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Arrival Education

10 Year Review
Creating social mobility,
transforming lives, getting
businesses Difference Ready

Arrival Education:
Success Through Difference

This autumn we pass the milestone of a decade since we formally established

Arrival Education.
With this milestone upon us, it seemed the perfect time to review all that we have learnt
and achieved over the last ten years.
We created and built a business model for the UKs only four-year development
programme to assure social mobility. Ten years on we are seeing the real impact, as
the young talent we started working with aged 14, are now entering the working world,
securing jobs and salaries that for most, are beyond anything anyone in their family would
have predicted.
This document celebrates the positive impact that Arrival Education has had on
individuals, their families, their schools and their communities; and the work we have done
to challenge the cultural norms and processes in our partner businesses. This has led
business leaders to realise that by creating genuinely diverse and inclusive workplaces
they can create massively positive commercial impact for their organisations.
The challenge we took on was beyond anything we had comprehended.

The Arrival Education Mission:

To create a scalable development programme that assures social mobility for
those who need it the most.
We have faced many challenges, some of which are outlined in this review and we have
achieved so much to be proud of, incuding:
Employing over 50 staff members, who helped us deliver 294 separate development
programmes to over 3,500 young people, drawn from over 60 inner-city state schools
across 23 London boroughs that led to over 10,000 hours of design and delivery
time. We created 30 working partnerships with globally recognised businesses, which
produced 443 coaching relationships and 195 workshops, totaling 11,684 hours of
employee volunteering time.
Despite the 2008 global financial crisis, Arrival Education has generated substantial yearon-year commercial growth. Weve played a significant role in school turnaround stories,
delivered outstanding GCSE success, our young people have achieved places at top
universities and are now, ten years on, securing those top jobs they dreamt about.


However, it is in the small moments of hearing parents talk about

the impact of our work on their family, listening to students
reflect on the differences between how their lives are turning
out compared to their peers who were not on our programmes,
and observing real change in recruitment practices, leadership
development and culture change in our partner businesses, that
the real power and magic of our endeavours is felt.
Reflecting on the last ten years has allowed us to review our
accomplishments, reflect on lessons learnt and look ahead to
what is next for AE. Whilst the funding landscape has meant
we have had to make some hard decisions, we are very excited
about our new direction, which is outlined at the end of this review.
Having spent the last ten years getting diverse young talent,
business ready; we are now turning our attention to helping
forward-thinking businesses, who understand the commercial
necessity for creating diverse and inclusive cultures, get
Difference Ready. We will be doing this in partnership with the
ambitious, switched-on diverse young talent, we have been
committed to for the last ten years.
We hope that this report leaves you with a sense of the depth,
rigor and commitment of our work, along with the impact it has
had. We also want to acknowledge the incredible commitment,
insight and energy of the many remarkable people who
contributed to us personally, to our work, and to
our success.
Thank you,

Daniel Snell, Founder & Emily Shenton, MD

Arrival Education Success Through Difference


10 years, 10 highlights
1. Working alongside over 3,500 diverse and talented individuals from inner-city communities
2. Working with more than 60 inner-city state schools
3. Partnering with more than 30 globally recognised / FTSE-listed businesses and their leaders
4. Providing hundreds of individually designed programme sessions, workshops, events and experiences that
developed both future talent and business leaders
5. Coaching hundreds of business leaders
6. Delivering over 10,000 hours of development work

 reating the worlds only long-term development programme that assures social mobility taking influential
inner-city state school students, and within 8 years, successfully placing them into graduate fast-track jobs

8. Producing large-scale social movements and events, such as Not In Our Name, that reached hundreds of
millions of people worldwide
9. Achieving measurable results and winning awards, attracting acknowledgement from national and international
media, including being welcomed at Downing Street by Prime Ministers.
10. Building a growing organization of talented people dedicated to advancing our social mission.

Typical Success for Life cohort demographic


Ethnic Minority

Students had one or more school exclusions

Students received Free Schools Meals

Students believed they werent achieving their

academic potential

Meet the Talent

A typical S4L cohort
Nurjahan was selected for Success for Life in 2009 via Globe Academy on the Old
Kent Road, Southwark.
Nurjahans story is a testament to our mission we set a decade ago.
I moved to the UK from Bangladesh when I was 12. English wasnt my first language
so I was very self-conscious and not popular amongst my peers. We didnt have a
permanent home and I had nowhere to study which, made my home life very difficult
and unstable. The one thing I was certain of was that I wanted to change my situation.
I wanted a happy life.
Back then I hardly ever opened up about my problems, as I was scared people
would judge me and my family. Then Arrival Education happened. I was selected to
join their Success for Life programme and it felt so special to be one of 20 students
chosen out of 180 in my year. I was taken on a journey, which not only made me feel
confident and popular, it also made me certain that I could achieve whatever I wanted.
Visiting businesses and meeting their people - who were so accepting and were
amazed by me - only helped to make me dream bigger. The work experience and
networking opportunities made me want to become a leader like them.
Through Arrival Education, I opened up and started sharing, which allowed people to
contribute invaluable help. This made all the difference.
Regardless of coming to this country at the age of 12, regardless of having no
permanent home or residence status for the first 5 years, I still managed to achieve a
2:1 degree in Economics from a Russell Group University, buy myself a car, and buy
my family a house.
I believe that by understanding my past experiences, and the other contributions
Arrival gave me, I have contentment with myself and my future choices.
Nurjuhan has recently secured employment from a top investment bank.



Foreword by D GR Snell Founder of AE
Meet the talent
01. How we began
02. Time for a different approach
03. Back to school
04. Seeing talent differently
05. Our Programmes including Success for life
06. Good People Building a team
07. Our Partners

07.1. Schools
07.2. Government Payment by Results Contracts
07.3. Corporate Partners

08. Results & Impact

08.1. Corporate Partnership Impact & Case Studies

08.2. Graduate Student impact

09. Changing Times

10. The Future


0.1 How we began

Over a decade ago, my then flatmate Sufiya Patels younger brother was murdered in a
senseless street crime over a game of Snake on a Nokia phone. That incident became
a central catalyst for what would become Arrival Education.
Before its foundation, I had started volunteering at a school in North West London
that had in its catchment area the Stonebridge Estate. Those young people and their
communities were very different from the social circles I had known.
In meeting those young people, I observed some familiar attitudes and mind-sets.
They were disengaged, disempowered, angry, anxious, closed-minded, blameful and
expectant. However, they also had hopes and dreams, but even more importantly they
had talent. Yes, it was often undeveloped or misdirected but they had talent of innate
ability, intelligence and energy, along with the other ingredients necessary for success.
Long story short, I gave up the security of my job and set about trying to make
a difference.

Whats in a name?
People often ask why we are called Arrival Education.
Travis Reid and I, the original founders, alongside Kalim Rahaman, were discussing
names in a caf off Carnaby Street. We talked about how the long and challenging
journey to success occurred, and how most people were often stopped before they even
started because they felt overwhelmed by the weight of expectation.
However, if they could start and, indeed, make that journey from a standpoint of having
already arrived at their destination, then their journey would be all the lighter for it.
And because we wanted to offer a different kind of education, one likely to engender
success, we had our name.



0.2 Time for a different approach

If you change
your thinking
but not your
you havent
really changed
your thinking.

Social mobility is recognised as critical to every nations future economic success.

The issue is a focus in the UK, with considerable time and resources committed to
addressing it. However, there is scant evidence of progress on this front.

