brightening ever more. Some sort of liquid, glowing in
the same polychromatic light, dripped from Johns form. Dave had never quite figured out what
that was, his blood? Some magic fluid from the Aether? Oh well, it didnt really matter.
The light reached its peak and suddenly was gone. John lowered back to the floor, landing
gracefully on his feet, totally devoid of any fatal injuries. He looked around. His face was haunted,
and his eyes had bags beneath them. God tier powers can revive you from death; but they dont
take away its memories or its pain.
Dave rushed forward. Why waste time? He grabbed the recently-revived boy about the neck and
lifted him, slamming him against the nearest wall. Johns fingers instantly came up to his neck,
clawing at Daves vastly bigger hands, his eyes wide with terror. Hey there Johnny boy, so good
to have you back, man. Dave chuckled. Now, as you mightve guessed, killing you makes me
mighty horny. So Id suggest that when I let go of you, you get on your knees and start
worshipping me like the little, pathetic bug you are, or I might just decide to do it again. He
tightened his iron hold on Johns neck. Only slower this time.
He released the boy, and he fell to the ground and collapsed in a heap, sucking in air. Dave
grabbed his hair and yanked him upright. Now get started, you little bitch. John coughed, still
desperately trying to regain his breath, and stared at the prodigious package in front of him. He bit
his lip, how was he meant to do th-?
His thought was cut off by a hard blow to his face. He fell sprawled out on his side, mouth filling
with blood from Daves savage backhand. When I say get started, I mean fucking get started
John rushed to get back to his knees, and grabbed the massive cock about the middle with both

hands. Even two-handed he couldnt get his fingers all the way around it. He tried stroking it,
awkwardly. The dick wasnt fully hard yet and already well-past two feet in length. He stroked up
and down the length, trying to please the angry blond god in front of him.
Dont be such a pussy, use your tongue, bitch. John didnt dare question him or hesitate. He
dove forward, licking the head of the cock, while his hands reached pass it to continue stroking
the shaft. Where he was on the floor, he was at the perfect position to lick and suck the head of the
cock while it was still semi-hard, but as it pumped more and more full of blood and stretched
forward and up, John was forced to move his head to the side somewhat to allow it to pass by his
ear and grow right past his head. He licked its side, running his tongue across its length, or at least
what he could reach with his mouth.
Dave suddenly lifted the cock, drawing it out of Johns reach. The brunet looked up to see what
the gigantic blond was doing, and suddenly the cock was released, slapping thickly onto his face.
John could see nothing but Daves cockflesh. Not wanting to disappoint the man, his tongue
darted out and began licking the underside of the cock. The shaft was so massive that it was just
about as wide as his face, and despite his best efforts with his mouth and hands, he felt like he was
doing almost nothing. Dave moaned all the same, though, and a moment later, John felt a drop of
something thick and heavy land in his hair. Precum.
John scooted back, causing the dick resting on his head to slide down his face, the tip leaving a
trail of precum on his hair and over his forehead. He leaned back so that the cock left his head
entirely, and then grabbed the massive glans with both hands, pulling it down to his lips. The
cockhead was unimaginably huge, larger than his fist. Hell, larger than both his fists. The massive
slit was drooling a steady stream of precum, which ran down the underside of the head and down
the underside of the shaft. John stuck his tongue out and lapped at the stream. The liquid was
slightly salty, and unpleasantly warm. Another huge droplet welled up, and this time John used his
hands to spread it around, slicking up most of the cockhead with the single, massive drop.
Dave grinned, and chuckled, prompting John to glance up at him. Holy hell, the giant looked even
more huge when looking up from this angle. Good idea, Egbert. Youre gonna want to get my
cock as slick as possible. Might make whats coming next a bit easier for ya.
Johns eyes widened. Y-you dont mean Y-you cant!
Daves face twisted with anger. He reached down and grabbed Johns hair and yanked him to his
feet. He bent over so that John was staring directly into his shades, Listen hear, you little cunt. I
can do whatever I want to you and you can scream and cry all you want, but Im going to get
what I want from you. He dropped John. You have lets say, 30 seconds, to get me as lubed
and slick as you can. After that, your ass is mine.
John wasted no time. He jumped forward at the erect cock and began slobbering all over it. He
was openly sobbing by this point, interrupting his desperate ministrations with frequent hiccups.
His hands were gathering all the precum they could leaking out of Daves cockhead, and
spreading it all over the vast surface. Luckily, and it was the only thing that was lucky for John
right now, Dave had quite the copious output, and there was more than enough precum to coat the
entire surface of the cock.
Times up. Dave said, voice deep and commanding. He hadnt really been counting, but his
dick looked lubed enough for what he had in mind. He leaned over and grabbed Johns shirt and
tugged. The poor, bloody, fouled fabric ripped like tissue paper. He grabbed John under the
armpits, lifting him up. He held him with one arm, and did the same to his shorts and underwear,
hooking his fingers through the waist and tugging with sheer force, the clothes ripping along the
seams, and leaving John completely nude. Dave grabbed him again and pressed him up against
the nearby wall, using it to keep him suspended in air. Dave adjusted his cock, putting it into

