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The Fifth Reflection

This reflection is about my fifth lesson. This lesson I taught it for another
section, which was L section. The fifth lesson was for the science subject. It
was about the types of the birds, which are birds can not fly and the flying
birds. Since my science MST prefer powerpoint, I decided to create another
visual story with different content and them. It was about two brother and
sister who decided to explore the birds. This PowerPoint included some
animations to illustrates what can these birds do. I also included a
combination of collaborative and independent activities for this lesson.
In the beginning, I introduced myself to the children, explained my rules and
began the lesson. I began it with mind map as a review and my MST always
do for the pupils. Then, I tolled the children that I will show them a story.
Through the story, the children explored the types of bird. I kept engaging
them by asking them relative questions about the story. Next, I explained the
main activity, where children were classifying the birds on big two roster as
scientists and explorers. Before we started the differentiation activities and
dividing the students between the suitable group and mental level, I do the
book activity. Due to my MST requests and the weekly instructions for this
week. Then, I explained and gave the groups activities. Children played
addition we exchange the activities. Finally, children sang clean up, cleaned
the groups and back to their places.During this lesson, the strength was
more. It was in managing, teaching, timing the lesson and in the variety of
the activities. My MST loved the presentation or the story and the activities.
The only disadvantage was the reward system. It was not effective. I think
that children were able to achieve the learning objects and it was suitable for
their abilities. Were they finally recognize the types of the birds. The only
thing I think that the children need to improve classroom management were
they should respect the teacher. By reminding them and establishing my
rules on their class. I believe this occurred due to the first time to teach the L
section. Because most sections which I teach and set with them knew me
better. In my personal side, I must include sounds effects besides animations
to make the story more effective.
In the end, this lesson was also very good. I worked very hard on it, but it still
more justifications. Maybe the reward system was not effective because of
the shortage of the time due to the evacuation training and due to the class,
it was my first time teaching L section.

The documentation:

The enrichment levels activity and work.

The low levels activity and work.

The average levels activity and work.

The main activity. .