Social Mobility A definition

The ability of individuals or groups to move upward or downward in status,
based on wealth, occupation, education or some other social variable.
A decade ago, the Governments social mobility policies were falsely based upon a
belief that by encouraging further university attendance, it would increase social mobility.
In reality, this approach simply pushed the cost of education onto individuals, creating
unrealistic expectations in the bargain while leaving young people in debt and bereft of
employment opportunities.
As an alternative, we set out to design a programme that enabled genuine behavioural
change, enriched young peoples lives and, ultimately, opened pathways to success.
Our thinking started to coalesce around a quote that became a mantra for us:
We had our mission.
What made our mission daunting was the long-term nature of the support required to
achieve it.
This is because:

Its very hard to deliver on those outcomes

Its hard to fund long-term programmes

It creates transparent accountabilities

Its challenging to keep young people engaged long-term when they have
chaotic lives

Its difficult to maintain quality and consistency of delivery

You need proper recruitment, management and training processes in place,

as there is a lot of churn in the youth space due to limited resources

The Arrival Education Mission:

To create a scalable development programme that assures social mobility for
those who need it the most.


As Arrival Education expanded, developed a set of delivery best

practices and mechanisms that, as we observed, would lead to concrete behavioural
change if consistently delivered.
Here are some of the insights underlying those practices:

Talent comes in many forms and reveals itself in different ways

 veryone has their own framework for meaning and reality. Understanding and
mapping that helps people understand themselves and make positive changes

 y uprooting entrenched and unhelpful beliefs, young people can radically change
how they perceive themselves, what they do and their outcomes

 oung people often have aspirations and ambitions, but become stuck in how to
make them happen; that can lead to despondency, frustration or rage

 ll behaviours and results are set by our beliefs. In understanding our decisions,
and subsequent beliefs, change can occur

Awareness is the starting point for change

Intelligence is malleable

No change is possible until you first change yourself

There are signposts everywhere in life; the trick is in spotting and

interpreting them

 hange takes time. To assure positive change, you need interwoven and
complex support

The foundation of success is laid at home, not school

 cademic achievement is no guarantee of success, but it can help smooth

the path

These insights, amongst others, became the cornerstones of our programme design.


0.3 Back to school

Pupils have been challenged in
a way that the school setting
cannot always facilitate ...
If education was presented in
the same way, more students
would achieve.
Lucy Frame, Headteacher

In Arrival Educations early days, we naively assumed that all we had to do was ring up the
schools, offer our services, and they would welcome us with open arms.
How wrong we were!
Schools varied in their willingness, openness and ability to work with external
organisations like ours. In fact, when we first started they werent used to being solicited
by external services at all, as much was pre-purchased via local authorities or their
academy chains.
To understand the situation better and get under the bonnet of our new challenge,
we undertook a research year, where we developed our initial ideas and delivered our
first programmes. We also used those early years to better investigate the educational,
charitable, social enterprise and youth work sectors. Looking back, it was an invaluable
learning experience.
Its not hard to spot the talent in our inner-city schools; there has always been bright, able
young people who possess the raw ingredients for success. Yet what is equally apparent
is without the proper guidance, support and access to opportunities, those young people
would underperform, or worse. Sadly, that is too often the case.
We set about searching for solutions, and eventually realised we could do and offer things
that schools could not, namely:

We werent restricted or burdened by rigid academic curricula or traditional

teaching methods

We could manage our team and resources as we wished without

external interference

 e had a blank canvas in terms of approach, design and delivery, with the
flexibility to respond and adapt

We could access top businesses, their spaces and staff

 e understood what businesses wanted from their best people in terms of

required behaviours, attitudes mindsets and skills

We understood what young people wanted and how to deliver change

We were more exciting and interesting to young people than school was

We could create experiences that led to outcomes that students wanted

In other words, we could communicate what it took to achieve success, and how to
navigate that process.


I can confidently say that

by working with Arrival
Education our students
futures have
dramatically improved.
Laura Simpson,
Walworth Academy


We learnt a lot more. Here are further insights from our research year:

Schools often had a narrow view of talent

If you bring all the bad kids together and tell them you are here to help them, you
are going to struggle to get buy-in, especially if the intervention is forced on them.

 hile schools valued and measured good behaviour and academic success,
most of the students valued being cool, powerful, popular or attractive much more.

 xtra curricula opportunities went to the well-behaved, Gifted & Talented students,
who were rarely the natural leaders of the playground.

 he influential, popular and gang-affiliated young people often became negative

forces in the classroom, rather than positive leaders.

 chools struggled to access and engage with businesses effectively; work-related

experiences were limited, poorly designed and often lacking in aspiration

 chools couldnt authentically and powerfully connect with or resolve the students
emotional, developmental and social needs.

 oung people didnt learn how to learn, nor did they fully understand the purpose
of school

For many young people, education became a negative and toxic experience

Academic success alone is not enough to guarantee life success

Schools dont prepare young people for work or life

Schools were hindered by subject delivery and assessment.

Seeing talent

Those early insights influenced our selection and

recruitment process.
We decided against using academic results as a
selection criterion, instead, we identified the most
influential individuals by borrowing the key influencers
and informers model used by leading businesses at
the time, including Redbull and Nike.
We perceived that if we could help change the
attitudes and behaviours of the most influential young
people, we could leverage their natural leadership,
to positively influence their peers, families and
communities, thus having a far greater impact.
We started to look for the natural leaders regardless
of whether their influence was good or bad. We
looked for the bright, disruptive, disengaged young
people. As we gained more experience, we added
willingness and ability to change, and the capacity for
new ideas into the selection criterion, which further
improved our selection process.
In order to better engage with the targeted students,
we changed how we communicated Success for
Life. Instead of fixing or helping the students, we
sold the programme as an amazing opportunity
at assemblies to Year 10 students. We started
using positive definitions such as talent, success,
opportunities and access to leading businesses.
This drove incredible up-take from students the
school would never have expected to apply, often
more than 90% of the year group.
We found we could make headway with schools once
we started turning around the disruptive but bright,
street-wise students. At the same time, we could
connect businesses with these interesting, reflective,
gritty, life-experienced, driven, diverse, success
hungry, talented natural leaders. Leaders who had the
qualities businesses sought out but struggled to find.
Through a combination of the assembly
presentations, questionnaires, peer and teacher
referrals, plus a Q&A group selection process, we
could whittle a year group down to a pool of 50 or so
young people to choose from. We started to get some
very interesting candidates. We knew we were on to
something exciting.
We had learnt how to find and select our talent, but
now faced new challenges including:

What kind of difference did we want to make?

How were we going to do that?

Who would resource it?

The answers to those questions follow.


05. Our Programmes

10 years, 10 programmes
All those insights and experiences influenced our delivery style and content design. We
also set ourselves very high standards, which led to continuous improvements that drove
better engagement and behavior change.
We wrote, re-wrote and then re-wrote again. We redesigned Success for Life over 40
times in our commitment to making improvements as we learned; grew and understand
our successes.
As we started to deliver results, we were commissioned to produce other interventions,
which targeted different needs and ages. Our first programme was called The Truth
About Success, and over the following years we authored 10 distinct youth development
programmes that ranged from two days to four years, all of them designed with unique
outcome requirements:
1. Success for Me (9 13 year-olds)
2. My Success (11 13 year-olds)
3. Cool & Successful (13 15 year-olds)
4. Future Success (14 16 year-olds)
5. Its Your Choice (14 16 year-olds)
6. Our Success (14 16 year-olds)

Your Alright, Im Alright (14 year-olds)

8. Success for Life (14 18 year-olds)

9. Entrepreneurs Mindset (16 24 year-olds)
10. Pathways to Law (18 24 year-olds)
These programmes combined, account for hundreds of hours of unique content
and exercises, all with the aim and expert delivery to drive behavioural change in the
target audience.



