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vol. XXIv, No. 5 BIcol, the phIlIppINes august 14-20, 2016 p5.00
vol. XXIv, No. 5
BIcol, the phIlIppINes
august 14-20, 2016
( 473-8888
( 473-8888
councilor Rañola Ms. Bicolandia 2016 reels off NAGA CITY — To be able to run

councilor Rañola

Ms. Bicolandia 2016 reels off

NAGA CITY — To be able to run this year’s Ms. Bicolandia Beauty Pageant as colorful and as organized as it should be, the competition’s executive committee for this year has opted to listen to the concerns brought up by the talent scouts who re- quested that certain remedial approaches be adopted so as not to repeat their bad ex- periences in past years. Anjo Santos, who has been in the pageant

industry since he was 14, said the execom will get their support “all the way all throughout the event” provided that they should be ac- corded with appropriate treatment that would make them even more inspired to participate and assist. “We plead that we should be treated right not only during the times when they needed our help in the recruitment of candidates,” Santos said.

After assuring the group that no such inci- dent in the past would happen in this year’s event including the complaint about the food which usually came late, City Councilor Son- ny Rañola, execom chairman, thanked the talent scouts for being there, always ready to share and be of service. In the same meeting, Rañola underscored the role of talent scouts as vital, saying that the

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scouts as vital, saying that the (Turn to page 6) IN BICOL 625 minors hooked on
scouts as vital, saying that the (Turn to page 6) IN BICOL 625 minors hooked on
scouts as vital, saying that the (Turn to page 6) IN BICOL 625 minors hooked on

625 minors

saying that the (Turn to page 6) IN BICOL 625 minors hooked on drugs; 18 in
saying that the (Turn to page 6) IN BICOL 625 minors hooked on drugs; 18 in

hooked on drugs;

the (Turn to page 6) IN BICOL 625 minors hooked on drugs; 18 in elementary grades
the (Turn to page 6) IN BICOL 625 minors hooked on drugs; 18 in elementary grades
the (Turn to page 6) IN BICOL 625 minors hooked on drugs; 18 in elementary grades

in elementary grades

IN BICOL 625 minors hooked on drugs; 18 in elementary grades By JoRge hallaRe LEGAZPI CITY

By JoRge hallaRe

LEGAZPI CITY --- A Bicol police official said the number of minors, who have surrendered to various police stations and local government officials, reached 625 as the government’s anti-illegal drug campaign that started on July 1 continued. Senior Insp. Ma. Luisa Ca- lubaquib, spokesperson of Police Regional Office (PRO)-Bicol, said Camarines Sur topped the list with 188, followed by Albay-170, Masbate-119, Ca- marines Norte-79, Naga City- 34, Sorsogon-12, and Catan-


She said from among the 625 minors who surrendered, 18 were in the elementary grades, 234 in

who surrendered, 18 were in the elementary grades, 234 in SUZUKI CIAZ ON DISPLAY Big number


Big number of auto enthusiasts drop-by at suzuki ciaz auto exhibit recently at the ground floor of SM City Naga to watch the showcase of the Suzuki Ciaz new innovations which they attributed to all their customers.

high school, 74 in college and 299 out-of-school youths. "We are saddened by the re- ports that an early age, those children, who are still in their el- ementary and high school years, have already been hooked on drugs," said Calubaquib.

By school level: the 18 el- ementary pupils, by province-- Albay has 11, Camarines Sur-4, Catanduanes-2, and Masbate-1. In high school, PRO-5 data showed the 234, by province-- Camarines Sur topped the list

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by province-- Camarines Sur topped the list (Turn to page 2) BRIGADA ESKWELA AWARDS NIGHT jMTS/RBMjR/MMEC



the Depedcamarines sur’s Brigadaeskwela awarding ceremony was held last July 30, 2016 at the capitol complex convention center, cadlan, pili and was attended by gov. Migzvillafuerte and vice president leni gerona Robredo. During the event, gov. villafuerte announced the distribution of computers to teachers and students in the province as well as free WiFi in selected schools in camarines sur starting august 15, 2016.

2 bikol reporter


August 14-20, 2016

2 bikol reporter opinion August 14-20, 2016


When the high and Mighty Falls

over the weekend, president Rodrigo Duterte bared the list of politicians, judges and police and military personnel involved in the illegal drug trade. Quick to defend Duterte’s move, sec. andanar explained this shows the president’s sincerity in the war against drugs. andanar’s accelerated defense, however, glosses over a very fundamental principle in our criminal justice system – the presumption of innocence. In this case, however, those involved in the so-called narco-politics are already condemned before they are even heard. this is shown in the order of the president for those whom he named to report within 24 hours to their superiors; and that in so announcing the names, he could be “mistaken.” the presumption of innocence rule of course goes with another time-honored democratic principle, that of due process. simply, this means that those accused will be given their day in court. For the president, however, due process is the job of the Judiciary. his, according to him, is to implement the law; yet forgetting that he had already arrogated the judicial power. this is where the call of sen. leila de lima’s for “another way,” in approaching the drug war. Not in littering the streets with bodies riddled with bullets with just a cardboard saying that the dead is a drug pusher. We can say that the Duterte way leaves a queasy feeling that this is not the right way as we are still a government of laws, and not of men. We do of course support his crusade to bring the war even to the gates of the high and the mighty. so far, most of those that have fallen are those what we can call the “demand” side of the drug-trade flow. In going now after politicians and policemen, hopefully, the government is now heading towards the “supply” side of the drug equation.

02082606 Tel. No. (054) 475-6262
Tel. No. (054) 475-6262

eD g. yu Editor


lee g. Dullesco II

Head, Advertising Associates


Tel. No. (054) 475-6262 eD g. yu Editor 0939-604-3144 lee g. Dullesco II Head, Advertising Associates

duterte Governance Plans

(Atty. APA – chairs Acyatan & Co., CPAs-DFK International – is past chair of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA past president and Hall-of-Famer, and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement Awardee). TRAFFiC: The new Congress lead- erships are prone to grant pres. Rody the needed emergency powers to solve the worsening traffic problems in Mega- Manila. Aside from land transportation, the rail system needs to be upgraded – by way of more rolling assets and faster speed. The balancing act here would be public convenience without putting the safety of passengers and commut- ers in peril. There are options to con- sider involving the DoTC and MMDA. By now, the Rody Duterte people are starting to feel the pinch of public clamor for the performance of the gov- ernment’s promises. The public should not be too hasty in their demands. it is traditional for new administrations to be credited with at least 100 days honeymoon period. Running a coun- try of 103 million people is much more complicated that the affairs of a city like Davao. Let us hope that our president can positively draw on his vast experi- ence – and that of his subalterns, too! CURFEW: The go-go style of gov- ernance of pres. Duterte and his fellow officials is bound to meet some road- blocks – coming from human rights ad- vocates and the Catholic Church. For one, the very effective curfew policy for minors has been temporarily suspend- ed by the Supreme Court. Legal issues and practical norms in life often cross. The safety and convenience of the ma- jority should not be sacrificed just so the wishes of the few could be granted!

