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Invisible yet ...

Invisible yet...
Dr. Thom Wolf and Dr. William R. Wilkie

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Invisible yet...
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Thanks to Carol Davis and others who have encouraged us regarding our somewhat unusual
perspectives on professionals in the workplace. Professionals need to become integral by
eliminating the idea of the sacred and secular. All work can be holy and significant!

Our extended families believe that God is on the move as it relates to the career and
professionals recognizing that their work is holy. We have ample anecdotal information to see
patterns that often last a lifetime.

God is on the move. To give life to Oswald Chambers prayer, May God be as original with
you as he as been with me, we would encourage you to submit ACTION ITEMS that would be
included in a collection on our web site at

Thank you!

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Invisible yet...
Man tends to responds to symptoms!

God wants to deal with causes/origins!

Where will you invest your time?

The tower of Babel story in Genesis 11 teaches us that ...nothing they plan to do is
impossible for... (NIV) anyone who can get a group of people

to have a common definition of terms (language) and

share a vision.

If this principle is valid for both the Christian and non-Christian, then success with a new
program does not necessarily make it a movement of God. What are the criteria that we
should be using to determine whether a new idea is actually a movement of God?
Invisible yet...
Table of Contents
Christianity transforms... 1

Causality & Origins 3

University InstituteLab 1.0 5

#1 Ordinary Believers 8

#2 Causality 13

#3 Neglected Truth 17

#4 New Institutions 19

#5 Blessing to the Nations 21

#6 Invisibility & Influence 23

Christianity transforms
... Hart, in a complex but heartening analysis of
Violent, sudden and calamitous revolutions are Christianitys first 500 years, lays claim to the
the ones that accomplish the least. While they fact that ...a movement need not be large, but
may succeed at radically reordering societies, only sufficiently substantial to attract attention,
Invisible yet...

they usually cannot transform cultures. They to inspire confidence in its members or dismay
may excel at destroying the past, but they are in it enemies.
generally impotent to create a future. The
revolutions that genuinely alter human reality We, in post-modern America, seem to have lost
at the deepest levels--the only real revolutions, sight of the counter-intuitive claims of Christ in
that is to say--are those that first convert minds a elitist, hierarchical and brutal pagan society.
and wills, that reshape the imagination and David Hart suggests there were three changes:
reorient desire, that overthrow tyrannies with
the soul. Christianity, in its first three centu- 1. Man made in the image of God (dignity),
ries, was a revolution of the latter sort: gradual, 2. Men could have the divine live in them and
subtle, exceedingly small and somewhat incho- 3. Charity as the key manifestation.
ate at first, slowly introducing its vision of di-
vine, cosmic, and human reality into the culture These new values lived out over the centuries
around it, often by deeds rather than words, and laid the foundation for Christianity to literally
simply enduring from one century to the next. transform the Roman Empire in ways that even
Davis Hart the Apostle Paul could not anticipate.
Atheist Delusions, page 183
1 What counter-intuitive thinking could create a
movement of God over the next 3-5 centuries?
alifornia 1656 A.D. What does your world-view look like?
Causality / Origins
In 2001, Ralph Winter began to seriously
examine Satanic evil. From his perspective,
Invisible yet...

evil is both an affront to God and a hindrance

to the spread of his fame and glory. As Win- Normally, we think of this kind of warfare in
ter observed major global problems that are mainly spiritual terms, dealing with sin in
dragging down the human race, he was both peoples lives. And, we deal with those in
challenged and frustrated. Challengedas he mainly spiritual ways by praying, teaching or
began to develop theories about how Satans giving counsel. Winter would say we should
work is distorting creation right under believ- go beyond all that. If something is attacking
ers noses. Yet frustratedit was hard to find peoples view of Gods goodness and glory, we
Christians who cared enough to give their lives should counter-attack by figuring out what is
and careers to combat them. He was convinced happening at, for example, the biological level
that committed believers should be fighting evil (or the macro level for poverty). We need to
at any and all levels. find a way to correct it. We shouldnt stand by
and suggest that if God wanted to, he would
take care of it. See page 15 below or

