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I have ability to solve problems in my life, for

example mi family my friends, girlfriend, and the
I have a lot of responsibility in my story in my
family en my life my world.
I have clarity on my goals and the present and in
the future.
1. I will story in other country, united states or
2. I Will have 2 childrens like my wife
3. I will have 2 cars
4. I will have a house
I recognize my mistakes
1. I had a lot of mistakes when I was studying
2. I was working
3. Inexperienced in a language industry, I have a
good level of English I cannot commute to
another town,

My difficulties have been few opportunities to

know my strengths and weaknesses.
The ability to work I have developed. For
In koramsa, koramsa was the big Maquilla in
central America in the years 2005
create personal brand

I have a lot of insecurity in my life

with people for so much violence.
I have very little patience.
I have not time for process
University education
positive attitude in life
great motivation to beat


political state in my country

1. In my country there is much
2. In my country there is much
3. In my country there is much
4. In my country there is much
I have a lot of professional
And I will have more competition in
the future.
High rate of young professionals
much competition in the
professional sector

My personal Foda