opINI oNs

We also foresee issues to be object- ed to by the Catholic hierarchy when the RH Law is implemented in ear- nest. There is a need to balance the economic strides of our nation with our religious and moral values. Likewise under scrutiny now are the deaths (from police firepower and vigilantes) of suspected drug users and pushers. So far – no real big drug deal- ers and producers have been mowed down. only the lower class drug abuse persons are taken out. Because they don’ thave legal protection? VALiDiTiES: The extension of the validity of our phl passports from the now 5-years to 10-years is a wise government move. This means less crowding in the DFA consular offices, and added convenience to our law- abiding citizens. The extension of the 3-year drivers’ license to 5-years is also well-taken. Less work on the part of the LTo even as licensees are afforded added time to use their privilege. This new system must also be applied to ve- hicle registrations. There must also be a review of other regulatory policies – by the Securities

and Exchange Commission, and the Bureau of internal Revenue. Certain BiR Revenue Districts in the provinc- es are finding hardships in following the BIR national office’s instructions to speed up issuance of tax clear- ances and certificates authorizing registration (CAR) for land titles and shares of stocks. Either the clear- ance system must be simplified, or more people should be appointed to handle the chores. SECURiTY: our triumph in the Un permanent Arbitral Court as re- gards our territorial disputes with China in the West philippine Sea provides us with a negotiating ace if and when we dialogue with our giant neighbor. We pray that past presi- dent FVR could use his diplomatic savvy to convince his Chinese coun- terparts to respect our position. if he succeeds, among the beneficiaries are his provincemates who are fish- ing in the disputed waters. The offered amnesties to be ne- gotiated with the rebel npAs and the Mindanao-based MnLF (and the al- ready in MiLF) are welcome devel- opments in our peace process. The issues being raised by the npAs are no longer ideological, now mostly human rights violations – so more easily solved. The more complicat- ed tenors and far-reaching too, are those with the Muslim groups. There are territorial claims, too – which can- not just be solved by the proposed Federalism form of government! WiSdoM: if to do were as easy as to know what are good to do – poor men’s cottages would be pal- aces!

suggestion for constitutional change, Marcos Burial and promises of the lord Jesus christ

i watched the interview of Atty.

Christian Monsod, a former delegate to the 1987 Constitutional Convention by Karen Davila on AnC TV and it was very informative. i took note of what he said that the Constitution need not be change or amended to remove the concentration

of powers in the central government or imperial Manila and the power of allocating funds. He said we only need to amend the Local Government Code and put there the powers we want, the amount

of funds we want to the Local Government

Units. That can be done under the present Constitution. i wonder, why not make all the regions

in the country autonomous regions so that

there is equality in all the regions instead of federal state. in that way, there is less possibility of a federal state to separate from the philippines. Well, this is just an idea i wish to contribute in the study of Constitutional change as amendment to the Constitution, particularly Article X.


president Rodrigo Duterte wants to follow the law on who should be buried

in Libingan ng mga Bayani “As former president and soldier, i see nothing wrong in having Marcos buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani,” he told reporters in Davao City.

i recall, a dog of president Corazon

C. Aquino was buried there. it is not a president nor a soldier. Even Gen. Angelo Reyes who committed suicide is buried there. i wonder if those against Marcos

burial fought for our country in World War

ii as Marcos did

FRoM My WINDoW NeNIta FueNteBella-peñoNes
NeNIta FueNteBella-peñoNes


The feast of our Regional patroness, our Lady of peñafrancia is approaching.

We will have the much awaited fluvial procession and other religious activities. i believe we are peaceful here because of Her loving intercession for us and the love of El Divino Rostro. The truth is we live in a dangerous time. There are many criminal elements, drug addicts, etc. We need to pray for God’s protection and guidance. i suggest we pray to “ina” our Lady peñafrancia and the Holy Face of Jesus. Here are the promises of our Lord Jesus Christ:

1. “By My Holy Face you shall work


2. “By My Face you will obtain the

conversion of many sinners.”

3. “nothing that you ask in making

this offering will be refused to you.”

4. “if you know how pleasing the

sight of My Face is to My Father.”

5. “As in a kingdom you can

procure all you wish for with a coin marked with the King’s effigy, so in the Kingdom of Heaven you will obtain all you desire with the precious coin of My Holy Face.”

6. “our Lord has promised me

that He will imprint His divine likeness on the souls of those who honor His most Holy Countenance.”

7. “All those who honor My Holy

Face in a spirit of reparation, will by so

doing perform the office of the pious Veronica.”

8. “According to the care you

take in making reparation to My Face disfigured by blasphemies, so will I take care of yours which has been disfigured by sin. i will reprint therein, My image and render it as beautiful as it was on leaving the Baptismal font.”

9. “our Lord has promised me,

that all those who defend His cause in this work of reparation, by words, by prayers, or in writing. He will defend them before His Father; at their death He will purify their souls by effacing all the blots of sin and will restore to them their primitive beauty.”


i wish to correct a sentence erroneously printed in my last week’s column. The sentence should be : i believe that China is also aware of

the Treaty of MUTUAL Defense of the philippines with the US, not Treaty of national Defense, the Visiting Forces Agreement and Enhanced Defense

preparation Agreement with the US.

625 MINoRs hookeD oN DRugs

with 76, Albay-69, Masbate-63, Catanduanes-16, Camarines Norte-9, and Naga City-1 In college, the 74 surrender- ees were--Albay-34, Camarines Sur-34, Catanduanes-4 and Naga


Evelyn Jerusalem, spokes- person of the Department of So- cial Welfare and Development in Bicol said all the Municipal and City Social Welfare Offices under the local government units in Bicol were tasked to provide

“intervention measures” for the minors- surrenderees. Calubaquib said from July 1 to August 8, PRO5 has recorded 36,134 drug surrenderees, of whom 34,211 were users and 1,923 drug pushers. She said Philippine National

Police Chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa and President Rodrigo Duterte have been constantly monitoring the daily report on drug surrenderees, especially the data on the minors. “PRO5 submits its daily re- port to them,” she added.

BR_August 14-20.indd noel.indd 2 8/12/2016 4:56:19 AM
BR_August 14-20.indd noel.indd
4:56:19 AM
August 14-20, 2016 bikol reporter 3 BR_August 14-20.indd noel.indd 3 8/12/2016 4:56:25 AM
August 14-20, 2016
bikol reporter
BR_August 14-20.indd noel.indd
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4 bikol reporter


