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An Open
Letter Cian



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Stabling with


Laura Kraut
Nick Skelton

How Eddie
influenced the career of Andres Rodriguez



Longines Masters of

In this issue



International Horse Show







How Eddie Macken

influenced the career of Andres Rodriguez


Longines Global Champions Tour Doha


Longines Masters of PARIS




The London International Horse Show,



WINTER 2016 | issue 03

The sudden loss of show jumpings World No. 41 rider was

a blow that struck straight through the heart of the sport.
We chose to publish this interview in full as a tribute to our
deeply loved, and terribly missed, friend.



Lucy Deslauriers: Ride Like an American

Examining the breakout year of Lucy Deslauriers, one
of the faces of the second generation of United States






Whats On Winter 2016


Up for Debate
Clean Sport or Common Sense?


Up CLOSE Riders of the

15th IJRC Rolex Top Ten Final


LAST WORDS Beezie Madden

show jumping.


Plot Blue Retires

Emotions ran high at CHI Geneva 2015, as Marcus Ehning
and his team tearfully bid farewell to their horse of a lifetime,
Plot Blue.


Stabling With
Laura Kraut & Nick Skelton
Take a peek inside the Wellington, Florida winter base of
one of show jumpings most engaging power couples as
they prepare for a big year with their big equine stars.



Soft Spoken Steel

Amid the subdued, defiant atmosphere of Paris late last fall,
Frances best female rider stood in the shadow of the Eiffel
Tower and allowed us to learn more about her than ever

On the cover:
Pnlope Leprevost is wearing
Ludovic Winterstan Couture

before. No horse required.

Letter from the Editor

WINTER 2016 | issue 03


Executive Editor

NOELLE FLOYD Magazine is expanding our platform with

Nolle Floyd

o say that 2016 has started in an incredibly difficult way for many of us is a vast

understatement. Losing Andres Rodriguez and Sophie Walker on January 4th has

the launch of our new YouTube Channel. Connected directly

altered the tone of this year for myself and Im sure for many of you. I did not know

to and NOELLE FLOYD Magazine,

Features Editor

Sophie well, but the hundreds of messages and photos shared on social media

follow our channel for interactive interviews, news reports,

Erin Gilmore

from her friends and family display a horsewoman with a kind heart and a generous

video blogs, educational videos and unique video content

on the sport of show jumping from around the world.

Custom Book Publications

To exhibit our professional photography from around the
world, NOELLE FLOYD will be introducing a line of beautifully

nature. Our community is less for losing such a woman.

Design Director
Charlotte Falk

Andres was a friend of mine. I had so many incredibly funny, intellectual and engaging conversations with him over the years that ranged from topics of importance

Contributing Writers

within the sport, to his exciting proposal to Clementine Goutal in St. Tropez in 2014.

Nolle Floyd | Erin Gilmore | Esther Hahn

The relationship between Andres and Clementine was one that I admired greatly.

Contributing Photographers

Almost a year ago today, Andres and I spoke in Wellington, FL about my dream of

Bret St. Clair | Jump Media / Alden Corrigan

for my idea to start a magazine, and his insight became part of the foundation for

crafted coffee table books. Custom commissions will be

available on a limited basis. Check out our Best of 2015 book,
coming February 2016


Erin Gilmore | Nolle Floyd | Jessica Rodrigues

Stefano Grasso | Michael van de Velde

Floyd Consultants Ltd. delivers custom solutions, tailored

starting a magazine. He was one of the first friends and riders who offered his support
this publication. He was someone who represented all that is great in this sport, of
the future of show jumping and why I do all that I do. He was charismatic, gentle,

to you your unique business, your sponsors, your owners


smart, hardworking, genuine, and talented. Riders like Andres are what make this

and your vision. Working with a wide range of riders, owners

Photographer: Nolle Floyd

sport so special, unique and beautiful.

and sponsors within the sport, we can offer you the platform

Second Photographer: Marie-Amelie Martin

to achieve your professional goals in 2016.

Videographer: Caleb Hansen

Social Media

Stylist: Mike Adler at Angela Debona Agence

Stay connected to all the latest news and highlights in

Wardrobe: Ludovic Winterstan, Alexander

start of their working relationship and how Andres had worked his way through the

show jumping.

Wang, Gianvito Rossi, PP From Longwy,

World Rankings and won the Pan American Silver Medal. The story of Andres ascent

Hair: Henry Oliver

Laurence Bossion

| Make Up: Camille Lutz

| Model: Pnlope Leprevost

Angela De Bona

| Maddalena Menada

Terri Manduca Agency

Noelle Floyd Magazine

through the sport is one that elicits a tremendous amount of insight for young and
ever rested.

Carol Hayes Management London

Lynn Lehmkuhl Advertising


that had a planned focus on what had been an incredible three years for him as
Andres trainer. It was such an education to sit and listen as Eddie described the very

ambitious riders all over the world. Andres listened, he was humble and he never,
Additional Contributions


Eddie Macken and myself sat down at Christmas for an upbeat, inspiring interview

However, on that very note, Andres knew how to appreciate those around him and
when to be in the moment. He never hesitated when he proposed to his best friend
and soul mate. He knew how to recognize the power of a single moment when
jumping off with one of the sports best for a spot on the Pan American podium. Our


sport never rests, no one is champion for long and the sudden loss of Andres and

Grahame Arnold

Sophie reminds us to appreciate those around us, take advantage of every day, and
do what we love.

Inquiries: |

NOELLE FLOYD is printed in Vancouver,

BC, Canada by Metropolitan Fine Printers Inc.

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NOELLE FLOYD is published quarterly by Floyd Consultants LTD. The views expressed are not
necessarily those of the publishers. 2016 Floyd Consultants LTD. Unauthorized reproduction of
any material is strictly prohibited. 3

Letter from the Editor

2016 is going to be a big year for my team. The sport is evolving quickly and we are
building momentum even faster than I anticipated. I am more focused than ever
on staying true to our vision and to ask the right questions. This issue is so much
about the questions we are asking, to the FEI and to the rest of the world. We are
well into a new season and as always the start of a new season is about fresh starts,
new beginnings and big goals. Looking back, 2015 offered plenty of focus on the
FEI Clean Sport Initiative and how ambitious intentions fit into a dynamic sport such
as ours.
Discussing the creation of policy, the outline of sanctions and the fundamental goal
of fair play is a topic that I intend to continue to pursue throughout 2016. The FEI
must be respected for the job they do, and their ultimate responsibility to protect
and respect the horse is one that is important to all of us. We must also be able to
discuss policy in our sport, question the way things are done and whether they are
being done in the correct way. This is fundamental to the growth of show jumping
and its successful modern evolution.
In order to go forward we must look back, and with our cover model Pnlope
Leprevost we did both. Learning more about Frances leading lady rider offered
me more insight into what it means to be the best. As both a loving mother and a
fierce competitor, she is a terrific role model for women faced with balancing the
professional and personal choices in life. For Leprevost you do not have to choose
if, but rather how.
Anticipation is beginning to grow for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
this August. The next six months will carry a strong Olympic undertone as the
inevitable desire to represent ones country builds. Many riders and for that matter
most athletes consider the pinnacle of a career to be an Olympic Gold Medal.
So in respect to those who have come before us and those who are no longer with
us, let us take a special perspective ahead with us in the build-up to this years Rio
Olympics. This sport is a gift, the horses within it are one of natures most incredible
animals and we are all incredibly fortunate to be amongst each other, aiming high
and dreaming big.

Nolle Floyd

4 5

An Open Letter
Cian OConnor

appy New Year and may 2016 bring you everything that you work for and deserve.

It has been an interesting 12 months. Im writing this column from sunny Florida where I will spend the next
few months competing, coaching and trading in horses.
On a personal level I must say that Im getting so much enjoyment out of seeing my son, Ben, develop.
Hes almost two-and-a-half now and the new words, the attitude and various mannerisms as well as
watching his brain develop gives great perspective on the real world and opens a new door to life outside
the bubble that is our equestrian goldfish bowl! Nothing compares with coming back from work in the
evenings and spending time with him. Ruth says Ill magnify his ego; when I ask him every day, Who is the
best boy? he obligingly responds, Ben! What a star is that?
The latter half of 2015 was unfortunately taken up appealing the Aachen decision and preparing a case to
the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which ultimately failed.
At the European Championships my horse Good Luck and I had jumped clear in the first round of the
Nations Cup and were cruising for a repeat performance in the second round when a fence steward ran
directly across my path between fences 10 and 11. This was clear and incontrovertible interference. The
stakes were high and the undeniable distraction caused Good Luck to knock the next fence. When this
score was combined with the faults from the other Irish riders we missed out on a Rio place by less then
half a fault. No other competitor in the class experienced the same fate.
To quote the FEIs own rules:

At all levels, only the best man, woman or team should win fairly and squarely, having competed

under even and equitable conditions and under rules that are themselves fair, realistic, and applied with
scrupulous competence and even-handedness. No result can be meaningful or valid if it has not been
achieved on a level playing field.
With this in mind its both ironic and rather frustrating that the FEI secretary general Sabina Ibanez had this
to say following the CAS ruling:

I am happy that the CAS has confirmed the decision of the FEI Appeal Committee This was a field

of play issue that was covered by FEI rules, so the CAS ruling upholding the decision made at the time is
an important one for the FEI.
It really beggars belief that the FEI can say they are happy with the decision. How could they be happy
that at their own championship a blunder of the highest order occurred on their watch? Due process
was applied in my appeal. Regrettably, for me, the decision was predicated on an obscure rule that no
competitive rider would reasonably contemplate in the middle of a clear round! Perhaps now, the obvious
deficiency of this rule should be reviewed and amended.
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An Open Letter
Unexpected events do happen on the field of play and every contingency cannot possibly be anticipated.