University Institute LAB 3.5
Dynamic Mentoring:
Below are four tools for lay professionals. The pathway is inter-relational, laying out
the pathway for intercultural discussions

The Profile: for solving life problems. You will learn
The tool is analytical, examining the life place how to coach others cross-culturally.
that will influence all dimensions of 21st Through exploration of a moral/spiritual
century experiencerural towns and urban educational model, you gain mentoring
cities. Exposure to GRID8, an ethnographic competencies to assist those in the global
instrument, provides a transferable analyti- world capable of worldview and lifestyle
cal tool for each locale. You will especially change.
explore why some cultures are progress-prone
and others are progress-resistant.
World-View to World-Role:
The precepts are integral, comparing
Social Change: the perspectives of the planets 5 basic
The pattern is central, providing the pattern worldviews. The 7 Questions of humani-
for transcendental transformation regardless of tyasked by all peoples, across all times,
the professional arena of international service. in all culturesare explored in the light
A 1st century model is examined for its 21st of the 7 Answers of God, from a
century relevance. Three central, integrated Judeo-Christian perspective.
phases, give an entry/exit strategy for holistic
global involvement. 4
Invisible yet...

Criteria for Is it a potential movement of God?
1. Is it initiated and sustained by ordinary believers to meet an UNPERCEIVED NEED?

2. Does it address underlying CAUSES as well as symptoms?

3. At the core is there a BIBLICAL NEGLECTED TRUTH?

4. Does it CREATE NEW SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS that meet an emerging need?

5. Is it a BLESSING to both individuals and communities?

By definition, a real movement of God is dangerous to the ESTABLISHMENT.

The foundation must be solid before it becomes visible or it will be destroyed.

6. Can it be kept INVISIBLE for 5, 10 or even 20 years?

Then you have an opportunity to turn your world right-side-up!

However, you may also have to move from success to significance and on to insignificance.

You can access PDF files for each factor at 6

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Project Ideas
Invisible yet...

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4rd Edition 2008EMPOWERING TEENS

Ordinary Believers & Unperceived
Unperceived Needs
Significance Factor #1

Is it initiated and sustained by ordinary believers to meet an unperceived
As we have been thinking through the differences between SUCCESS FACTORS AND
SIGNIFICANCE FACTORS, we found ourselves asking,

Why not just meet perceived needs? It is much easier.

When dealing with causes as contrasted with symptoms, the need is often unseen and unperceived.
The constituents are focused on the immediate perceived need. However, just like a doctor who
gives you medication for both the pain and the cause, so we must meet both the perceived and
especially the unperceived needs. If not, then we as Christians are remiss and even irresponsible.

Below are a few snippets from Thom Wolfs speech on GlobalSHIFT: New History Vectors at
University of Mary Hardin Baylor with President Bush, Senior and Ken Blanchard in 2006. It lays
out the case for the shift from the ordained to the ordinary in the 21st century.

The full speech is at

From the Ordained
Ordained to the Ordinary by Tom Wolf
Few live their lives at a turning point of The characteristic of the age of the ordained
history. This generation, however, is a turn- was: a person who felt called to dedicate their
Invisible yet...

ing point generation. The historystream (the life to God and his purposes in the world would
westward flow) and the historyshift (the turning abandon their past and enter full-time religious
point) have created the new environment (for work, the ministry of the ordained.
That time period of history has
The historyshift from modern/postmodern terminated. A turning point
world to the global world, has buried one has occurred. We are already
period of history and birthed another. into and more deeply entering
into a new period of history:
The historyshift is from the ordained, to the the era of the ordinary.
ordinary. Consider this by illustration: the
time of modern missions1790s-1990sfrom In other words: if someone
William Carey to Mother Teressa, was the today wants to love God and serve humanity, that
period of the ordained. That is, the basic mode person must not abandon their past, but embrace
of delivery for the good news was the ordained. their past.
That period of historythe period of the or-
dainedis over. That is, at entry-point of the 21st century, there is
9 a reconnect to the entry-point of the 1st century:
Each person should remain in the situation space was their worshipspace, the place where
which he was in when God called himal- they prayed to God and helped those around
though if you can gain a better situation, take them. For those of the 1st century, their market
it. (I Corinthians 7.17-24) This was the unusual place was their ministry place. They did not