August 14-20, 2016

4 bikol reporter HALo-HALo August 14-20, 2016



jokee BotoR-Reyes

pell- Mell jokee BotoR-Reyes

getting sick and getting Well Fast

After a meeting with some LGU iriga City people that included two doctors, Ronald perena, M.D. and Romer Gonzaga Trinidad, D.D.M, they who run the iriga City Health Office, Dr. Perena sporting a bald pate which becomes him told me…, di ka na nagpapacheck up sa akin. i felt great… what concern, how admirable of the doctor. i answered “wala kasi aking sakit.” i was not honest, i was not feeling well really. When i got home that night i had fever, i had sore throat, my back ached, my eyes watery. Coupled was a tooth that ached, and gum swollen, i should have consulted both doctors. i was naturally in bed for two days. Well, i drank gallons of water, slept soundly and took the ever dependable neozep and then i was on my toes again the following morning, Getting sick is inevitable. Especially when one is aging. But i am happy in the thought that i am not a sickly-prone person. There were only three times in my life when i got confined. These were the three times i delivered my three children. Health is very important. it is something we should take care very much. Health is wealth, the very popular adage runs. So, how does one keep healthy? Everything in moderation but plenty of water, no junk food, no alcohol, no cigarette, no soda, no salty food, no lechon, no taba, less rice, no strong coffee, no sweets, plenty of vegetables and fruits, right amount of sleep, exercise. With so many forbidden food, diri na magkaun. i promise to see Dr. perena and Dr. Trinidad one day. Sick or not sick. i will consult them even for no big reason, Seeing doctors is enough to keep me in fine health condition. inkman in iriga City is a most frequented place for printing purposes. i had not bought a printer with printing now a very cheap commodity. one peso a page, who needs a printer at home. inkman has four very accommodating personnel… Romnick Cleofe Lavapie, Mariana Gin D. Ramos, Mark Francis Banares and Dahlia p. Benitez. iriga is celebrating on September 3 its 48th Charter Foundation Anniversary. Many activities are lined up to make the 2016 celebration truly memorable. Come to iriga and enjoy your day.

athletics vis-a-vis technology

By tIto R, NacaRIo - teacher II Sto. nino national High School, iriga City

These days, it is very common to see very young chil- dren glued to their gadgets for hours on end. Some are just elementary kids ages 5 and 6 even younger. The hunch is that they are more engrossed in their gadgets than in their studies. There must be something really very interesting and attractive in these gadgets. The cellphone which is very sophisticated can consume

a child’s hours extensively for texting, calling, etc. and with the internet, the facebook, tweeter, instagram are enough to busy one self much longer time than for a child to read his lessons, do his homeworks and projects and everything else he should be doing in his studies. This does not pose as a good picture of young school children. owning an ipad and the newest cellphone model are not very hard anymore. it looks like having these is a status symbol and many children really cajole their parents into buying these gadgets for them. it now seems that modern technology has caught the fancy of our young people that even their works are home

are likewise affected. Many parents would lament on the difficulty of getting their children’s attention to get them to do household chores and the worst is…their studies are been sidelined. How much time now do children have for athletics? We barely see children in the elementary playing piko, tumbang priso, or playing ball games or running races. These are games that are very important to a child’s physical growth. This is surely missed by many especially parents. no way, however, we are claiming that technology is wrong. it has moved the world to the modernity never heard of before. With technology, now, we can get connected in a jiffy. With technology we can have all the things we would want to know about from the simplest to the most compli- cated, from the mundane to what-have-you. one can be- come very knowledgeable an individual in everything. Athletics and technology can make a happy marriage and this is marriage of the mind and the body. Subsequent- ly, a harmonious union is the outcome. There are many ways of making this union work. To use a popular adage… ,there is a ti1me for everything…. A time to be athletic, there

is a time to be technology buff and one can be the most

technologically intelligent and still be the best athlete at the same time.

giyera sa Droga

nagabot na sa samong baryo an giyera sa droga. Kan nakaaging semana, nagadan sa soboot “buy-bust operation” an sakong kabaryo na kadto bago an saiyang katapusan, pigooring- oding naman nanggad na inbwelto sa pagbebenta nin droga. Siisay an babasolon sa siring na kinaabutan nin buhay? indikasyon daw ini kan pagtapo asin kakulangan kan pamilya? Saro lang daw ining pangekonomiya, boot sabihon, problema nin kapagtiosan. Si sakong kabaryo, dai ko masasabing pobre, dakul siyang pigtatanuman na paroy. Kaya saro daw ining senyal kan kusog asin poder kan mga yaon sa likod kan illegal na droga? Sa hiling ko, bako lang ining indibidwal, pampamilya o pangekonomiyang problema. May pagtubod akong may kakulangan man an gobyerno digdi. Ano ta ngonyan lang nahihiling an determinasyon na puhoon an problema?

Dis*karte *kusyon *kurso FRaNk peñoNes JR.
FRaNk peñoNes JR.

Sain nagduman si mga pondo, halimbawa, para sa mga lokal na drug abuse councils, magpoon sa syudad asin sa barangay na taon-taon tinataan nin alokasyon? Bakong simple an problema kan droga. na naglataw na an tataramon na “narco-politics” nagpapahiling kan komplikasyon kaini. Saro ining garo

cancer na apektado an dakul na tauhan kan sosyedad. An listahan nin mga pangaran na binasa ni presidente Duterte nagpapahiling sana kan pagroro kan problema. Saro ining problema nin moralidad, nin mga values. Saro ining problema nin ekonomiya. Saro ining problema nin peace and order, asin implementasyon nin ley. Saro ining problema na apektado an futuro kan satong nasyon. Tandaan ta na lang an epekto kan opyo kan malulong digdi an mga Tsino. Dai kuta nagabot sa arog kaining sitwasyon an problema sa droga. Kun an lambang saro naghiro, kun ginasto halimbawa sa tama si pondo na nakatagama para sa paglaban sa droga. Mayong makapaghuhugas nin kamot sa kapaladan asin kagadanan kan mga sabit sa illegal na droga. Gabos kita may pagkukulang.

a transformed life of a Drug addict

Getting into prohibited drugs or being dead drunk will not at all solve one’s problem” Leonie said. Leonie Buhion Belarmino,

51 years old is a recovered drug dependent. A resident of Zone 2, Bulan, Sorsogon, Leonie is married with three children all boys. But bad fate brought his family to be dismantled. His wife has her own family and his two son is staying with her wife. His eldest son died from


vehicular accident. Leonie


staying with his father. The

third child among the 11 sib- lings. Born to parents whose income is just enough to sup- port the family especially that

all the children are in school. Life was tough for the family

so he decided to help his father

earn a living. Industry is inher- ent with Leonie. After school, he would go with his father fishing and on weekends he would sell fresh fish. Leonie shared that he finds happiness when he is able to help his fa- ther earn a living. “Pangarap ng aming mga magulang na kami ay makapagtapos ng pag- aaral. (It’s our parents desire to

see all of us finish our studies.), Leonie said. Getting into drugs. At the age of 13, through peer pressure started to drink “tuba.” “Tuba” otherwise known as coconut wine is a sweet, fresh or mildly ferment- ed sap taken from tripping the young expanded flowers of the coconut. For Leonie and friends, “tuba” is the most af- fordable instead of buying hard liquor. But it was from this coconut wine where Leonie started his vices. Since Leony never stopped from earning

a living even at an early age, he always have some penny

in his pocket. From the influ- ence of his friends and some schoolmates, he now started

to take cough syrup and take

marijuana. Addiction affected much his family especially that

he already started to sell his personal belongings and tried

to get his mother’s medicine.

His mother has a heart ail- ment that one of the medicines prescribed is a tranquilizer.He started using this prohibited drugs in 1997. This caused a problem to his family. Feeling unwanted, Leonie went to try his luck in Manila and thought of getting away from addiction. Leonie was lucky enough that he was able to find a job. He worked as promo boy for eight years in

Manila. “ Lalo akong nalulong sa droga kasi yong tinitirhan kong pinsan ay gumagamit din ng bawal na gamot”.( The

more that I get addicted in Ma- nila because my cousin whom

I was staying with is also

a user of prohibited drugs.”