Bertram, Greg [Broderick], Denis, Conor and myself all have horses proven at top level and will be vying

What happened in Aachen was inexplicable and indefensible as a reasonably predictable field of play

for an Olympic ticket. There may be a few others who can join that group on their results and ultimately all

occurrence, which was the FEIs anchor defense. Who was it that said, rules are for the guidance of the

of us will be trying to impress this summer in order to secure selection.

wise and the refuge of fools? Common sense should prevail where there is doubt. It didnt in this case.
Competition is healthy. Some might say why doesnt the person who wins the slot get to go automatically
Its a funny world we live in and the horse business at the top end is gladiatorial. Every equestrian athlete

and that is a valid point. Presumably though, as the Olympic ranking list runs over 15 months from Jan

is hawk-eyed in seeking competitive advantage. This reality may fuel cynicism, but even in success, you

2015 until March 2016, form can fluctuate during that long interval. Take golf for example the guy winning

are only King for a day and tomorrow is a new day. It separates winners from competitors, but I think it

the majors in March 2015 may not be putting too well in July 2016 and then add in the massive anomaly

is necessary to stay grounded.

of the horse - his form and recent results plus soundness and other factors, and it becomes clear what the
reasoning is behind the rule.

I am so lucky to have found a horse of the caliber of Good Luck. All thanks must go to his owner Frank
Stronach, who has been extremely supportive over the past four years. When you come across the horse

When here in Florida I stay at the polo club in Wellington. On January 4th, a horrendous and tragic car

of a lifetime it consumes your mindset. Every class you enter and every round you jump gets dissected and

accident occurred on the street where Im staying, which claimed the lives of two beautiful and successful

analyzed and the improvement of the animal is scrutinized as you continue to map the path to success for

riders: Andres Rodriguez and Sophie Walker.

the amazing but ever developing talent that has crossed your path.
I knew Andres through his trainer Eddie Macken and I went to a moving service for him in the days
Team Ireland currently has some brilliant riders and horses. Ironically we are more successful individually

following. I have endured the passing of a few special people over the years and its a horrible experience

than as a team. I think sometimes lack of focus on agreed targets is an obvious deficiency. Its not possible

every time. What struck me about this service was the incredible impact Andres had made on everyone

to jump indoors, then do Global Tour venues and then Grands Prix on the way to a Championships

he met in his 31 years.

expecting perennial success on limited horse power.

He had recently married a beautiful and lovely girl, Clementine Goutal, and my heart goes out to her, their
The Dutch team tactics over the past number of years stands as the most successful model. In my opinion,

families, his support team and the wider equestrian public to whom he endeared himself. An enduring

Jeroen Dubbeldam is the best championship rider of this era. If you ask him his key for success he will tell

memory for me is Andress puissance success at the Dublin Horse Show last summer, when, after clearing

you that he concentrates on the championship and builds a strategy around that focus.

the big red wall at 7 feet 4 inches, he opened his jacket while galloping around the arena and threw it off
only to expose an Irish rugby jersey, automatically wooing the appreciative capacity Irish crowd. His tragic

It all depends on what one wants in/from life. World ranking points, top 10, Global Tours, Nations Cups

loss reverberated on both sides of the Atlantic.

and so forth. There are many roads to Rome and everyone has their own agenda. I for one feel that the
ultimate success in sport is an Olympic Gold Medal. Nations Cup competition is undoubtedly the best

We may sometimes worry excessively about four faults, a bad round, or the general pressure that comes

and necessary training ground for becoming a better Championship and ultimately a successful Olympic

with running a sizeable operation. But the passing of beautiful, young and talented people like Sophie


and Andres really illustrates the importance of carpe diem. For sure, have goals and work hard to achieve
them, but as I mature I feel normality is so important and real friendships must be cherished, because the

The FEI have failed in this regard too, as they have not managed to match the prize money put up by the

longer I live I notice the more elusive they become.

Global Champions Tour. This in my view is the essential difference in the Nations Cup shows being revived
or becoming a mere training ground for aspiring riders while the top guys chase the bigger prize pots.
When I study the current list, Team Ireland will, I believe, secure two individual places for Rio through the
individual performances of Bertram Allen and the second spot has the best chance to be won by Denis
Lynch or Conor Swail.

Cian OConnor

Under the rules for the Olympics these spots are then allocated to the Irish Federation and ultimately
based on current results up to the Olympic definite entry date those places will be awarded by the team
manager Robert Splaine to those he feels are most likely to win Ireland an Olympic medal.

8 9

remembering you always

Andres Rodriguez


NF: What were some changes you made that led to those wins?
EM: We changed around the programs for the horses, like the
flatwork. Andres is a talented rider and hes dedicated so it was
easy to make those changes. One of the things that was easy
for me was that he never doubted my input. If I suggested a
change, he never questioned it and he went with it.


Chasing an Olympic Dream

How Eddie Macken Influenced
the career of Andres Rodriguez
This interview was conducted on December 28 , 2015.

Just seven days later, Venezuelan show jumper

Andres Rodriguez tragically passed away following
a car accident in Wellington, Florida.

Together with Eddie Macken, we chose to publish

this interview as Eddie told it to us at the end
of December. Let it stand as a tribute to the talent
that Andres possessed, and to the success that
Eddie and Andres found as a team.


It was exciting for me also because he was probably the most

talented rider I had to work in North America at that stage. He

was the first one of my clients to say, I want to go to WEG, I want to
go to the Olympics, I want to do all this. I believe hes talented
enough to do all those, to achieve whatever he sets his mind on

Hes a good rider, which is an accumulation of a lot of things:

hes got a great eye, hes a great competitor, hes got a lot of
feeling, hes very clever, hes got a great brain. He has progressed

When Venezuelas Andres Rodriguez landed on the podium at the

Nolle Floyd: How did the partnership begin with Andres?

a lot in the last few yearsa little bit from my guidance and a lot

Pan-American Games in Toronto, Canada in July 2015, his silver

Eddie Macken: He asked me if I would come down to his farm

from his motivation.

medal could be explained away as all in a days good work for

in Wellington and look at his horses to see if Id be interested

the rising show jumper. But Rodriguez isnt an overnight sensa-

in coaching him. I said to him what I say to all my prospective

NF: What makes a rider clever?

tion. He has talent, motivation, horse power, and arguably one of

clients, which is, lets work together for a weekend and see if

EM: For him, its that he never sits quiet. He looks at a million

the best work ethics in the game and most of all, he has Eddie

we are compatible because if were not going to be, theres no

videos a week. Today, I had three videos from him. Hes always


point in pursuing it any further.

the next step ahead. He doesnt sit and think he had a great

season. Hes already looking at whats next.

The legendary trainer and former Olympic rider for team

I went down and we worked together for a couple of days

Ireland first started working with Rodriguez in 2012, when the

and he was a great guy to work with. He learned very quickly

31-year-old rider was ranked in the 200s in the FEI World Rank-

and he was so enthusiastic. We went through the horses and

NF: How do you get most out of a string of horses like Andres?

ings. Through meticulous planning and mentorship, Macken has

made plans for them. The older horses needed some time off

EM: Experience. I believe with any of the young riders I take on,

played an instrumental role in Rodriguezs rise to sitting at the

and we selected which young ones to keep. Our first competi-

if I can stop them from making some of the mistakes I made then

cusp of breaking into the top 30, a goal the latter identified in

tions together were at the beginning of WEF and the FEI Nations

they are already a long way ahead. With the horses he had in 2013,

November 2012.

Cup CSIO4*, which went fairly well with a 5th place finish.

in my youth, I would have been trying to do the Aachens and the

Romes and would have been a small fish in big competition.

This year, the goal is to compete at the 2016 Olympics in Rio

After that, we made a plan for the season and decided to

de Janeiro, Brazil. Although Rodriguez and teammate Emanuel

spend a lot of time in Canada at Spruce Meadows, Thunder-

Andrade earned Venezuela two entries into the individual show

bird, John Andersons [Anderson Ranch] and to stay on the West

where wed like to be. We bought Darlon from Thomas Fuchs,

jumping division, theres no guarantee that the Venezuela Eques-

Coast for the World Cup Qualifier circuit.

and it took us a long time to get to him. Hes difficult in the

trian Federation will send the qualifying riders to the main event.

Andres and I work together, train together, talk a lot about

mouth and is a stiff-bodied horse. He arrived end of Spruce

So its back to planning for Rodriguez and his mentor Macken.

NF: Why did you focus on Canada?

Meadows 2013, and we never gave up on him.

With two Olympic-caliber mounts, Darlon Van Groenhove

EM: Canada suited the horses Andres had at the time, with a lot

(Clinton x Heartbreaker) and S.F. Ariantha (Corland x Emilion),

of 2* and 3* shows. At that stage, he didnt have 5* grand prix

have to be able to figure out what makes the horse work or tick.

Rodriguez has the cards stacked in his favor. But a countless

horses so we decided the best use of his horses were at that

He was just one of those horses; he improved and improved

number of fences and a fair amount of 5* classes stand in the way

level. We had a very good Spruce Meadows and he won for the

and improved. He jumped a double clear round in Italy in 2014

of a guaranteed trip to show jumpings holy grail. We sat down

first time there [winning the Talisman Energy Cup] on Caballito.

then had a slight injury in Barcelona. By the time WEF 2015

with Macken to explore his wealth of expertise on the matter and

Every point at that stage helped. Every point was an addition

came along, he was 100 percent again but we wanted to point

to discover the secrets behind a successful program.

to his tally. He had a very good circuit on the West Coast, and

him at the Pan-Ams. We had already made plans in November

he got into the top 100 after that first year of working together.