view of the world that turned the 1st century wait for an ordained person to show up. In their
A.D. upside down. thinking, they themselves were the ordinary
person God has raised up to be his hands of
Those 1st century historyservants saw their blessing to those around themand the agents
career as the context of their character develop- of change for the transformation of the culture.
ment. They recognized their life station for what
it can bethe matrix for life investment and a The fractal lifestyle pattern of earliest Chris-
contribution to humanity. It was a life-situation tianity can be seen in what I reference as the
base for a pro-active, entrepreneurial attitude, Four Os: (1) they offered their lives personally,
rooted in the mindset demonstrated by Jesus. (2) they opened their homes generously, (3) they
And the Jesus that those early followers knew operated their businesses with integrity and (4)
was the One alive by his resurrection and with they were one with God spiritually.
them for active encouragement to do right and They offered their lives. Having received life
help others. itself from the living resurrected Jesus, the
earliest followers offered themselves as living
In the mode of the ordinary, their work place sacrifices.
was not some vampire against their vocation,
but the vehicle of their vocation. Their work- This was accomplished through deep personal 10
worldview transformation by the renewing of In the J-zone (the Jesus-zone), integrity flushed
their minds and the recalibrating of the walk of out corruption, honesty replaced deception, and
their moral and behavioral lifestyles. Thus they reliability became the currency that Christians
daily proved out what was good, pleasing and traded in. Work by employees became marked
Invisible yet...

acceptable as every life aspect came under the by excellence and wages judged as fair became
scrutiny of the living Jesus. the norm by employers convinced that they
themselves had an Employer they answered to
They opened their homes. It is a well-document- on the Day of the final audit.
ed fact that the homes of the earliest generation
Christians became conversation hotspots. Finally, they were one with God their Father.
The intercessory prayer of Jesus seemed almost
With conversion, every home became a viral instantaneously answered at the new move-
social transformation recruitment center, for ment seemed to carved out fresh lifestyles of
every home became a missionary base. They wit, purity and compassion, and justice. It was
opened their homes to the new song, the new as though they had a force shield about them
worship and the new adoration point of their protecting them from the corrupt, tempting, and
lives, so that every home space became a taunting culture that surrounded them, while
sanctuary space. transforming them within that culture.

Also, they operated their businesses in a new They were in their societies, but they seemed,
way. Turning to the God of truth turned them strangely, almost not of their societies (see John
11 into people of truth, and that alone impacted 17). Their personal, intimate and daily
economic activity. oneness with Jesus, who had rescued them from
themselves, was a strange attractor to others, And that is what the 21st has become: the place
drawing others in flowing numbers to join the for the ordinary personthe technician, the
new movement of fresh living. political leader, the business person, the social
activist, the teacher, the artistto be the

Thus, all those in the 1st century who saw providential vector point of God.
themselves as Gods people, in all the life
domainstechnological, political, economic, Ordinary personsthe providential vector
social, educational, culturalengaged in doing points for making this all-too-often forlorn and
good deeds and sowing good seeds, creating fractured planet, a more spiritually-flourishing
good will and sharing good news. It was the and friend-engendering place: historyservants,
generation that French intellectual Alain Pey- in the westward flow of the providential
refitte says was a burst of spiritual and social historystream, at this awesome turning point of
transformation, unparalleled on the stage of the generational historyshift.
world history. Indeed, 1st century ordinary
persons accessed Gods creativity and ..dis- Tom Wolf, D.Lit., is International President and Professor of
Global Studies of UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE, New Delhi
cipled the nations... by
Discipling individuals: transforming As well as providing for-credit education for USA
attitudes and behavior. universities, UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE convenes,
Discipling institutions: re-purposing connects and collaborates in educational experiences around
values, practices and policies. the core question of the 21st centurys global conversation:
Discipling nations: creating new what is the best way to live life on this planet?
institutions with appropriate values,
practices, policies and structures when the old
institutions no longer work.
This is an excerpt of a speech given in 2006 at the
University of Mary-Hardin Baylor. 12
See for a complete copy.
a symptom or a cause? I am sure of one thing.
Causality God has sufficient resources to fight poverty.
However, I think that he is interested in fighting
Significance Factor #2 the cause of poverty not just raising more money
Invisible yet...