Leonie claimed. Meron akong perang pambili hindi lang nang marijuana kundi shabu at min- san tinikman ko na rin ang co- caine”. (I have already money that I could afford to buy not only marijuana but shabu and even tried cocaine.), Leonie added. This came to the attention of his father so that in August 20,1986 he was brought by his father to the Psychiatric De- partment of Quezon City Gen- eral Hospital where he stayed for three months rehabilitation. Upon discharge he was able to return back to work. The fol- lowing year he was able to get married. They were blessed with three children. Pinanin-

digan ko ang isang mabuting ama. Inayos ang paghahanap buhay at pilit kong kinalimutan ang droga. “(I tried to prove my worth as good father and a

family man, worked hard and have done away using the pro- hibited drugs) Leonie claimed. However the more that he became an addict when he met

frustrations in life. He was then 34 years old, when he became addicted to shabu. “Ang paghi- hithit ng shabu ay ang aking paraan para makalimot sa ak- ing madilim na karanasan sa buhay”, (Snipping shabu was my way to forget all the dark experiences that I had) Leonie sighed with tears falling on his cheeks. Life’s Struggle After marriage, Leonie es- tablished his residence in La-

guna. But he cannot deny that he has to stay away from his family most often because of the demand of his work as a salesman. One day he learned that his wife left their abode

with another man bringing

with her their children. Anoth- er trauma that came into Leo-

nie’s life was when his eldest died due to vehicular accident. He still tried and did every- thing to win back his wife but

to no avail. Given the situation,

the more that Leonie was tied up to drugs. He had nowhere to go except to join his friends until the time that he lost his job and eventually his friends.

He vividly recalled that he also lost his job and his money. Not

a single penny was left in his

pocket. Leonie also shared that

he lost contact with his family for almost seven months. I had an acute psychological and be- havioral problem as shared by my family. “Ako ay naging ta- ong grasa. Para makakain, ako ay namalimos o kumuha ng mga tira-tira sa mga restoran

o carenderia.” (I became a

psychotic vagrant, lived in the street. I go on begging or ask left over foods in carenderias

or restaurants for my food.)

Leonie bared. I was able to reached Manila from Pangas- inan on foot. As the saying goes that “Blood is thicker than water”, with the concerted effort of his family looked for Leonie. His brother was able to find him. He was then brought to Man- daluyong Rehabilitation Cen- ter where he was treated then brought back to Bicol where he was again admitted at the De- partment of Psychiatry of the Bicol Medical Center in Pili, Camarines Sur. After his three months stay, he was brought

back home but it was observed that he is again from time to time taking shabu and his psy- chotic behavior is recurring. The support of the family is a

big factor in Leonie’s recovery. Family’s Support His father did not stop in looking for institutions where

it could help Leonie for his full

recovery. His father learned about the Malinao Treatment and Rehabilitation Center

(MTRC), Malinao, Albay. He was then admitted and stayed for one year. Upon discharged he went back to his hometown and stayed with his father. To have his own income, his siblings gave him money where he could use as capital

to start a small business. He invested the amount in buy and sell of school supplies and other dry goods. His business is doing well. To find ease in his mobility as he is peddling his goods, his brother bought him a tricycle. “Malaki ang tulong sa aking pagbabago ang aking pamilya. Hindi nila

ako pinapabayaan” (The sup-

port of my family is a big help for my recovery and reform.

I am getting their full support

and intervention), said Leonie. Since the family and the other siblings are just staying in one compound, Leonie has all the time to bond with them. He has his siblings whom he could talk with if he needed someone to talk to. Realization and Interven- tion One day, he realized that drug addiction have put his life in mess. He wanted to change for good. The reason why there was no desistance when his father decided to bring him to Malinao Treatment and Reha-

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BR_August 14-20.indd noel.indd 4 8/12/2016 4:56:25 AM
BR_August 14-20.indd noel.indd
4:56:25 AM

august 14-20, 2016

BIkol RepoRteR


sen. Bam aquino visits caRD-MRI

2016 BIkol RepoRteR 5 sen. Bam aquino visits caRD-MRI sen. aQuINo Senator Paolo Benigno "Bam" Aquino

sen. aQuINo

Senator Paolo Benigno "Bam" Aquino IV graced the CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD MRI) in San Pablo City, Laguna on July 11, 2016 and revisited his experiences helping so- cio-economically challenged families together with CARD MRI. In his speech, the Senator observed that although many things have changed, CARD’s passion remains as they contin- ue helping Filipino families in need. He recalled that the first time he visited CARD there

were only eight institutions. Today, the organization has grown to 14 institutions work- ing together to achieve their goal of eradicating poverty in the country. In his three years of being a Senator, he has supported mi- crofinance work to help indi- gent Filipinos do well in their businesses. According to him, helping Filipino entrepreneurs is of consistent interest for him. In fact, he led the launching of San Pablo Negosyo Center on the same day of his visit to CARD MRI. The San Pablo Negosyo Center is the 253rd Negosyo Center in the country that supports the development of small, micro and medium en- terprises (mSMEs). The Nego- syo Centers have been open for business, aiding micro, small and medium enterprises flour- ish since November 2014. Senator Bam mentioned that together with the new De- partment of Trade and Industry (DTI) Secretary Simon Lopez,

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sM partners with uNIceF to empower children with disabilities

In furtherance of its advocacy to uphold the rights and welfare of chil- dren, SM has partnered once more with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to empower children with disabilities (CWDs) through a photo exhibit and a stage a play on the said advocacy. The photo exhibit en- titled “See What I Can Do,” held in collaboration with Camera Club of the Philippines, was formally launched at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall and opened by Vice President Leni Ro- bredo, UNICEF Deputy Representative Julia Rees and SM President Annie Garcia. The exhibit featured photography of CWDs and

Annie Garcia. The exhibit featured photography of CWDs and the outstanding achievements they have done despite

the outstanding achievements they have done despite their condition. After the opening of the photo exhibit, the music play, entitled “Sandosenang Sa- patos” by Tanghalang Pili- pino, is based on Dr. Luis Gatmaitan’s Palanca Award- winning children’s book of the same title. It tackles the love between the father and his daughter who was born without legs. The objective

of the campaign, which co- incides with the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week, is to help raise awareness and cre- ate an inclusive environment wherein CWDs’ abilities are highlighted instead of their disabilities. Other notable partnership projects of SM and UNICEF include the WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Proj- ect wherein a portion of the

sale of SM’s bottled water goes to the organization’s efforts to provide clean drinking water to various provinces in the country. To date, it has already helped more than 113,000 school children across the country. To know more about SM Cares and its program for children and PWDs, please visit or ficialSMCares.

caRD Balik-eskwela scholar, passes als

ficialSMCares. caRD Balik-eskwela scholar, passes als METRO NAGA SUMMIT The Metro Naga Development Council (MNDC)


The Metro Naga Development Council (MNDC) recently held a summit on "Creating a Stronger and Better Alliance" with local chief executives and representatives of the 16-member municipalities, to present the 6-year development plan that will be matched with the priority of each of the lgu-members in order to exploit the synergistic effect of resource-sharing, complementation, and coordination of the Metro alliance.