2014. Andres showed him in Kentucky, Split Rock then Spruce

Im a great believer that every horse has a key and you 13

Meadows, where he was sensational. He won a few good classes

fitter. Darlon came to Spruce Meadows and competed on

there and then the Pan-Ams.

and off, winning the ATB Financial Cup. He also finished third

What happened to Andres didnt happen in one season.

and fourth in two other grand prix classes at CSI5* Spruce

We spent four years planning for this. The goal was always to

Meadows before winning the first qualifying competition at

get to top 30. Were around the top 40 were almost there.


NF: How does your planning play into success?

NF: How do you manage the intense five weeks of Spruce?

EM: If youre on course and you believe in where youre

EM: Its about long-term planning. We picked the weeks we

going, you dont give into change. If you believe and a horse

wanted to do, and Darlon also got some quiet time. We made

suddenly loses form, then you need to figure out why. How

sure he showed in some big classes and some smaller classes

am I going to fix this? Maybe that horse needs some time off

to peak at Pan-Ams.

or were doing something slightly wrong? We need to figure

this out a little bit and thats all part of the horsemanship that

us down. That horse is one of the most amazing horses Ive

comes into this sport.

ever been around. Hes won everything. Hes our speed horse,

Our back-up horse all along is old Caballito. He never lets

Its not a change debatethats seldom successful. Its trying

our grand prix horse, and he even jumped the Puissance in

to figure out why its not just functioning the way it should be.

Dublin this year. Hed been to WEG in 2014 with Andres. Hes

That might mean a week off or a new gymnastics. It depends

a frustrating horse, hes spooky and shy in the ring at times,

on the horse you have. We try not to get stuck in a set program.

but when hes on, hes on.

Macken cheers Rodriguez on through the finish

Nobody can tell you whats going to work, but from my

at the 2015 Pan Ams. Photo:

experience, I can say what wont work.

NF: Whats the plan leading up to the Olympics?

We didnt have the coaching and the management when I

EM: Weve got two horses, Darlon and Ariantha, as options

was younger so most things were done by trial and error. I did

for the Olympics. If we get one there at 100 percent of where

NF: Whats going to win the Olympics, in your opinion?

NF: And is there a secret weapon to Andres program?

learn a lot from Paul Schockemhle. I was lucky enough to ride

we wanted, were going to be doing well. Its great to have

EM: First of all, no matter who you are, youve got to be lucky

EM: Clementine Goutal [Andres wife] has been a big part in

with Paul and [his brother] Alwin was next door. I learned an

the possibility of two horses. Ones a mare, ones a gelding.

and have to get the breaks. You make your own luck to a large

the decision making with Andres. Shes very clever and very

awful lot, not from coaching but by being in that atmosphere.

Ones quick and sharp, one is slower but dependable. If you

degree, you do everything rightpreparation is right, plan is

astute. Shes a big influence and anytime she has anything to

want to be at the top of the sport, you have to be able to ride

rightbut you need that little bit of luck when you get there.

say, we listen to her. Success is also with people you choose to

but Im not managing every movement. I still love that to this

them all.

Whoever has that will do well, whoever doesnt will be a close

surround yourself around. Shes also a seriously talented rider.

day, if we have difficulties with a horse, I still sit on the horse to

runner. If you just dont get that rub you dont get away with,

get a completely different view and feel of whats going on.

missing WEF again this year. Ariantha has very little experi-

I watch the horses go and make observations to tweak programs

The plan really depends on the horses. Darlon will be

its hard to win it.

NF: Youre also busy working with a variety of clients. Who else
are you training?

ence at the 5* level so shell do four grand prix classes at

NF: How did you plan Darlons schedule?

WEF then her program in the summer will have to be reas-

NF: What does a rider like Andres need to get into the top 30?

EM: I train Viggo and Alma Bjorklund from Sweden. Viggo went

EM: Darlon didnt particularly like WEF in 2014 so we made

sessed and lightened up if she comes through her tests in

EM: A couple of good 5* results. Normal ranking classes dont

to the European Young Riders Championship. I just started with

a plan to not show again at WEF with him. When we make a

Wellington. As we get closer to the Games, well start going

bring you forward that much anymore. A rider has to look at

his sister Alma. I have a large variety in my client base. Im working

plan like that, Andres stays the course, even though hed love

in one direction or another.

the bigger stars. I wouldnt say every 5* event; we cant kill the

closely with a young boy from Mexico, Eugenio Garza. Another

to show [Darlon] at WEF. Our goals in 2016 for the horse are

horses we have. The temptation is challenging.

client, Jorge Matte from Chile, almost made the Pan-Am Games

Aachen, Dublin, and the Olympic Games.

quarantine period has to be factored in, and were hoping

In my day, the horses had time off and thats important.

to do Dublin with the horse that doesnt go to Europe, or

NF: Whats unique about your partnership with Andres?

the next WEG and the next Olympics. Myself and Andres have

They are kept in work with flatwork and fitness but theyre not

with Caballito. When the time comes for the Olympics, well

EM: Andres and I work very closely together. In our five seasons

amateur rider Maria Costa, who I really enjoy working with. We

showing or jumping. Darlon started his 2015 in Kentucky to

choose the horse that Andres has the most confidence in

of working together, we have never had a disagreement. We

are really looking forward to Maria breaking into the Grand Prix

build his fitness. With a few 1.45-meter grand prix classes, it

because Rios only one class.

discuss a lot and make plans. Thats why were successful. Were

circuit this year. What can I say about Clementine; she is our star.

was an ideal show for him to start. The aim is to get him confi-

The whole thing is that your horses need to get to Rio

compatible and we get along well together. Its a mentorship

Carmen Barrera is an incredibly important part of Andres career

dent and make him feel good about himself. Then Andres

mad to jump and not feeling as though theyve had a hard

relationship. Its the kind of training that allows Andres to make

and operation. My wife Kathi Macken is also a very important part

showed him a little bit at Split Rock to get him stronger and

season. With two or three horses, you have a better chance.

decisions for himself.

of what we do. At the end of the day, we are a team.


Were planning to go to Europe in the summer. The

for Chile. Both Eugenio and Jorge have their sights set for 15

January 13th April 3rd


February 5th 7th

February 4th 7th

February 10th 15th

February 17th 20th




Bordeaux, France

Ocala, Florida USA

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



The 37th annual, 12-week competition returns

Deeridge Farms welcomes this years

One of the first ten stages at the inception

The HITS Ocala Winter Circuit will host the

The Middle Eastern Divisions first stop

to the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center,

Wellington Masters for the first time. Hosting

of the FEI World Cup, its fitting that this

Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup, presented by

for the 2016 Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup.

featuring unmatched opportunities to succeed

the penultimate East Coast sub-league

years Jumping International de Bordeaux

Edge Brewing Barcelona, during itsfifth

Much like its Ocala counterpart, the show

in world class competition. Highlights include

event for the inaugural Longines FEI World

hosts the final Qualifier for the Western

week, offering the only stateside chance

offers an early glimpse of qualified teams

four weeks of CSI5* competition and three weeks

Cup Jumping North American League,

European League, to determine the 18

to qualify for the Final in Barcelona, Spain,

in advance of the Olympics. With warm tem-

of CSI4* competition. WEF continues to prove

the private venue features a pristine grass

European finalists invited to challenge

in September. Thirteen invited nations will

peratures, a big turf field, and competition

itself as a valuable training ground for both

grand prix field and rare glimpse inside a

the current titleholder, 2012 Olympic gold

contest over a course designed by Irelands

under the lights, the event mimics Floridas

riders and horses, especially those hoping to

top training facility. Furthermore, the

medalist, Steve Guerdat of Sweden. The

Alan Wade, providing a special glimpse at

atmosphere in many ways and remains a

earn themselves invitations to Rio team

shows results will play a major role in

historic indoor setting is a perennial favorite

the team format that will continue to be

palatable option for European riders unwill-

selection trials.

deciding which top talents will qualify for

for competitors, attracting such talents as

showcased this summer.

ing to cross the Atlantic for the winter season.

Marchs World Cup Final in Sweden.

Frances Simon Delestre and Kevin Staut.

Wellington, Florida USA

Wellington, Florida USA




whats on:



February 19th 21st

n an Olympics year, the pressure

March 10th 13th

March 18th 20th

March 24th 28th

April 7th 9th

to perform and win amplifies at

the top venues around the world.