Does it address underlying causes as to deal with the symptoms of poverty.

well as symptoms?
Ralph Winter recently published the statement
Causality is a key factor in movements of God. below on page 11. Ralph Winter, an externally
Causality has been a subject of conversation focused person over the last half of the 20th
since Aristotle; however, it does not seem to century, was a controversial figure. As a
have shaped the churchs current behavior or CALIFORNIA TECH INSTITUTE graduate, he
discussion in a world of limited resources. had many innovative ideas about how to do
Even WORLD VISION moved beyond world MISSIONS. Most took decades to be accepted.
relief to economic & social development
because they saw the need to go beyond He died recently but over the last eight years
symptoms (orphans) to the underlying causes. became focused on the ORIGINS of EVIL and
DISEASE. He was frustrated in his attempts to
As we examine and decide on new projects, challenge young professionals to engage. He is
ask yourself the following question. Does dealing with CAUSALITY BUT AT THE
this project address a symptom or a cause? MICRO LEVEL (disease).
For example, the need for money to fight
13 poverty is important. Is the need for money
We must also, as Winter actually did in the past, Significant Questions
deal with CAUSALITY at the MACRO level,
e.g., poverty. What is the underlying cause of Does the 21st century need Kingdom
poverty that we should declare war against: Professionals who are experts in a field and

dealing with causes not just symptoms?
1. original sin (selfishness) and/or
Can the nations again see the power of God
2. a viable economy that provides jobs to to restore if we fight evil at its origins?
sustain a family?
Can lay professionals really restore the
Or maybe it is both. GLORIFYING OF GODS NAME to its
proper place?

Would it produce movements of God that

are sustainable for 50+ years?

What should be the key elements of a

domestic and international program that
builds relationships with GATEKEEPERS
of the nations?

What might a CAUSALITY LAB look like? 14

Lets be Realistic
Ralph D. Winter
The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devils work.
Invisible yet...

1 John 3:8

Many honest souls, both on the mission field and also in our secular-
ized world, are not dramatically impressed by a God that cannot be bothered to conquer and exter-
minate the evil bugs that cause disease, but can mainly only offer a ticket to heaven. Declaring war
on disease may be the only way to restore the full power of true evangelism.

Why? It may readily be that young people on the mission field (and here at home) will grow up
and ask the embarrassing question, Why dont Christians have a theology for attacking the very
roots of disease? Why merely give intravenous liquids to babies dying from dysentery without
dealing with a contaminated water supply? Why deal with water contamination and not concern
ourselves with eradicating the pathogens that constitute
the contamination?


not doing it, in the Name of Christ?
Oh God, when will we be as involved in glorifying Your Name as we are in attracting people to
eternal life? How can we go on believing that all the pestilence and disease and suffering in the
world is exactly the way God wants it to be, as some have told me. Is Your reputation at risk
as long as Your people pay relatively little attention to destroying the works of the devil (I Jn

3:8)? Can we launch an even more powerful form of evangelism if we actively identify with Your
concern for banishing diabolic pathogens?

Satan triumphs when there is a lack of awareness of his presence, of his deeds. His greatest
achievement, according to my pastor, is to cover his tracks. He has apparently done that so
successfully that, to my knowledge, no pastor, no TV evangelist, no theologian has ever spoken of
the need for believers declaring a global war against Satanically devised disease pathogens.
Missionaries have been outstanding in the conquest of leprosypartly because the Bible happens
to mention it by name. But what about malaria, which is ten thousand times worse?