A 63- year old CARD Balik-Eskwela Scholar, Sal- vacion “Tita Amie” Medal- lon, successfully passed in the recent Alternative Learning System Accreditation and Equivalency Test (ALS A&E) at San Vicente, Palawan. Passers of the said test are given certificate or diploma signifying that they are com- parable graduates of the for- mal school system and are qualified to enroll in second- ary and tertiary schools. Balik-Eskwela Program (Tita Cory Scholarship Fund) is a scholarship program of CARD Mutually Reinforc- ing Institutions also known as CARD MRI, a poverty eradi- cator and promoter of social development that encourages its members to continue their studies. A ninth grade student in San Vicente National High School, dressmaker and a mother of five, Tita Amie is one of the

scholars who will now step in college after passing the ALS A&E. “My mother died early when I was young, which is why it was difficult for me to continue my schooling. Now that I have the chance, I am determined to finish my stud- ies despite of my age. I will do whatever it takes to achieve that,” she said. When she passed the ex- amination for Balik-Eskwela in 2014, she hurriedly prepared her requirements, some of which have been lost through time. However, with the help of her classmates and former teachers who proved that she finished elementary, she was given the chance to enter high school. “2014 is a survival year for me. I planned to go abroad thinking that it was the best solution but I never stopped asking the Lord to show me His plans. I never thought of finishing college but now it can

happen,” she mentioned. Fur- thermore, she expressed that Balik-Eskwela really changed her life and gave her the op- portunity to be in school where she gets high grades and takes part in extracurricular activities. “Without CARD, I think none of these blessings will happen. This is why I’m so happy and thankful to CARD,” she ut- tered. Now that she passed the ALS A&E, she looks forward to learning more things that will help fulfill her dreams and in- spire individuals especially the youth regarding the importance of education. CARD MRI Founder and Managing Director Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip, is delighted with Tita Amie’s achievement. “I am excited to see her achiev- ing her dreams. This is what CARD really wants to do, to help them realize their hopes and aspirations. This is just a start of uplifting their lives. I

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BR_August 14-20.indd noel.indd
4:56:28 AM


bikol reporter

August 14-20, 2016

6 bikol reporter August 14-20, 2016

Ms. BIcolaNDIa 2016 Reels oFF

success of beauty pageants is based on their performance, especially in the recruitment of candidates. He even likened the working relationship of the organizers and talent scouts to the symbi- otic way of life which can be observed in two different organ- isms living together to form a mutually beneficial partnership. “It’s just like I scratch your back and you scratch my back too,” Rañola further said. In an interview, Santos ex- pressed hope that the 2016 Ms. Bicolandia Beauty Pageant will be an event that has integrity and “all the people involved are happy working together like the time when the city coun- cilor managed the pageant 20 years ago.” He also lauded City

Councilor Nene de Asis and City Administrator Jun Mongoso for the kind of leadership they have shown in the holding of Ms. Bi- colandia pageants in the past. At present, the preparation for the pageant is focused on re- cruitment of candidates that will go on until August 27 when the screening of candidates, which will be conducted at the Avenue Convention Plaza, is scheduled. Public presentation of the candi- dates will be held at the poolside of Avenue Plaza Hotel including the photoshoot on the same day. Other significant dates of the pageant: billeting of can- didates at the Naga City Youth Center and welcome dinner at Moraville Hotel, September 2; submission of evening gown, September 4; courtesy call with

24K paWNshop

general luna st., Naga city

AUCTION SALE on august 26, 2016 of

all unredeemed articles pledged from JaNuaRy

- FEBRUARY 2016 at 9:00 a.m.

BIkol RepoRteR Published: August 14, 2016


general luna st., Naga city

AUCTION SALE on august 26, 2016 of

all unredeemed articles pledged from JaNuaRy

- FEBRUARY 2016 at 9:00 a.m.

BIkol RepoRteR Published: August 14, 2016

Republic of the philippines local cIvIl RegIstRy oFFIce Province: Camarines Sur City/Municipality: Libmanan

NotIce to the puBlIc

CCE-0067-2016 R.A. 10172 in compliance with the publication requirement and pursuant to ocRg Memorandum circular No. 2013-1 Guidelines in the implementation of the Administrative order no. 1 Series of 2012 (iRR on R.A. 10172), notice is hereby served to the public that MaRIo cRueta De veRa has filed with this Office, a Petition for correction of entry in the date of birth from “July 27, 1956” to “March 12, 1956” in the certificate of live birth of MARIO CRUETA DE VERA at Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whose parents are FEDERiCo DE VERA and piLAR CRUETA. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this office not later than August 27, 2016.

(Sgd.) EMILIE S. AGNES-DAIRAO Municipal Civil Registrar

BIkol RepoRteR Published: August 14 and 21, 2016

Mayor John G. Bongat and their presentation before City Hall employees right after the flag raising ceremonies, September 5; preliminaries of swimsuit and evening gown to be held at the Haciendas de Naga, Sept. 5; technical rehearsal at the JMR Coliseum, Sept. 6; pre-judging at the Avenue Hotel, Sept. 7; coronation night at JMR Coli- seum, Sept. 7 and participation in civic parade by the winning candidates on September 15. This years’ pageant offers generous amount of cash prizes and valuable freebies for major titles and special awards that are at par, if not bigger, as those being offered in national com- petitions. The cash prizes for major titles: for Ms. Bicolandia 2016, P200,000, a sash and a trip for 2 to Hong Kong or Singapore; 1st Runner-Up, P100,000 and a

sash; 2nd Runner-Up, P50,000 and a sash; 3rd Runner-Up, P35,000 and a sash, and P20,000 and a sash for the 4th Runner- Up. Each special award like the Best in Production Number, Best in Swimsuit, Best in Eve- ning Gown, Ms. Photogenic, and Ms. Congeniality has a cor- responding cash prize of P7,000 while the Best Designer for Eve- ning Gown has a cash prize of P10,000, and P5,000 for the can- didate who wins the “Darling of the Press” title. Aside from the cash prizes, each winner will also receive freebies and a sash. Regarding possible partici- pation of differently-abled can- didates, the Search guidelines said that the organizers shall provide, as necessary, a quali- fied interpreter for candidates who are deaf or mute or deaf- mute. - jason b neola

caRD BalIk-eskWela

know that many Filipinos want to be like her and what they need to do is to work hard, be patient, and be persistent in all their endeavors. A great change will always start within us,” Dr. Alip stated. CARD MRI’s Balik-Eskwe- la Program or Tita Cory Schol- arship Fund intends to send CARD MRI members, usually mothers, to go back to school. CARD MRI will conduct more batches of examinations to send the largest possible number of members in the country back to school. Through one of its insti- tutions CARD-MRI Develop- ment Institute (CMDI), it will

also continue its partnership with Department of Education (DepEd) for ALS program, which has started in Bay, La- guna. Balik-Eskwela and ALS are part of the program called “One Family, One Graduate”, which ensures that there will be one college graduate for every fam- ily it serves. Through this, the institution hopes for the bet- terment of each family’s socio- economic condition. CARD MRI desires for its members to strive for more and become sig- nificant contributors in social development and in uplifting Filipino lives.

lto opeNs tIgaoN DIstRIct

implement transportation laws, and serve the district and its environs towards a progressive land transport sector. LTO Partido District Office will cater to a wider clientele as included in its coverage is a portion of Rinconada area. LTO V Admin. Officer Masagca said that LTO Partido District Office is bigger than Catanduanes and Ragay District Offices. He fur- ther stated that relocating LTO to the town of Tigaon is a shot in the arm for the municipal- ity's growing economy with the sprouting of business ventures around the establishment, and the generation of local employ- ment. Mayor Fuentebella affirmed Masagca's statement and ex- pressed her optimism that with the LTO Partido District Office in her town, economic activities would be boosted significantly.

