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Duo Vela
vela |vl|
Latin origin: plural form of velum, meaning sails of a ship
Duo Vela performs enchanting music from across the seas, giving audiences a taste of the
sounds, colours, and rhythms of far away lands

"Together they create an

astoundingly beautiful world of
--Nicholas Goluses, Professor of Guitar,
Eastman School of Music

"World-class instrumental
--Scott Regan, 88.5 WRUR Radio Host

Although recently formed in 2014, the husband and wife classical ensemble has already
performed around the globe to thousands in China, Australia, and New Zealand. Marla
Nistico, MM and Daniel Nistico, DMA were classically trained at the Eastman School of
Music, and are able to draw audiences in with their engaging programming and unique ability
to tell stories with music.