I cant, you cant, no one can solve such problems overnight, or perhaps even before the return of
Christ. But what if, in the meantime, Gods reputation is at stake in the absence of our publicly
declaring His concern and identifying with that concern to conquer and actually eradicate evil
parasites and bacteria and viruses in His Name?

Copyright 2007 Roberta Winter Institute

Neglected Truth What difference did these two neglected truths
make to the economic development of Western
Civilization (Europe and America) in addition
Significance Factor #3 to the spiritual development? Do you think
Invisible yet...

At its core, is it a Biblical neglected Luther understood the long term impact of the
truth? Biblical Work Ethic?

Often sustainable movements of God lasting Several years ago, I listened to a PBS interview
50+ years or even centuries have at their core with a prominent economist who had analyzed
an obvious neglected truth when first the difference in the standard of living between
articulated by someone. For example, when Europe & American compared to Asia & Africa
you combine two neglected truths from Martin in the late 20th century.
Luther, you have a very powerful movement
lasting centuries. His conclusion was that Martin Luthers work
ethic had increased the productivity of
1. Priesthood of every believer average workers three tens of one percent per
Every believer can talk to God year. That is a very small amount per year
without an intercessory priest. except when you compound it over 400+ years.
2. Biblical Work EthicWork to the glory of The Biblical Work Ethic, a neglected truth for
God whether you are a priest or a cobbler. over 1000 previous years, made a profound
difference that even affected the prosperity
17 within as well as outside the Church in the 20th
I am looking for other examples of Biblical Rockefellers leadership and other observers
neglected truths that have had a profound had already concluded that the American Dream
influence. Do you have any examples of or SOCIAL CONTRACT WITH

become a sustainable movement.
1. Owning a home
For example, in my interactions with young 2. Good job for a lifetime
people, I wonder at times whether the Biblical 3. Benefits
Work Ethic has not become again a neglected 4. Retirement
truth that is impacting on the prosperity of
America. The Rockefeller Foundation had committed in
2008 $70,000,000 to fund a series of
Time Magazine in mid 2008 ran an interview experiments with various organizations who
with the President of the Rockefeller were trying to write a new 21st century
Foundation. They had CONTRACT WITH AMERICA.
just completed polling of 18-29 year olds and $70,000,000 is a lot of money to give the
discovered that a majority thought that they emerging generations the motivation to engage.
would NEVER have a better standard of living
than their parents. This was the first time in 50 What might an OLD NEGLECTED TRUTH
years that this attitude dominated this age group for the 21st century look like? See the next
in polling. page for an Christian alternative.
Should the American church articulate a New
Ne w Institutions
or even better a Significance Factor #4
Invisible yet...

COVENANT WITH THE NATIONS? Does it create new social institutions

to meet emerging needs?
Gods covenant with the nations started with
Abraham in Genesis 12, ...your heirs will be a In Matthew 28:20, what is the unit that we are
blessing. That is us. So what might a to disciple? The NASB says, make disciples
COVENANT WITH THE NATIONS include of all nationsbaptizing themand teaching
if we articulated it every week or month to the them to observe all that I commanded you.
emerging generations.
Because we also think in terms of organizations,
Examples of the outputs from our covenant are institutions, communities and on occasion even
nations, why did Christ use the term NATIONS
1. You will have purpose and a global adventure rather than INDIVIDUALS. True, some
as you bless the nations. people interpret it as people groups. But that
2. God will provide all the resources necessary is still more like a community or nation than it
to accomplish HIS mission. is an individual. So why would Christ use
3. God will meet your daily needs. nation not individual?
4. It may not include a home, job or retirement
19 but it will...
God is not just a God of Individual Psychol- Historically, when Christianity is on the
ogy. When you read the OT, it is much more move, we have eventually concluded that
about NATIONS than just individuals. In fact, discipling existing institutions is necessary but
the nation often suffers because of the actions of sufficient. Then the Followers of Christ have