position just below Johns hole. The brunet tried to squeeze his legs together, but Dave grabbed
them and pulled them up and out, forcing John to bend his knees and spread his legs. Johns back
was now pinned against the wall, and Dave held him up by his legs, his small pucker as open and
available as it could possibly be.
Johns face was red, and his eyes were puffy from crying. Please, Dave, dont do it I thought
we were friends.
Daves face was unreadable. He stared into Johns pleading eyes for a second, and the violated
brunet thought he saw a hint of regret play over the blond giants features. Youre right, He
said, softly, more gently than he had said anything so far, We are friends
John smiled. But only for a second. Because right after saying that, Dave thrust up savagely,
impaling John on the first several inches of his cock.
He screamed. It was pain worse than he could imagine. It was worse even than being crushed
because at least that had been mercifully fast. This was a tearing, a deep fiery pain that shot
throughout his whole lower body that wouldnt stop and John knew it wasnt going to stop until
Dave was done with him. The cock was too big, too impossibly big, and it was a physical
impossibility that it was inside of him, but John knew that it was all the same. It felt wider than a
tree trunk, it felt like it was going to rip him in two.
He looked down. There was nothing inside of him but the head, at least two feet of shaft still lay
outside, waiting to enter him. And there was already blood dripping down from his grotesquely
stretched anus.
John felt lightheaded. He felt like he was about to faint. Dave seemed to be indifferent to this fact.
He yanked down on Johns legs, dragging him down along the wall, and forcing his dick farther
up into Johns guts. Red flashed before his eyes, and for a moment he could see nothing but a
supernova of pain. He let out a choked squeak.
Again, Dave yanked downwards, sending the cock further up Johns large intestine. The pain shot
upwards like lightning bolts emanating from all throughout his body. John wasnt even sure what
was going on; was Dave ripping right through the lining of his guts? Wasnt that how some guy
died who tried to have sex with a horse?
Youre doing so good, John baby, youve taken at least a third of my cock, Dave leaned
forward and bit Johns ear, You only got about 20 inches or so left.
Dave let got of Johns legs and took a step back, removing the brunet from the wall. The lithe boy
was now supported by nothing but the dick that was slowly ripping him apart from the inside out.
Gravity forced him down, slipping down an inch or two, agonizingly slowly. Dave wrapped his
hands around Johns chest (his mitts were so big in his augmented state that his fingers could reach
all the way around), and shoved down. The flash of pain that accompanied the motion was
practically familiar to John now, but the sudden bulging out of his midsection wasnt. Daves cock
was now inside of him so far that it showed through his stomach, poking up like a pole pitching a
tent at some dark, morbid carnival.
Dave laughed, the same condescending chuckled hed been giving all day. Look at that, man. Its
almost kind of cute. He lifted John up slightly. Though the cock was exiting Johns body
somewhat, it was no better than it being shoved in further; the very act of moving it fired off so
many neurons that every tiny shift was a stab of pain.
Dave pulled John up until the bulge disappeared from his stomach, and then savaged rammed him
back down. The cock penetrated even further this time, pushing out the flesh of his belly even