Total number of students that passed through

Arrival Education programmes in last 10 years.

Below are a set of tables that capture the number of unique programmes delivered over
the past 10 years. Typically each programme involves 15-25 young people.



















Cool or Successful


Green Talent

School Programmes


Success for Life

My Success

Teacher CPD


Our Success
Its your choice



Success for me




























Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4




Im alright,youre Alright

Success for Life


Future Success
Truth about Success





















Entrepreneurs Mindset
Eversheds Unlocked



Creating Exceptional
Teams (ERAC)

Coaching In Action

Peak Performance

Leading with Purpose

Total No. Programmes



























Success for Life

Arrival Education has
had an impact on my
life like no other. The
skills I learnt from this
sensational programme are
truly phenomenal. I would
encourage anybody who
either wants to grow, learn
or gain a family, to embark
on Success for Life
Amos Eretusi, Gradate

We realised we needed to get the talent to the point where they had the right mindsets,
attitudes and behaviours to flourish personally and professionally. In other words, to
achieve Success for Life for themselves.
Below we have captured some of the components of this programme, starting with the
4 different stages:

Stage 1
A rigorous recruitment and selection process in Year 10, followed by a fiveday change programme dealing with students underlying current limiting
beliefs. Each session was run in venues out of school, over four to six weeks.
Additionally, the students were placed into three groups to design and
deliver community projects, challenging them to step into their leadership
potential. At the end of Stage 1 there is a celebration event which parents also
attend. All sessions are supported with regular one-to-one meets with their
dedicated Talent Development Manager (TDM), and Success Workbooks with
assignments that engage home and school. After Stage 1, all engagement
happens in the studentsown time.

Stage 2
Twelve core success skills sessions (eight after-school sessions and four
Saturday sessions), take the students to the end of Year 11, with additional
optional engagements such as workshops with corporates. Students were
expected to travel independently to venues across London. Fortnightly oneto-ones with a Talent Development Manager were used as an opportunity for
deeper and practical investigation of the themes covered in the sessions. During
Stage 2 students also had the opportunity for work experience by being recruited
as Student Managers.

Stage 3
This is a leadership development programme that focuses on Their Success
Track. Here they develop the skills to articulate what they want, the structures
to achieve and develop the capacity for success. Students were also obliged
to accomplish a set of personal and professional outcomes, including attending
workshops, events and networking, as well as supporting the development of
younger participants.

Stage 4
Building on the demands of Stage 3 and supporting the students in graduating
on to one of the three programme outcomes employments, apprenticeship or a
top university place. Additionally, we supplied further development and leadership
opportunities such as one-on-one corporate coaches.


Arrival Education taught me

how to reflect on situations
and overcome obstacles that
block my success simply by
being me. They helped me
develop the self-confidence
I need to succeed in whatever
I do, wherever I am.
Yav Ramamurthy,
Success for Life graduate


An average student is exposted

to AE the four-year progrmame,
Success for Life.



Student contact time with AE

in 2015/2016 alone.

Creating peer mentors

We coordinated part-time paid work experience for over 156 young people
on Success for Life via our Peer Mentor programme
We realised we needed to get the talent to the point where they had the right mindsets,
attitudes and behaviours to flourish personally and professionally. In other words, to
achieve Success for Life for themselves.
The following visual follows the journey for a typical student from start to finish and helps
the reader to grasp all of the different components:

Number of Students















The journey for a typical student from start to finish and helps
the reader to grasp all of the different components:

Corporate Partner Workshop

Future Choices
Students learn that careers and lives are filled with ups and downs.
Students think effectively about the future they want.

Session 4

Year 10 Exams

Corporate Partner Workshop

Building Successful Relationships
Relationships have the potential to transform
lives. Students explore and expand their capacity
to transform relationships into ones that enable
success. Students review what successful people
do to build successful relationships.

Session 5

Session 3

Session 1

Stage 2

Session 2
Students investigate how to rebuild trust once its
been broken, sparking great debate.
Session 6
Team work
Group discussion to highlight that we are
in more teams than we realise, as well
as, the powerful effects of a dysfunctional
team and the different roles people play.

Stage 1 Graduation

Teachers, parents, peers attend a celebration

of student achievements. Students share
their insights and experiences, discover new
opportunities available in the next step Stage2.

Corporate Partner Workshop

Stress Management
To help students ensure that stress does
not prevent them from achieving their goals.
Students can get overloaded missing great
opportunities. This workshop increases their
ability to deal better with stress - producing
bigger and better results.

5 Day Programme
Sessions supported by AEs, Talent
Development Managers (TDMs) and Success
Workbooks with assignments for students
to complete at home and school. The 5-day
intensive programme covers: Understanding
the game of success, Excuses & Justifications, Session 7
Change thinking to change behaviour, SelfAwareness, Dealing with Challenges, Reputation
and Decision Making.

Corporate Partner Workshop

Producing Excellent Results
Being able to produce results is
fundamental to success. Teaching our
students the mechanics of producing
results for when they are approaching the
world of work so they will be able to shine
in the workplace.

From 50, we narrow it down to the 26 students who
meet the Success for Life criteria.
Group Interviews
AE forms a shortlist of 50 students.

Any student can apply. We look for realness and authenticity,
seeking students with opinions and attitude, as well as, those
with charisma and influence.
Arrival Education (AE) pitches Success for Life to Year 10

Mock Exams
6th Form Applications
Session 8

Session 10

Session 9
Session 11

Age 14

Age 15

GCSE Exams

A 9 month 1-2-1 coaching programme where student and coach meet every
4-6weeks. Coaches are staff from one of our corporate partners identified as
employees the company wants to invest in further. The programme develops skills
in both coach and student covering goal setting, producing results, increasing selfawareness and effectiveness at producing results.

Final Graduation
Info needed

Session 8
Changing perspective can help us deal with
challenging situations makes our students
stronger and more resilient.

Session 6
Session 5
Session 4

Session 7
AS Exams

Session 10

Session 9
Session 10

Session 4
Discussion on metaphorical
masks and learnt coping
mechanisms, often hiding
our authentic selves and
genuine confidence.
Also understanding the
difference between bravado
and true confidence.

Corporate Partner
How to Influence
Students can learn how
to effectively influence
and persuade others to
see substantial shifts in
their results. Teaching
our students this has
meant they have entered
higher GCSE papers;
gaining access to the top
education facilities and

Session 3
Session 2
Session 1
Stage 3 Start
Transition to 6th
Stage 2 Graduation
Corporate Partner Workshop
Time Management
Students will identify the key
aspects of time management.
At this point students begin to
understand the impact of what
they are doing/not doing in their
short and long term goals.

Session 2
Focus is on building
capacity for success and
how to increase your
capacity and change your
behaviours and mind-sets
for achieving results.

Corporate Partner Workshop

Session 9
Dealing Effectively with Conflict
Learning to deal effectively with
A-Level Exams
conflict and becoming adept
at transforming conflictual
Session 8
relationships, or managing the
impact, enables students to focus
on whats important and increase Corporate Partner Networking
their sense well-being.

Stage 3 Graduation
Stage 4 start
Session 1
Corporate Partner
Fine Dining
Helping the students
develop confidence we run
unique sessions in a formal
dining situation and building
their confidence in social

Learning to be comfortable
meeting new people is a critical
part of success. This workshop
takes the apprehension out of
meeting new people, so that
rather something to fear and
avoid, it is actually an enjoyable
experience that leads to
opportunities that may enable
our students future success.