individual decision makers. Our God is a God looked to the most logical alternative--create
of Nations Psychology as well. new institutions, e.g., health care systems in the
early church because of IMAGE DEO and
But what does this mean when he commands public education in the U.S.A so people could
us todisciple, baptize and teach them to read their Bible. Our discipling model includes:
observe all that I commanded you. If we go
back to the Original Commission in Genesis Discipling individuals: transforming
chapter 1:28 to multiply, fill, subdue and attitudes and behavior.
rule, does it shed new meaning on why Christ Discipling institutions: re-purposing
used the term NATION. Our description is, values, practices and policies.
Leave Gods world a lot better than you found Discipling nations: creating new
it. When you read Genesis 12 and the institutions with appropriate values,
covenant that leads to Abrahams heirs being practices, policies and structures when the
a blessing to the NATIONS, it also gives new old institutions no longer work.
meaning to teach them to observe
When God is on the move, it usually leads to
new institutions to meet unperceived needs.
Blessing to the Nations relationship with God paralleling Abrahams
relationship with God. It included more
than just the spiritual. The material needs of
Significance Factor #5 Abraham were addressed as well. Is blessing
Invisible yet...

Is it a blessing to individuals and the fundamentally an extension of Genesis 1:28 and

community? our responsibility to nurture, care for and leave
this world a better place than we found it.
God, the Father, covenants with Abraham in
Genesis 12, that his heirs will be a blessing But practically how do we bless the nations?
to the nations.
Evangelize and Plant Churches?
Are we the spiritual heirs of Abraham? World Relief?
Micro and Macro Causalities?
What does it mean?
William Carey in the 1800s, the father of
Is it only a spiritual blessing? modern missions, took the steam engine and
printing press to India. He also created
The nature of the blessing in Genesis 12 is not educational institutions and translated the Bible
fully explained. However, taken in the context into various Indian dialects.
of the earlier command in Genesis 1:28 to
multiply, fill, subdue and rule, you might After decades of effort, William Carey
21 conclude that it will it includes a covenant type actually helped initiate a new law that protected
the rights of Indian widows. Previously, they Who are the lay professionals in the 21st
were burned with their deceased husbands. century that can relate to the gatekeepers in
various nations?
Timothy Richard, a

contemporary of What are the disciplines or areas of
Hudson Taylor in China, expertise that could be a blessing
worked with the Chinese and also give professionals access?
gatekeepers on major
famine disasters that Should the American church
occurred periodically in encourage the next generation to
China. He was pursue specific careers?
instrumental in
prevention as well as Can ordinary lay professionals
minimizing the effects become the Timothy Richard of the
of periodic famines. 21st century because they possess
the mindsets and skillsets required
Some observers believe to interact with national
that Timothy Richards gatekeepers?
contribution led Chinese leaders to continue
issuing visas to foreign missionaries like What are those required mindsets?
Hudson Taylor in the 1800s.
What are those required skillsets?
Invisibility & Influence Halberstam gave an illustration of a New York
Banker who was offered the Secretary of States
job and turned it down. The Kennedy staff was
Implementation Factor #6 perplexed. However, the banker indicated that
Invisible yet...

Can you keep it invisible for 5, 10, or he would take the Under-Secretary of States
position. He then went out and hired the best
even 15 years? P.R. person in Washington, D.C. In their first
By definition, a real movement of God is
meeting the banker told the P.R. expert that
dangerous to the ESTABLISHMENT.
his job was to keep the banker invisible. He
The foundation must be solid before it
wanted to attend as few rubber ducky dinners
becomes visible or it will be destroyed.
as possible so that he would have more time to
Halberstam in his book, THE BEST & THE
influence the policy making process of the U.S.
BRIGHTEST, on the J.F. Kennedy years
illustrates the following principle,
John Templeton of the Templeton Foundation
There is an inverse relationship between
had a complementary principle regarding
visibility and influence.
implementation. When you are ready to take a
new idea public, go to the small towns and
Dont confuse the issue of power and
medium sized cities first to get articles printed
influence. Halbertam was talking about
and achieve greater public acceptance. Then,
influence not power or control. My first
when it eventually hits the national
reaction thirty plus years ago was Well, I am
23 not sure that I agree.
publications, people in the hinterland will
already identify with it.
Jim Collins, author of Good to Christ appeared less interested
Great & the Social Sectors also in visibility and more interested in
contrasts leadership styles on this Gods timing.
issue in short two minute audio