more; the tent was being pitched higher. John made another choked sound, and fought the urge to
vomit. He had been wrong; forward thrusts were much worse than backwards ones.
Dave seemed indifferent to Johns discomfort. No, actually he didnt. He seemed to enjoy Johns
discomfort. Everytime the brunet whimpered, or squealed, or gave an involuntary wince or jerk of
pain, he felt the iron-hard cock inside of him throb in pleasure. Dave lifted him up again, farther
this time, til only a couple of inches were left inside. It was amazing the difference that made to
John; suddenly the horrendous pressure was alleviated somewhat. But it only lasted a second, and
then Dave pushed down again. Once more, he reached new depths, stretching out Johns stomach
beyond the capacity that he thought it could have stretched.
Dave paused like that for a second, letting go of Johns chest with one hand to feel the bulge of his
own cock stretching out the skin of his midsection. John felt woozy. There was something
disconcerting about seeing his stomach like that. He didnt dare look down at Daves cock. He
didnt want to know how much was left, and he knew that there was going to be more of his
blood on it if he did.
Daves hand returned to Johns chest. And the blond once more lifted him up, so far that only the
head of the cock remained inside him. And then he stopped. John dared to look at Daves face,
afraid that the gesture might be seen as insolence. The giant looked contemplative. Hmm.. I think
Im sick of looking at your little bitchy face. And then, faster than John could blink, Dave spun
him around, and without hesitations slammed him down again. The difference in angle made it so
that instead of poking straight out his belly, it now ran more parallel to his stomach. This was good
because another thrust like the ones Dave had been giving would have probably ripped his entire
abdomen right open. It was bad, though, because now the dick was being jammed up further into
his abdominal cavity than it ever had been before.
John could feel, actually feel , his organs being physically pushed out of the way. There was a
sickening squealch from somewhere inside of him, and John felt bile rising to the back of his
throat. He refused to let it pass his lips, swallowing hard to keep it down, but it didnt get the acrid
taste off his tongue, and nothing could stop the constant pain that shot throughout his body.
Dave seemed done with taking it slow; just as soon as he had pushed John down, he yanked him
right back up. He continued until, once more, nothing but the head was left inside, and then
shoved it all right back in again. And then again, and again.
John had thought the slow strokes had been torture, but now it was the same pain, just repeated
more often. Every in and out stroke felt like someone taking a whisk to his insides, and he knew
things were moving around that really shouldnt be. He tried to make his mind go blank, but all
that kept popping up were images of anatomical charts he had seen in Biology, of all the vital
organs and things that were all stuffed so close together. He looked down at his belly, through it
he could see the outline of the long, impossibly thick tube pumping in and out, the visible bulge
starting right about his own pitifully small, soft cock and moving up as Dave slammed down
savagely, past his belly button, up his stomach, til, oh god, it was lost at his chest.
Hes inside my chest . Oh god, oh god. John could feel Daves breathing growing heavier and
heavier, could feel the warm air on his neck. He felt like a rag doll, held in the hands of this giant,
being torn apart.
Dave grunted, and groaned as he continued. And then, he pulled up, and gave a long grunt, and
slammed his little ragdoll down harder than he had all night. Something was different on this one;
John felt something inside of him give, something tore, he didnt know, all he knew was that
sudden a pain worse than anything he had felt thus far ripped through his body. He screamed,
long and loud, a sound of pure terror and pain, and suddenly he felt something wet down below
and heard a wet splatter.

