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Template for Lesson Plan

Title of lesson: My family

Name: Suad Taleb

Date: 2/11/2016

Time: 12:00, 12:30

Location: Sharjah

- Boys and girls.
- English.
- learning style intelligences:

- Special need are 3 but they Not exactly a special need they have some
small problem.
- Prior learning: children know what is the family manes and kinds.
- How this lesson fits into prior & future learning experiences: the children
learn more about family like: kinds of family if that is a big family, or small
family, and some family have a lot of brothers and some of them have a less

*who are they

* how many
* what ages
* What grade
* male/female ratio
* native language(s)
* learning styles (and
student intelligences
* special needs
* prior learning
* how this lesson fits into
prior & future learning

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
This unit helps children to develop a positive sense of themselves, to form
relationship and respect for other, as well as developing social skills and the
a ability to manage their feeling.

Our focus this week is from baby to adult, and how our bodies grow.
Success criteria:
- Children will begin to think about stages of growth.
- Children will begin to engage in imaginative play involving families
and stages of growth.
- Children will be able to represent these experiences with different

*what specific skill or

concept would students
have learned or
experience by the end of
the lesson
* always expressed in
terms of student
* concrete, measurable &
* maximum of three
* include name of
curriculum guide &
objective numbers when

& where applicable

* goals are connected
to students


Materials & resources:
Colored paper.
White paper.
Large paper.
Wood poles.
That is all safety for children and all of them know how they can uses in
a right way.
Technology integration:

*how DAP are the

materials & resources?
* have all safety & health
considerations been
taken into account?
*remember technology is
a tool & is not just limited
to computers
*incorporate technology
when & if it supports &
enhances what youre
already doing
* do you have a plan B for
technology upsets?

- Lesson carefully about what I explain about activity.
- Raise your hand if you have any questions.
- Be quiet and a void misbehavior in class and through doing the
- Dont throw any materials you used after finish the activity.
- If you need any help ask me.

As a group activity.
I will make two activity for kids about family.
( home family) First, I will explain it is about what, and I will give
them steps of how they can do the activity about their family and
the children can draw their families who is in their family? Do they
have any pets? After that, they putted in home family.
(Colored family)
2- I will give them a family pictures and the students start colored
in a paper.

What will you do to grab

student attention & to
interest/enthusiasm in the

Teacher will
Include your open and closed
ended questions here

-Give them specific instructions to

make the activity.
- divide the children in groups.
-I will give them name of activity.
- Explain what it is the activity and
what it is the steps with show
them example.
- give them time limit is 15
- give the children to draw their
family in the paper.
- The children can color their
family member in the paper.

Students will ..

Make their imaginations

about their family and create
how their family look like by
their color.

*description of activities
used to meet the learning
* articulated in terms of
student activity & teacher


In my class I have three students have do not lesson well

about the teacher took, I can find solve of the problem.
Step one she can move children how make noisy to a
quiet place. Step two, she can move the children and sit
in closed to the teachers.
To assess students, I will observe them through walk in each groups and
lesson and see what they do and what they say. Also, I see if they follow
the steps or not. I measure the goals through ask students what will do,
are their follow the steps or are some miss some point or forget doing.
My assessments are very tightly connected to my goals and what I
need to children learn and achieve it in both activity.

*list the problems that

may occur
*anticipate at least two
*think of possible ways to
deal with those problems
when & if they occur

*what will you do to

assess learning?*what
will happen to measure
that the goals were met?
* How DAP is your
* my assessments are
very tightly connected
to my goals

Materials & resources:
Colored paper.
White paper.
Large paper.

* sources that you may

have used/consulted in
building your lesson
(includes books,
websites, magazines,
journals, etc)
* use APA citation (refer to

Wood poles.

Noodle Tools when in