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PIANO CHORD DICTIONARY CONTENTS MAJOR KEYS and RELATIVE MINORS. 1 CHORDS, Major, Minor, Diminished, a Augmented, Sixth Chords, Through Seventh Chords, Ninth Chords, ne Eleventh Chords, Thirteonth Chords. ..... Cover CHORD CHART and MAJOR Bock SCALE CHART Gover HOW TO USE THIS BOOK This Handy Guide shows the notation, fingering, ‘and keyboard diagrams for all the important chords used in modern popular music. Only the most practical position of each chord is shown. The Position given is the one that is generally best for use in playing accompaniments with the left hand, There are four pages for each letter and they are designated A1, A2, A3, Aa for easy references. Two Bass Notes are given for each chord, The Fundamental, or root bass note, is given first and is the one most frequently used with the chord The alternate bass note, given second, isparticularly useful in playing rhythmic accompaniments—the left hand first plays the fundamental bass note, followed by one or more chords; then the alternate bass note is played, followed by one or more chords, Note that double sharps (x ) and double flats (4) ‘are used in this book only where it is impractical to spell the chords with simpler enharmonic notation. (A double sharp raises a note two half steps. A double flat lowers @ note two half steps.) Al Alfred Publishing Co,, Inc. * P.O. Box 10003, 16380 Roscoe Bld. # Van Nuys, CA 91410-0003 Second Eattion Copytight © MOMACI by Ated Publishing Co. nc, Alighs reserved. Printed in USA, ISBN 0-88284-156-4 \ tent cover pot dre lt ) MARION MUSIC CO. 4970 Stack Blvd. #8-3 Melboume, FL 32901 (407) 984-2470 HOW CHORDS ARE FORMED All chords are formed by combining certain scale tones according to definite rules. For example, any major chord is formed by combining the 1st, 3rd and Sth tones of the Major Scale. (See Chord Chart outside back cover under Major.) By applying this rule to the Major Scale Chart (also on outside back cover) you will see that the Tst, 3rd and 5th tones of the A Major Scale are A, Cand E, respectively. ‘Thus the A Major chord consists of the notes A, CF and E, By using these two charts any chord contained in this book may be quickly determined. Note that even though certain chords theoretically contain up to six tones, in practice some of these tones can be left out. (See A13 on page 4.) Major Keys and Relative Minors RELATIVE KEY MAJOR KEY MINOR KEY SIGNATURE a” FE ry A Fs 3t B’ & 2 B Gt 54 ° a P c A ne ce a Fe o B s° oD E> F FP @ & E i NOTES -fundamental A /alternate E BASS NOTES -fundamental A /atternate E? Bet NOTES -fundamental A alternate E A” an A” 5) a BASS =e NOTES -fundamental A /alternate E*(F) NOTES -fundamental A /alternate E> BRS NOTES -fundamental A alternate E” a. am 4 a) NOTES -fundamental s daternate E A? or Are) 9) om 1 im NOTES fundamental A /alternate E l | G| i | Ba NOTES -fundamental A alternate E aes NOTES -fundamental A Base NOTES fundamental A /alternate E A”? Ag’ or A279) we A8 BASS NOTES -fundamental A /alternate E BASS ~ 7 NOTES -fundamental A? /alternate E? A cimor K° 5 ie BASS NOTES -fundamental A? /alternate E” a NOTES -funda NOTES funda nt mem €. Risoct Aaug or A* Hee Bro hese AT op A78)[) Bass ir NOTES -fundamental AP /atternate D alternate E? Wes Bass