statements at You might ask your staff about your leadership style for being
1. A hypothesis: executive and
legislative leadership. Talk with your staff about a
2. The solution is not to be more Biblical view of visibility,
like a business. influence, control, power, etc.

Whether you prevail or fail Humanly speaking, we want to move

depends more upon what you do from success to significance.
to yourself than what the world does to you. Spiritually, when God has set in motion a new
Jim Collins movement, is it often about our being invisible
and even insignificant rather than significant?
We need to be constantly aware of the dangers
associated with the wholesale transfer of secular I dont know about you but I did not really
business strategies to a Christian non-profit commit to being insignificant when I gave my
environment. The early history of Young Life life to the Lordship of Christ. That transition
might also prove an interesting case study on
this subject.
has been difficult & painful! What about you?
Sear the Conscience or Shape the Behavior
The history is foundational and vision- David Hart in Atheist Delusions implied that
ing Gods providential plan for the nations is by searing the conscience of ordinary people
Invisible yet...

essential. Ordinary men and women were incrementally, as contrasted with laws to shape
charged in GlobalSHIFT 1.0 to multiple, the behavior, produced over decades and even
fill, rule and subdue In GlobalSHIFT 2.0 centuries a profound world-view expressed in
Noah and his family repopulated the world. In word and deed. It ran counter to the pagan
GlobalSHIFT 3.0 ordinary believers society and was eventually embraced by elite
transformed the Roman world over a 300+ year and poor alike over the centuries. This searing
period from the bottom up. In GlobalSHIFT of the conscience in a pagan society focused on
4.0 Christians recreated a Western Civilization.
In GlobalSHIFT 5.0 ordinary and even young 1. Man made in the image of God (dignity),
professionals could create Gods future in the 2. Men could have the divine live in them and
NATIONS because of their willingness to be 3. Charity as the key manifestation.
scattered throughout the earth. The Logos of
global history will transform their view of Could there have also been a fourth?
nternational service. Study of covenant, culture,
and committed communities provides stepping 4. Integrated view of their life-place.
stones for any and all future professionals.
Their work-place was their worship-place and
GlobalSHIFT 5.0 is here and emerging fast! they did not separate the world into the sacred
25 and secular.
Profound Unbelief & the Global Conversation
While we may not live in a pagan society, Cleary, these people, both young and old, can
it is certainly a post modern world where the articulate the Biblical Gospel well enough.

nominal and relative dominate. Atheism is also However, they often fall short in providing the
on the rise. Christians encounter unbelief in the thoughtful unbeliever, agnostic or atheist with
classroom, the workplace and at the playscape. an accurate explanation of Christianity, a few
David Hart laments the fact that most of these core values and its history that have shaped
encounters should be with PROFOUND several nations and societies over the centuries.
UNBELIEF. But sadly, we agree, they are not.
We must engage our world in their Global
Misconceptions of Christianity core values, its Conversation and answer their question,
historic contribution and current influence are
prevalent. More importantly, what would How might I best live life on planet earth?
a secularized society look like without the con-
straining influence of a Christian minority? with PROFOUND BELIEF and on neutral
not adversarial platforms for discussion.
But who is to blame for the lack of profound
unbelief in our society? We can look many Imagine itinerant expert professionals, in the
places but the reality is that we have created spirit of the Apostle Paul and Timothy Richard
several generations of believers who also in China, engaging the gatekeepers, planting
exhibit UNPROFOUND BELIEF. churches in 120 days and then leaving because
they can articulate PROFOUND BELIEF!
University Institute Lab 3.
3.5 ProCORE 2: Global Dynamics