Session 3

Session 4
Session 5
Decision making
Understanding how our
experiences shape our decision
making but through using tools
such as the 5 whys we can
become more aware in our
decision making.

Corporate Partner Workshop

Effective Communication
This session examines good
communication, the role it has
in our success and how to
get better at it. An interactive
session, participating in group

Session 7
Students are asked
how they have
changed across
the four years of the
programme, what
they have achieved
and what the highs
and lows were. Then
looking forward to
what their future
looks like.

Corporate Partner Workshop

Making Effective Decisions
Students learn how to make good decisions
that support long-term success.

Session 6

Session 5
University Applications

Age 16

Age 17

Age 18

On reflection, Successful for Life worked because we learnt how to create the necessary
environment to enable change:


Participants felt valued and the expectation they would be successful was set

 articipants felt safe by creating authentic environments for deep, open and
personal sharing

Participants chose to be there

We helped participants identify a reason to change

We took time to understand their feelings and points of view in a nonjudgemental way

 e actively encouraged and dealt with the often overwhelming real life issues,
as well as business skills and success mindsets

We created participant-centered development experiences

 e used third party examples, narratives and content that dealt with the sort of
issues they might be facing

 e created development experiences that led to actual concrete and desired

outcomes and goals

 ur experiential approach wasnt just cerebral, we offered tools to apply in the

here and now, as well as strong relationship-centered experiences

We utilised the power of group work through public declarations and
peer support

 e facilitated exciting new insights, which created awareness of different, more

positive realities that would lead to new behaviours

 e ensured the new insights and behaviours were embedded in participants

mindsets outside the programme

 e leveraged their participants leadership and insights to make a difference in

their homes and communities

 e ramped up the complexity and demands of the programme as it developed

and focued on the actual skills required for future work success

T hings are really, really

much better now, not
just academically, but
also in my personal life
as well, the way I can
handle situations is much
better and I assess things
first, Im not that quicktempered angry
person anymore.
Jordanna Phillips,
Success for Life graduate
I can honestly say that
without this experience
I have no idea where I
would be today
Nahshon Powell, Graduate

The evolution of the programme happened organically through tinkering, testing, writing,
delivery and responding to constant feedback. This led to a deep understanding of how
to design and deliver change programmes at a scale that actually produced results.

The top line results














On average Success for Life students achieved 2 grades higher than they
were predicted at GCSE in all their subjects. And some cases, students even
achieved a 4 grade improvement
Success for Life generated levels of authentic reflection and insight that one rarely witnesses
in adults, let alone young people from inner city communities. Time and time again we
saw new positive thoughts and behaviours happening away from the programme, as the
young people built upon what they learnt and made the ideas their own, in school and in
their communities.


06. Good People

Building the team

Being a TDM is the most

challenging job I have ever
had, and prior to this I
worked as a mental health
nurse. Our role, delivering the
Success for Life programme
and supporting the young
people through their journey
with Arrival Education; is
exciting, demanding, and
a privilege. We need to be
really organised as we liaise
with schools, facilitators,
venues, corporate coaches, and
around 75 young people each.
We have to be relatable and
approachable so that the young
people feel safe around us; but
at the same time inspiring
enough so that they see us as
someone worth speaking to.
We deliver one to one coaching
meetings, run group sessions,
speak to parents, obtain data
from school and analyse it to
see if our students behaviours
are actually changing, and
we are there for our students
when times get tough. The role
demands such a huge range of
skills, but what it gives us in
return is a tremendous amount
of pleasure and reward. I have
been with Arrival for 3 years
now, so I have seen first-hand,
students who I met when
they were 15, go on to achieve
amazing things for themselves.
It is inspiring, and I am so
proud to be a part of a something
that transforms lives.
Alice Milner, Talent
T he transformation that I was
fortunate enough to observe
on a daily basis is something
that I am truly grateful for,
and represents the aspirational
impact that Arrival Education
has on its students.
Adam Wilson, Arrival
Education employee


We have been lucky and privileged to work with some amazing people over the past 10
years who have contributed massively to our success and the development of thousands
of young people.
It takes a special kind of person to equip young people with the kind of mind-sets and
knowledge needed for a successful life.
That someone needs to embody many of the mind-sets we ask the participants to
develop, including:

Creative resourcefulness to respond to some hectic and demanding situations

 bility to build empathy and connection with a young person who may be
drastically different from them

 rive and tenacity to believe in someone even when they dont believe
in themselves

Resilience to deal with emotionally demanding and complex situations

 penness and authenticity to recognise their own development gaps and always
be looking to improve

Stamina to work long days and evenings

We would typically need to screen 100 candidates to find the right Talent Development
Manager (TDM).

Creating Employment
We provided full-time employment to more than 50 people in 10 years seven of whom are Success for Life graduates.
We employed over 20 exceptional youth facilitators, some of whom are the
best in the youth development space today.
Number of Schools


















W hat struck me about

Arrival Education was their
professionalism and dedication
to consistently deliver innovative,
impactful programmes, whilst
maintaining a joined up approach
to child-centred development.
I have witnessed incredible growth
of the young people involved, many
of whom have experienced the
disappointment of unmet needs.
Arrival Education tries its hardest
to meet these needs through their
robust and structured delivery
model, which was skillfully
provided by other external
facilitators alongside a talented
pool of TDMs.
T hat passion and commitment
bore amazing results, for
instance, I cant recall having to
ask a single student to leave the
programme, which is no small
thing given that the majority of
these young people were often
disengaged from school and
their life. I believe this because
the programme offered both the
flexibility and the depth to allow
each young person to articulate
their version of success.
In short, it has been an absolute
pleasure to have been part of this
adventure and I look forward to
the next chapter with excitement.
Jolyon Hammond, Facilitator
Having been both a participant
and staff member of Arrival
Education, I can confidently
say that it works. The formula
of commitment and partnership
embedded at the heart of
organisation is easily infectious
and one that I still carry with me
today. The values I have gained
from Arrival Education have been
instrumental to my success thus
far; I have recently completed my
undergraduate degree, including
a year at a top university in
America and will be starting
work experience with Kerry
Group, a partner client of Arrival
Education in August.,
Christina, Success for Life
graduate and Peer Mentor


07. Our Partners

Arguably the biggest obstacle we have had to overcome was how to resource what
we do.
We started Arrival Education in the middle of the financial recession - a situation that
hasnt greatly improved. This forced innovation and creativity in how we funded our work.
We spread our funding over three channels:

A. Schools
Schools paid for a service that kept some of their most challenging young people
in education, improved their engagement levels, and ultimately improved their
grades. Over an eight-year period, by successfully demonstrating the quality
and impact of what we do, our value increase from charging 1,000 for a five-day
intervention to 40,000 for a two-year programme.

B. Payment By Results (PbR)

Through government and social funding contracts, we pitched for and won
almost 800,000 of possible contract fees. We were one of Londons best
outcome achieving organisations delivering 97% of our outcomes.

C. Businesses
Funding initially began through corporate social community/responsibility
budgets. Now with our business model changing allocations come through
learning & development, diversity & inclusion, talent and culture change budgets.
In the last ten years, we have had the privilege to work alongside some worldfamous business brands and forge links with extraordinary corporate partners.
The following pages investigate these three types of partnerships in more detail.


07.1 School Partnerships

During our ten-year existence, Arrival Education has worked in partnership with 65
schools across 23 London boroughs, as well as 7 other major cities.

