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Have options templates by 1:30

Reverse Engineering Approach

1.) Spend about 15 minutes in overall introduction and assessing the
overall project/business (Fragment where the attention of
discussion is addressed. Key Words.)
a. Tell me about.?
i. What are your long-term and short-term objectives?
b. Who are you targeting?
i. What are your current mediums of delivery?
ii. What tactics of measurement are you utilizing? KPIs?
c. What is your Capital Budgeting Structure?
i. Where are you primarily focusing and allocating you
2.) Make Them Think, before addressing what we can do for them to
exhaust all possibilities and uncover unidentified problems?
a. What are some problems youre having?
i. How long has this been going on for?
ii. Do you have any data/metrics on this?
iii. What is causing this
iv. Have you taken action to address it?
b. Reverse Engineer Demand of TAM
i. Who is your target market?
ii. What actions do you want them to take?
iii. How do you want them to recognize your brand
1. Do you see any problems in articulating this?
c. Where do you see opportunity in this industry or business
that you can capture?
d. Have you thought about new branding, new marketing,
new products, etc.?
3.) Re elaborate Problems
a. So these are you problems
4.) Loop step 2 based of specific problems
5.) Explain what we could potentially do for you?
a. Discuss what we do and can offer
i. Marketing Research
1. Competitive analysis, TAM, SAM, SOM,
ii. Branding
iii. Google Design Sprints
iv. Web/app mockups/prototyping

v. Market Analysis
6.) Based off your what you now know about our capacity and us
a. Where do you conceivably see us brining value to your
i. How soon?