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When the Shofar Blew

As every book written by Francine Rivers, this was amazing! I really enjoyed reading it and it
made me think about many things. The story starts with a dying church in a small town. Paul
Hudson, son of a well-known television minister is called to California to take over the leading
of that church. Centerville Christian Center had been declining for years with no youth, but a tiny
elderly group. Paul brings his wife and young son with him. He is very fired up for God, starts
preaching and serving. Soon, the congregation is growing and things are looking great, but only
from the outside. From the inside everything is falling down...Paul looses the deep relationship
with Jesus, his wife Eunice, his son Timothy and his friends. He ends up even in having another
relationship with another woman. At the end he repents through a divine intervention. During my
reading I was a little bit angry with the attitude of Eunice, but then I was happy when she woke
up and did what was right. Great can learn about God's love and faithfulness through