Causality assists in identifying the pattern for An analytical course examining the social space
that will influence all dimensions of internation-
Invisible yet...

transcendental transformation regardless of the

al education, business and development in the
professional arena of international service. A
21st century. It is designed to grow urban eyes
Biblical model is examined for its 21st century
and provide transferable analytical tools for the
relevance at the micro level, disease, and at the
students locale, with a focus on progress-prone
macro level, poverty. Four central, integrated
and progress-resistant cultures.
phases, give an entry/exit strategy for holistic
global involvement of professionals.
ProCORE 3 - Global Models
ProCORE 1: Global Perspective
A central course providing an ethical pattern for
transcendental transformation regardless of the
A foundational course visioning the inclusive
professional arena of international experience.
providential plan for all nations and groups of
A 1st century educational model is examined
people. This course is purposed to transform
for 21st century relevance and holistic involve-
the students view of international education,
ment in international education, business and
business and development through the study of
five meta cultural zones, providing a integrative
foundation for future assignments encountered
27 professionally.
ProCORE 4 Global Worldviews
An integral course comparing major rival
worldviews. Students gain knowledge and skills
to formulate and articulate their own worldview

in comparison to other theories, considering
implications of seven perennial questions of

University Institute
s Lab 3.5 Gods chosen proactive unit:
The family provides the basic shaping of Gods
Next Generation: the current teens, accord- world-VIEW, world-VENUE and world-ROLE
for their children. The family, not just as a
Invisible yet...

ing to George Barna, are not part of the postmod-

support system, is absolutely essential for most
ern phenomenon that we have witnessed over the
but not all of the professionals who will be
last 15+ years. The emerging 13 year old
successful in influencing Gods GlobalSHIFT
generation beginning in 2003 was purposive,
for the 21st century. What happens to a profes-
global, ready for adversity and adventure, etc.
sional around age nine (4th grade), according
They are now the college freshman and sopho-
to Bobb Biehl, will frame their initial and long
mores and dropping out of Christianity. But they
term worldview and worldrole.
need Gods challenge and a viable Biblical frame-
work on which to stand as professional experts in
nations scattered across the earth.
University Institute Headquarters
Field Organization: The University Institute
Professional Growth: the profession is
@ Global Spectrum will meet an unperceived
based upon their involvement and expertise in
need among its constituents. Therefore, it will
one of nine Biblical domains that will get them
be a field based infrastructure developed over
invited to various nations as an indispensable
the next five years to support Gods vision for
resource and if they do well they will be asked to
21st century young professionals.
See Landa Copes Template
The University Institutes Lab 3.5 includes Collaborating Organizations: The local
dispersed and diverse: churches, para church organizations at
-Customers colleges, Christian colleges, camps, etc. provide
-Collaboratorspartnering with churches and a starting point for collaboration.

experiential learning environments
-Facultyidentifying and training staff to Investors, customers and stakeholders can be
operate experientially developed in the field.
-Stakeholderswho share not just their wealth
but their ideas and networksthey are an University Institutes Labs 3.5 are a division
under utilized resources of Global Spectrum, a 501 (c)(3) since the mid
1980s, and will
Passion Driven Content: Gods passion for
this world shared by a fully committed sponsor a series of a fixed and mobile
reproductive disciple of Christ will disciple Labs.
and transform the nations. Experiential based
content will build on Gods work developed by A place and a process for ordinary people to
Tom Wolf and Carol Davis while at the Church determine how to integrate their gifting and
on Brady in East Los Angeles, California. Gods passion in their work & worship space!
University Institute Labs 3.5
Global Spectrum
Los Angeles, California USA 30
Invisible yet...

If you are interested in University Institute conducting a two day LAB for
lay kingdom professionals seeking to remain in the market-place and still be
SIGNIFICANT, please contact us at wwilkie at 989.339.4998