Longines Masters of
Hong Kong, China


show jumping elite flock to Florida for

The majority of the international

s Hertogenbosch, Netherlands



Longines Global Champions Tour

Paris, France

Gothenburg, Sweden

Miami, Florida USA




its warmer climate and large, outdoor

The Longines Masters of Hong Kong promises

For four days, the Brabanthallen will be

Over the past six years, the Saut Herms has

The 38 Longines FEI World Cup Jumping

With its beautiful Art Deco buildings and

arenas as the thrilling indoor circuit

to meet high expectations, delivering three

dedicated to equestrian sports, hosting the

brought international show jumping to the

Final returns to the Scandinavium Arena,

dazzling beaches against the shockingly

in Europe continues. Additional

days filled to the brim with exhilarating sport,

49th edition of Indoor Brabant. Yet another

center of Paris, displaying equestrian art

where the championship class first debuted

blue Atlantic Ocean, Miami Beach sets a

stops in Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, and

in addition to offering guests a prominent

historic, indoor show jumping venue, every

and sporting excellence. The 7th annual

in 1979. From 14 World Cup Leagues around

picturesque background for the American leg

Miami Beach encourage riders to criss-

social event. The shows spotlight shines

seat in the house will be filled to witness the

Saut Herms at the Grand Palais will once

the world, approximately 45 qualified riders

of the Longines Global Champions Tour.The

cross the world. With much on the

equally on sport, fashion, and art, and it strives

spectacular performances from Europes

again showcase the essential riding values

will compete at the 40th anniversary of the

show makes its second return to this hub of

line, in the way of championships and

to build an experience that encapsulates

favorite horse-and-rider pairs. Last year,

of courage, respect and precision; a world

Gothenburg Horse Show. This historic show

energy, showcasing top international talent and

national teams, the start to the year

luxury, lifestyle, and sophistication. Since the

no less than than 24 of the top 30 in the

of perfect harmony embodied by the riders

was the first to introduce spectacular flower

competition that fits right into a beautiful

will undoubtedly push the sport to yet

2008 Olympic Games in China, interest for

FEI World Rankings entered the competi-

and their horses, set against the beautiful

arrangements into the arena, an artistic

day at the beach. Spectators will be treated

another level.

show jumping has been growing fast, and

tion, and this year should attract an equally

backdrop of the City of Lights.

component now universal in international

to five exciting 5* classes, and the best seats

enthusiasts eagerly watch the worlds 25 best

stellar, if not better, field.

show jumping venues.

in the house will once again be the lifeguard

riders compete.


station at the waters edge.

Presented By


The Book, LLC

North Americas Newest Premier Show Jumping Event


Ride Like An
By Esther Hahn

Theres a wunderkind climbing the ranks of North American

show jumping, turning heads with each significant title she secures.
In the 2015 show season alone, she won the FEI North American

Featuring the Longines FEI World CupTM Jumping Wellington

Young Rider Show Jumping individual gold medal, the United

States Equestrian Federation Junior Jumper Championship and
the USEF Under-25 National Championship.

Sunday, February 7, 2016 11 a.m.


Deeridge Farms, Wellington, FL


Lucy began 2016 by riding in the

The only factor working

GHM Horsemastership Training

Sessions for young riders.

against her at the moment

is her birthdate. Deslauriers
must wait another year and
a half before she can chase
the FEI record that her
father continues to hold.

ucy Deslauriers also made her debut into the FEI-level,

to win the FEI World Cup Final in 1984. But after two Olympics

by campaigning two experienced, equitation horses, Class

teenager. And shes always quick to praise her horses and her
parents for the opportunities afforded to her.

international grand prix division, topping seasoned veterans

for his native country, he switched to compete under the

Action and Great Gatsby, alongside her two jumpers, Hester

at CSI3*-W International Bromont to win a 1.50-meter class

American flag in accord with marrying Deslauriers mother,

and Hamlet.

in August. Meanwhile, in the equitation arena, she won the

Lisa Tarnopol Deslauriers, in 2009.

Her parallel success in both the equitation and jumper arenas

My success in the jumper ring definitely correlates to my

makes her a poster child of the American system, one that

Perhaps less known than the illustrious riding careers of the

experience in equitation competitions, Deslauriers said. I

emphasizes the importance of correct posture for effective

Deslauriers men, Tarnopol Deslauriers riding achievements

plan to continue to do equitation classes for the next couple

riding. Equitation helps to establish the basics of American

To say 2015 was a breakout year for the 16-year-old would be

also include international-level competition with the United

of years, but well see what happens.

style of riding and how to properly execute a course,

an understatement. But then again, for those who remember

States team before taking on the roles of mother and New

George H. Morris Excellence in Equitation Championship and

finished as reserve champion in the Maclay Final.

Deslauriers said. Often the questions asked in the equita-

her first appearance in the competition ring, at the age of

York City realtor. Although interest in horses skipped over

Deslauriers trains with Beacon Hill Show Stables Stacia

tion ring will resemble those in big championships or in the

four for the Hampton Classics leadline class, its always been

Jack, Lucy developed a desire to ride at an early age and

Madden when competing in the equitation division and

jumper ring.

expected that she would develop into a top talent, with a

never looked back.

meets the veteran trainer at shows. Both her equitation

horses are 15-year-old geldings, specifically purchased at the

Under the tutelage of her father, at their home barn on Long

Nature and Nurture

beginning of last season to aid the process of moving up and

Island, N.Y., and at show jumping competitions, Deslauriers

A combination of natural talent and careful development can

improving Deslauriers equitation career.

has solidified the relationships with Hester (Wandor Van

show jumping career thats destined for the top.

The Deslauriers name is a familiar one on the international show
circuits. Lucys father Mario Deslauriers rode for Canada,

be credited for Deslauriers impressive rise in the sport. And

coached by his father Roger Deslauriers, an instrumental

with parents that truly understand the American riding system,

Theyre both very experienced masters of the testing phases,

figure behind Olympic-level equestrian sports in Bromont,

Deslauriers holds an advantage over her peers by concur-

and they make my job a lot easier, Deslauriers said. Its the

Quebec. A 19-year-old Mario was the youngest rider in history

rently developing both her equitation and jumper skill sets

kind of comment that often comes from the humble, grounded


De Mispelaere x Palestro VD Begijnakker) and Hamlet

(Cicero Z x Heartbreaker) into big wins on the national and
international stages.
(cont. next page) 21

hes able to put himself in the mindset of riding them to give

me precise plans during course walks.



A specific type of horse also plays a role in finding success at

a young age, according to Deslauriers. Because Im young
and bound to make mistakes as a junior rider, a brave horse
thats willing to forgive a mistake comes in handy, she added.
Both Hester and Hamlet are forgiving but also very brave and
willing to move forward. Theyve given me confidence.

American Dreaming
Deslauriers short-term goal is to further acclimate to the
1.50-meter grand prix level. And for the long term, she hopes
to compete for the United States on Nations Cups teams
and the Olympic team.
The only factor working against her at the moment is her
birthdate. With a required, minimum age of 18 to compete
I started riding Hester when he was eight, Deslauriers said

in the Olympics and the FEI World Cup classes, Deslauriers

of the ten-year-old, bay, Belgian warmblood. Dad was riding

must wait another year and a half before she can chase the FEI

and showing him, but in the spring of 2013, I started riding him

record that her father continues to hold.

because I needed a horse to move up in divisions, and Dad

thought, Why not try it out? It clicked, and we kept going.

I feel very fortunate to have the horse power and the support

Since then, hes always been a family horse, which makes the

to be able to contend and jump at that level at this age,

success so special.

Deslauriers said. Of course, I wish I could compete in the

classes, but Im definitely not complaining.

Hamlet, an eight-year-old, gray, Belgian warmblood gelding,

is a newer mount for Deslauriers, although he, too, was

Education also plays an important role in the Deslauriers

passed down from Mario.

family. Education comes before riding, Deslauriers said.

Im definitely going to go to college, but I also have hopes to

We purchased him toward the end of his six-year-old year,

show in Europe, whether thats in one year or five.

said Deslauriers. Dad still helps to train and teach him, and
recently, Hamlet and I moved up to high juniors. Hes come

For the winter months, when her horses are based in Florida,

very far this past year. It feels very special to be part of his

Deslauriers maintains a regular school schedule, flying down

growth. The Washington International was our first indoor

to compete on Friday nights and returning to New York City

show together, and it was the first time I could really feel a

on the following Sundays.

huge difference from where he began when we first got him.

Its all a balancing act for the young Deslauriers, who is effecWhen asked to pinpoint the factors behind her major wins

tively the face of the second generation of United States show

in the season, Deslauriers highlighted the importance of her

jumping. The future looks bright with Deslauriers at the helm,

fathers in-depth knowledge of her mounts. Because my dad

able and ready to improve on her parents foundation. Shes

has ridden and shown my horses, he really knows them, she

gunning for the top and shes only a couple birthdays away

said. He knows how to deal with their different quirks, and

from getting there.


for more information:


Plot Blue Takes His Final Bow

On December 11th, 2015, in the same arena at CHI Geneva,
Switzerland where he won the 2010 FEI World Cup Jumping
Final, the enigmatic stallion Plot Blue was honored on the
occasion of his retirement from the sport of show jumping.

Dry eyes were hard to come by as a standing ovation

greeted the 18-year-old KWPN stallion (Mr. Blue x Pilot) as he

entered the arena accompanied by his rider Marcus Ehning of
Germany, groom Kay Neatham, and owner Kathrin Somogyi.

Plot Blue, who earned team gold at the 2015 FEI World

Equestrian Games, finished 5th individually in the 2012 London

Olympic Games, and carried his rider to countless grand prix
victories around the world, will enjoy the next chapter of his
life as a breeding stallion in Borken, Germany.

24 25


Face time
with fans

Los Angeles, California, USA October 1st 4th

Actress Melissa Gold

Ben Maher & Boomerang

One of the West Coast of North Americas only CSI5* competitions

Longines Masters
of Los Angeles CSI5*

returned to Los Angeles last fall with a smoother schedule and no lack
of top international riders and horses flown all the way from Europe.
Germanys Marco Kutscher and Van Gogh won the Grand Prix of Los
Angeles, and earned many new American fans in the process.

Quentin Judge & HH Fyloe

Actress Denise Richards

Eduardo Menezes

Marco Kutscher
& Van Gogh

Scott Brash &

Steve Guerdat

Sheikh Ali Bin

Khalid al Thani
Ben Maher & Kent Farrington

Ashlee Bond & Cornancer

Actress Kaley Cuoco &

Tracy Wade/Darth Vader
Meagan Nusz

Jennifer Gates
as Dorothy


Marco Kutscher
& Van Gogh

Scott Brash

Bruce Springsteen
with daughter Jessica 29

Washington D.C., USA October 21st 25th, 2015

Horse Show

Schuyler Riley & Navalo de Poheton

Harrie Smolders & Emerald

Jos Verlooy & Adam Cromarty

The prestigious Washington International Horse Show was held

this past October and saw Dutchman Harrie Smolders take top
prize in the $125,000 Longines FEI World Cup Jumping Grand
Prix, and Belgiums Jos Verlooy earned both Leading International Jumper Rider and Leading Under 25 Rider honors.
Selfie stick!

