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Manual - Family Constellation Seminar (FCS)



operational definition 11 obligatory procedures for FCS


First Day


welcoming and organizational

All participants take their seats in a circle; the facilitator


information for participants

welcomes study participants and gives organizational information


explanation of FC

the facilitator explains general background of FC and


the potential meanings of family constellations


explanation of facilitators’

the facilitator explains how he or she conducts FC




instructions for the role of a

the facilitator gives instructions for representatives and



how to communicate from that role


instructions for active

the facilitator instructs active participants on how to


participants how to place representatives

position representatives in the room


opportunity for questions

all participants may ask questions about FC



initial round for clarification of

the facilitator inquires with each active participant


issues and goals of active participants

regarding his or her particular concern (approximately ten minutes each)


3 RD /Final Day


final sharing round

all participants may ask questions and voice concerns


(approximately sixty minutes)


each day of the FCS



the facilitator answers remarks and questions regarding previous FC


sharing round

participants may express personal experiences, questions and concerns



two coffee breaks and a lunch break on the second and third day of the FCS

Manual - Family Constellation Seminar (FCS)

7 obligatory procedures of individual FC

1 goal clarification between facilitator and the active participant in focus

2 shared decision-making between facilitator and active participant in focus about which part/s of the family system the constellation will focus on

3 positioning of stand-ins by the active participant in focus according to his or her inner image

4 first enquiry of stand-ins’ observations from their role

5 rearrangement of


6 second enquiry of stand-ins’ observations from their role

7 positioning of a ‘solution picture’ and termination of the constellation

the facilitator interviews the active participant about his or her particular concern or goal associated with the FC

facilitator and active participant make joint decision on which part/s of the family system the constellation will focus upon (e.g. family of origin, current family system)

the active participant selects representatives for system members and places them in a spatial scenario according to her or his inner image of the respective family conflict (‘problem constellation’)

the facilitator enquires with representatives regarding observations (bodily, emotional, mental state); in their particular position

the facilitator rearranges representatives spatially according to these observations and/or asks representatives to move to another position in the constellation

the facilitator enquires representatives about their sensations and perceptions, now in different positions within the constellation

after the ‘solution picture’ is established the individual FC is terminated by the facilitator in agreement with the active participant in focus

Optional elements of individual FC

8 Adding or removing representatives

9 ritualized sentences

10 ritualized gestures or symbols

11 Placing of active participants into his/her own FC

The facilitator adds new representatives and/or takes representatives out of the constellation

The facilitator suggests specific ritualized sentences to be voiced vis a vis other representatives (e.g. from the representative of the >’daughter’ to the representative of the ’mother’)

The facilitator suggests the use of ritualized gestures or symbols

Towards the end of an FC, the facilitator places the participant her/himself into the solution picture to experience the new constellation him- or herself