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Evaluation test

Duration: 60 minutes
Please be precise in your answers
Max marks: 50
1. What do you mean by patent families and also name and explain various patent
families? (3)
ANS1. All the patents having same technogical invention as subject patent are termed
as patent family.
Types: 1.IMPADOC
2. What do you mean by related applications? (1)
Ans. Continuation,continuation in part,divisional are related applications.
3. Explain the following type of the search, specify date restriction and in which of these
NPLs are provided.
a. Novelty Search
--> It is also known as patentability search. It is used by an inventer to find out if his
invention is patentable or not.
--> it includes NPL
--> it doesnt have any restriction of date. Any literature or patent till date are to be
b. FTO search
-->It is also known as right to use or right to freedom or clearance search.
--> it donot include npls
-->Patents OR applications 20 years before earliest priority date are searched out.
c. Infringement Search
--> It is used to find out patents or npls infringing our subject patent.
-->it includes npls
-->searching is done after earliest priority date
Search results>=earliest priorty date
d. Landscape Search
--> it includes all the patents relating to our technological field.
--> it donot includes npl
--> no restriction of date
e. Validity Search
--> it is also known as invalidation search. It is used to find prior arts before earliest
priority date.
--> it includes npls

--> patents npls are searched before earliest priority date.

f. Invalidity Search (12)
--> it is also known as validation search. It is used to find prior arts before earliest
priority date.
--> it includes npls
--> patents npls are searched before earliest priority date.
4. On the face of patent, if any cited patent is marked with * the what does * signify? (1)
Ans. * signifies cited by examiner.
5. What is the difference between PCT filing and national filing? Support your answer
with the help of an example. (3)
A) PCT filing: Any applicant if wants to file his subject patent in multiple countries he can
file pct application. PCT has 142 countries under it.
--> it helps the applicant to file patent in multiple countries or we can
internationally(covering countries included in pct)
B) National Filing: it is filing of his application in particular country.Like in Japan
6. Explain with example. Also specify life period (8)
a) Copyright
Ans. Generally 70 years in some cases upto 95 years.
b) Geographical Indication
Ans. Lifetime
c) Trademark
Ans. As long as the industry/organisation having particular trademark is using it.
d) Trade secret
Ans. As long as it is not known to others.
7. Is there any term called International Patent? Please explain what so ever your
opinion is. (2)
Ans. No there is no term as international patent. However there is a international
application as PCT through which applicant can file his application in multiple
8. If the patent claims more than one type of invention then which route is being
followed for it? (1)
ANS. It is done through filing divisional application.
9. If the applicant wants to improve his/her invention for which he/she has already filed
a patent then what routes will he/she can follow to cover up. (2)
Ans. He/she can file continuation application for the same.

10. What is the difference between Provisional and Non-Provisional Patent applications?
Ans. Provisional: it is filed when an invention is incomplete. Applicant can provide
description and field of invention at this time without properly mentioning claims.
He do so to extend life of his subject patent to 1 year and within 1 year he is required to
submit final application.
Non- Provisional: It is filed when the invention is complete.
Applicant provide complete description,field of invention,complete claims,citations etc.
11. What are the steps for Filing under PCT (PCT timeline)? (5)
Ans. PCT can be filed in two ways:1. Applicant can file pct application in any country. And then he can file his applications in
countries he wants to get his subject patent. I.e he can enter natonal phase within 30
2. Applicant can file his national application and then file his pct within 12 months.
12. Explain Paris convention. (2)
Ans. Paris convention is international treaty. It safeguards economic and moral rights of
13. Explain the following (3)
a. Webbing
Let backward citations of forward citations of subject patent =A forward citations
of backward citations of subject patent =B
Then, A or B=webbing
b. Not query
(Subject patent + family members of subject patent + backward family members of
subject patent + backward family of backward family members of subject patent)
c. Inequitable
A= Family members of subject patent
B= Backward family members of family members of subject patent
Inequitable= B(NOT)A
14. What do you mean by kind codes? (1)
Ans. Kind codes are used to represent if the particular application is granted or not.
EX: A1 kindcode represent application
B2 represent patent is granted.
15. Fill in the blanks (4)
a) In public PAIR, PAIR stands for ___Patent Application Information retrieve__
b) In USRE34435, RE stands for ____RE-Examination__
c) PCT stands for _____Patent cooperation treaty_
d) GATT stands for _____

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