Aaron Vale & Zappo II

Testing puissance wall height

Show jumping fans

Aaron Vale barrel races

Jos Verlooy
& Charlie Jayne

Conor Swail
& McLain Ward

Kaitlin Campbell & Artani


Shetland pony races

Monica Algarra, Kim Prince &

Lydia Frey

Harrie Smolders

Anthony DAmbrosio

Victoria Lowell, WIHS President

Swedish Ambassador Bjorn

Lyrvall with daughter & friends

Grand Prix win shot

Nicola Philippaerts, barrel race winner

Laura Ingles, Greg Gingery,
Mary K & Dennis Shaughnessy,
and Bridget Love Meehan

Photography: Jump Media/Alden Corrigan Media

30 31

Thermal, California, USA November 5th 8th, 2015

Lauren Hough

Richard Spooner

Steve McAllister
& Buddy Brown

Beezie Madden
& Robert Ridland

California girl Lucy Davis headlined a return to her home state

when she rode victorious aboard her fiery chestnut partner Barron in the second annual Sunshine Series $350,000 Sunshine

Sunshine Series CSI5*

Jenni Martin McAllister

Grand Prix CSI5*. The two-week fall series is quickly becoming

a favorite on the American show jumping calendar.

Kent Farrington

Jonathon McCrea
Andres Rodriguez

Christian Heineking

Eric Navet

Nicole Peterson

Harley Brown & Apex

Lucy Davis & Barron
Lucy Davis & Karl Cook

Kent Farrington

Jos Verlooy

McLain Ward

Jonathon McCrea

Ingate treds
Photography: Bret St Clair

32 33

Lyon, France October 28th November 1st, 2015

The hand of Henri Prudent,

congratulating Flora de Mariposa

Pnlope Leprevost &

Flora de Mariposa

Pnlope Leprevost was the very fitting star of Lyon Indoors,

an important stop on the Western European Leagues Longines
FEI World Cup Jumping qualifying season. She stole the show

Equita Lyon CSI5*

Kevin Staut &
Qurack de Falaise HDC

aboard Flora de Mariposa to win the World Cup Grand Prix,

Scott Brash & Hello Forever
amid a busy warmup

capping an exciting weekend of French victories.

Claire Griot of Equidia
& Paul Estermann

Marcus Ehning & Bertram Allen

Soren Pedersen &

Tailormade Chaloubet
Laurence Gazel with Qurack
de Falaise HDC

Simon Delestre
& Qlassic
Bois Margot

Casallo &
Douglas Lindelow
Henrik Von Eckermann &
Nanna Nieminen

Julien Gonin &

Soleil de Cornu CH

Genevive Megret & Anne, Flora

de Mariposas owner & groom

Riders conference with

CD Frank Rothenburger

Meredith Michaels Beerbaum

Luciana Diniz & Fit For Fun

Qurack de Falaise HDC

Top riders: Jane Richard Philips, Edwina Tops

Alexander, Carlos Lopez, Meredith Michaels
Beerbaum & Timothe Anciaume
International riders with Florence Amalou,
Equidia communication director, at right

Pnlope Leprevost
with Nelson Monfort

Last minute adjustments

Christian Ahlmann & Colorit
with Raymond Cassan
Photography: Jessica Rodrigues

34 35

Doha, Qatar November 12th15th, 2015

Abdelkebir Ouaddar &

Quickly de Kreisker

Lintea Tequila

Luciana Diniz upset Scott Brashs stranglehold on the LGCT

Longines Global
Champions Tour Doha

Series Championship when she won the final Grand Prix of the
LGCT season at Doha aboard the small chestnut mare Fit For
Fun. The annual LGCT series finale was held at the colossal Al
Shaqab Equestrian Center in the Middle East.
Christina Liebherr &
L.B. Eagle Eye

Abdelkebir Ouaddar

Sheikh Ali Bin Khalid Al Thani

Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani & HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser
Flora de Mariposa

Scott Brash

Hans-Dieter Dreher & Cool and Easy

Marco Danese & Omar At Mannai

Molly Malone & Marlen Schannwell

Sheikh Ali Bin Khalid Al Thani

& First Devision

Hacking time

Luciana Diniz

Pius Schwizer

LGCT Doha podium

The series trophy

Daniel Deusser

Scott Brash & Luciana Diniz

Five star greets future star

Photography: Stefano Grasso

36 37

Jane Richard Philips

Paris, France December 3rd 6th, 2015

Julien Epaillard

Bassem Hassan Mohammed

Amid a patriotic atmosphere, French riders took home the top

Masters of Paris CSI5*
John Whitaker

titles at this years Longines Masters of Paris. Patrice Delaveau &

Lacrimoso 3 HDC won both the Miasuki Trophy and Longines
Grand Prix, and Simon Delestre won the GUCCI Gold Cup and
placed 2nd in the Grand Prix in front of joyful French audiences.
Lauren Hough & Ohlala

Jerome Hurel

Kerry Finch & Tin Tin

Pnlope & Eden Leprevost

Pedro Cebulka
Hannah Colman & Hello Annie

Maikel Van Der Vleuten

Julien Epaillard

Martin Fuchs &

Uzo van het Hobos Z
Gregory Wathelet

Bernardo Alves

Billy Twomey &

Tinkas Serenade

Quiet Easy, Marlen Schannwell

& Bertram Allen

Simon Delestre at the ingate

Patrice Delaveau &

Lacrimoso 3 HDC

Kent Farrington

Longines Grand Prix podium


Charlotte Casiraghi
& Fernanda Ameeuw 39

Geneva, Switzerland December 10th 13th, 2015

Christian Ahlmann

Philip Rozier

Ludger Beerbaum

Billed as the worlds best indoor show, the CHI Geneves 2015
edition did not disappoint, with an American and a Swiss rider sharing
top honors: Kent Farrington won the Rolex IJRC Top Ten Final aboard

CHI Geneva CSI5*

Omer Karaevli & Roso Au Crosner

Voyeur, and Steve Guerdat earned victory in the 1.2 Million Rolex
Grand Prix, one third of the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping.

Roger Yves Bost &

Sydney Un Prince

Reed Kessler
& Cylana

Phillipe Putallaz &

Ouessant De Perhet

Daniel Bluman, Martin Fuchs

& Anna Julia Kontio

Michael Jung

Gerco Schroder

Kevin Staut

Lorenzo de Luca &

Homer De Reve

Kent Farrington

Julie Andrews of NBC Sports

Rolex Grand Prix winners, Steve
Guerdat & Nino Des Buissonnets

Denise Moriarty & Gazelle

The Top Ten Final grooms

Pedro Cebulka
& Steve Guerdat
Bryan Balsiger

Eric Lamaze &

Fine Lady 5

Meredith Michaels

Steve Guerdat &

Nino Des Buissonnets

Simon Delestre

Simon Delestre,
Kent Farrington &
Daniel Deusser

Kent Farrington

Scott Brash
& Hello Sanctos

Luciana Diniz &


40 41

London, England December 15th 21st, 2015

The London
International Horse
Show, Olympia CSI5*
Jos Verlooy

Pius Schwizer

Michael Whitaker,
Scott Brash, Simon Delestre

Martin Fuchs

Kevin Staut

This end of year show saw Italys Emanuele Gaudiano take a big
win in the Longines World Cup Jumping qualifier, but the week
will be remembered by Bertram Allens controversial elimination
from the Olympia Grand Prix. Michael Whitaker & Viking were
placed as winner, sparking a tide of support for Allen.

Ludger Beerbaum

Bertram Allen

Malin Baryard-Johnsson
& H&M Tornesch

Michael Whitaker

Michael Whitaker & Viking

Steve Guerdat
Marcus Ehning

Marcus Ehning, Ludger Beerbaum,

Henrik Von Eckermann

Michael Whitaker & Viking

Martin Fuchs

Michael Whitaker, Jack

Whitaker, Bertram Allen

Henrik Von Eckermann

& Scott Brash

Maikel Van Der Vleuten &

Daniel Deusser

Emanuele Gaudiano,
World Cup prizegiving

Simon Delestre & Steve Guerdat

Olivier Robert &

Philippe Guerdat
Photography: Jessica Rodrigues

42 43

Mechelen, Belgium December 26th 30th, 2015

Kevin Staut

Douglas Lindelow & Talina

Germanys Christian Ahlmann upset an all Belgian podium when

Mechelen CSI5*

he took his third World Cup Qualifier victory of the season at

Mechelen aboard Taloubet Z. This post-Christmas show attracted
the best of Belgium to vie for qualifying points amid a holiday

Cameron Hanley
& Antello Z

Pnlope Leprevost

Chloe Vranken
& Elton Jones

Top three in the World Cup qualifier

Festive pony races

Christian Ahlmann

Henna de Goedereede

Jos Verlooy &

Harrie Smolders

Pieter Devos
& Espoir
Judy-Ann Melchoir

Luca Maria Moneta

& Daniel Deusser

Gudrun Pateet
& Eckard Kurten
Christian Ahlmann
& Taloubet Z

Joe Clee &

Yves Houthakkers

Jerome Guery
& Papillon Z

Jeroen Appelen & Aikido Z

Niels Bruynseels

Caroline Poels & Apart

Christian Ahlmann
& Taloubet Z

Ludo Philippaerts is honored

Photography: Michael van de Velde/

44 45

Stabling with


Laura Kraut
Nick Skelton

Inside the Wellington Stable of

more than one big star
By Erin Gilmore

46 47

Stabling with

n one of the many packed clay roads of Wellington,

Florida, USA, a low profile, light grey barn bordered by canals

and riding paths gives nothing away of its famous occupants.