Acton High; Addington

High; Alperton;
Archbishop Tennisons;
Ark Burlington; Ark
Globe; Barking Ab-bey;
Brislington; Capital
City; Clapton Girls;
Claremont; Courtwood;
Crest Boys; Crest Girls;
Cumber-land; Formers
Wells; Eastbury;
EastLea; Edenham;
Edmonton; Evelyn
Grace; Featherstone;
Forest Gate; Forestdale;


Gilbert Scott;
Greensward; Harlington;
Harris Academy
Battersea; Greenwich;
Upper Norwood;
Purely; Highgate
Wood; Kingsford;
Langdon Park; La
Retraite; Leytonstone;
Lister Community;
Little Ilford; Newman
Catholic; NMBEC;
Northumberland Park;
Northwood; Oasis

Our Ladys Convent;

Paddington Academy;
Park View; Pimlico;
Preston Manor;
Raynes Park; Red
Gates; Ricards Lodge;
Rokeby; Sarah Bonnel;
Sedgehill; Sion
Manning; St Josephs;
St Marks; Stockley;
Stratford; Sydenham;
Royal Docks; Ursuline
High; Williers High;
Walworth; Westwood.

Time and time again, without prompting, previous graduates of

Arrival Educations programme would share the impact of it on
their lives long after they finished. .
Devon Hanson, Head Teacher, Walworth Academy
Our students have benefited so much from the dedicated care given
to them through this programme.
Richard Parish, Principle, Archbishop Tenisons Church of England School
Arrival Education provides support for students that ensures
they engage fully with the reasons behind education. Their programmes
motivates and inspire students outside the classroom to create a
culture of success. It has been huge in turning some students around
in terms of their focus in school but for others it has been a massive
opportunity to experience the world of work at the highest level and
engage with it.
Amanda Compton, Head Teacher, Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise
College for Girls
T his is the best programme offered to students at our school and I wish
this could be offered to every student. The Success for Life students
have become the most motivated in school which has had a direct effect
on the attitude towards learning for all.
Tom Paddy, Access & Inclusion Manager at Paddington Academy



T he key difference that

Arrival has made in my
life is making me realise
that my future is entirely
in my hands.
Adrianna Godziek,

07.2 Government Payment by Results contracts

A key driver of our delivery expansion was winning and rolling out a series of Youth
focused PbR contracts, as a sub-contractor to Croydon Local Authority and PreVista,
via the Department of Work and Pensions and the London Mayors office.
Broadly speaking the contracts were designed to target the most disengaged young
people in London.
Below is some information about each fund.
Innovation fund
In 2011, the Government released a package of measures to help address youth
unemployment, including the Innovation Fund. They invested up to 30 million
over three years for social investment projects paid on an outcome-funded basis.
Its purpose was to improve employment prospects for young people aged 14
and over.
Root and Branch
This mentoring programme was delivered to students aged 14 - 16 years,
specifically those at risk of becoming NEET (not in education, employment or
training). Croydon Council led on the bid. In 2013, over 90 students completed
the programme, with fantastic feedback from the schools and the parents of
those students who benefited from the scheme.
European Social Fund (ESF)
Londons ESF programmes focused on improving employment opportunities,
promoting social inclusion and investing in skills for young people to fulfil
their potential.
Youth Engagement Fund (YEF)
The YEF was designed to help disadvantaged young people aged 14 - 17
to participate and succeed in education or training. Its aims were to improve
employability, reduce long term dependency on benefits, and reduce the number
of young people at risk of becoming NEET.


We pitched and won nearly 800,000 in fees.

We supported a total of 642 young people over 33 programmes from 2012 2016.

 ver 50% of the students improved their attendance, attitude, and behavior
at school.


I have gained access to

resources, people and
experiences totally out of my
home environment which have
pushed me to develop my skill
set and the principles,
necessary for success.
Omar Bello,
Success for Life graduate

07.3 Corporate Partnerships

We realised very early on that we needed to engage with businesses for our programme
to have any chance of success.
Developing partnerships with aspirational organisations would give us the credibility
we needed to get students who were often skeptical of external interventions and
programmes, to want to participate.
We also realised that the types of careers, life goals and required earnings the young
people aspired to would only be feasible if we could get them ready for success at some
of the UKs leading firms something that schools and universities were not focused on.
To do that we needed businesses to tell us the qualities, attributes and skills
demonstrated by their best people, so that we could teach that to our students.
They told us they wanted to see candidates with resilience, integrity, commitment, drive,
self-awareness, resourcefulness, open-mindedness, and a range of other positive
personal attributes, which became the bedrock of our curriculum.
We also sensed that in bringing these two, very different communities together, the
benefit could be significant for the businesses enriching the lives of staff, broadening
perspectives and viewpoints and giving our partner companies access to driven,
ambitious, loyal, switched-on young people who they had helped develop.
The first businesses we approached were enthusiastic they were excited by the idea
of a long-term programme and partnership rather than one-off interventions but wary
WHILST keen to help young people develop and succeed, many businesses found it
hard to engage with schools and were concerned about the logistical and administrative
challenges of working with Under 18s.
To help, we started off by simply running sessions at our corporate partners, with
students travelling to venues in central London a novelty for many of them.
Whilst most of the session was facilitated by the AE Team, we also invited business
leaders to come along . This proved to be a lot more challenging for many of the
speakers than they had anticipated. The younger students did not pretend to listen if
they werent interested and the speakers often had to get creative and think on their feet.
Others found the experience surprisingly cathartic - sharing insights, experiences and
reflections that they had not previously told anyone.
Employees were keen to get involved and business leaders were prepared to provide
some financial support, as well as giving staff time and access to venue space, but
budgets were tight due to the recession. We had to therefore design partnerships which
would address the challenges of giving time-pressured staff accessible opportunities to
do something meaningful and impactful.


Endemol Shine is proud to

have partnered with Arrival
Education over the past
years. We have always been
so impressed by the positive
impact the programme has on
the young people and equally
on our staff who are privileged
to take part. The young
people who have the chance to
work with AE are given an
unrivalled advantage. They
learn how to aspire, achieve,
lead, persuade, understand,
recognise an opportunity and
make it their own; something
I wish my own children
understood as well.
Bella Lambourne, HR and
Operations Director, Endemol

Mentoring programmes and reading schemes, where staff travelled to schools, as well
as employability workshops on Interview Skills and CVs were very popular at the time; we
decided to take a different approach with great success.
1. Where possible we always ran sessions at our partner organisations to help
students get used to travelling to and being in different environments, and to
make it easy for time-pressured staff to participate.
2. We designed experiences that mirrored the type of skills and knowledge
required for success, whatever the participants chosen profession or level of
seniority. All experiences were designed for mutual benefit so that volunteer
staff participating found the experience of working with our students as
rewarding, beneficial and developmental as our students did.
3. We had to help volunteers feel supported and ready so we provided
structured learning experiences, training and support, and managed all aspects
regarding safeguarding.
Over the last 10 years, Arrival Education is proud to have partnered with companies
such as:

Number of Corporates

















Over the last 10 years, Arrival Education is proud

to have partnered with companies such as:

Artemis; ASOS; Bebo; Boots U

Deloitte; EDF Energy; Endemo
Eversheds; GlaxoSmithKline
Investec; IProfile Ltd; Jobs Go
Foods; Liberum; Linklaters; Man
Group PLC;; Metro
PLC; Royal Bank of Scotland; R
Chartered; Teach First; The E
The Young Foundati


UK; BT; Coutts; Credit Suisse;

ol Shine; Entreprise-rent-a-car;
e; Haymarket Group; IAB UK;
o Public; K&LGates LLp; Kerry
n Group; Malmaison (MWB); Man
opolitian Police; Nesta; Pearson
Rolls Royce; Skanska; Standard
Economist; The Eden Project;
ion; Unanimis; YSC.


Our range of corporate partnership programmes and activities has included:

Power Hour Sessions

for time pressed Senior
Business Leaders,
Entrepreneurs and other
successful individuals
from a range of fields to
share their insights and
reflections on success

Success Skill
Workshops 90-120
minutes facilitated group
learning workshops
on topics such as
How to Build Effective
Relationships, How to
Make Good Decisions,
How to Influence, How
to Deal Effectively with
Conflict and Stress
and Fine Dining

Developing Leaders
Coaching Programme
a 9 month structured
programme where
corporate staff and
students are partnered
one-to-one to help
students achieve shortterm goals, deepen
their self-awareness and
develop new behaviours
and mind-sets to
support their long-term
success. Participants are
trained in our tried-andtested coaching model
and are supported by AE
through the process.

Peak Performance
A team activity day
to illustrate Success
through Team where
staff and students
participate in a range of
physical activities

Mini-Coaching Activities
where staff coach
students through a range
of topics over 90 mins

Leadership Learnings
Inspiring, authentic and
real Key-Note sessions
where AE students
and Founders share
insights about resilience,
purposeful leadership,
dealing with change to
organisational leaders

 The Entrepreneurs
Mind-set a 2 week
programme designed
to introduce students
to some of the key
mind-sets behind
entrepreneurial success,
culminating in a real-life
market place activity

Introduction to Investing
a 6 month programme
to give students an
insight into the stock
market and to equip
them with the language
and base skills required
to pursue a career in a
hard-to-access sector

 Success Support
Groups 3 Staff and 3
Students form a group to
meet 12 times over a 1215 month period to set
and share goals, discuss
learnings and build
leadership attributes

Future Success
Sessions where teams
receive training and are
they sent to a school to
run coaching sessions
to help students connect
education with their
future Success

 ector specific insight

workshops To give
students insight into
sectors they would never
normally hear about
through conventional
careers advice, such as
Digital Arts

Arrival take a unique

and dynamic approach to
personal development which
is transformative for their
students lives and makes a
significant impact on their
corporate partners. I have firsthand experience working as a
mentor to one of their students
and I found it one of the most
challenging, rewarding and
developmental assignments
of my career.
Sam Gilpin, Global Head of
Client Development, YSC


Over the last 10 years we have delivered:


Total Workshop and Coaching hours

Volunteer Participation through Coaching,

Workshops and Other Programmes
Hours of Power Hour Talks by Senior Leaders

Long-term coaching partnerships

Success Skill workshops

08. Results & Impact

Corporate delivery volunteer feeback:
After attending the MiniCoaching Session, presenting
to my senior management team
no longer seems such a
scary prospect.
I have become much more
strategically minded as a result
of my participation in the
coaching programme. I rarely
used to think about the Bigger
Picture both on a personal
and professional level but I
have now set some ambitious
and exciting goals that I am
working towards. Thank you!
As a result of being on the
coaching programme, I pushed
myself to go for a promotion
and got it! I realised that I was
being a hypocrite, challenging
my student to push themselves
when I was limiting what I
could achieve.
My team tells me that I have
become a much more open
and accessible person since
starting on the AE coaching
programme. They had been
trying to tell me things and
I hadnt been listening. The
coaching programme changed
me in ways I really had not
Some partnerships involved
one-off interventions; however
most are significant long-term
relationships which have
enabled us to build out the
UKs only long-term social
mobility programme for 14-18
year olds.


08.1 Corporate partnership impact

Feedback from staff and students shows that the bringing together of our two
communities in mutually beneficial learning experiences has a transformative effect on
both sides.
Whilst sometimes challenging, working with our young talent leave staff feeling energised,
positive, reflective, inspired, humbled and motivated; outcomes which are highly beneficial
to performance and engagement.

 00% of staff state that as a result of attending one of AEs experiences,

they have learnt new skills in at least one of the following areas: coaching,
helping others think differently and developing others

95% reported that they felt they had learnt something new as a result of attending

 2% also report that the experiences help them to think differently about their
own life/ work success

Workshops help us as
volunteers to explore our own
skills/traits and reflect on
this, as well as supporting the
future generations to become
confident and give them that
push to be successful.
Investec Volunteer
Arrival Education has gained
real insight into what it takes
to develop young and diverse
talent in partnership with
businesses. At Investec we
love to work with passionate
people who have the ambition,
confidence and energ y to make
things happen. When you get
to know the people that have
come through the Success for
Life programme, the value
of Arrivals work speaks for
itself. ave the ambition,
confidence and energ y to make
things happen. When you get
to know the people that have
come through the Success for
Life programme, the value of
Arrivals work speaks
for itself.
Simon Mcbride, Head of
Human Resources, Investec

Case Studies
Some partnerships involved one-off interventions; however most are significant long-term
relationships which have enabled us to build out the UKs only long-term social mobility
programme for 14-18 year olds. The following case studies highlight two of our longest
standing corporate partnerships.
Both have evolved from being purely one-way (i.e. corporate sponsorship to benefit
young people) to being partnerships that are helping the organisations remove barriers to
becoming the diverse and inclusive organisations they need to be to succeed commercially.


We first met Investec in the spring of 2008.

We were two enthusiastic and committed social entrepreneurs with a lot of drive,
commitment and a very big idea, but little experience. Investec, like our other early
partners, could see the need and potential for Success for Life and in the summer of
2008 they decided to take a small educated risk by partnering with Arrival Education to
aid in fulfilling on their corporate social responsibility agenda of positively contributing to
education and young people.
Early in our partnership, a few of our young students met some senior leaders at Investec.
We asked the leaders if they could see themselves one day hiring those young people,
who admittedly were still very young 14 years old - and had received little development.
They replied that they thought it was unlikely. At the time, like most organisations they
drew their early years talent from a select group of universities and looked for a certain
type of candidate, which our students certainly were not. We realised, that if we were to
get our students to a place where they could be Investec Ready we had a big challenge
ahead. This was both in terms of developing our students, but also challenging and changing
viewpoints on talent held internally which was true for all businesses at the time.
Over the following 8 years, we have delivered 110 workshops, team activities and shortterm events, 134 one-to-one coaching relationships, 4 bespoke programmes (The
Entrepreneurs Mind-set and Introduction to Investing), over 50 Success Skill speaker
sessions and Investec has either hosted and co-sponsored each of Arrival Educations
annual graduation events.
Through the 8 years of partnership Investec staff have worked directly with 1,485 young
people aged 13-21, contributing almost 5,000 hours of staff time to the development of
Arrival Educations young talent.
The partnership has been recognised externally by the Lord Mayors Dragons Award,
being shortlisted and highly commended on three occasions.
All levels of staff have participated including the CEO.
Of Staff participating in the coaching programme:

100% found the programme rewarding

100% feel their ability to help others produce results has improved

80% are more effective at work as a result of the programme

People in all levels of the business have become advocates and champions of our
talent. And viewpoints have changed about what talent really looks like, with attributes
such as drive, tenacity, resilience, original thinking and resourcefulness becoming
more important than other attributes where our students do not score as well as more
privileged candidates.


From our first crop of students ready for graduate level jobs, in 2016 Investec has hired
6, from a pool of 12 candidates recommended to them.

Skanska UK is working
with Arrival Education
on our new Leading with
Purpose programme which
combines traditional
leadership development with
an experiential coaching
module where we partner
with AE. Line managers are
paired with a student from
AE & embark on a 9-month
supported coaching module
that not only aligns to our
sustainability and social
responsibility agenda, but by
working with students from
diverse backgrounds we are
able to create change within
our middle managers. This
is done by changing attitudes,
stereotypes and unconscious
biases our line managers may
have when recruiting and thus
addressing some industrywide issues by broadening
the talent pool to select from.
Line managers are also able to
use their increased confidence
in coaching, with members
of their teams in all areas of
performance management and
this enables our managers
to develop their own skills
and understanding in areas
such as social media and
Paula Lindores, Head of
Leadership & Organisational
Capability, Skanskastec


Our partnership with Skanska, a leading global construction firm, began as part of the
Building Schools for the Future bidding process, where Skanska wanted to demonstrate
a real commitment to student development beyond simply the fabric of the buildings.
Having being involved in other initiatives, they were keen to ensure that the impact was
not just short-term, but was sustainable and built towards clear outcomes not simply
about staff feeling good through doing community volunteering.
Skanskas corporate mission is Building for a Better Society. As such, long-term thinking
and community engagement and positive impact are part of Skanskas organisational
DNA. When AE presented the vision for Success for Life, the leaders at Skanskas
small infrastructure development business (Skanska ID) immediately got the idea and
wanted to not only play a part through direct staff engagement, but also to take the ideas
and embed them in the schools they were hoping to build.
Over 8 years, the partnership with Skanska ID has not only given AEs young talent insight
into the opportunities of the emerging Green Sector, but has, through running Success
Skill workshops at their offices in London and partnering students with volunteer
coaches, directly positively impacted over 350 young people at risk of becoming NEET
with 100% of those with close ties to Skanska remaining in education, employment and/
or training.
Such has been the impact that the partnership has recently expanded from Skanska
ID. It is now a key part of Skanska UKs leadership development and diversity initiatives,
helping future leaders develop new skills in coaching and development, connect with
diverse and different talent and break down barriers that exist on both sides, through
Skanska UKs new Leadership Development Programme, Leading with Purpose.

In Summary
Ten years of working with some of the UKs leading businesses and diverse young talent
has helped us understand what it really takes to remove barriers, change mind-sets,
develop new behaviours and transform cultures and processes.
These days, businesses are seeking us out.


From being on the brink of

permanent exclusion at school,
to achieving a First Class
honours degree from a Russell
group university and a job in
an investment bank. Arrival
Education exposed me to
powerful sources of inspiration
- from people, to environments,
to information - which helped
me to bridge the gap between
my dreams and reality at a
crucial point in my life. I will
forever be grateful.
Channon Allen- Gulley,


06.2 Graduate impact

2016: We placed two of our programmes participants into graduate roles at Investec,
plus 4 other S4L graduates entering their business elsewhere. A perfect example of
achieving our social mobility target.
Since graduating from Success for Life:


students believe they are able to make better

decisions supporting their long-term success
students feel that they are better equipped at
making the most of opportunities
students are currently in further education or
students believe they are quicker to deal with
lifes set-backs
students feel more confident that they are able
to achieve what they want
students feel they are better at seeking help

students had a part-time job whilst at school

or college

Success for Life opened up

my eyes to a world I had not
known before. I learnt to
understand what it meant to
achieve success far before any
of my peers, and to this day,
I feel more equipped when
seeking out opportunities or
setting goals for my future.
Nashon Powell, Graduate
For the 8 years of warm,
sincere and downright
amazing support Ive had from
all at Arrival Education, I
will be forever grateful
Mustafa Mohamed, Success
for Life Graduate


100% of the students believe Success for Life radically changed

the course of their life
Improving academic results
We have worked with thousands of students over the past decade, some of who
represent the hardest to reach young people in the country. Regardless of this fact,
our students academic improvements and achievements have been outstanding.

A Level Results 2011-2015


Average number of students achieving A*-C

in at least two of their subjects

Progressing to university and work


Success for Life students deemed at risk of

becoming NEET who are currently at university
or in full time employment
The number of these students attending one
of the UKs top 25 universities
The number of Success for Life students
continuing their educational journey at
university since 2012

09. Changing Times

After almost nine years of exceptional year-on-year fiscal growth through a very
challenging economic period, we started to run into a very difficult funding period
beginning in 2015.
As government cuts began eating into school budgets it created significant funding
issues for schools, which led to schools being unable to acommit to long-term
development programmes like Success for Life.
To make matters worse, youth funding across London was cut by 90%.
During this demanding period, we also concluded that PbR contracts were unviable.
They are too risky, punitive, poorly designed and administratively burdensome.
Consequently we took the management decision to discontinue PbR funded work.
However, we had over 10 years of experience partnering with leading businesses
enabling valuable market insight and opportunities to explore.
Just as the market conditions in youth funding become impossible, businesses awoke
to the need for different talent in their organisations. This need led us to our new service
propositions, which we is both an exceptional solution for businesses and for the
inner-city talent that we have been working with all these years.



10 The Future
Over the past 10 years, we have amassed an immense amount of contacts, insight,
knowledge and expertise working with socially, culturally and ethnically diverse young
talent and with leading businesses and their best people.

We have proven that young diverse and different talent, with the right support,
can flourish in top businesses. They can compete and even outperform
those from more privileged backgrounds, thus assuring social mobility
When we first started, businesses typically saw engagement with our young people as a
CSR intervention; but times have changed.
Businesses have become desperate for different and fresh talent, to respond to and
compete in a wildly different future from the one theyve known to date. They have woken
up to the following:

 ven though the diversity of British society has fundamentally changed into the
21st Century, many FTSE 250 companys recruitment processes have not

 ost corporations seek to employ the same sorts of people, resulting in an

homogenous norm, thus loosing competitiveness, innovation and difference of

In a radically shifting, fragmenting and disruptive market, businesses require a

different approach for future success- thats impossible with the people and
corporate cultures they currently have

 uture successful organisations need to employ different sorts of people to have

different outcomes. But, businesses are not fully ready to employ people who
look, act or think differently, and even when they are, it isnt easy access to talent.

This has led to our business partners, starting to hire our graduates from
our programmes.

If our first decade was about obtaining hard-won, on-the-ground experience;

the decade ahead is about taking that insight to continue our mission, by
supporting businesses to be more successful by becoming difference ready.



Our Difference Ready

Provision for Forwardlooking Businesses
A superb personal
and professional
experience, one I will
continue to be
a part of.
David Hamilton,
Chief Innovation Officer,
Kerry Foods

We will be offering the following services:

1. Difference Ready Diagnostic

By partnering with forward looking business, we will sensitively offer a better
understanding of their current baseline on difference, and from there design a deliverable
road map to becoming a Difference Ready organisation.

2. Difference Ready Leadership and Culture Programme Delivery

With over 10 years of leadership design and delivery experience we can co-author and
deliver training experiences that will be able to meet business Difference Ready needs.

3. Difference Ready Talent Access

With can offer access to our significant networks of diverse and different talent as well as
deliver prescreened and assessed talent for our interventions and your recruitment needs.

4. Difference Ready Marketing services

Taking our experience of successfully delivering events and integrated leadership and
culture development programmes, we will be offering high profile diversity events for our
business partners to engage with via their marketing strategies to reach new markets,
access future talent, or to raise their profile.
We will also be offering engagement opportunities for forward looking businesses and
practitioners to access the latest in thought leadership and best practice insight through
our events and networks.
These services inject businesses with the new thinking, processes and people in order to
navigate towards a successful future.
If you are interested in further information about Arrival Educations business services,
please contact


Everyone who has been involved with Arrival Education

over the past 10 years has there own unique story to
tell. There are far too many to capture. Below we have
selected a few quotations from individuals that we
hope will allow the reader to get under the skin of the
experience and the impact of our work.

