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Casa Esperanza Of Angels Orphanage In Tanjay City Begins

Perimeter Fence Construction

Workers unloading construction materials at the orphanage site in Tanjay City.

Tanjay City, Philippines, November 1, 2016 The nonprofit organization Casa Esperanza of Angels (CEA)
Foundation, Inc. has started construction on its planned orphanage facility located in Barrio Sta. Ines, in
this city in the Philippines.
The Tanjay City Engineers Office under Engr. Chester C. Reyes issued the necessary fencing building and
electrical permits paving the way for the charity foundation to begin the first phase of construction on
the proposed center for orphans. Initial construction is now ongoing and when finished, the 700-meter
long exterior fence with its 238 concrete columns and entrance gate, will completely surround the

The next phase of construction which includes building the first of 4 children's homes will begin when
the fence construction is well underway and as soon as the City Engineers Office issues the relevant
building permits.
Ronald Brown, Founder and Executive Director of Casa Esperanza Of Angels, said, We do not have a
specific time frame for completion of the fencing as construction of the guard house and first children's
home will begin in the near future and will be constructed simultaneously.
Mr. Brown hopes to quickly secure the necessary building permits from the concerned government
offices to avoid delays in construction. We request cooperation and ease of processing from
government services, stated Mr. Brown. Our goal is to work with the government to provide better
care for the children of the Philippines at no cost to the government.
Momentum appears to be on the side of CEA having gone on to begin construction on the orphanage
right after purchasing the property just a month ago. Still, logistical hurdles need to be overcome before
significant progress could be accomplished.
Water supply, for example, is not readily available on the site because the local water district is unable
to service new accounts at this time. Mr. Brown plans to work around this problem by excavating and
reviving an old well they found on the property.
The Casa Esperanza of Angels Foundation relies mainly on donations from family and friends of the
Browns, and from financial assistance by other individual and church-based supporters in the United
States. The nonprofit anticipates needing more help from their supporters to fully fund and complete
the construction of all planned structures in the orphan care institution.
This initial start up cost is quite large but the end result is lives changed and hope to many less
fortunate children in Tanjay City and from the neighboring towns that otherwise would continue
suffering, added Mr. Brown.
About Casa Esperanza of Angels Foundation: Casa Esperanza of Angels Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit
organization founded by Ronald Brown together with his wife, Georgia Olis Brown, to help protect and
care for the growing number of orphans, abused or abandoned children, and those in dire circumstances
in the province of Negros Oriental, Philippines.
Ronald Brown
Executive Director
Casa Esperanza of Angels Foundation, Inc.
Phone: (+63) 905-1850060


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