Even if you were to ride past and spot a bay horse with a
bluntly cut forelock looking out a window, or a dappled grey
hanging his head into the aisle, it would take a sharp eye to
name them.
At Nick Skelton and Laura Krauts winter stables, their base
for nearly half of every year, the two stars of the stable live at
opposite ends of T-shaped aisle ways. And while Big Star and
Cedric get the most attention, and probably the biggest place
in Skeltons and Krauts hearts, their 30-stalls in Florida are
filled with a busy program of up-and-comers, student horses
and more than just two accomplished grand prix mounts.

48 49

Stabling with

By the time the circuit begins the

horses are not only really fit and
relaxed, theyre really happy.

50 51

Stabling with

Eight acres in Wellington translates to a large property, packed

the way it is chock full of equestrian paradises that range
from the ostentatious to the modest. One hundred percent
functional and spacious, Kraut and Skeltons stable occupies
a solid middle ground. Its covered walker, two treadmills,
ample grass paddocks and shaded sand arena provide rain or
shine space for their equine athletes to stretch their legs. The
wide aisle ways in the barn, and large grooms house located
halfway between the barns and arena makes it a welcoming
place for the whole team to work.
Were so lucky; its so quiet here, we have beautiful paddocks
and trails to hack out on, and by the time the circuit begins
the horses are not only really fit and relaxed, theyre really happy,
Kraut says about the property, which is leased from owner Jim Ritter.
For Skelton, its the location where he legged Big Star up prior
to the start of the 2016 Winter Equestrian Festival. Beverly
Widowsons enormously popular 13-year-old KWPN stallion
by Quick Star sat out much of the 2014 and 2015 seasons due
to injury, but with careful rehabilitation and a fitness program
doing their jobs to bring Big Star back to top form, Skelton
was optimistic about the season ahead.
Every day is a bonus, so we just have to see how it goes, he
said. Its been a careful process. The problem is that when he
jumps hes very hard on himself. He gives a lot of energy and
power because hes just so keen to jump.

(cont. page 57)

52 53

Stabling with

54 55

Stabling with

is optimistic that with a careful start

whom have already started winning at the CSI level. And the

to the season, starting low and building Big Star up to the

(cont. from page 53) Skelton

partnerships that Kraut has built with her more experienced

bigger classes, he could again become a contender for a

mounts (Andretti S, Deauville, and Nouvelle) gives her many

team spot during Great Britains selection for this summers

reasons to be optimistic about the year ahead.

Rio Olympic Games. He ranks high among British equestrian fans and fans the world over for his joyous reaction to

That said, Im not going to put an enormous amount of

winning Olympic Team Gold in London at age 54, with a then

pressure on any of the nine year olds, Kraut remarked. I

nine-year-old Big Star.

think you can burn them out here quickly [in Florida], so I want
to keep my head on my shoulders with them. Really my goal

As for Kraut, her superstar of the stable is still 18-year-old

is to get them up at higher levels this summer. Weve gone

Cedric, now a longtime veteran of the international ranks. The

really slow and theyre ready for it.

Holsteiner gelding by Chambertin that is owned by Cherry

Knoll Farm was just 10 when he clinched Team Gold for the

Together, Kraut and Skelton coach a small group of young

United States at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Since then hes

riders who are ones to watch themselves. Students Emma

brought Kraut endless joy and success at the top of the sport,

Heise and Emily Moffitt spent the summer of 2015 trading

and at the beginning of this year, she was adamant that her

CSI2* wins at top European shows. After spending most of

star has nothing left to prove.

their time on the road at competitions in Europe for much

of the summer season, the whole team enjoys training and

Im really hopeful to have this last year [of competition] with

competing together in Wellington during the winter months.

him, Kraut said. I definitely dont think that it will go past

this year. Ill bring him out halfway through circuit and Ill let

As the season unfolds, time will tell if the star of the season

him jump what he wants to jump. I dont know that big, big

will be Big Star, Cedric, or any one of the other jumpers that

grand prixs are in the cards for him this year. But he really

call this stable home.

enjoys going to the shows and we really enjoy having him

there. Hes like our mascot.
Kraut has a deep string coming up behind Cedric; unusually
deep in that it includes six, promising nine-year-olds, some of

56 57


The ironclad resolve and French elegance of Pnlope Leprevost

58 59

Previous page: clothing

by Alexander Wang. This
page and next: dress by
Alexander Wang, shoes by
Gianvito Rossi, head piece
by PP From Longwy

anding in Paris, we did not know what to expect. It was the first week

of December, and two weeks prior terrorists had attacked the city. With true
French resilience however, the Longines Masters of Paris, held just outside the
city near Charles de Gaulle Airport, remains on course, despite a number of riders
withdrawing and a clear increase in security throughout the region.
But no French riders withdrew their entry, and our cover model, the 35-year-old
Olympian Pnlope Leprevost, had not questioned her attendance for a single
moment. This particular trip to Paris taught me a lot about resilience, the understated strength of the French and specifically, one of the most fascinating women in
show jumping.
A single mother who loves that she is able to concentrate on raising her daughter
while maintaining her position at the top of the sport, Leprevost represents so much
about modern feminist philosophy and yet she has been strongly influenced by
three men in her life: the father of her daughter Guillaume Blin-Lebreton, her mentor
Michel Robert and her long time teammate and friend Kevin Staut.
Leprevost never imagined a life in the spotlight of anything. She was a delicate child
who spent the initial years of her life hiding in the shadow of her mother, making it
all the more surprising that she would grow up to become a force of nature within
one of the more male-dominated facets in equestrian sport.

In the Heart of Paris

After landing in Paris, we spent the night a mere stones throw from the Eiffel Tower.
Preparing our location for Leprevosts arrival this morning, my team is getting a real
feel of the city in its current emotional state. The mood on the streets of the French
capital is nostalgic and peaceful, even as armed guards walk at a measured pace
within Museums and Art Galleries.

60 61

embodies French

This page:dress by
Alexander Wang, hat
by Laurence Bossion

elegance in an
resilience that
accompanies the
delicate features
on her face.

62 63

this is what

Frances leading lady rider is on her way to meet our team at a historic apartment

Pnlope chooses to

that will occupy the cover of this magazine. When Leprevost arrives, she acknowl-

concentrate on. Not

of many rooms of the apartment. There is a shyness about her, and yet a genuine

on whether she is a

Today is far from her only commitment. After the four-hour photoshoot with Noelle

rare specimen amongst

competition at the Longines Masters of Paris. This is the life she has chosen, but it

building overlooking the Champ de Mars gardens that lies at the foot of the Eiffel
Tower. Its here that our team is working, busy setting the stage for the photoshoot
edges each and every person on the team with the traditional French greeting a
kiss on each cheek before she quietly follows the hair and makeup team into one
pleasure in getting to know everyone who has come together for todays shoot.

Floyd Magazine, Leprevost has a TV appearance scheduled a short drive away

before she must make her way to the outskirts of city and prepare for the first day of
does not come without its sacrifices.

a room full of men,

Leprevost embodies French elegance in an unwavering resilience that accompanies

but rather that she

strong with many male competitors.

can beat them.

the delicate features on her face. Her strength, a trait that she shares with many of
her female colleagues at the top of the sport, seems mandatory amidst a sport so

We get underway with the shoot, taking full advantage of the golden morning light
shining through the double glazed windows. Tall and athletic, yet able to fit into the
sample couture pieces brought to the shoot, Leprevost emulates the same calm
confidence she elicits in the ring.

Ride Like a Man

There is a self-awareness about her that Leprevosts teammates speak of with a
mixture of admiration and respect. Her male teammates sometime refer to her as a
real man in the ring.
I imagine they refer to my mental state, and I take it as a complement, Leprevost
says. I believe one of the keys is to be solid mentally and I think having that quality
and to be able to keep a cool head is important. I know what I want. I find it difficult
to be competitive at the higher level without being demanding with ones self above
all else.
Her demands on herself are evident in her work ethic and her results. Dancing back
and forth with Beezie Madden as the leading lady rider of the sport, Leprevost sat in
Opposite page:
clothing by Alexander
Wang, shoes by
Gianvito Rossi
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the World No. 3 spot for much of 2015.

Women represent 16% of the riders in the Worlds Top 50 ranked riders and only
17% of the Worlds 100 ranked riders. That means that among 50 of the worlds best 65

riders, there are only eight women. And amongst the Top 10,

teams, racks of designer clothes is nothing like her normal

there is only Leprevost and Madden.

office of barn aisles and sand arenas. But it is as if a steel

coating sits between her and the rest of the world. She is aware

I think therell always be more men but that we will see more

of everything around her, and yet she remains unaffected.

women, Leprevost states. This is already the case, there are

more women at the higher level today than 20 years ago. I

Leprevost is one person in the ring and another at home. Her

would say without hesitation we are all career women.

longtime teammate Kevin Staut spoke of the difficult decision

she made many years ago when she consciously chose to

The French have a pragmatic way of putting things. When I ask

spend dozens of weekends away in competition, chasing

Leprevost about the distinct disparity of women in the Worlds

the top levels of show jumping, rather than being home with

Top 50, she shrugs and smiles, clearly well aware of this fact

her daughter. No one is more aware of that sacrifice than

and in no way interested in dwelling on its nature. To her, she

Leprevost, confirms Staut. But as he explains this reality, his

has made her choice in life.

face beams with admiration.