Requests for Mayor's Permits for new business enterprises like eateries, insurance compa- nies, emission testing centers, have started rolling in. Fuentebella thanked former Cam. Sur 4th District Congress- man Wimpy Fuentebella for his initiative in the conversion and transfer. House Bill 5085, authored by former Congress- man Fuentebella, states that the transfer to Tigaon, which is now the national government center in the Partido Area due to the presence of national gov- ernment agencies, will position the LTO at the hub of its service area without causing undue in- convenience to clients in Goa and contiguous municipalities. Mayor Chiqui also thanked her predecessor, ex-Mayor Ar- nie Fuentebella for offering the building to house the LTO Par- tido District Office.

seN. BaM aQuINo vIsIts

former Executive Director of


Negosyo, DTI will develop


arm to act as a frontline ser-

vice organization for the micro and small enterprises. He adds that they will strengthen the Negosyo Centers in terms of financing, marketing edge, and business development. This

will continue to strengthen the support system for partner insti- tutions. He also said that while the government could provide the platform, the interface of the private sector and non-govern- ment partners literally and figu- ratively may increase the profit of the Negosyo Centers and its members. Senator Aquino also shared that he is hoping to get the Chairmanship of the Senate Committee on Education. He stated that he will focus on the

K to 12 curriculum reform,

which according to him is the battleground for the youth’s ed- ucation. He emphasized though that his legislative work focuses

equally on supporting tertiary level education and beyond. He further expressed that he will also focus on providing oppor- tunities for out-of-school youth in the country. “We are again inspired by Senator Bam’s plans in uplift- ing the lives of Filipinos. I agree with him that education and business are really important factors in uplifting the lives of Filipinos in our country and that government and private orga- nizations play a big role in its achievement,” says CARD MRI Founder and Managing Director Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip. CARD MRI has been con- tinuously serving poor Fili- pinos since 1986. It provides programs and services such as financial services for mSMEs, micro insurance, education and community development.

It also holds conferences and seminars that empower mSMEs in the country. It has a total cli- ent served of 3.6 million fami- lies as of June 2016.

eXtRaJuDIcIal paRtItIoN oF the estate oF letecIa RaMos Recto

notice is hereby given that the named parties are the legitimate and sole heirs of the late LETECiA RAMoS RECToR, who died on november 22, 2014 in poblacion, Tigaon, Camarines Sur, with no known debts or obligations chargeable against this property, left several parcels of land situated in Tigaon, Camarines Sur, that the parties all of legal ages and with full capacity to contract agree adjudicate among themselves the described real estate pro indiviso and as co-owners of the property; as acknowledged before notary public Atty. Ernesto M. Alarcon, Doc. no.1867, page no. 374, Book no. i, Series of 2016.

BiKoL REpoRTER published: August 14, 21 and 28, 2016

eXtRaJuDIcIal settleMeNt oF estate aMoNg heIRs WIth WaIveR oF RIghts

notice is hereby given that the named parties are the legitimate heirs of the late celeNIa M. MoRtega, who died on April 1, 2014 in naga City without any will or no known debts; left a home lot situated at Barangay pacol. naga City; that pursuant to Section 1, Rule 74 of the Revised Rules of Court of the philippines, the heirs all of legal ages and with full capacity to contract agree to divide and adjudicate among themselves said lot in pro indiviso equal shares; that said Heir hereby waive her rights, interest and participation on said lot in favor of ELMER M. MoRTEGA, his heirs, and successors-in-interest on the mentioned lot; as acknowledged before notary public Atty. Armeen Allain B. Gomez, Doc. no.320, page no. 64, Book no. ii, Series of 2016.

BiKoL REpoRTER published: August 14, 21 and 28, 2016

2016. BiKoL REpoRTER published: August 14, 21 and 28, 2016 BR_August 14-20.indd noel.indd 6 F oR
BR_August 14-20.indd noel.indd 6
BR_August 14-20.indd noel.indd
F oR July NaMe oF DeceaseD Date oF INteRMeNt JESUSA R. CApiLi iSAGAni L. CApiSonDA
F oR July
NaMe oF DeceaseD
Date oF INteRMeNt
iSAGAni L. CApiSonDA
JULY 2, 2016
JULY 5, 2016
7, 2016
FRoiLAn p. GoMEZ
ViVEnCio M. Go JR.
JUSTiniAno R. MEnDonES
JULY 6, 2016
JULY 8, 2016
JULY 9, 2016
JULY 16, 2016
JULY 16, 2016
JULY 19, 2016
JULY 23, 2016
JULY 25,
JULY 20, 2016
JULY 26, 2016
JULY 30,
JULY 30, 2016
JULY 30, 2016
JULY 31, 2016
JULY 31, 2016
4:56:29 AM

August 14-20, 2016

bikol reporter


August 14-20, 2016 bikol reporter 7

1-M cacao tree planting project launched in San Fernando town

San Fernando, Camarines Sur --- The local government of San Fernando, Camarines Sur headed by Mayor Fer- min M. Mabulo launched another milestone project dubbed as “One Million Ca- cao sa San Fernando.” The said programs aims to help the constituents in the field of agriculture which will ben- efit the farmers in terms of livelihood. The Cacao (Theo- broma cacao) planting will be implemented to the 22 ba- rangays with the assistance of some various government agencies like the Department of Agriculture, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Local Govern- ment Units and The Bicol Ca- cao Council. During the launching of the said project, Cacao seedlings were purchased by the local government with the initial

amount of P 300.00 and it was distributed to the farmers. The local government unit had set already the San Fer- nando Cacao Council that com- posed of different national lined agencies of the government assigned in the municipality, stakeholders, group of farmers and cooperatives that would engaged in Cacao farming, ini- tially the program will be set in backyard farming and later as a mangrove. Mayor Mabulo urges his constituents to engaged in Ca- cao planting in their backyards so that it will benefit to uplift their economic status and to boost the agricultural level of the municipality wherein, the one million numbers of Cacao will be planted. This will also bring change particularly to the coconut farmers because aside from the coconut tress they planted, they can also plant a



All unredeemed items/articles pawned at R. M. ASPE paWNshop, cor. panganiban & elias angeles street, Naga city, pawned from MaRch 1-31, 2016 whose terms have ex- pired will be sold to public auction sale on septeMBeR 01, 2016 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until august 31, 2016 only.