Young People
If we want the youth of London to grow and develop, then for me
Success for Life is not optional but imperative!
David Hamilton, Chief Innovation Officer, Kerry Foods
T hrough challenging workshops, Success for Life gave me an open
mind. Becoming self-aware was particularly challenging as I had
to breakdown some barriers I had, to some truths that I had built
up which to conflict during these sessions but Im grateful to have
gone through them.
Faisal, Graduate
Amongst other things, Arrival Education made it clear to me from
a young age how important it is to be self aware and have integrity.
I have used these skills more than anything I have learned in any
institution thus far in my life.
Muctarr Graduate

Corporates / Businesses
T hey walk the talk. They practice what they preach. And if I had
my way, theyd work with every teenager in the country.
Karl James, The Dialogue Project
T heir programmes are truly transformative and enable students
and company employees alike to see new possibilities for
themselves, what it takes to realise them and build the self-belief
that they can be realised.
Rick Bacon, Aqua Metrolog y Systems
T he opportunities my son has had from Arrival
are life changing experiences at such a young age.
The people he gets to meet and the companies that
he goes into definitely shape his outlook and
work ethic.


Everything should flow downhill S.B.
We have been privileged by the incredible friendship and support weve received over
the years.
Although the list below is in no way complete, it goes some way to capture the
remarkable people; Mentors, Partners, Champions, Connectors and Supporters that
have helped us achieve the success and impact we have had. We are eternally grateful.
We acknowledge:
Abi Oxford; Aladin Aladin; Alison Gardner; Alison Proud; Allen Zimbler; Amanda Crompton;
Amanda Musker; Andras Sirztes; Andrew Haigh; Andrew Holford; Anthea Shenton; Atif
Sheikh; Bella Lambourne; Billy Suid; Caroline Plumb; Charlie Johnston; Christian Banfield,
Christine Nicholson; Claire-Marie Smith; David Hamilton; Devon Hanson; Elle Harrison;
Emily Woolard; Flor Healey; Franklin Asante; Geoff; Mulgan; Georgina Stevens; Gerrard
McKenna; Graham Hodgkin; Greg Chant-Hall; Gurnek Bains; Jade Tong; James Arnold;
Jo Baker; Jo Keeling; Joan Deslondes; Joel Simpson; John Bothamley; Jonathan
Harris; Kalim Rahaman; Karl James; Katie Deeble; Ken McCallum; Kev Brennan; Khalil
Ibrahimi; Lindsay Whitelaw; Louise McCabe; Louise Mousseau; Margaret Exley; Margot
Katz; Mario King; Martin Fewell; Martin Swain; Mellissa Norman; Mia Bjork; Michael
Morley; Moira Nangle; Nick Beighton; Niklas Franck; Nyree Brocklehurst; Oli Barrett;
Patricia Hamazhee; Paula Lindores; Phil Lancaster; Ramsays, Shentons & Snells;
Renee McTavish; Richard Williamson; Rick Bacon; Sir Rod Aldridge; Rory Stewart; Sally
Bibb; Sam Gilpin; Shachi Shah; Simon Callow; Simon McBride; Simon Stillwell; Sinclair
Beecham; Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe; Sir Paul Judge; Sir Stanley Kink; Smith; Steve Butts;
Steve Cooper; Steve Moore; Susie Steyn; Tim Hincks; Tina Squire; Toffael Rashid; Travis
Reid; Vicky Chapman.
We would also like to appreciate everyone who ever worked for Arrival Education, be it in
the role of an administrator, client management consultant, manager, peer mentor, sales,
facilitator or talent development manager. We couldnt have done this with you.
Thanks to Sam, Alice, Charlie, Elizabeth for helping create this document; to Steve Coles,
Rick Bacon, Toffael Rashid for contributions and a massive shout out to Christian Banfield,
Phil Bedford at Schmick for the design work and lastly to Alain Sherter at CBS News NYC
for his editorial guidance.
We have had so many happy and successful moments but we have also had our
fair share of tragic ones R.I.P Basel Aghabra Im sorry I wasnt there when you really
needed me.
Our final acknowledgement goes to the talented young people we worked with, in
particular those who graduated the four years of Success for Life.
We never stopped believing in you, and now youre changing the world and how the
world views talent. Remember your time is limited, so dont waste it living someone elses
life have the courage to follow your heart and you will have success, for life.



Notable Highlights & Successes

Green Talent Programme
We designed the programme with Lucy Parker
in partnership with SKANSKA, BOOTS,
EDF, Rolls Royce, and The Eden Project.
The programme culminated with a film and a
presentation at Downing Street.

NESTA was an early supporter and funder
of Success for Life and Cool & Successful

Young Foundation
We were one of the very first organisations
selected for the Young Foundations Learning
Launch Pad, funded by Edge and ran by
Geoff Mulgan who went on to become CEO

The Guardian
A good Influence by Josephine Moulds and
Building sustainability in your social enterprise

Unilever Global Leadership event

Daniel was selected alongside Marco
Pierre White and Sean Fitzpatrick, the
All Black Legend, at Unilevers global
leaders event.


Dragon Awards
We received a Dragon Heart of the City
Award for our community engagement work
in London.



Management Today
Emily Shenton, MD, was acknowledged from
Management Today and was listed in 35
women under 35 sponsored by Accenture.



GCSE results day Celebrated at Downing

Street and BBC
Celebrating GCSE results day and our work in
2010 with the Deputy Prime Minister (DPM),
the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick
Clegg, which centred around a Q&A with the
DPM and a BBC interview with two highachieving students from Success for Life.

The Daily Telegraph

Whats wrong with todays youth?
Nothing a mentor cant fix.
by Paul Kendall.

UNLTD Big Venture Challenge

We were selected for the first wave of UnLtds
Big Venture Challenge, a three-year investment
and support programme for the UKs leading
Social Enterprise organisations.
We were the only youth educational
organisation in the first 25 award winners;
selected from over 1,000 social organisations
receiving 25,000.



The Royal Society for Encouragement of

Arts, Manufacturuers and Commerce
SocEnt Group
As a recognised early adopter of the Social
Enterprise movement, Arrival co-designed and
launched the Social Enterprise group with the
support of RSA, CEO, Matthew Taylor.


HR Magazine
Karl Gregory, managing director of the UKs
largest dating agency shares
the value of working with Arrival Educations
coaching programme.


2011 Not In Our Name a response to the

London Riots
We created Not In Our Name; a positive
movement in response the London riots in
2011. Deeply frustrated by the images that
the media portrayed of young people, we
took action with the support of Oli Barrett and
others. Within six days, we had most of the
National youth organisations working together
to present an alternative message. This
culminated in a media event with the Prime
Minister David Cameron at Downing Street.
Not In Our Name was picked up via multiple
media channels including BBC, SKY, MTV
and Associated Media and taken to a global
audience reaching hundreds of millions - all
achieved within a week.

Deutsche Welle
UK youth equipped for the office by
Anja Kueppers.


Met Police Leadership

We were successful in pitching a leadership
programme with Deloitte to the Met police. This
entailed working with their senior leadership
team including Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe to
design and deliver a change programme to
over 8,000 Met Police and staff in positions of
Over that summer, we delivered what went on
to be their most successful leadership event
to groups of around 500 leaders. It mixed
film, external keynote speakers including Sir
Bernard, where alongside some young people
from our programmes. I shared approachable
and practical development learning presented
in an authentic but engaging manner that met
the need of a demanding audience. I took a
central role in both the design and delivery
and personally received exceptional positive
feedback from the attendees. I remain close
friends to many of the people I worked with
and it left such an indelibly positive mark on
my life that I will never forget that experience at
Chelsea football club.

Arrival Education
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London, E1 8PY
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