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MR Project

Jewellery is something, which has been traditionally a thing of touch,

feel and then buy but in the recent times people have started buying
non-precious jewellery online. We in this project aim to understand the
various factors affecting the consumer buying behaviour of jewellery
online. The outcomes of the research will help us find and understand
why certain consumers buy jewellery online and others dont. Also
what all are the factors which affect a purchase. What are the key
stimuli and what all attributes of the online marketplace affect the
purchase made by a consumer?
By the analysis of the results obtained we will be able to make
recommendations to various online jewellery stores as to what they
need to attract more customers and improve their profitability.
Given below are few of the roadblocks faced by the online jewellery

Personalisation problem:
Shopping experience problem
Cataloguing problem
Availability of Raw Materials

online consumers:
are more price sensitive
prefer larger sizes to smaller sizes
do more screening on the basis of brand names
do less screening on the basis of sizes

The gems and jewellery industry occupies an important position in the

Indian economy and is one of the fastest growing industries in the
country. Hence the research conducted would help me
1. To understand the awareness about online shopping of jewellery
2. To know the consumer preference towards online shopping of
3. Understand the perception of online retail websites

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The survey method of research methodology was used for the purpose
of this research. The survey was sent over to people using various
digital platforms like emails, social networking site (Ex-Facebook),
messaging apps like Whatsapp, etc.
The total no. of constructs used in the research is 18. And thus
accordingly the ideal sample size would have been 18*4=72.
The survey comprising of the research questions based on 5 primary
parameters to be analyzed namely:
1. Convenience of online shopping of jewellery
2. Ease of use of websites
3. Effect of price, customer service, exchange and return policies
4. Trust factor
5. Perception about different online stores
Cronbach Alpha: is an indicator of consistency.
Factor analysis: 18 constructs to few factors (KMO and bartleys test).
Factor analysis is a method of data reduction.
Discriminant analysis (input is factors): based on those factors,
which are online, and offline shoppers. Discriminant analysis is used to
predict group membership. It is used to classify individuals into
alternate groups based on a set of predictor variables. There are 2
groups online buyers and non-buyers.
Cluster analysis: Respondents segmentation. To classify our
respondents among different groups based on their attitudes towards
certain factors of purchase behavior found through Factor Analysis.
Paired t test: