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Strong Identity

Posted by Rose on fire on 4:45 PM

The previous week we had a great meeting at our youth group and God has shown our leader
something amazing which I wanted to share to all of you. I want to keep it short, so here it is:
The basic Scripture: John 1:19-28
Our identity is primarily influenced by three very important things in our lives:
1. our goal/ our perspective;
2. our living/ our behavior;
3. our accomplishments/ fruits/ successes;
So if we have a strong identity, then:
1. we will proceed toward a good goal
2. our behavior will prove it alongside
3. we will see accomplishments (reach the goals that we've set)
But in order to have a strong identity, three practical advices and steps should be followed. We
should recognize that:
1. we are not God, that means we are not independent ("I am not the Messiah"- John 1:20b)
2. we do not have to be somebody else. God wants us to be genuine. ("They asked him,
'Then who are you? Are you Elijah?' He said, 'I am not.' 'Are you the Prophet?' He
answered, "No."- John 1:21)
3. God is the One who is telling us through the Bible who we really are! (John replied in the
words of Isaiah the prophet- John 1:23 a)

Before we go on, I want to write a little more about these steps, that we may not only understand
these with our minds, but our hearts as well. You might say that the first step is simple, because
you never thought that you are God. Yet each time you think -"I'll show them what I can do/ who
I am" or "why listen to my parents/ teacher/ boss, I know better" or "Nobody gonna tell me what
to do"- you prove that you do not need anyone, because you're better and you know everything
better- that means, you're telling yourself that you are God and independent. A strong identity is
always recognized by not wanting to be independent and realizing that you're not God,
being in control!
The one who has a strong identity will also recognize that God wants him/her to be original. If
you understand this, you will not copy anybody and you will not strive to be as your friends,
your leaders, your classmates, etc. but you will realize your uniqueness and you will walk in it!
Thus, a strong identity is seen when you are living an original life, not a copy!
In order to have a strong identity, you have to understand that God is the only One, who tells you
through His Word who you are. So, study what the Word of God is telling about you every
If you understand these, two signs will be displayed in your life, which will point to your strong
1. You'll be a voice! ("I am the voice of one calling in the wilderness, 'Make straight the
way for the Lord"- John 1:23b)
2. You'll know that always something better is ahead of you!
So, through the first sign (to be a voice) you will influence others in the right direction, because
your voice is actually the voice of God.
And finally, if you have a strong identity and you point to Christ, you will know that the best is
yet to come, because with Jesus better, more and beautiful things are continually growing till
their fullness.