In society, [its believed that] a woman should be at home with

Leprevost hails from a suburb of Roen, the medieval city

her family and not out jumping obstacles on the other side of

where French heroine Joan of Arc was executed in 1431.

the world, but in this sport, there is absolutely no difference

Despite being born in the heart of Normandy, which is known

between men and women, we are all sportsmen, she attests.

as Frances most passionate region for equestrian sports,

Leprevosts family was not involved in horses. The emphasis

It is clear that this is what Penelope chooses to concentrate

within the Leprevost family was on education, an important

on. Not on whether she is a rare specimen amongst a room

aspect for a family of moderate means. The youngest of

full of men, but rather that she can beat them. In 2015 alone,

three children, she always found herself more comfortable in

Leprevost won thirteen FEI ranking classes, including two

the company of animals than with people. While Leprevosts

back-to-back CSI5* victories in Longines World Cup Qualifying

parents were concerned by her shyness, it comforted them to

Grands Prix, at Oslo and Lyon. Both wins came aboard the

see the confidence and bravery their young daughter showed

small, fiery mare Flora de Mariposa. Two months prior, they

when aboard a small pony at a very young age.

nearly stole the show at the FEI European Championships in

Aachen when they won the first round of the multi-day compe-

Fast-track to her young adulthood, and Leprevost turned

tition. When the dust settled at the end of the weekend,

professional at the age of 20, met French rider Guillaume

Leprevost finished out of the medals in 5th place reason

Blin-Lebreton, and began a personal and professional

enough to stay hungry for a return appearance.

partnership. Guillaume was a strong influence on Penelope

from the tender age of 18 years onwards. Starting off, things

In addition to her 2012 Olympic debut with her long-time grey

dont come easy to the young couple, but hard work was not a

stallion Mylord Carthago, Leprevost has been a mainstay for

problem for this focused woman of few words.

the French team for the last three years, adding a second FEI
World Equestrian Games appearance, and her second WEG

Her love of horses, her unbridled passion for the harmony

Silver medal with the French team, at Normandy in 2014.

between horse and rider, that connection between man and

beast is something she learnt and nurtured with Michel Robert,

Humble Beginnings


her long-time mentor. Leprevost is known for her use of visualization in competition, a method she learnt from French

The morning progresses, and as hair is whipped and combed,

legend Michel Robert. Leprevost credits Robert for teaching

and looks and locations are changed, Leprevost remains her

her what to expect of herself, how to be fair and just to those

same cerebral self. This setting of makeup and wardrobe

around her and her horses. Furthermore, how to harness her 67

inner intensity and her ability to focus at the task at hand, retreat to her inner world
and think only about the horse.
If I were to retain one thing of what Michel has taught me, it would be to respect the horse
physically and mentally, she explains. One of the biggest attractions to our sport is the
chemistry or bond between the rider and their horse. Michel can find that harmony.

Living and Loving

Leprevost gave birth to her daughter Eden while still in her 20s, an uncommon choice
among the high pressure atmosphere that often leads many top professional female
riders to delay having children for as long as possible, or elect to have none at all.
Leprevost continued to ride full-time until she was five months pregnant. She gave
birth on a Monday, got back in the saddle within a week, and was in the competition
ring a mere 10 days later, barely able to do up her boots. Two years later, she earned
third place in the French Championships and then rode to the win the following
year. During Edens first few years, her daughter travelled all over the world with
her mother.
Fast track to present day, Leprevost is the ultimate career women, a single mother
with an unfailing commitment to her daughter Eden. The 11-year-old who is an
aspiring young rider herself lives with her grandparents, Leprevosts parents Danielle
and Jean-Claude Leprevost while her mother is competing around the world. This is
the sacrifice that must be made and it is the one that is the hardest.
By one measure, she is a dedicated mother and a fierce friend, with a softness that I
have seen in glimpses throughout our shoot. In the other measure, there is the cool
steeliness and focus that we see in the ring; a will to win that is only measured by
extremes. Leprevost demands the most from herself and has made the necessary
sacrifices in life to accommodate that desire to win. As the days photoshoot wraps
up, Leprevost graciously takes her leave and begins to prepare for her true task of
the day meeting her horses at the Paris Masters and performing on one of the
sports brightest stages. While she embraced the couture, the makeup and the style
of her morning, its clear that she will be most comfortable when she puts on her
hunt coat, and hides her hair underneath her helmet.
One cannot deny, there is a tough exterior required to be part of the small group of
women dominating the sport. It takes a special focus and sacrifice to put all things


aside and concentrate on one thing, and one thing only: the will to win and the drive
to be the best. 69

Southfields: This beautiful 5+ acr e pr oper ty is per fectly situated

adjacent to the Palm Beach Equine Clinic. This barn is a quick hack
to the Global Dressage Festival and the Winter Equestrian Festival.
This facility is well-equipped with two, two bedroom, two bathroom
apartments, three tack rooms, and three feed rooms. The grounds
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chandeliers and a gorgeous double-sided coral fireplace, there are
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grounds and two large covered patios. Offered at $3,450,000

Clean Sport or Common Sense?

Up for Debate
Franois Mathy, Jr. | Frances Hesketh-Jones Triulzi
in conversation with
Noelle Floyd
The subject of FEI Clean Sport surfaced all too readily in 2015.

Palm Beach Polo Winding Oaks: This lovely 5 bed, 4 bath home
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During a busy international calendar of FEI-sanctioned competitions,

several high profile cases highlighted both the importance and the
shortcomings of FEI Clean Sport sanctioning. Depending on whom you
asked, rules were being applied either with too broad of a brush, or
upheld with the highest integrity of sport in mind.
It all led to an uptick in conversation about Clean Sport practices,
and when we asked two industry professionals to share with us
their thoughts on the subject of FEI Clean Sport and sanctioning, we
received two very different perspectives. After rider Franois Mathy Jr.
addressed the subject head-on in terms of the events that brought
the issue into focus for him, FEI Steward Frances Hesketh-Jones Triulzi
responded with a detailed testimonial for vindication of the role of
a steward. While the larger subject remains very much up for debate,

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one comforting similarity is found in the end goal: achieving

clean sport and fair play for all.

Amy Carr Phone +1 561-662-0728 Fax +1 561-791-2221 Wellington, Florida 71

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Franois Mathy Jr. (BEL)

Internationally Ranked FEI Competitor,
World Equestrian Games & World Cup Final Veteran
Franois Mathy Jr.: Clean sport is a wide subject concerning both the horse and

There has to begin to

be a proportion between
the act, the sanction
and the consequences of
the sanction.

In regards to the matter of spur marks/the blood rule, as

But the FEI has many times admitted struggling in finding

the rider. It is not simply about doping, or about medicines, or welfare, or rules. It

we saw with Bertram Allen in Olympia, we have an issue. The

stewards and training them. Stewards have to be efficiently

is all of that.

rule states:

trained with knowledge of the horses, the sport, the rules, the

However, in all cases of Clean Sport, there has to begin to be a proportion

Horses bleeding on the flank(s), in the mouth or nose or marks

sanctions and the consequences of the sanctions. They also

between the act, the sanction and the consequences of the sanction. This is our red

indicating excessive use of spurs or of the whip anywhere

have to be able to address and solve a problem the correct

line. Riders want clean sport and fair play, but that said, there are some things that

on the Horse (in minor cases of blood in the mouth, such

way. This is a lot to ask, but incorrect rulings can lead to

need to change.

as where a Horse appears to have bitten its tongue or lip,

disasters, and the result is terrible for the image of our sport

It seems now that some within our international governing body think or have

Officials may authorize the rinsing or wiping of the mouth and

when such a sanction appears live on TV, as happened at

been thinking that everything is black or white, and have been treating the athletes

allow the Athlete to continue; any further evidence of blood


very aggressively. As it stands now, when a positive test is found, the athlete is

in the mouth will result in Disqualification.) Bleeding on the

No animal is treated with more care, love and respect then

presumed guilty and then treated as such before he can defend himself. He is also

flanks or marks indicating excessive use of spurs.

our horses; everything is done for their welfare, their health

presented as such in the press, also before he can explain himself or even under-

This rule makes no distinction between a cut that needs

and their comfort. For many riders and grooms they are friends

stand what is happening to him. In most cases he loses his reputation, probably his

stitching or just a drop of blood. If only the hair is gone, has

and family.

sponsors and his horses, and that is not even talking about the money loss.

there been excessive use of the spur? What happens if you

We have a pretty good working relationship with the

If after a long procedure he is found to be not guilty, as in the case of Steve

cut your horses flank hitting a fence, or anything else such as

FEI. There has been some improvement and we hope it will

Guerdat in 2015, the damages are already irreversible. There are, in my opinion,

turning fast in the jumpoff? And during the ingate check, how

continue, especially in regards to the FEI legal department. It

more and more rules coming every year that are leading the sport and its image

much blood do you need to leave a trace of blood on a white

is also important that the national federations work together

down the wrong path. I believe that Clean Sport procedures need to change:

surgery glove? The answer is a drop.

with the FEI to play the same role and to look in the right

The main consideration should be if the levels found were able to improve perfor-

But at the end, no matter the particulars, we have the same

direction as well.

mance or not. The levels that Steves horse tested positive for were minuscule, yet

result: pure disqualification of the horse and rider.