Too confused with pain to think, John looked down. On the ground was a small, but growing
puddle of blood, being fed by the steady flow leaking out around the cock plugging his hole. He
felt sick, but his muscles didnt have the coordination to make him retch. Dave didnt give him a
chance to recover, either. Even as the brunet screamed, he started the next thrust. If anything, they
grew more frequent, more fervent.
He was out-and-out panting now, but even so managed a chuckled, haha...nngh...Egbert, every
word was punctuated by more heavy breaths as he pumped the boy on his cock up and down,
indifferent to the steady stream of blood now flowing over his cock and down his legs, Loolooks like I, unggh, popped your cherry. His cock throbbed inside of John, who was now
sobbing and groaning incomprehensibly. Oh god! Dave moaned, the frequency of his pumps
increasing ever still. His arms, as muscled as they were, were starting to show signs of tiring, and
Dave had a sheen of sweat all over his body. Yeah-! he grunted, jamming his cock as hard as he
could into his former best bro, Here it coomes!
John was only vaguely aware of what was going on anymore. His existence had turned into a
long chain of physical stimuli, all unpleasant and most potentially fatal. Even so, he was distantly
aware of the feeling of Daves cock throbbing within him, pumping larger than it had during the
entirety of his sodomization. Thick ropes of cum began shooting inside him, spreading the feeling
of warmth throughout his chest. It wasnt pleasant; nothing was pleasant right now, but it was
different and strange. Just as soon as one shot tapered off, another began, and Dave didnt stop
thrusting all the while. They were slower however, and accompanied by his grunts and groans and
whispers of fuuuck! and god, yes!
The orgasm, like everything else about Dave, was extreme, impossible. Every spurt felt like a
gallon being unloaded into Johns body, and every spurt was following immediately by another,
no less copious. John felt his body begin to stretch, his stomach ballooning out every so slightly,
rendering the outline of the dick that was killing him ever so slightly more indistinct. And every
wad just made it bulge out more.
From below, John could feel more of the warm wetness spreading over his legs. He didnt know if
it was more blood or just Daves jizz. He looked down. It was both; a frothy pink milkshake
dribbling down Daves dick and puddling on the floor, with his blood. Like strawberries in the
summertime. That made John giggle, madly.
Dave was still going strong. John looked at his belly again. He now had quite a gut. It was
beginning to hurt as well, the same horrible discomfort that being stepped on had caused. The
feeling of his body being expanded in ways it wasnt meant to. How long ago was that? An hour?
Two? Or less?
Dave kept pumping. His arms were aching, and Johns head was now lolling loosely everytime he
jammed him up and down. His stomach too was bulging out grossly. And Dave wasnt even near
done yet. Every spurt increased the girth of the growing belly. It was like the game from earlier,
only now it was See how long it takes to pop a bug.
Johns stomach was grossly distended now, expanded far beyond the limits that it should be
capable of. But Dave still had some juice left in him. He pumped harder, his arms practically
screaming in protest, but it was a good pain, the exhaustion of having used his own hands to kill
his best friend twice. His cock throbbed inside John, squirting his seed into the boy, stretching him
out even more than before.
There was a sudden ripping sound. Again, it wasnt what Dave would expect for the sound of a
man dying. It was as if paradox space mandated that the final noise of any living thing had to be
an anticlimactic whimper of some sort; maybe an intentional reminder of the inherent

insignificance and mortality of a human life. Johns stomach ripped open. That was another thing;
Dave had never really considered the possibility of skin actually ripping. But it was happening,
and he watched as his own cum spilled out in a flood, mixed with the bright red of Johns blood
and the darker burgundy of his intestines as they spilled out with it all.
Dave nearly laughed when he realized he could see his own cockhead sticking out of the newly
made hole in the twice-made corpse of his former friend John. It was still spurting cum, but less
now, the flow finally dying off, adding the last few drops to the deluge now spreading across the
hardwood floor.
He pulled Johns body off of his cock, a wet shlucking sound accompanying the action. He
dropped the corpse unceremoniously, letting it land in a tangled heap in the puddle of its own
blood. He examined his softening-dick. It was absolutely covered in blood and cum and god
knows what else. Thats why he hated doing this.
But it was Johns birthday.
The revival took less time this time, and then John was left sitting, naked, in a puddle of his
boyfriends cum and his own blood. He jumped to his feet, and jumped into Daves arms. The
huge blond caught him, returning the embrace. John laughed, and Dave released him, dropping
him back to the soaked floor.
God! That was amazing, Dave!
The blond was shrinking, returning to his normal height, Yeah, man, I guess.
John stuck his tongue out, You guess? Please, you were enjoying that even more than I was!
Dave, now back to a comfortable six foot five, leaned forward and took John full on the lips.
When the kiss broke, he said, Yeah, but that doesnt mean I think its that good of an idea. God
tier powers arent to be trifled with. What if we do that again and you dont come back?
John rolled his eyes, Yeah, cause death by giant cock during a roleplay session gone awry is
soooo heroic.
Dave sighed. Well, were not doing it again til next year.
John smiled slyly, Not even on your birthday?
Daves cheeks reddened, in spite of himself. In truth, he would like that Not even then. Now
come on, we gotta get this place cleaned up. Dirk and Roxy are making us dinner, and everyones
gonna be there.

End Notes

Happy 4/13 everyone! The ending was made as it was cause I found the premise too
depressing. But hey why not it works I think.

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