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AP Art History: Research Project- Themes and Eras:

-Students are to create a poster board that reflects a theme of a
culture and time period.
-Students are to choose 2-3 artworks/architecture as a main focus to
their theme.
-Students are to explore the significance of the artwork/architecture
and how it influenced that culture or time period.
Themes To Choose From:
-Power and Authority, art (including architecture) that conveys this
-Human Form in Art, works that exemplify the idea of beauty.
-Narrative Art, how the work is adapted to emphasize the function or
symbolism of the narrative.
-Human Experience- How the art represents or describes human
interaction with nature or the perception of
nature/violence/rituals/propaganda/social classes.
-Art in Context, art that has a specific and meaningful location or
-Art in Society- Art that describes or reflects societal traditions.
-Artist is subject- Artist includes himself/herself as a witness to a
narrative event. Ex. Self Portraits.
-Art of Making Art- Revolutionary treatment of pictorial space, creation
of movement and tension in battle scenes, color used to express an
idea or a mood, dramatic contrast of dark and light to enhance the
dramatic tension of a narrative, adaptation of a newly discovered or
invented medium or technique.
-Places as Reservoirs of memories-Burial grounds in a culture, sacred
places such as churches or temples, memorials to dead.
Required Works of Art for AP Art History: (Click on website for 250
-Global Prehistory
-Ancient Mediterranean
-Early Europe and Colonial Americas
-Later Europe and America
-Indigenous Americans
-West and Central Asia
-South, east, and Southeast Asia
-The Pacific

-Global Contemporary

Directions: Choose a theme from the one listed above. Then, choose a
required works of art that will complement that theme. You will create
a poster board with 3 images that relate to your theme and time
period. Below each picture, you will analyze and think critically to make
connections between both objectives. Be creative! It would be helpful
to use FFCC. We will vote as a class as most creative poster board! You
may group up, 2-3 people max.
-Student picks a theme from the list above, as well with a time period
that compliments each other. 25 Points
-Student creatively designs a poster board that expresses the era and
images well. Pictures are colored and non-distorted. Information is
nicely and neatly displayed. 25 points
-Student uses 6 resources to cite their information that they have
displayed. They use resources from other books or credible websites.
Their citations are on the back of the poster board. 25 points
-Student displays their knowledge in a well-put presentation. They are
able to articulate the artworks and era to the class. 25 points
100 Major Points:__________
Due: November 29th-December 1st