NOTES -funda 5 > > NOTES -fundamental A” /alternate E' Bat NOTES -fundamental A /alternate E K 75 or 75) Ao 7) A R99) = NOTES -fundamental A? /alternate E° a3 oases A NOTES fundamental A /atternate E? NOTES «fundamental A? /alternate E? NOTES -fundamental AP /alternate E° o BaimorB NOTES -fundamental B /alternate F - BASS : NOTES -fundamental B /alternate F' NOTES fundamental B /alternate F* Ae ee Bass ; NOTES -fundamental B /alternate F? BASS NOTES -fundamental B /alternate F Bass 1. NOTES -fundamental B /alternate F? i Bavg oB 2a ae BASS. NOTES -fundamental B alternate G Br? oe 8 SASS NOTES -fui Dd i B’ 5 6,B205) Bass NOTES -fundamental B /alternate G Baim’ or I isi BASS Bass NOTES -fundamental B /alternate F NOTES -fundamental B /alternate F* 779 7-9) BoB NOTES -fundamental B /atternate F® NOTES -fundamental B /atternate F# LL alte! 985 9145) BoB ©. also Ab na = Lu BASS ji NOTES -fundamental B® /atternate F°(E) Bw’ BASS NOTES -fundamental B” alternate F Bass NOTES «fundamental B® /alternate F BASS NOTES -funda Bass NOTES -fundamental B” /aiternate F 11 BaugorB > eagsnnd gig h: LiL BASS NOTES fundamental B” /aiternate F°(E) ane NOTES -fundamental B? /atternate F# Be BO) | b + ee | ee BASS " NOTES -fundamental B? /alternate FE) i ue NOTES -fundament BASS NOTES -fundamental B? /alternate F eeee| BASS NOTES -fundamental B? /alternate F ®. also AB tal fo! fe | Bo J NOTES -fundemental B® faternate F i C) £ 5. Us & BASS , NOTES -fundamental BP /alternate F Bas 5 NOTES -fundamental BP /alternate F 1B? or Bm) B’3°9,,.B'13(-9) inet ih ated nin 1 Wm me: = NOTES -fundamental C alternate G NOTES fundamental C./alternate G c 2 Bass 5 BASS ; NOTES -fundamental C. /alternate G NOTES -fundamental C_/alternateG BASS BASS ~ NOTES fundamental C /alternate G NOTES «fundamental C /alternate G /alternate G BASS NOTES -funda Ne : ae as 7 om NOTES -fundamental C /alternate GP NOTES -fundamental C alternate G# 18 19 ae | ie BASS es NOTES -fundamental C /alternate G? ui a = a Job NOTES -fundamental C /atternate G C2? 4 C9) BAS z NOTES -fundamental C. /alternate G 20 @: ‘also Db ec 1c min) 1 ., é pit = bass a NOTES -fundamental C# /aiternate on 7 /atternate Gt at ‘a WAM << 5: alt Ee Me I | BASS zy NOTES fundamental C# /atternate A # A 5 age | a & : one NOTES fundamental CF /atternate G* B 3 bass NOTES -fundamental C# /atternate G* B | le | } st 3 1 st BASS NOTES -fundamental C8 alternate Gt C75 a 7) (oes BASS - BASS NOTES -fundamental wach Aaternate G NOTES -fundamental C# alternate A ©: ‘also Ob Chaim” or C*°7 Th S| 2 BASS " ? NOTES fundamental C# /alternate G NOTES funda C"50¢% ] 9%, C#9(+5) OF i i res b goat seit BASS. Bi oe fundamental C¥ /atternate G NOTES -fundamental C# /atternate A | Bas — NOTES -fundamental C alternate G* NOTES -fundamental C# 213°3,CH3¢-9) (et NOTES fundamental C# /atternate Gt NOTES fundamental C¥ /alternate G# Bass NOTES -fundamental D /alternate A ere BASS . NOTES -fundamental D_/atternate AP F] IAI 3 BASS NOTES -fundamental D /alternate A a BASS ; NOTES -fundamental D alternate At D $y Gene Geese e = === — BASS NOTES -fundamental D /alternate A BASS. NOTES -fundamental D /alternate A BASS NOTES -fundamental D alternate A is ; ; NOTES -fundamentai D alternate A’ BASS NOTES -fundamental D /alternate A c 2 BASS NOTES -fundamental D /alternate A BASS NOTES -fundamental D/alternate A. Bae NOTES fundamental D /aiternate A® ©: ©. wan ow 0 | Al lel jE | | oe igi Coen Se LJ BASS BASS NOTES -fundamental D_/alternate A? NOTES -fundamental D /alternate A I Cc 2 mental /alternate A smental D_ /alternate A (alternate A. | D?