the MaNageMeNt

BIkol RepoRteR Published: AUGUST 14 and 21, 2016



All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE CROWN- JeWel paWNshop & JeWelRy stoRe, Bichara Mall corner

J. hernandez & gen. luna sts., Naga city, pawned from MaRch 1-31, 2016 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on SEPTEMBER 01, 2016 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until august 31,

2016 only.

the MaNageMeNt

BIkol RepoRteR Published: AUGUST 14 and 21, 2016



All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE EXPLOR- eR paWNshop, ground Floor, Bichara complex, abella st.,

Igualdad, Naga city, pawned from MaRch 1-31, 2016 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on SEPTEMBER 01, 2016 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until august 31,

2016 only.

the MaNageMeNt

BIkol RepoRteR Published: AUGUST 14 and 21, 2016


All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE IGUAL- DaD paWNshop, cor. Igualdad ext. & J. hernandez ave.,

Igualdad, Naga city, pawned from MaRch 1-31, 2016 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on SEPTEMBER 01, 2016 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until august 31,

2016 only.

the MaNageMeNt

BIkol RepoRteR Published: AUGUST 14 and 21, 2016


All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ROWENA ASPE

paWNshop, p. Burgos st., corner J. hernandez avenue, Naga city, pawned from MaRch 1-31, 2016 whose terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on septeMBeR 01, 2016 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON. Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the above-mentioned date will be honored until august 31,

2016 only.

the MaNageMeNt

BIkol RepoRteR Published: AUGUST 14 and 21, 2016

cacao at the same time. The Cacao in two years can be har- vest and the demand is high and the supply is low. Cacao gains two to three times more income than coconut. Mayor Mabulo stated that

the target buyer will be the Sin- gapore based company which signifies already to the local government that they will pur- chased the Cacao production and also some local companies here in the Philippines. According to the research to some of the local Cacao farm- ers in Davao City who rehabili- tated their farm by side grafting the old trees with UF18 variety. The old variety of cacao pro- duced 200-300 kilos of dried beans per hectare a year, while the new varieties can annually yield up to two tons of dried bean per hectare. The village type solar drier has a capacity of 500 kilos of cacao beans per batch, and fer- mentation box has 1,000 kilos of cacao beans per batch. However, the local farmers said they had not fully maxi- mized their post harvest facili- ties since they began producing cacao germinated seeds for the supply of some nursery opera- tors in the country. They decided to produce germinated seeds instead of dried cacao beans to help in achieving the vision of the ca- cao industry and the govern- ment to provide seven million seedlings a year until 2017 or


Income is also higher with germinated cacao seeds than dried beans. They explained that three kilos of wet cacao seeds can only make a kilo of dried beans sold at P85, but similar amount of wet seeds can make two ki- los of germinated seeds sold at P110 a kilo. They cited that next year, they will be supplying a total of one million seedlings to a pri- vate firm in the country and at last 200,000 cacao seedlings to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Cacao is good investment because it is the only source for chocolates. The projection of the Phil- ippines in the year 2020 in Ca- cao production will increase in demand and more Cacao trees should be planted in line with the goal of the nation’s industry players to supply 100,000 met- ric tons of dried Cacao beans per year for the world market. –Jake Fortaleza

beans per year for the world market. –Jake Fortaleza photo show during the launching of one

photo show during the launching of one Million cacao tree planting project in san Fernando, camarines sur with Mayor Fermin M. Mabulo and ed pilapil Jr., head of the Bicol cacao council.

a tRaNsFoRMeD lIFe oF a DRug aDDIct

bilitation Center. He knows that it will best help him. According to Leonie his stay in the rehabilitation center paved a way to let him see life in a different scale.” I decided to be back to the Lord. Detoxi- fication and withdrawal from drugs was the most difficult in the rehabilitation program. But with determination I was able to surpass these difficulties.” said Leonie Having shown good per- formance while in the reha- bilitation center, Leonie was identified and qualified to be with the intervention group of the START. During the inter- vention, the START provided medical treatment and recovery through strengthening the spiri- tual aspect of the person. It also provided him a cash grant of

P5, 000.00 for him to start with

a livelihood activities. From

the grant, Leonie bought a mo- torized banca where he could use for his fishing business. According to Leonie he does not anymore go out for fish- ing. Instead he has the banca

rented of which he is receiving

an income of at least 500.00 per

week. He proudly shares that from his buy and sell business and from the boat rental, he is receiving a good income. Leo- nie proudly said that he is now able to help his brothers and

sisters provide a living for their father and now able to send fi- nancial support to his two son. Leonie Belarmino is now a strong partner in the advocacy campaign to educate and pre- pare families and communities

on the adverse effects of drugs.

He is also actively involved in the promotion of family life

enrichment activities espe-

cially those who are recover- ing from drug dependency to equip them with parenting and life skills to ensure a drug free home. START PROGRAM The Strategy Toward Ac- ceptance, Reintegration and Transformation (START) which was piloted in Bicol Re- gion is a one of the DSWD’s program which focuses on the organization of recovering drug dependents who will later become the advocacy arm at the community level and shall be equipped through the provi- sion of the following existing basic, social and psychologi- cal services such as Assistance In Crisis Situation (AICS), economic and livelihood as- sistance, emergency shelter as- sistance and referral services. -eejerusalem

vacatIoN lots FoR sale

aFFoRDaBle aReas FoR vacatIoN hoMes aRe NoW oN sale. locateD aloNg paveD NatIoNal RoaD to caRolINa, Naga cIty toWaRD Mt. Isa R og . o N ly FIve k M s . FR o M c Ity pRopeR.


CALL TONY ACYATAN (CP 0917 852 7391) FoR DetaIls & DIscouNts.

TONY ACYATAN (CP 0917 852 7391) FoR DetaIls & DIscouNts. BR_August 14-20.indd noel.indd 7 8/12/2016 4:56:31
BR_August 14-20.indd noel.indd 7 8/12/2016 4:56:31 AM
BR_August 14-20.indd noel.indd
4:56:31 AM
PAGE 8 BICOL, THE PHILIPPINES august 14-20, 2016
august 14-20, 2016
PAGE 8 BICOL, THE PHILIPPINES august 14-20, 2016 C H I L D R E N



at the monthly regular monthly meeting of the Naga city council for the Welfare and protection of Children (NCCWPC) held August 3 at the Bicol Science and Technology Centrum, Naga City, Mayor john G. Bongat bared that the city will focus on the 1) Establishment of the Naga City Children's Center; 2) Mandatory establishment of children's playground; and 3) Establishment of children in conflict with the law (CICL) center.

Bicol records high employment rate-DOLE

LEGAZPI CITY- Second place isn’t that bad. This was DOLE Bicol’s reaction after learning that the region has bagged said ranking on the much debated employment rate. DOLE Bicol OIC-regional director Atty. Ma. Karina Peri- da-Trayvilla on her report to DOLE Secretary Hon. Silvestre H. Bello III, said that employ- ment rate ranking of the region was, by so far, the best news she can relay to the Labor Chief upon his assumption to office. With only a point seven (.7) difference from Region 2 at 96.9%, Bicol’s employment rate, based on the latest statis- tical survey, rocketed at 96.2% on the first quarter of this year compared to 95.4% on the first quarter of last year while the unemployment rate plummeted to 3.8% compared against last year’s 4.6%. “We have almost a 100% employment rate and it is even more notable that we have the second lowest unemployment

rate in the entire country!” OIC-RD Atty. Ma. Karina Peri- da-Trayvilla beamed. DOLE Bicol also noted that out of the more or less 5-million Bicolano population, about 3.7 million are categorized in the working population thus the increase in the Labor Force Par- ticipation Rate (LFPR) to 67%. This figure has gone up by at least two notches from 65.3% from last year’s LFPR. However, underemploy- ment in the region is still high at 33.6% and even went up from the 29.3% underemploy- ment rate recorded last year but DOLE Bicol sees this as an op- portunity rather than a set-back. “We see this as a stepping stone and opportunity. Sooner or later those underemployed will transition to a better job,” DOLE Bicol OIC-regional di- rector Atty. Ma. Karina Perida- Trayvilla said. DOLE Bicol however re- layed that the rise in the em- ployment rate, cannot be attrib- uted to DOLE Bicol alone but

to the active implementation of the programs and services of all the government offices and LGUs in the entire region. “Although, our major em- ployment enhancement pro- grams like the Job Fairs, Em- ployment Kiosks, Government Internship (GIP), DKSK, TU- PAD and SPES may have been a big factor on this, still it is the convergence of programs from other agencies and LGUs that brought Bicol to this high em- ployment rate,” The result of a high employ- ment rate in the region, DOLE Bicol said would translate to a lower poverty incidence (see separate story) since most Bi- colanos are actively earning. “Of course if you’re gain- fully employed then you are earning and that earnings could transform the daily living of not just an individual but the entire family. Our vision is to have at least two family member hav- ing sustainable income,” DOLE Bicol OIC RD Atty. Ma. Karina Perida-Trayvilla ended.

sM china Bags 2 ccFa golden lily awards

ended. sM china Bags 2 ccFa golden lily awards the shopping centers winners of 2016 ccFa


shopping centers




ccFa Retailers’ Favorite


SM garnered two awards at 2016 China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA) Golden Lily Award Ceremony held on July 7th in Beijing, China. Xiamen SM Lifestyle Center was cited as one of the eight "2016 CCFA Retailers' Fa- vorite Regional Shopping Centers," and Allan Bro- sas, Assistant Vice Presi- dent of SM China Opera- tions, was recognized as one of the eleven "2016 CCFA Excellent Shopping Center Executives." The 2016 CCFA Golden Lily Awards for Retailers' Favorite Regional Shopping Centers recognizes regional landmark malls with indus- trial-leading techniques and outstanding market perfor- mance. Xiamen SM Lifestyle Center's recognition was awarded for its outstanding achievements in manage- ment, services, design, inno-

vation and marketing. The "CCFA Shopping Center Golden Lily Awards" selection was initiated for shopping centers and chain stores in 2011 on the prin- ciple of openness, fairness and impartiality. In the last five years, the awarded shop- ping centers, retail stores, and executives have been highly recognized by the in- dustry and the public. It has become a benchmark for the development and partnership of shopping centers and retail stores, as well as an endorse- ment for talent development and motivation. CCFA is the official rep- resentative of retailing and franchise industry in China. Currently, there are more than 1,000 enterprise mem- bers with over 300,000 out- lets, including domestic and foreign-invested retailers, franchisers, suppliers, and relevant organizations.

LTO opens Tigaon district office

TIGAON, Camarines Sur -- With the conversion of Goa Camarines Sur LTO Exten- sion Office into a Regular LTO District Office as man- dated by Republic Act No. 10765 approved in April 2015

by former President Aquino, the municipality of Tigaon becomes the new site of the agency. In a soft opening program held in August 9, 2016, Tiga- on Mayor Chiqui Fuentebella

joined LTO Region V Adminis- trative Officer Jaime Masagca, LTO District Chief Arlete Log- ronio and LTO personnel and stakeholders as they ushered in the operationalization of the agency in Partido District.

The move further bolsters the Department of Transporta- tion's commitment to uphold LTO's mandate to work towards the rationalization of land transport services & facilities,

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Denim and Blues at surplus

Denim, as timeless and authentic as it is never fails to surprise us with its new style possibilities. Design- ers like Jonathan Anderson (J.W.Anderson), Karl La- gerfeld (Chanel), and Nico- las Ghesquière (Louis Vuit- ton) have reinvented the denim as sexy, cutout slip dresses, striped boyfriends, and denim-as-swim in their collections. Ralph Lauren, on the other hand, goes for boardroom blues, redesign- ing denim as a three-piece suit. The young and the styl- ish quickly picked up the trend with Bella Hadid looking runway ready with

a distressed style, and Hai-

ley Baldwin playing it cool in cut offs. At Surplus, Denim is everywhere - think dresses, crop tops, cut offs, tunics,

skirts, jackets and joggers with a whole new attitude. Distressed, skinny, slouchy, dark wash or faded- wear it your way at Surplus. The clothes celebrate the Blues trend - from light tones to dark hues. And the best way to rock this look

is to simply stick with crisp

white color or go double blue. The Denim and Blues collection is available at Surplus stores located at most SM Supermalls and Walter Mart Makati. Items may vary per branch. Stay updated as Surplus goes interactive. Like them at Facebook and Twitter at SurplusPH and enjoy great fashion deals on Instagram at surplus_ph.

smart and preppy. layered blue sweater for her and faded jeans for him. Both looks
smart and preppy. layered blue
sweater for her and faded jeans
for him. Both looks come clean
with white staples.
street style statement. girls’ dark faded jeans paired with a statement tee and guys’ jogger
street style statement. girls’
dark faded jeans paired with a
statement tee and guys’ jogger
jeans matched with leather
sleeved varsity jacket.
the grunge. It’s back to the 90s with a tartan top paired with a denim
the grunge. It’s back to the
90s with a tartan top paired
with a denim skirt for her, and
a chambray shirt matched with
jogger jeans for him.
Classic cool: faded jeans paired with a cool plaid button down shirt.
Classic cool: faded jeans paired
with a cool plaid button down
Distressed jeans are the style du jour.
Distressed jeans are the style
du jour.
hardware and hues. studded denim shirt paired with faded jeans for girls’ night out.
hardware and hues. studded
denim shirt paired with faded
jeans for girls’ night out.
Blue off the shoulder top.
Blue off the shoulder top.
Wild West. go double denim with dark faded jeans for ladies and washed jeans for
Wild West. go double denim with
dark faded jeans for ladies and
washed jeans for men. Both are
worn with classic denim shirts.
shirtdress smart with denim.
shirtdress smart with denim.
Going girly. A white floral appliqué skirt paired with a pretty blue top.
Going girly. A white floral
appliqué skirt paired with a
pretty blue top.
a girls’ denim crop top and a guys’ sleek denim shirt both go well with
a girls’ denim crop top and a
guys’ sleek denim shirt both go
well with faded jeans.
Sporty stuff: dark denims worn with a fun hoodie from surplus.
Sporty stuff: dark denims worn
with a fun hoodie from surplus.
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