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spiritus prohebere : this will suddenly stop the breath of a

person causing immediate death.
no reverse curse is known till
caecus oculus : this will eventually throw a black ray to
one's eye making one totally blind .
the MIRRACLE PENDENT OF EGYPT, a mythological item is
believed to be there in the pages of history which had the abilities
to block it but a rare believes in these stories.
Sanguinem extractionem : This spell is created by an ancient
death eater named GERALD CROUCH from his study of were
wolves studies. This will eventually vanish all bloods from ones
Cerebrum mortem : This will stop ones brain from functioning
further eventually leads one to comma sometimes to death.
Pestilentia initium : This is a deadly curse, requires a lot of
skills to caste. It causes a massive outbreak of unknown diseases
creating a large scale massacre.
It is believed that behind the dragon pox massacre in Europe
in 1500s there were some ancient wizards out there having full
skill of using this curse which caused the European quidditch
world to take a step back.

Memoriae recensere : This hex is used to change some ones
memory and use it to ones own purpose, may be good or bad
depending upon the caster.


The glass of horned serpent : It is still doubtful about its
existence in this world but a few very old wizards say that this is

still hidden beneath the great walls of china to protect it from the
dark wizard community.
It is famous for absorbing any type of spells into its
core even the deadly unforgivable curses, even the Avada
kedvra can be absorbed by this ancient glass.
Some others say that in ancient times to send
criminals to Azkaban aurars used this glass to save themselves
from dark wizards who can caste killing curses even without using
any types of wands or so.