*,D'3"9) | el 29 mental E BASS NOTES -funda EE 30 iy NOTES -fundamental E Bass NOTES -fundamental E /alternate BY Bass NOTES -fundamental E BASS NOTES -fundamental E smental E BASS NOTES -fundar alternate B alternate G# Eaug or acrnnt 1 y® §, La BE te 745, E7148) ( sven thls 8 Ars ym St 21 4 A NOTES -fundamental E alternate B BASS NOTES -fundamental E alternate B EM E719) Hu jaternate B ce i " E wn das 6 if e NOTES -fundamental Er D La altern BASS NOTES -fundamental E /aiternate B 32 E139, 61309) 1 hiner wh L) else ge BASS et NOTES -fundamental E 33 [GIVE |e LL BASS BASS: ~ 7 Bass NOTES fundamental E> /alternate BP NOTES -fundamental E? /alternate B” BASS BASS NOTES -fundamental E” /alternate A NOTES -fundamental E” alternate B (OTES -fundamental E? /alternate B” i kul alternate B? BASS BASS NOTES -fundamental E? /alternate A NOTES -fundament 2 En 1 ie tal E? /alternate B B79, 670-9) 1 2 4 BEE beg fh ei. NOTES -fundamental E? alternate B? | B79, B79) | | joie g (ea ans NOTES -fundamental E® /aternate B? Bae NOTES -fundamental E” /alternate A oASS NOTES «fundamental E? /aiternate B° Sor t5) 28 Bas NOTES -fundamental E? oases i NOTES -fundamental E” /alternate B a ; NOTES -fundamentai E° /alternate B' ni NOTES -fundamental E /alternate B° NOTES -fundamental E? /aternate B° mental F_/atternate C# Bae alternate C NOTES -funda | F | Fo, E29) hye - oO Bass BASS NOTES -fundamental F /alternate C(B) NOTES -fundamental F /aiternate C4 @®. Feim? or F°7 3 tee fal a. NOTES -fundamental F alternate C BASS NOTES -fundamental F alternate C Fo FS) || | & GIA im 4 ich) BASS NOTES -fundamental F /alternate CB), bass NOTES -fundamental F /alternate C i ternate C | 5 NOTES -fundamental F /alternate C Bass = NOTES -funda mental F fad F959, F "5 e gett: F13°9,, F309) 4 ese a 2 1 ‘also Gb ‘also Gb AME = (oa | 1 glaze igi | if Bh LLL LLL Bass a GASs NOTES fundamental F# /aternate C# NOTES -fundamental F# /atternate C# Bass NOTES fundamental F# /atternate D NOTES -fundamental F# /alternate C# Bass NOTES -fundamental F# /aiternate C# NOTES -fundamental FF /aiternate C# BAS: ia m NOTES -fundamental FF /aiternate C# NOTES -fundamental F# /alternate C' FI, FS) | ] Eee : La si : 3 at E f 3 BASS BASS ¢ NOTES -fundamental F# /atternate D NOTES fundamental F# /aternate C ae “ i bpp NOTES -fundamental F# /alternate C wa 4 mn NOTES -fundamental Ss alternate CF F795, F415) Feo NOTES -fundemental F# /aternate C# 44 4 ate r NOTES fundamental F# /alternate C# FY? nd BASS NOTES -fundar Assamese NOTES -fundar mental F#* }D 2 om famental FF BASS NOTES 6 §. aoe Bass Notes NOTES fundamental G /alternate D* fundamental G /alternate D am G6"5,q7"9) 1 seven ithe 0) ' aaeceee ae NOTES fundamental G alternate D# a7 © Gaim? or G” | ‘s : af | s Is] i D! fF! 2 # da. / BASS NOTES -fundamental G alternate D ] A | | J bade bate NOTES -fundamental G /alternate D BASS NOTES -fundamental G /atternate D NOTES -fundamental G /alternate D BASS NOTES fundamental G /alternate D NOTES -fundamental G /aiternate D tieleeeeeeeeees |= wlslti«ulelsi