Examples in the past have shown that the national federa-

he was set down immediately. How does that affect your frame of mind when you

This rules makes no distinction between use and abuse, inten-

tions can play an important role. Some have helped their

compete at FEI events?

tional or accidental, warning or sanction. Every rule should make

riders and some havent or worse, and so they also have to be

this difference, as it seems that more and more, the rules are

aware of our red line.

being suspended for doping. A test takes maximum seven days, and he should be

written to be followed by a machine, and not written to trust the

The bottom line is that we need to improve the different

informed of a positive test within that time frame.

officials to be competent enough to judge situations in a fair way.

procedures and change the rules that have led to the situa-

The rider cannot be informed two and a half months after a competition that he is

As it is now, the riders case is immediately made public to the press. But that should
only happen when the case is closed and the rider is proven guilty.

This leads to the matter of horsemanship and common

tions we have witnessed in the last year. We should talk about

sense on the ground, in regards to the officials and the FEI

a yellow card as a warning, instead of as a sanction as it is at

But mainly the FEI legal tribunal has to take into consideration that they dont face

stewards. As it stands now, they have the ability to give


criminals but athletes of all ages and all experiences. Some are professionals, some

immediate sanctions as yellow cards or eliminations from the

Many things can and must improve. In the end, we all want

are not; some make mistakes and some cheat. And while athlete must be sanc-

class or the event. And it seems that often, the consequences

the best for our horses and our sport. We all want to guarantee

tioned, there must be a proportion between the act, the sanction and the conse-

are out of proportion with the act.

fair competition and clean sport. I am confident that we will

quences of the sanction.

I have huge respect for the officials; they do a difficult

find a way to achieve this.

Common sense and horsemanship should apply in every situation. We have to

job and on top of their power and rights, they have a lot

concentrate on rules that make our sport better, not on those that could damage or

of responsibilities.

destroy our sport.

72 73

Frances Hesketh-Jones Triulzi (ITA)

FEI Jumping Steward

Stewards are one of

the cogs in the intricate
machinery of equestrian
competition activity, and
because of the very nature
of the job, it is not easy
to recruit new troops.


Frances Hesketh-Jones Triulzi: Firstly, I would like to make it clear that I do not

An incredibly dedicated group of Stewarding Course

horses; by helping Riders, Grooms, Owners, Chefs dEquipe,

speak for or on behalf of the FEI. Everything that follows is the fruit of personal

Directors that travel worldwide often consuming precious

Judges, Vets, Media, Ringmasters and many others to achieve

experience accrued over the past 20 or so years while acting as an FEI Steward at

day job vacation time run these courses. Using standard-

their goals: by preventing, or pre-empting, any action not in the

international events, Championships and Games.

ized FEI modules and drawing on their own experiences,

horses or the sports best interest and, finally, by intervening

In his article, Franois opens by stating that Clean Sport is not simply about

they share knowledge with hundreds of old and new

when no longer possible to either help or prevent. Stewards do

doping, or about medicines, or welfare, or rules. It is all of that. He is correct, but

FEI Stewards. The system is constantly reviewed, updated,

not knowingly wait for an infraction to be committed in order

he is incorrect in stating that there have been changes to the anti-doping protocols

upgraded and integrated with new material that originates

to intervene and if required report it.

recently. As far as I know, there have been absolutely no changes in the anti-doping

from real life at the coal face: international events.

Heres something else Stewards dont do: they dont elimi-

procedures. The FEI Clean Sport policy is a 360-degree policy touching every aspect

I often say to the Grooms: I dont know how you do this

nate Riders and they dont disqualify Riders. Neither of these

of all FEI disciplines and its enforcement requires a contribution from all of the FEIs

you have the hardest job. But the Stewards job is no holiday

actions is within any Stewards remit. Stewards do not have that

many stakeholders.

weekend either. Rain, wind, sleet, mud, cold, heat, even

power. It is important that this misperception is highlighted

One group of stakeholders are FEI Officials, and one group of Officials are FEI

sandstorms. Stewards are out there working. Training arenas

and corrected.

Stewards who together with the FEI Vets has the greatest contact with another

open at 06:00? Stewards opened them. Last class finishes at

They are close to the Riders, Grooms and Horses during the

group of stakeholders: Riders, Grooms, and all those who make it happen so that

midnight? Stewards prepared the prize giving. Nights? At least

highest highs of a long-awaited victory and the lowest lows of a

Riders and their horses can perform beneath the publics gaze, be that ringside, on

one Steward is on call, and at Championships, Games and

serious accident. They are encouraged to carry out their duties

TV, or via live streaming.

many top shows, Stewards are there overnight.

in a manner that balances friendliness and firmness, to always

Recent events have made me realize that the Stewards role and responsibilities

At some events the Stewarding team could be on duty for

be approachable yet always remain impartial. They provide

are not well understood, so I would like to take this opportunity to try to redress that.

18 hours a day. Is every event like this? Certainly not. Some

safety pins, clean tissues, shoulders to cry on, rain jackets,

Firstly, let me highlight that these are FEI Stewards. Not stewards who show

run at iconic venues, are seriously glamorous or have a limited

reassurance and more.

the public to their seats, not stewards calling riders into the arena, not stewards

number of entries. But many are, and most Stewards officiate

But they are there to ensure that rules are respected, and

working in the arena. FEI Stewards. FEI because, since 2011, all those with this

at those events. No glamour. No kudos. No exotic stamps in

their integrity is their most formidable asset. Are there differing

qualification have gone through a specific education system, and many of those who

their passports. No VIP areas barely to grab a quick sandwich

levels of experience and ability? Naturally, just as in any other

were FEI-listed before then have since attended at least one refresher seminar, also

and a cup of coffee before rushing back to duty. They do it

field of life. The on-going education programme strives to

part of that system. Consequently, all have learned the same rules, protocols, and

because they love horses. They are dedicated to the sport and

upgrade ability, broaden knowledge and increase experience,

philosophy. At the heart of that philosophy is: Enabling horse and rider to perform

want to be as close to it as possible, to hear the noises in the

but this takes time - there are no shortcuts or quick fixes.

to the best of their ability while at all times respecting horse welfare and a level

stables, to see the horses resting, to smell them.

Stewards are one cog in the intricate machinery of eques-

playing field.

The vast majority of Stewards are good, dedicated, knowl-

trian competition activity, and because of the very nature of the

The FEI Stewarding education system syllabus covers Clean Sport including

edgeable people with a horsey background. They understand

job, it is not easy to recruit new troops. The hours are long, the

horse welfare, training/schooling/warm-up and stable monitoring activities, boot,

their responsibility to ensure that all parties concerned respect

working conditions can be challenging and their actions might

bandage, and hind boot checks, veterinary aspects, safety aspects, legal aspects,

the rules as drafted and approved by the relevant bodies. They

not always be well received.

approach/behaviour/communication, team management, arena/exercise/horse

do this by being present in arenas whenever these are open for

Franois graciously writes of his huge respect for officials.

inspection planning, Discipline/Veterinary/General rules/regulations directly related

training, schooling or competition warm-up; by being present

Fortunately, many share his opinion and generally speaking

to stewarding and a few other areas as well. It is a comprehensive and wide-ranging

or readily available in the stables 24 hours a day throughout

this respect is reciprocal. However, we teach our younger

syllabus. The promotion courses from National to Level 1 Steward, and from Level 1

the event. By carrying out tack checks, boot, bandage and

Stewards that respect must be earned and doesnt happen

to Level 2 Steward last three days, while refresher seminars have run over two days.

hind boot checks; by constantly keeping a watchful eye on the

overnight, that only rarely will they receive outside acknowl- 75

edgement that they have performed well. Usually job satisfaction must come from within themselves, not from external
sources, so they must be self-critical and see where they can
improve and what they have learned in order to be better
next time.
Then there is the exception. Something totally unexpected
that happens and makes everything worth the only four hours
of sleep during the Olympic Games, the flash of anger from a
Rider who gives you a hard time about something you do or say
because theyve had a bad round, or the fact that you are cold
and soaking wet despite your expensive wet-weather gear.
Several years ago after a particularly challenging event, a
Team Leader of a major nation emailed me. This is an extract:
You and your team are really the unsung heroes of our
sport. Without you (all), it doesnt happen and certainly
not on a level playing field. I hope you know how much
those of us whocome in the stable gate (and not the front
gate - VIP entrance!) appreciate what you do for all of us.
And that makes it all worthwhile.

Photo: Stefano Grasso


Riders of the 15 IJRC Rolex Top Ten Final

December 11th, 2015 Geneva, Switzerland

Kent Farrington

Simon Delestre

Daniel Deusser

Christian Ahlmann

Age 35

Age 34

Age 34

Age 42

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois USA

Hometown: Solgne, Lorraine, France

Hometown: Wiesbaden, Germany

Hometown: Marl, Germany

Horse: Voyeur

Horse: Hermes Ryan

Horse: First Class Van Eeckelghem

Horse: Codex One


Pnlope Leprevost

Scott Brash

Bertram Allen

Gregory Wathelet

Luciana Diniz

Ludger Beerbaum

Age 35

Age 30

Age 20

Age 35

Age 45

Age 52

Hometown: Rouen, France

Hometown: Peebles, Scotland

Hometown: Wexford, Ireland

Hometown: Huy, Belgium

Hometown: So Paulo,Brazil

Hometown: Detmold, West Germany

Horse: Flora de Mariposa

Horse: Hello Sanctos

Horse: Molly Malone

Horse: Algorhythem

Horse: Fit For Fun

Horse: Chaman

78 79

Last Words




The outer shell of the XJ is made of carbon ber, a composite

material providing an unbeatable strength/weight ratio.
The inner shell is made of polystyrene with variable density which
provides a better dissipation of the energy produced upon impact.
The internal
comfort memory pad which ensures a constant
thickness over the years of use and the semi-rigid leather chin strap
cancel out all risks of tipping the helmet in case of a violent movement.
Equipped with two front air inlets the XJ helmet provides
exceptional ventilation.